PMMB Volume 2 Chapter 30

Volume 2 Chapter 30 Making the best after a mistake 

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At that moment, Shao Qing was completely oblivious. Only the impact brought by her back knocking against the bed made her wake up. As soon as she looked up, she saw Yan Hanqing’s red eyes and the teardrops that flowed down. 

He was a tough guy, she always knew, thus Shao Qing has never seen Yan Hanqing crying. She reached out and wiped his eyes. The hot temperature passed through her cold skin and Shao Qing’s heart trembled. 

Yan Hanqing had his arms propped up and kept panting, his tense skin was shaking. He was trying to restrain himself, and Shao Qing could tell. At that moment, Shao Qing felt that she was disgusting. 

While she was thinking she was a very conservative woman, she had been having relationships with different men and even found different reasons for herself. If the scum man was because she was blind, Er Dai was because of an accident, then what about Yan Qiyue? 

She could clearly bear it. Why is she eager for his dependence and eager for his temperature?

In fact, she was just giving herself an excuse to cover up her dirty and greedy heart. 

It’s really sad. 

So why let Yan Hanqing suffer? The temperature in Shao Qing’s eyes gradually faded. She silently reached out and unbuttoned the first button of Yan Hanqing’s collar. When her fingertip touched the hot skin, Yan Hanqing immediately trembled fiercely. 

He bent his body, squatted, and grabbed his collar. His voice was hoarse: “I’m sorry… I will go out first.” 

Yan Hanqing tried to stand up, but his legs trembled and gave out. His knees fell to the ground, 

The knee actually wasn’t fragile, but when it is given blunt trauma, it would be particularly painful. Even so, Yan Hanqing struggled up. Shakily standing up, before waiting for him to stand up straight, Shao Qing suddenly reached out and seized Yan Hanqing’s collar. 

Yan Hanqing was stunned. Then he was brought down to the ground by Shao Qing. He had lost the ability to resist. Even if he wanted to break away from Shao Qing’s hands, he would only react more violently if he touched her. 

What’s more, Yan Hanqing would not disobey Shao Qing. He simply allowed Shao Qing to press him to the ground. Shao Qing sat on his waist and pulled down on his collar. “Don’t move.” 

Like an innocent boy, Yan Hanqing stayed still with his arms open allowing Shao Qing to unbutton one shirt buttons after another. 

The process of unbuttoning made Shao Qing a little annoyed. With one strong jerk, she tore apart Yan Hanqing’s shirt directly. The row of buttons all clattered on to the ground, revealing his healthy gold coloured chest. 

Yan Hanqing was stunned. His remaining consciousness was unable to comprehend Shao Qing’s thoughts. He can only try to restrain himself from moving and let Shao Qing do as she pleased.

Shao Qing quickly stripped him nude. Closing her eyes, she took the final step. 

At that moment, she was unable to say if it was effortless or difficult, but something shattered in her heart.

In the middle of the night, Cai Yingying came over and knocked on the door. She was directly roared away by Yan Hanqing. Yan Hanqing was at the peak of that age and was also drugged. As a result it went on the entire night with no stop. When it did stop, the horizon was already faintly exposed.

Even with Shao Qing’s physique, when she got up, her legs were like jelly. She stood up against the wall and put on a coat. Then she said, “I’ll go take a bath first.” 

Yan Hanqing nodded, not daring to look at Shao Qing. If it was Yan Qiyue, at this moment, he would definitely act like a snake and insist on washing with Shao Qing. Yet he silently returned to his room. 

When Shao Qing turned around, her expression was stiff. Last night, due to the urgent matters she had actually forgotten that Yan Qiyue was lying on the bed. Although she knew Yan Qiyue was thoroughly drunk and shouldn’t know, Shao Qing still felt she partook in voyeurism and was very embarrassed. 

She took a deep breath and went to the bathtub. She carefully washed herself three times before she came out of the bathtub. 

Clearly her body was very clean and because of her strong recovery, all the marks had disappeared. Yet, Shao Qing still felt very uncomfortable and uneasy, inside and out.

