PMMB Volume 2 Chapter 28 Part 2

Volume 2 Chapter 28 A foolish spendthrift 

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At that second, Shao Qing felt that she was a rich lady. With the mutated vegetation on her body, if she were to casually take one out, it would be extremely expensive. 

Thinking like that then she must be worth millions of crystals.

In a flash her mood became a lot better.

After making a full circle, she did not see any vegetation that stood out. All of them were of little value and interest, plus they were all quite pricey.

Seeing that nothing piqued her interest, staying any longer would have been a waste of time, so she prepared to leave.

Cai Yingying seeing that she had spent such a long time looking around but didn’t say anything thought that Shao Qing didn’t own enough crystals. Secretly stealing a glance at Yan Qiyue, she warmly said: “Qing Jie, were there any mutated vegetations that caught your eye? If yes, you can tell me. We could be said to have gone through misfortunes together. I can buy it for you as a thanks for taking care of me on our trip.”

Shao Qing shook her head: “Nothing caught my eye. None of these vegetations suits me.”

The store owner recognized Cai Yingying. He automatically identified her as a Bai Fu Mei*. Not willing to lose this business opportunity, they rushed to speak: “Don’t leave yet. Our store doesn’t just have these mutated vegetation. If none of these caught your eye, follow me inside. We have some new products inside that are a lot better than the ones outside.”

* Ms. Perfect; someone fair-skinned, rich and beautiful

Shao Qing waved her hand. She was already a rank 4 and had 4 mutated vegetation. Moreover, she wasn’t planning on switching them anytime soon. Even if she did look it would be for the spirit of shopping. She also didn’t want to waste anymore time here, she wanted to go out and look at other stores.

But Cai Yingying thought she wasn’t willing to spend money, so she pushed her to the second floor. On the second floor, there were even more mutated vegetations. Some were about the same as the ones below while some were completely different.

The store owner went all the way inside. Inside there was a row of mutated vegetation. Just looking at their appearance, one could see that they looked a lot better than the ones outside.

The owner passionately said: “These are all things retrieved by the military units that work with our store. Please take a look at this one. This is a Swine basket grass. Not only can it hunt and skill small mutated animals, but it can also hunt rank 1 zombies, however, make sure not to release it in a zombie concentrated area because they have a similar scent to blood that can easily attract large numbers of zombies.

Shao Qing stared blankly. Isn’t this a vegetation fairly similar to her man eating flower? There was only a slight difference with the utility. This swine basket grass relied on its smell to entice zombies or mutated animals over; however, it could easily go wrong and end up causing them to be surrounded by zombies and get killed.

As for her man eating flower, not only does it have a better effect, the crucial point is that it could be on ht emove? while it hunted the zombies. Even superhumans could be eaten.

It was clear that her man eating flower was better than the swine basket grass by a lot. So, Shao Qing shook her head to show she had no interest at all.

The owner could only point to another mutated vegetation: “Take a look at this one. Spring Flower. It is able to emit a special aroma causing zombies to lose their sense of smell. It’s suitable when one is surrounded by zombies and trying to escape. In fact its aroma also affects superhumans, although the effect isn’t as good compared to its effect on zombies.

“How long does the effect last?” Shao Qing asked. The owner felt a bit embarrassed: “Nearly half a minute.”

Shao Qing immediately moved her eyes away. Thirty seconds. If they were surrounded by a bunch of zombies, running away wouldn’t be a possibility. Moreover, if there weren’t too many zombies present, just her alone would be able to handle the situation so it was completely of no use.

The owner rubbed his nose and continued: “If you don’t have any interest in that one, take a look at this one. This is a blood vine. The power of it could snap off the average person’s neck. It’s power is similar to a python.”

Shao Qing already had vines that had poisonous thorns which would have a better effect, thus she continued to shake her head.

The owner continued to introduce a few others, but he began to feel a bit impatient. In his eyes, all these mutated vegetations weren’t bad, however Shao Qing only shook her head. It was as if none of them even caught her eye. It must not be the case that she didn’t like them but the prices she could not accept.

Even Cai Yingying joined in: “If you see anything you like, you can just tell me. I can help pay.”

