PMMB Volume 2 Chapter 29

Volume 2 Chapter 29 Coincidentally arrived at the extreme point 

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Even though it hurt sorely, it was like a man trying to pick up a girl at the bar. At that moment no matter how much they spent they still had to keep up their composure while for women chasing men, it wasn’t that far off.

The thing that made Cai Yingying want to vomit blood is that after the dishes arrived, Yan Qiyue took one bite, then turned in dislike: “It can’t even compare to Ah Qing’s. The difference is like heaven and hell.”

At that time Cai Yingying wanted to start crying. If she had to spend money to get some respect then that’s fine, after all she liked Yan Qiyue. However, she has spent the money but the only thing she got in return was a roll of the eyes. Her not vomiting blood out already showed how strong she was.

Shao Qing couldn’t just stand there idly and poked Yan Qiyue. After all, they still have to borrow the power of Cai Yingying to find the whereabouts of Er Dai.

Yan Qiyue licked his red lips. Opening the wine, he poured a cup for himself. Shao Qing wasn’t a fan of drinking. Drinking made keeping feelings under control hard and left her feeling insecure.

Yan Hanqing and Gu Chuan also didn’t drink. However, Gu Panpan, who pointed out that she had never drank such a luxurious drink before, was adamant on trying it out. Pouring a cup, the rest was left for Cai Yingying and Liu Yusen to drink.

Yan Qiyue took one drink. After finishing drinking, he didn’t speak. He simply took his chopsticks and looked at Shao Qing, his eyes and expressions were very serious.

Being watched, Shao Qing didn’t feel like eating any more. She silently clipped a piece of meat, removed the chili peppers, and handed it to Xiao Baozi.

When Xiao Baozi was about finished, she didn’t have any intentions of ​​eating. She just waited for the rest to get enough then got up and left. 

When Yan Qiyue stood up, she felt something was off. This was because Yan Qiyue was walking straight, but looked very stiff from the back. Then in a second, he almost ran into the door frame.

It was only under Shao Qing’s watch and pull was he able to avoid running his beautiful face into the frame. Being held by Shao Qing, Yan Qiyue looked back at Shao Qing. His expression was still very serious and calm. Shao Qing felt that his eyes seemed a bit dazed.

Setting his eyes on Shao Qing, after a long time, his eyes lit up then Yan Qiyue rushed to Shao Qing under the broad daylight. With light awkward panting, he spoke in a tone as if he was dumped by some scum: “I love you so much, but why don’t you love me? Tell me why I’m not good enough. Am I not cute? Tell me what to change… Tell me, you have touched my whole body several times. You can definitely say it…” 

Shao Qing was completely stunned at the time. She pinched Yan Qiyue’s chin and carefully looked at him. Then she discovered that Yan Qiyue was indeed drunk.

His pupils were slack and his eyes couldn’t focus. Although he looked very serious on the outside, it was only because he had a blank face.

At this moment, Shao Qing felt that the gaze from the people around her weren’t looking right. The hot eyes stabbing her body had a kind of heat that wanted to explore this gossip causing her to feel very uncomfortable.

When Shao Qing held Yan Qiyue, he even arched into her body. Trying to seduce her, he whispered: “I like you this much, I even gave my most precious first time to you. You have to take responsibility. How can you like the new and hate the old? Look at me, tell me where I don’t look good….”

Shao Qing gave him a gentle slap on his face, then she turned towards the group: “He’s drunk. Let’s stop here for today. Is there any place we can stay nearby?”

Cai Yingying, who had a distorted face from jealousy, immediately smiled and said: “Why are you looking for a place to stay? Just stay at my home. We’re friends, you don’t have to be modest.”

Shao Qing slightly frowned: “Yan Qiyue is drunk and isn’t light. If it’s too far, I’m afraid that he might start acting crazy and I might not be able to control it. It’d be best to just stay nearby.”

“My home isn’t far from here, let’s just go back to mine. It’s much more convenient than living outside.” Cai Yingying said eagerly.

Since she had said this much, if Shao Qing still insisted on rejecting her, then she wouldn’t be giving her any face. Helpless she agreed: “Then we will have to trouble you.”