Yan Hanqing was different from Yan Qiyue and was different from Er Dai. Although he is usually very silent, at that time, he was full of aggression. There was a feeling that it couldn’t be  controlled, it was ingrained in Shao Qing’s mind.

Out of the bathroom, Shao Qing calmed down her mood and decided to throw it behind her. Going to the kitchen, she prepared a soup for Yan Qiyue. 

Yan Qiyue was very drunk yesterday. Although he did not drink much alcohol, his stomach was extremely fragile and must be well maintained. 

Shao Qing did not know that when she was busy, Yan Qiyue had slowly opened his eyes and was quietly looking at the location of the kitchen. 

Inside his eye was almost filled with a blood red colour. He was quick to be drunk and also quick to awake. He had woken up in the middle of last night, which means he also listened to the live erotic sounds in the middle of the night.

At this time, if he spread out his palms, he would have discovered that his palms were full of  crescent-shaped scars, and the dry blood had solidified on his palms and nails. 

Yan Qiyue bit his own index finger, staring at a button left on the ground. The urge to murder was solidified in his eyes. 

Soon, his index finger was drenched with blood. 

When Yan Qiyue estimated Shao Qing was about to come out, he spread out his palms, sticked out his pink tongue, and licked the blood on his palm and nails a little. 

He didn’t want to be discovered by Shao Qing that he was actually awake last night. He was even more reluctant to let Shao Qing know that he had accumulated a lot of murderous intentions.

God knows that Yan Qiyue wants to kill all the men around Shao Qing and then shut her away, so only he can get close to her, only he can see her. Even if Shao Qing would get mad at him, it wouldn’t matter, he could let Shao Qing vent it out. Hit or curse it didn’t matter… 

Yan Qiyue even thought that if Shao Qing got angry with him, she had a cold exterior but a hot interior. As long as she didn’t know that he killed her teammates, even if he put her under house arrest, she would not hurt him. 

After all, she would care for all the people around her who are worth caring for. As long as that person enters her heart, this woman would be like an iron bloody murderous god who will give him endless tolerance and softness. 

However, with this thought, Yan Qiyue did not want to hurt Shao Qing in this way. Hurting her feelings. It would be too cruel and could cause him to be thrown away….

Yan Qiyue turned and turned. How could his heart be so small? The demon inside kept yelling, kill Yan Hanqing, kill Gu Chuan, and kill all the men who wanted to compete with him.

Before he rolled himself into a ball, Shao Qing had already come out with the soup. When Shao Qing saw the rolled up quilt on the bed, the embarrassment of that moment rushed up. 

Yan Qiyue shouldn’t have heard it right? Or could he have seen a bit…..

Yan Qiyue naturally understood what Shao Qing was thinking. He quickly spoke in a pitiful manner: “Ah Qing, my head hurts…” 

Shao Qing’s thoughts were immediately pulled away, and she ruthlessly laughed at Yan Qiyue: “You can’t drink alcohol but was trying to show off? Just one cup put you down. Is it glorious when you’re holding me drunk and calling me mother?” 

Yan Qiyue did not feel shameful at all. He was like a big bug. In the bed, he crawled and crawled, and finally crawled in front of Shao Qing. He hugged her waist and blinked: “Actually, it’s my first time drinking…”

His adoptive father was a drunkard, which led to Yan Qiyue hating alcohol as a child. When he grew up, he hated alcohol even more because it would make people lose their sense of reason. If it wasn’t because Shao Qing was by his side and gave him a sense of security, he wouldn’t have deliberately tried to make Cai Yingying regret her words. Then he wouldn’t have ordered wine and wouldn’t have been drunk. 

As a result, the first time he drank alcohol, he was given the worst experience. First of all, he already embarrassed himself with his drunken acts. Then after waking up, he got a headache. The more important thing is that when he was drunk, someone took advantage and ate Shao Qing up.

Yan Qiyue was now loathing Cai Yingying! 