Shao Qing calmly replied: “It’s not that I didn’t see any I didn’t like. It’s just that I already have these mutated vegetations.” To speak frankly, the levels were too low that they just didn’t catch her eye.

The owner’s embarrassment became rage. His shop was quite well known in Jing Du. From low, middle, to high ranked mutated vegetations, he had them all. A lot of wood elemental users were frequent customers of his shop. However with one sentence, Shao Qing had brought down their store by a class. It would be strange if he didn’t get angry.

The owner didn’t even care about giving Cai Yingying face. After all, his backer wasn’t any worse than Cai Yingying’s. He immediately mocked them: “Since our shop’s level is too low then it’s normal that it won’t catch your eye. You must be at least a rank four user then right?”

Shao Qing replied seriously: “I didn’t mean to belittle your shop. There just really aren’t any mutated vegetations that I need. The mutated vegetations that you have pointed out are all very similar to the ones I have. In fact, they are a little stronger as well.”

Shao Qing already made it very clear, but the owner felt like her explanation was a slap to his face. Unconvinced he said: “Oh, such a high ranked mutated vegetation? Then it must have mutated twice!”

He had no idea that he actually had just spoken the truth. Shao Qing was a rank 4 superhuman and her vine had mutated three times already.

However, Shao Qing didn’t have any intention of showing off. Smiling she just got ready to leave. What was the point of showing off to a shop owner? Slapping someone’s face is quite invigorating but enmity is not. Also she had just entered Jing Du, being too high-profile wasn’t good.

Yan Qiyue wasn’t willing to have others bully his wife. He coldly sneered: “Listening to your tone, it seems like you’re looking down on others. Ah Qing, why don’t you bring out your worse mutated vegetation for him to look at. Help him open his eyes. This way in the future he won’t look at people through the cracks of a door. That would make him cross-eyed.”

Shao Qing helplessly said: “Let’s just go out to get food. After walking this long, everyone must be hungry.”

The owner replied immediately: “Don’t, help me open my eyes.”

Having no other options, Shao Qing brought out her man eating flower. Everytime Da Hua came out, it resembled a starving ghost. Following its smell to find something to eat, saliva was already dripping out of its mouth.

Like saliva, the liquid came dripping out of the petals and landed on the floor. Immediately green smoke arose. Even though the floors were made of ceramic tiles, the liquid corroded it leaving a small hole.

Swaying its head, Da Hua at once spotted the swine basket grass. Probably because one mountain can’t contain two tigers*, it immediately pounced towards it. Directly smashing into the glass and shattering the covering into pieces, it swallowed the swine basket grass in one swoop.

* in an area, there cannot be two very strong people leading

After swallowing, Da Hua let out a loud belch. After it was satisfied, it nestled against Shao Qing’s leg.

Shao Qing patted it’s head, then apologized: “Da Hua is a bit spoiled, I should have stopped it. I am sorry that it caused you some losses. How much was the swine basket grass? Let’s count it as me buying it.”

The owner was silent. Once the man eating flower had appeared, he knew he had slapped himself in the face. This was because Da Hua’s corolla was twice the size of the average man eating flower. With bright gorgeous colours, when the petals moved a row of shark teeth like stamen revealed itself. Compared to his swine basket grass, it really was on a whole nother level.

As expected, Yan Qiyue sneered as the owner really did slap himself in his face. His sneer becoming a taunt, he yelled out: “Ah Qing, let me help you pay. I really don’t think it is worth that price.”

The noise of the slap to the face was too loud. He really won’t be able to hear soon….

The owner’s mouth trembled. Finally he cupped his hands together in apology: “My eyes were shallow and was like a frog in a well. Let’s just say that the swine basket grass is on the house as an apology.”

That owner really knew how to conduct himself. Since the other person was being welcoming and smiling, Shao Qing naturally wouldn’t make it hard for him. As she left, she took out a dozen of rank 2 crystals and placed them on the table.

Once they had left the shop, Cai Yingying’s view of Shao Qing changed completely. How could it be explained? Even though Cai Yingying didn’t believe Yan Qiyue’s words,  how could that man eating flower be the worst of all the mutated vegetation she owned?