“No trouble, no trouble.” Cai Yingying quickly suppressed the excitement in her heart. Yan Qiyue was drunk. If he stayed at her place, isn’t that the best opportunity?

After the group left the restaurant, they headed straight to Cai Yingying’s house. Cai Yingying’s house was in a small villa. Looking at the exterior of the house, it was more luxurious than the others.

According to Cai Yingying, the row of villas in this neighborhood were all her home; thus, choosing any of them to reside in wasn’t a problem at all.

Cai Yingying naturally did not bring Shao Qing to the place where her father lived. Otherwise, many things would become inconvenient. She led Shao Qing and the group back to her own house. These villas were all two-storey villas. On the roof, there was even a private theater and swimming pool. Shao Qing and the rest were all allowed to pick a room to stay in. Yan Qiyue was placed next to the room of Shao Qing.

    However, after Yan Qiyue was brought to the bed, ShaoQing still could not leave. Yan Qiyue was pulling her and refused to let her go. He even had tears coming out. Begging for a lashing, his tiny waist was twisting around with extra enthusiasm.

It took a long time to finally tuck Yan Qiyue into the covers. Worried that he would have a headache after waking up, Shao Qing gave him a bowl of sobering soup to drink.

 Not long after giving it to him, Cai Yingying came over with a cup of honey water: “Qing Jie, I made a cup of honey water. You can give this to Qiyue to drink, it’ll help with the hangover.”

    Shao Qing did not tell Cai Yingying she had already given him sobering soup. She just took it with a smile: “Sorry for troubling you. I didn’t think he would get drunk from a cup. Come sit down.”

Cai Yingying quickly waved her hand: “What trouble? I won’t sit down. Qing Jie, you should also go get a good rest.” 

“En, I still have to take care of the baby. You have worked the entire day, go back and rest.” Shao Qing smiled, Cai Yingying then left factfully. 

After she left, Shao Qing put the cup of honey water on the table and went to the toilet. After all, she ate a lot of things at noon. It was time for her to spit it out. 

Shao Qing has become accustomed to vomiting three times a day. It was difficult at the beginning, but now it has become a habit.

After she was finished, she came out and was going to prepare water to rinse her mouth. It was then that she saw Yan Hanqing sitting at the table, his expression was very grave but his eyes were calm.

 After Shao Qing came out, she poured herself a cup of water: “How come you’re here?” 

“I came to see how everything was going. He is pretty drunk. I didn’t want to see you suffer alone.” Yan Hanqing licked his lips. Taking a sip, Shao Qing swished it inside her mouth, then asked: “Are you thirsty? I can pour you a glass of water.” 

Yan Hanqing took the cup Cai Yingying brought and then said: “This hasn’t cooled yet, I can drink this.” After taking a sip, he discovered that it was sweet. Stunned, he asked: “Is this honey water to help sober Yan Qiyue?”

“He already drank a bowl of sobering soup, you can drink that.” Shao Qing looked at the time. “Can you help wash him in a bit? It’s definitely uncomfortable to sleep with a body smelling like alcohol. I want to go back and see if Xiao Baozi is being naughty.” 

“You go and let me deal with this.” Yan Hanqing whispered. Being freed of the task, Shao Qing went back to her room, leaving Yan Hanqing to drag the drunken Yan Qiyue into the bathroom. 

It’s pretty troublesome to bathe a drunkard, especially a drunkard who has lost unconsciousness. Yan Hanqing tossed around for nearly an hour before he could wash Yan Qiyue properly and took him out of the bathtub. 

Probably because he stayed in the tub for too long, Yan Hanqing felt a bit hot. He unbuttoned his collar and then sat on the chair next to the bed and waited for Shao Qing to return.

After a while, door knocking could be heard. Thinking it was Shao Qing, Yan Qiyue’s heart suddenly became a bit restless. All those things that he dared not say, those things that he dared not do, all became an unclear impulse he felt lingering in his chest. 

Yan Hanqing took a deep breath and opened the door. Before his smile reached his eyes he saw Cai Yingying. Cai Yingying was also stunned: “Where’s Qing Jie?” 

“She went back to look after the child.” Yan Hanqing was a bit disappointed. 