He was a very intelligent person. Although he was irritated by the things that happened last night, it was only a moment and he didn’t lose his rationality. After a moment,Yan Qiyue understood everything.

With Shao Qing’s character, unless there was something wrong with Yan Hanqing, she wouldn’t have done those things. If it wasn’t necessary to do that kind of thing before it can be solved, she would not do it. 

Why did Yan Hanqing have to have a relationship with Shao Qing? That was even simpler to figure out. He was definitely drugged. Why would he be drugged? Eighty percent was because of Cai Yingying and Cai Yingying did it because of him. 

Ultimately, it was because of him! 

“First drink the soup then speak.” Shao Qing pushed Yan Qiyue’s head away, ignoring his wronged expression, then handed the soup over. 

Yan Qiyue shamelessly acted spoiled: “Ah Qing, I have a headache, feed me.” 

“You have a headache, not an injured hand. Why does that affect you drinking your soup?” Shao Qing roasted him but having a guilty conscience, she still fed him.

Yan Qiyue was especially satisfied drinking that soup. When he finished, Shao Qing placed the bowl down and got ready to leave: “I will go back to see the baby. It’s still not bright out, go sleep a bit more.” 

Yan Qiyue nodded sincerely. He actually didn’t stick to Shao Qing and buried himself in the bed.

When Shao Qing was gone, he laid on the bed plotting. Out of all the drugs he had, which one could be used to kill Cai Yingying that slut. 

If it weren’t for her, Shao’s Qing wouldn’t have… 

The more he thought, the more resentful he got. He badly wanted to have Yan Hanqing and her die together. Since he was small, he had never been so eager to get a person. This eagerness was driving him crazy.

It should be said that his essence was actually a madman. Just for the sake of Shao Qing, he had learned to tone it down. 

Shao Qing went back to the room and saw Shao Tong sleeping on the outside. Xiao Baozi was holding Yaya nestled in the middle.

Yaya was being pressed and his eyes were almost rolled back into his head. With his one remaining ear, it constantly shook. Shao Qing had to adjust the sleeping position of Xiao Baozi to liberate Yaya. 

The liberated Yaya was very grateful to see Shao Qing. Everyday, it had to struggle with being crushed to death and trying to survive. If the idea of escaping meant it would become a braised rabbit head, it would push itself to the limit to escape the claws of Xiao Baozi. 

The smell of Shao Qing was extremely familiar to Shao Tong thus she wasn’t awakened, and slept even deeper . 

Shao Qing did not enter the bed. Finding a corner, she sat down and began absorbing crystals.

At the moment, she really didn’t want the sun to rise. She was even more reluctant to see Yan Hanqing and Yan Qiyue. The embarrassing to your bone moments made her uncomfortable. 

But no matter how she prayed, the sun would still rise. When Xiao Baozi awoke, it lazily dragged Yaya out of bed.

Yaya was dragged by his only ear left, stumbling on the ground, it was especially pitiful. Xiao Baozi was habitually preparing to wash, when he saw the Shao Qing in the corner. 

Xiao Baozi flew directly into Shao Qing’s arms, and vaguely shouted Mama. After confirming that it was Shao Qing, he nested himself in Shao Qing’s arms. 

Shao Qing had to hold him to wash. After the last time, Xiao Baozi had a bit of PTSD. Now he was even more glued to Shao Qing. After all, since birth, that was the first time he had separated from Shao Qing. Although children didn’t really understand time, it still made Xiao Baozi more dependent on Shao Qing. 

Xiao Baozi acted spoiled and had Shao Qing brush his teeth and wash his face. All this ended up taking almost an hour. Of course, this was also because Shao Qing didn’t want to go out. 

When she finally had to go, Shao Qing brought out Xiao Baozi and Shao Tong. When they went downstairs, everyone else was already in the living room.

Sitting on the sofa in a row, waiting for Shao Qing, three pairs of eyes locked on to her. One was Yan Hanqing. Looking at Shao Qing once, he immediately bowed his head, feeling embarrassed. 