Certainly it was just a man eating flower that would have already beaten most mutated vegetation, but the swine basket grass didn’t even try to resist.

Shao Qing definitely wasn’t weak.

The tactics she was planning to use against Shao Qing had to be changed slightly.

Shao Qing’s strength was higher than she had imagined. She couldn’t use brute methods. Cai Yingying had always thought Shao Qing had some strength. Otherwise even if she was that beautiful, she wouldn’t be able to carry around a child to enter a small superhuman squad. Yet this event just now told her , her strength was absolutely not low.

She really had the skills to join this squad.

This was Cai Yingying’s thought under the idea that Yan Qiyue was the leader. After all, since the beginning most of the choices had been decided by Yan Qiyue.

After leaving the store, Shao Qing dragged the group to eat dinner. Even though she wouldn’t starve, Yan Qiyue and the rest would. 

The place to eat was chosen by Cai Yingying. Since Cai Yingying was familiar with Jing Du, it would be easier for her to arrange something.

Reportedly the restaurant that she chose was one of the upper class types. All kinds of leaders, higher ups from different military units would all come here to eat. This corresponds to the fact that the price here was especially high.

Before Cai Yingying entered the door, she had patted her chest and announced she would pay. Shao Qing originally wanted to reject her offer. However, taking a glance at the price menu, she didn’t say anymore.

How could a single dish of stir fry peppers and meat cost a total of eighty rank 1 crystals. Even if she had the money, this would cause her heart to ache!

However, after the apocalypse, the majority of vegetables were hard to raise. Even if they were to plant some, they usually would mutate. Some would mutate and have some poisonous characteristics. It could easily cause someone’s death thus vegetables were more costly than meat.

This was a normal thing for survival bases. Flipping through the menu, Shao Qing chose two dishes: Stir fry peppers and meat and tomato scrambled egg.

Yan Qiyue decided to order a bunch of things. When he was deciding the dishes, he would first look at the price, then the name of the dish. All of the ones he chose, not caring about the taste, just looking at the price would be frightening.

As for Gu Chuan and the rest, they didn’t order any dishes. They simply left it to Yan Qiyue. Not even mentioning Cai Yingying, even Shao Qing felt a bit of a heart ache. The crucial point was that after Yan Qiyue ordered the food, he smacked his lips together and ordered: “Also bring a bottle of red wine. Since this is the first time coming to Jing Du and everyone is gathered together, we should drink to celebrate. Since I am a poor person, I really want to try 1982 Lafite or the 1945 Mouton Rothschild. Either one would do.”

Cai Yingying’s fingers continuously twitched. After a long time did she say: “They probably don’t have the 1945 Mouton Rothschild…. Or the 1982 Lafite….”

The waiter standing to the side kindly commented: We do not have the 1945 Mouton Rothschild, but we do have the 1982 Lafite.”

Cai Yingying:……

“Then bring a bottle of 1982 Lafite. What do you think? Of course, I will listen to you.” Yan Qiyue stared at Cai Yingying. He even exposed an enticing smile, purposely.

Cai Yingying felt a bit faint, she was getting muddle-headed from his looks. At once she madly nodded her head: “No problem. Isn’t it just a 1982 Lafite? Bring a bottle!”

Yan Qiyue immediately retracted his smile and he continued to look at the menu. How could he so easily let go of this opportunity to milk this spendthrift?

Immediately he ordered another couple of dishes that weren’t expensive prior to the apocalypse but now were exorbitantly priced dishes during the apocalypse. Cai Yingying could feel her heart bleed as she looked on.

She did have a lot of money but the one who actually had the money was her father. Here and then, her dad would give her a big bunch of crystals for her to spend. However, the amount wouldn’t be that much. After all, the crystals had to be fought for.

Allowing Yan Qiyue to exploit her, all the crystals she had accumulated for so long were going to be all spent up.

Just as expected, when Yan Qiyue had finally stopped, the waiter immediately gave a bright smile: “The total will be two thousand five hundred and thirty eight rank 1 crystals. Taking off the Ling Tou*, it will be just two thousand and five hundred crystals. Please pay at the counter.”

* the remainder or scrap 

Cai Yingying:……

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