PMMB Volume 2 Chapter 28

Volume 2 Chapter 28 A foolish spendthrift 

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Yan Qiyue who was just frowning at Cai Yingying earlier immediately turned around opening his arms: “The tree is cold, come down first.”

Shao Qing jumped down, but didn’t have the intention of jumping into his arms. A bit disappointed, he directly went and hugged Shao Qing: “You know that I like you. Why are you using her to make fun of me?”

Shao Qing’s face blushed and she pushed Yan Qiyue away: “Go sleep, it’s already the middle of the night. Plus….”

Shao Qing’s eyes swept over Yan Qiyue. He had come out to go to the washroom, so he was only wearing a shirt and pants. He looked elegant but not appropriately clothed for the temperature.

In particular, after the apocalypse, the temperature during the nights has fallen even more. Even with the stronger physique of a superhuman, when they were out in the countryside they would take along a light foldable tent.

Yan Qiyue actually really wanted some alone time with Shao Qing. Since Shao Qing had joined up with her group, they haven’t had any time alone.

To the enlightened Yan Qiyue, this was extremely hard to endure.

Waahhhh, their romantic couple world is no more. Turning into a five/ six people world, in an instant it had turned into a world of over ten. This hardship won’t do.

Yan Qiyue just really wanted death to all those hindering him from chasing his wife!

However he had to suppress his way of thought. No matter what, he couldn’t add on to Shao Qing’s worries. Yan Qiyue looked at the sky then he suddenly pounced forward and stole a kiss from Shao Qing. After this, he returned back to the tent. Shao Qing touched her cheek then she went to find herself a place that could block her from the wind and also allow her a clear view of the place.

The next day, Cai Yingying was obviously a lot colder than yesterday but it could also be seen that she hadn’t given up.

Travelling for over 2 and a half hours, they could finally see the gates to Jing Du. The northern gates of Jing Du had an ancient look. Reportedly, it was created by an emperor from back in the dynasty. In brief, it had an imposing aura.

The flow rate of the entrance of Jing Du was a lot bigger compared to other survivor bases. The leaving teams were also a lot bigger than other survivor bases. However Shao Qing had Cai Yingying and the rest, so they didn’t have to line up. Cutting in front of another squad, they directly registered and were allowed entry.

They were superhumans from other survivor bases so it was easier to handle than superhumans who haven’t registered at all. At least their history was a lot more clear, so they had less to fill in during registration.

Jing Du was worthy of being called the country’s biggest survivor base. After entering, even the perception was different. The crowds were bustling with activity with both sides of the road crowded with vendors. The bustling of the city was also higher compared to other survivor bases.

Since the apocalypse had arrived, quite some time has passed. Now a large portion of the land has settled down. Humanity has constructed survivor bases accommodating a majority of the survivors. As for the cities, they were mostly occupied by zombies.

The only survivor base constructed within a city was Jing Du. This was only one of the reasons that makes Jing Du special. 

After all, even if all cities were to be reduced into nothing, people still didn’t want them to fall into the monsters’ hands.

The capital is already a lot of people’s conviction. Quite a few survivors would head towards Jing Du. This was another reason why Jing Du had so many people.

“Is this your first time in Jing Du?” Cai Yingying’s smile was a bit stiff. After all she was quite young and it was impossible for her to act like nothing happened in front of someone who had just rejected her.

Shao Qing nodded her head. Even though she has seen quite a lot of aspects of the world, she still couldn’t help but sigh. Who would have thought that you could still see such bustle and such a flourishing environment during the apocalypse.

“How about I take everyone for a stroll first? In a while, everyone please make sure not to leave and come to my house. I really want to show everyone my gratitude.” Cai Yingying smiled.

The rest agreed. The few superhumans who were escorting Cai Yingying were from Cai Yingying’s family’s military unit. Once she had arrived at Jing Du, they were thrown to the side by Cai Yingying and sent back home. 

Only the gloomy faced youngster was left looking at Yan Qiyue. This youngster was called Liu Yusen. He was Cai Yingying’s ‘boyfriend’, but in reality, he was just an attractive pretty boy she kept around for entertainment.

