PMMB Volume 2 Chapter 27

Volume 2 Chapter 27 Continuing to pry

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After dealing with lunch, the group continued on their journey. The entire time, Cai Yingying gave them a brief overview of Jing Du survivor base. Shao Qing did not bat an eyelid when listening but she would occasionally bring up a few questions to slowly get to the bottom of it.

Jing Du survivor base had a total of four peak military units. Cai Yingying’s home military unit had a total of around three hundred people. Within those, two hundred were superhuman users. Yet within Jing Du, not even speaking about being the peak, they didn’t even make the rank. They could only be among the middle or upper levels.

Within the four military units, one of them was formed completely by women only. Furthermore, they were all beautiful women. The captain was called Wu Jiaojiao. Their military unit was named based on her nickname, Rose thorn. Even though they weren’t the strongest of the four, but the charm of the beautiful women was strong. A group of beautiful women was enough to make a lot of people to willingly tread through fire for them. Thus, very few people were willing to offend them.

Another one was known for the amount of people it had. This military unit had nearly a thousand members with about five to six hundred of them being superhumans. The captain was a gold elemental user. Their military unit was called Mad Devils. There was no requirement to enter the military unit, as long as they were a superhuman they were free to join. However, if they weren’t superhumans then if they had some unique ability they would also be accepted .

The third military unit was called Cold Ice. They had about a hundred plus members and followed the elite route. Of those hundred plus members, around a hundred were superhumans. In fact they were all rank 2 and above. The captain was reportedly an ice elemental user.

The final military unit was rather exotic. Their entire military unit only had around forty, yet they were still able to rise to rank first among the four military units in Jing Du. It is said that within this group of people the lowest rank was a rank 3 superhuman user. Each and everyone of them was said to have a unique skill. They also have a record within Jing Du. That is, any mission that they receive would be completed one hundred percent.

This was undoubtedly terrifying and ther was one common ground to becoming Jing Du’s top ranked military units. They all had at least one superhuman who had reached rank four within the military unit.

It was said that within this final military unit, the vice captain was already a rank four. In fact the captain wasn’t far from rank five, only a step away.

Shao Qing had always thought that her strength had risen quickly, but compared to others, she realized that there are even more powerful people out there.

Cai Yingying’s military unit was called Strong Wind. Even though it wasn’t as sturdy as those few military units, it was still a three hundred person big unit. Thus Cai Yingying was quite arrogant.

No matter if it is a male or a female, in front of people they wanted to please they would try to boast about themselves. Cai Yingying did indeed reveal a lot. This allowed Shao Qing to figure out that when she arrived in Jing Du her strength should be close to the peak rankings.

For example in Cai Yingying’s family, her father had the highest ability within the military unit. Currently he was a rank 3 superhuman user. As long as he broke through into rank 4, their military unit could finally step into the front ranking units.

Besides military units, one thing they had to be aware of was that Jing Du is still controlled by the country’s leader. Thus, Jing Du was relatively more established. In fact they even have simple laws. Generally speaking, they are a bit more strict than the average survivor base. However, they were more steady than those disorderly survivor bases.

Jing Du’s population could be compared to two Lin Chuan survivor bases. S City base could not even be compared with it.

After finding out about Jing Du, it was already close to late afternoon. Shao Qing and the rest decided to stop and take a rest for the night. Dinner as before was made by Shao Qing. Shao Qing actually really enjoyed making dinner. The crucial point is that with Yan Hanqing being her assistant, any seasoning or ingredient she needed Shao Qing didn’t have to make a single move to prepare it. Thus, she cooked extremely quickly.

After eating their fill, everyone prepared to sleep. The space inside the car was too small and was naturally not suited for everyone to sleep within, so a few had to set up some tents.

However, there were only two tents. Even if they were to connect them it wouldn’t fit ten plus people. As a result it was necessary for some people to sleep within the car, not to mention it was relatively safer. In the end, Xiao Baozi, Shao Tong, Gu Panpan and Yan Qiyue were chosen to sleep inside. Everyone else naturally slept in tents.

Shao Qing’s group had one tent while Cai Yingying’s group had one tent. Like before Shao Qing was in charge of night vigil. For the first half of the night, each side sent out one man for night vigil. For the second half, Shao Qing was left in charge of it. For the first half, Shao Qing slept within the car. Only when it was around midnight did she come out to take over.

Actually there hasn’t been anything dangerous in the nearby vicinities. Because they weren’t too far from Jing Du, in a location like this, most of the zombies should have been cleared of already. The only exceptions would be some wandering zombies or perhaps some mutated animals. However, the numbers are quite rare.

Thus even if one were to nod off for a bit while watching the surroundings during this night vigil, there shouldn’t be any big dangers.

Shao Qing was a responsible person and furthermore she didn’t require sleep. Naturally she would not goof off. It was roughly the wee hours and Shao Qing was sitting on one of the branches of a tall tree, her legs swaying in the wind when suddenly a person sneakily came out from within the tents.

At present there were two people outside. One was Yan Qiyue who was going out to pee and one was Shao Qing. When the other person came out, Shao Qing immediately discovered her. After all, she was quite eye catching. 

Yan Qiyue still hadn’t realized. With his blurry sleepy eyes turned towards the tree, he fished out his…. cough cough to pee. Just when he was in the middle of releasing, someone suddenly hugged him from behind.

This caused the dazed Yan Qiyue to be completely surprised, he nearly had a heart attack. The first thing Yan Qiyue did was pull up his pants. After stuffing his treasure, he struggled to free himself from the hug. 

Yan Qiyue was an attentive person. Right when the person had hugged him from behind, he could guess that it absolutely wasn’t Shao Qing. Shao Qing would never do those kind of things. Plus, she was taller than the person behind him.