Cai Yingying was anxious. She forced a smile and said: “Qing Ge, you should go back to rest. I will take care of Yan Qiyue. After walking for such a long time, everyone must be tired.” 

Yan Hanqing shook his head. “I’m not tired. You can go back to rest, I’ll keep him company.”

Cai Yingying quickly replied: “Let me. I am better at taking care of people.” 

“No need, I just helped bathe him.” He was implying that Yan Qiyue was still naked and it wasn’t suitable for a young girl to look at. Cai Yingying was completely stunned because after Yan Hanqing finished speaking, he closed the door. 

She stood at the door for a while, her heart apprehensive. Finally she gritted her teeth and left. It seems it’ll be hard to make a move tonight. 

Yan Hanqing was sitting in the room, and his whole body felt more and more stuffy. Originally, he unbuttoned the collar, now he unbuttoned another. A small portion of his honey-colored chest was already revealed. 

He wiped his forehead with his fingertips. Surprisingly, there were already beads of sweat leaking out. Even a dumb person could notice that something was wrong.

Unable to sit still, it was becoming more and more obvious that the heat was coming from his lower abdomen. If he didn’t understand what was going on would be a lie. 

Yan Hanqing was somewhat helpless. He had been fatally wounded before. He had almost had his heart smashed through and his ribs were broken three times. Not mentioning all his other minor injuries, he has never had such an embarrassing moment like this. Besides embarrassment, he was also somewhat panicking. 

After sitting for most of the time, Yan Hanqing was like a thief and sneaked into the toilet. He was preparing to solve this trouble before Shao Qing came back.

Shortly after he entered the toilet, Shao Qing came over. Shao Qing knocked on the door, but no one came to open the door. Since the door wasn’t locked, she opened it. There was no one in the room. Only Yan Qiyue who was quietly lying on the bed. His white face with a touch of intoxicating blush, the ultimate white and red contrast; this gorgeous person just made others want to take a bite.

There was an itch in Shao Qing’s heart. She sat down next to the bed and took a peak under the covers. Looking down, she found that Yan Qiyue was wearing nothing. His body even had a fragrance like he just came out of the bath.

Shao Qing: ……

She decisively covered the quilt, what the eyes don’t see, the heart doesn’t grieve over. The moment the quilt was back covering him, Shao Qing’s mind instantly emerged a thought. Since, she had already seen his whole body, and not only once, why does she have to be shy… 

With this thought, Shao Qing silently peeled open the cover and stuffed Yan Qiyue’s long arm into it. It was probably because of her sense of guilt when she suddenly heard a low groan, even though it was just a sound, it caused Yan Qiyue to quickly take back his hand.

She looked calmly to the left, the direction of the washroom. The voice seemed to be coming from there. After a while when she was thinking it was just in her head, she heard another sexy deep groan. 

The sound was particularly quiet. If it wasn’t for Shao Qing’s amazing hearing, others might not have heard it. Feeling that the voice was familiar, she walked over silently. 

After approaching it, she discovered the sound was coming from the washroom. Shao Qing tried the handle. With a twist, the door was opened. Sitting on the toilet, pants down to his knees was Yan Hanqing. When Shao Qing opened the door, they made eye contact. For a moment, Yan Hanqing was lifeless. He felt that the sky had fallen and the world was over. Otherwise, how could there be this illusion, seeing Shao Qing appear in front of him at this moment?

Shao Qing’s eyes fell on Yan Hanqing’s hand, and then she silently twisted her head: “Sorry… I thought something happened… you continue.” 

Then she calmly closed the door and went to the table. Shao Qing couldn’t help but drink a large amount of water that had already turned cold to calm down. 

Then her reaction was particularly slow, ah….. it’s not small. 

After reacting and thinking of what she thought first, Shao Qing’s expression was stiff. Since she met Yan Qiyue, she seems to have no integrity and had lowered her limits. Yes, this is all Yan Qiyue’s fault.

Just when Shao Qing was sitting there and letting her thoughts go wild for a long time, Yan Hanqing, who looked serious, walked out neatly. Shao Qing couldn’t help but look at a certain part of the body. 