Liu Yusen wasn’t bad looking, otherwise Cai Yingying wouldn’t have taken a fancy to him. Unfortunately they had run into a man who was superior to him in looks a few days ago. His looks weren’t bad but compared to those other men, he was like dirt.

Liu Yusen was scared. He didn’t have any superhuman abilities and he relied on his face for a living. In Jing Du, finding someone with a financial background like Cai Yingying who was this generous and didn’t have that bad of a temperament was quite challenging.

Yet, suddenly out came a person trying to steal his livelihood? With this guy looking that much better than him, how could he not worry and hate him? 

Everytime he looked at Yan Qiyue, he couldn’t help but want to push him into a pile of zombies. You said you are a superhuman then why are you fighting with a regular civilian for a financial backer?

What Liu Yusen was most afraid of was that once Yan Qiyue attained Cai Yingying, they would just throw him aside. 

Then at that time, where would he go?

Speaking the truth, women were a disadvantaged social group in the apocalypse. However there were quite a few women that had the ability and the background. For example, the leader of Rose Thorn Wu Jiaojiao. Yet the more talented the woman, the more of a strong background one had. They would be accustomed to the filthy minds of the apocalypse and their hearts and actions would be even more vicious than men.

Like Cai Yingying, without relying on others, just relying on her father allowed her to live well. So being protected by Cai Yingying wasn’t bad. Someone who hasn’t seen the dirty stuff that happens in the apocalypse, their personalities were more good-natured. Even though a bit arrogant at times, it was still better than serving those vicious women.

Liu Yusen really didn’t want to change masters.

Hearing that Cai Yingying wasn’t preparing to part ways with these people and was even preparing to be their tour guides and even more bringing them back home, Liu Yusen felt a sense of urgency. He couldn’t resist saying: “Yingying, if you don’t return now your dad will be worried….”

“Do you have matters to do?” Cai Yingying gave him a look: “If you have matters, you can leave first. You can also help me tell my father that I am taking my friends for a stroll.”

Liu Yusen immediately stopped speaking. Following them around is way better, at least he would be able to see the development that happens in person. This way no matter the result he would be more at ease.

After reprimanding Liu Yusen, Cai Yingying gently smiled: “Jing Du survivor base is separated into five major areas: The middle is where all the higher class residents reside. The east side is where the various military units are stationed. Superhumans are all located there as well. The houses there are quite good. If you wanted to live there, it would require quite a decent amount of money. The average person wouldn’t be able to afford it so everyone who is able to live there are strong superhumans. The west side is the residence for common people. Even though that area isn’t completely damaged, it is quite close to that. There are a lot of tents set up there and it doesn’t require any money. The south side is where the training field and warehouse is located. The research institute could also be found there. The north side is near the entrance, so the mission centre, market, guard office are situated there. We’re going to arrive at the shopping street soon.” 

With Cai Yingying’s explanation, Shao Qing and the rest could clearly see the layout of Jing Du. They even had a guard office. It was having a small squad of superhumans in charge of patrolling the area and dealing with special situations. They were very similar to police officers and could also assume the role of army troops.

The difference between them and police officers is that the guard office is all composed of superhumans. In fact they were all fairly high ranked users.

The superhuman officials wouldn’t enter the top ranking of the top 4-5 military units. However their strength should not be underestimated otherwise they wouldn’t be able to suppress some of those military units.

Eager to give it a try, she seemed excited to try establishing a military unit. Hmm, what should her military unit be called?

After thinking for a long time, Shao Qing discovered that Adorable Treasure was the most to her liking. 

However, forming a military unit seemed quite bothersome. Moreover, her squad had only a few members. Even if they had new recruits later on, it probably won’t exceed twenty. What would be the point of forming a military unit?

The market was particularly lively. Before the apocalypse they had quite a few well known shopping streets now they were all occupied by various types of stores. If they had money and strength, then they could rent a store. If they had no money or strength, they could only form a street stall and lay all their goods out on the ground. They would have a myriad of items to sell. Some would sell clothing or accessories; some would sell guns and ammunition; some would sell knives and weapons, even mutated animals or vegetation could be bought.

Even though the killing power of those mutated animals and vegetation were high, there were some special animals that could be domesticated. For example the dog. Even after mutating, a lot of dogs would still maintain high levels of loyalty and devotion. After training, they would help their masters hunt zombies. But, it was only something rich people could afford because these mutated animals ate quite a bit.