Certain that it wasn’t Shao Qing, it didn’t matter who was behind him. Since it wasn’t Shao Qing, even if it was the emperor he wouldn’t hug back.

Hmph, his * and his spirit is all for his wife! Who dared to try to lay their fingers on it!

After shaking them off, Yan Qiyue heard a groan. Turning around he saw Cai Yingying’s lovely pitiful face crouched by his side. Rubbing her ankle: “I twisted it….”

Saying this, Cai Yingying had an extremely fragile expression. It was the type of expression used to lure in men for protection and subduing.

For the average men, nine out of ten wouldn’t be able to resist spoiling a beauty like her. The remaining one was Yan Qiyue.

He was completely calm: “What do you want?”

Cai Yingying had never seen a man who didn’t have protective feelings for the opposite sex, he simply wasn’t romantic. The beauty had already made it this obvious, why is he being so proper?

Could it be that her intentions weren’t obvious? In the middle of the night, a man and woman alone, what else could they do? Does she have to state it out blatantly?

Cai Yingying’s face was a bit red. Even though she was a bold girl. But to proposition such a thing, it would be better to be bashful.

Yan Qiyue was still cold and detached: “You should go back to sleep.”

Cai Yingying’s red tinted cheeks slowly had a thread of paleness. Speaking as if she was in a difficult spot: “Qiyue, you understand my intention.”

Yan Qiyue was still calm: “I said you should go back to sleep.”

Wasn’t this a clear rejection? Cai Yingying was already this big, but she had never been so mercilessly rejected. It was quite hard to take for her. Getting a little angry: “Why are you rejecting me? Don’t I look good? Do you mind that I have another boyfriend? He’s dispensible! He’s only here to make me happy. If you mind, I can immediately throw him away.”

“I think there’s a misunderstanding. I do not have any interest in you at all. So the rejection doesn’t relate to those things.” Yan Qiyue had a condescending smirk to it. If it wasn’t because Shao Qing had to quickly go to Jing Du and he didn’t want to be a bother, he would have extracted the tongue out of this woman.

Cai Yingying’s face became even more pale. She covered her mouth and looked like she was about to cry. After a long while, suddenly a light flashed: “You have someone you like right? That’s why you rejected me!”

Yan Qiyue didn’t say anything. That was originally the truth, but he didn’t need to explain anything. Does not liking someone require a reason?

“How am I worse than her?” Cai Yingying didn’t even have to think to know who Yan Qiyue liked. In this group there were only four women including her.

Even though Gu Panpan was delicate and pretty, her personality was too casual. Shao Tong looked nice but she was a mute. Whereas even though Shao Qing was a widow, she was gorgeous.

Looking at herself, Cai Yingying felt that she was not worse than Shao Qing at all. There was only one thing she could not compare to Shao Qing which was temperament.

Temperament isn’t something that you could force. It was something that is gradually cultivated. After going through years of practice would there be traces of it.

That’s why a lot of women even if they don’t have the best complexion, just their temperament can intoxicate others. That’s why there’s a saying of how mature women can still be attractive.

Shao Qing was that kind of woman. She had an outstanding appearance and her personality and temperament was extraordinary. Even if she was a widow, she would still attract a lot of men.

But Cai Yingying still didn’t understand: “I definitely do not look worse than her. In fact, she’s a widow and I have never been married. I’m also way younger than her. Why do you like her and aren’t even willing to be with me?”

Yan Qiyue’s face turned ugly. Those words were especially ear piercing. He really wanted to point out how Shao Qing was better than her in every way.

Who gave her the confidence to compare herself with Shao Qing. She can’t even compare to Shao Qing’s tiny toe.

Yan Qiyue didn’t even want to speak with Cai Yingying. With his icy face, he advanced forward. Yan Qiyue felt that if he were to continue to stay he really wouldn’t be able to hold back killing Cai Yingying. Then it would bring a lot of troubles to Shao Qing.

Even though he had never been scared of causing trouble, he didn’t want to bring any to Shao Qing.

“I’ll give you two choices. First, you can shut up for me right now and quietly go back to sleep. Second, I can make you sleep forever.” When Yan Qiyue spoke these words, his expression was especially sinister but still showing hints of gorgeousness. This kind of Yan Qiyue was particularly y dazzling, yet at the same time was dangerous enough to cause someone’s feet to get cold.

Cai Yingying bit ler lower lip and spoke with full confidence: “You won’t kill me!” With her status, Yan Qiyue most likely wouldn’t make a move. Though she said that, Cai Yingying could clearly sense Yan Qiyue’s murderous intent. He really wanted to kill her……

The notion of this made Cai Yingying feel discouraged. Since growing up, this is the first time she had liked someone this much. It was also the first time that she had such pressing thoughts of a person. Yet this person wants to kill her? Isn’t this a despairing thought?

“Really? Just based off of your status?” The icy aura within Yan Qiyue’s eyes was released. If someone bothered him, killing that person was like eating and drinking to him.

However, Cai Yingying still had a clear view of things. Seeing Yan Qiyue become colder and colder and knowing that his patience was at its limit, Cai Yingying didn’t want to challenge his bottom line. Quickly running off she seriously called out: “I won’t give up!”

The more dangerous a man, the more she felt that she had to subdue him!

Yan Qiyue rubbed his forehead. He felt like he could collapse. But his hand quickly stiffened when Shao Qing’s voice appeared from behind: “You’re pretty popular, aye? Aren’t you a bit too cold to that girl?”

Wa… wai…. Wait! Did Shao Qing just hear everything?! QAQ

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