Probably because her eyes weren’t too straight, even though Yan Hanqing was a man made of steel, he couldn’t help but blush.

After all, what happened just now was really shameful. 

In particular, he always had special feelings for Shao Qing. Being discovered by Shao Qing doing that kind of thing, he couldn’t help but be ashamed.

Yan Hanqing sat across from Shao Qing. He involuntarily crossed his legs and covered a certain part. He discovered that even though he had already imagined the appearance of Shao Qing, once he saw it, his body once again was controlled by the craze.

The spot where Shao Qing’s gaze fell, it seemed to be burning. He squirmed silently inside his throat and his ten fingers were tightly clutched together, trying to cover his own thoughts. In the end, he found that he could not cover them. His lust towards Shao Qing has developed to the point where it cannot be suppressed. 

After a long while, Yan Hanqing spoke: “The cup of honey water, it was drugged …” 

Because of *, his voice was low and hoarse, sexy to the point where it could impregnate people. Shao Qing was stunned. Then she seized the key point: “You said…someone drugged the cup of honey water?” 

Yan Hanqing nodded. The facts were obvious. The honey water was delivered by Cai Yingying. Only Cai Yingying could have drugged it. Cai Yingying also had some inappropriate thoughts about Yan Qiyue. This further supported the fact that she must have tried to drug Yan Qiyue.

It was just too much of a coincidence. Shao Qing had already given sobering soup for Yan Qiyue to drink, so the cup of honey water was not used at all. Instead, it was drunk by Yan Hanqing.

Thus, Yan Qiyue’s luck was Yan Hanqing’s torture. 

He kept his legs tight and tried to calm down a certain part. However, it didn’t work. If Shao Qing wasn’t there, he could find a small space, such as the toilet, to vent himself, which might solve the drug. But his most loved person is in front of him! 

Drugged, Shao Qing served as the catalyst. Yan Hanqing only felt that his whole body was boiling. No, he was like a frog in boiling water. Even if he struggled, he would just simmer and the heat devoured all his rationality.

“How do you feel now?” Shao Qing came forward wanting to test the temperature of Yan Hanqing’s forehead. It was hot, so hot it scalded her hand. As for Yan Hanqing, the moment Shao Qing put her hand on his forehead, he nearly groaned. Icy cool, it was very comfortable. 

However, after Shao’s palm was removed, the place that has been touched was like a rebound, it became hotter and hotter. 

Yan Hanqing’s breath at the moment was hot. He swallowed his saliva and tried to suppress the beasts in his body*. Speaking in a hoarse voice: “I think I’m much better…” 

But from his looks, it didn’t look much better. Instead, it was pressing on *, Shao Qing couldn’t help but wrinkle her brows. In her heart, Cai Yingying had become dispensable and caused her anger.

She knew Cai Yingying was interested in Qiuyue. If Cai Yingying had sincerely chased after Yan Qiyue, she wouldn’t have done anything. After all, she was different. She and her loved one were zombies. If there was a day that their identity was exposed to the world, she would become a public enemy. 

If Yan Qiyue fell in love with her, he would suffer too much.

If Yan Qiyue could fall in love with Cai Yingying, it was a good thing. At least he would leave her, this ticking bomb. She probably won’t get used to it and it will be a little uncomfortable, but she would definitely give him her blessing.

However, she did not expect that Cai Yingying would use these dirty means. With this incident, Cai Yingying was automatically added onto Shao Qing’s blacklist. Such a woman should stay far away from Yan Qiyue!

Shao Jing did not discover at all that after this incident, although she was somewhat angry, she was actually more relieved. She didn’t want Yan Qiyue to leave her. Only this small point, she didn’t realize. 

While Shao Qing was a little distracted, Yan Hanqing couldn’t suppress it. The tip of his nose smelling the faint fragrance on Shao Qing, the more he tried to restrain himself, the more fragrant the aroma. It became an intense smell that constantly attacked his nose and mind.

Yan Hanqing’s pupil was magnified, his consciousness was being swallowed bit by bit, leaving only the faint aroma in his mind. 

He chased the scent of the scent. Looking up, he saw the source of the scent. Then Yan Hanqing lost consciousness and pounced forward…..

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