As for mutated vegetation, the majority was sold to wood elemental users. A lot of wood elemental users were weak at the beginning. This was particularly for the ones who took supportive paths. These kinds of superhumans would either have their own team help them gain mutated vegetation or buy their own.

Shao Qing was quite curious. All the mutated vegetation she had subdued were all quite rare, especially her vines. Even though it existed when her powers had awakened, besides it’s strength it could also increase ranks alongside her. It could also absorb other vegetation.

The vines had the highest potential of all the vegetation she owned. 

Even though she didn’t have any space to subdue more vegetations, Shao Qing still wanted to take a look at what kind of vegetations these stores were selling.

Seeing that Shao Qing had her eyes on a store on the side of the road, Cai Yingying brought them over. There was just an average amount of business going on, after all, wood elemental users can only take in one vegetation.

As soon as they entered, someone came to greet them: “Welcome! What kind of mutated vegetation are you guys looking for today? From attack to support, our store has everything.”

Shao Qing swept her eyes around the store: “Let me take a look first.”

For the most part, the mutated vegetations were all contained within a glass bottle. Each bottle would be labelled with a tag. On the tag was the name of that mutated vegetation and its ability.

Looking around, Shao Qing laid her eyes on a long curved, snake looking vine then she looked at the tag.

This vine was called snake vine. It had the ability to twist around objects and release poison. However it was rather frail. It was able to bind a rank 1 zombie and release poison to paralyze a rank 1 superhuman forone second…..

Shao Qing made an 囧 expression. A rank 1 superhuman for one second, what use is that?

E/N lol what kind of expression is that

She could only continue to look at the other options. On the side there was a pot that contained something that looked like a flower holding a lightbulb. This kind of vegetation was used to release a strong light for a brief moment. Blinding people, it was somewhat like a flash bomb. However, an average zombie didn’t rely on their vision to find people. This kind of toy would do nothing to a zombie whereas if it was for handling people, it may blind them for a second, but it would also occupy a space for the vegetation one could keep. What other use could they even have?

On the side, there was a black coloured jagged grass. The leaves were tiny yet long with razor edges. On the tag it was written that they were fatally poisonous.

But what use was its poison? Besides being poisonous this grass had no other ability. Don’t tell me that they would have to wait until someone placed their own fingers on the jagged leaves? If they encountered a strength type superhuman, these points probably won’t even be able to slash their skin open!

But, Shao Qing still felt that this grass was of some use. For example, she could take out the juice and add it to a weapon. However, this grass would only be able to be used a few times so it wouldn’t make sense to occupy a position just for its poisonous effect.

As a result, it would have no use.

The most important point is that this vegetation was extremely expensive. A useless snake vine would have cost one hundred crystals.

Right now the currency used were crystals. Usually the quoted price is based on rank 1 crystals. A rank 2 crystal was equivalent to ten rank 1 crystals. As for rank 3 crystals and above, there was no way for it to be converted since rank 3 and above crystals were too hard to obtain.

An average zombie’s ability was higher than an average person because they aren’t afraid of pain, losing a few limbs, or climbing and biting people, if a similarly ranked zombie and human came across each other, it is usually the human who would cower. However, if it was a situation where they were risking their lives, the human would be slightly more impressive.

Because people were more intelligent than zombies, if they were to fight for their lives, the superhuman would have a slightly higher chance of victory.

To gain a rank 3 or above crystal would require several high ranking superhumans to surround and attack one or two zombies. Only then would the success rate be high.

Therefore when it came to rank three or above crystals, it couldn’t be as simple as exchanging one for ten rank 2 crystals. This was because the cost was not equivalent.

Once the average superhuman strength increased, rank 3 crystals then would be assigned a monetary value.

Granted that rank one crystals could be seen everywhere, one hundred of them still wasn’t a small number. It should be known that one hundred rank one crystals could be exchanged for several hundred catties of food. Several hundred catties of food! How many families could it feed?

This kind of snake vine was already on the slightly cheaper side. Shao Qing especially asked and found out that this snake vine had the opportunity to evolve as the superhuman evolved, thus it was a bit pricier.

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