One came from Yan Qiyue. He also glanced at Shao Qing and bowed his head. However, Yan Qiyue bowed his head to cover up his hate out of jealousy. 

The last one came from Cai Yingying. She carefully observed Shao Qing several times. Her eyes focused on Shao Qing’s neck and the slightly open neckline. In the end, she found no suspicious traces and lowered her head. 

She was now full of doubts. Finally she can only blame Yan Qiyue for not drinking the bowl of honey water. But Cai Yingying did not give up. When Shao Qing came, she asked: “Qing Jie has arrived, let’s have a meal! Qing Jie, should we have some honey water? Everyone must be parched in the throat. Honey water is also a good cure for hangovers!” 

She was practically touching a sore spot. Shao Qing had just thrown it to the back of her head and Cai Yingying mentioned this again? She felt that Cai Yingying was actually asking if the effects of the honey water was pretty good? You must have enjoyed it last night! 

Thus Shao Qing was embarrassed to death. Yan Hanqing and Yan Qiyue were just as embarrassed, but Shao Qing was still very calm. She immediately said: “At that time, I had already made sobering soup. I was afraid that it wouldn’t mix well with honey water, so I didn’t give any to Yan Qiyue to drink. However, before breakfast one shouldn’tdrink honey water, drinking a cup of milk will be better.” 

Cai Yingying was completely relieved. Smiling, she waved Shao Qing over to sit down. Then she shouted for the chef to serve food. The chef made a total of eleven dishes. The table was completely full, six vegetarian, four meat and one soup. It looked very sumptuous. 

However, the people sitting around the table had their own thoughts. None of them really had much of an appetite.

In particular, Gu Panpan, she carefully observed everything. She felt that there was a surging undercurrent today. Something wasn’t right, but she just couldn’t figure it out.

After eating, Shao Qing proposed to leave: “Now that you are back home, we should leave.” 

Cai Yingying was stunned, and urged her to stay: “Don’t go, I will take you around. I am the host and I am familiar with this place. This is your first time coming to Jingdu. Let’s go for a stroll first then talk.” 

However, Shao Qing was not willing to stay. Even if she knew that Cai Yingying had the ability to make her search for Er Dai easier, Shao Qing was not willing to stay for another minute. 

When such an awkward thing happened, she didn’t even feel like killing Cai Yingying. If she continued to stay, Shao Qing really was scared she couldn’t hold back from killing Cai Yingying. If this happened, Cai Yingying’s father would definitely retaliate. Then her looking for Er Dai would become a lot harder.

“I really don’t want to go shopping, we still have things to do. We really don’t want to trouble you. If there’s fate we’ll meet again.” Shao Qing smiled and was ready to leave with everyone.

Cai Yingying still wanted to retain them. As a result, someone ran over and panted. “Miss, the captain is calling you. Please hurry over, there’s something important to tell you.”

Cai Yingying quickly said: “Qing Jie, you must not go, I will go and return.”

Before leaving, she even called the person who came to find her to help her keep them there. After all, if Shao Qing left, then wanting to meet them again would really be pure fate. 

Cai Yingying really liked Yan Qiyue very much. She really wanted to keep him here thus naturally, Shao Qing and the rest could not leave.

When Cai Yingying departed, Shao Qing was ready to leave. However, the man stopped Shao Qing and refused to let her go: “You must not go. When the lady departed, she ordered me to keep you guys here. If you leave, the Miss will definitely kill me.” 

Why is it my business if Cai Yingying wants to beat you to death? Shao Qing suppressed the impulse to roll her eyes. Turning, she prepared to go, when he hugged her thigh. 

That person was also a talent. Kneeling on the ground holding Shao Qing’s thigh, he began to cry: “Please stay a little longer, just a moment. Miss, she will come back soon…” 

Shao Qing said nothing . Releasing her vines, she dragged him away and tied him against the table. Carrying Xiao Baozi, they left. 

They had already wasted a lot of time. She had to go to find Er Dai. Fortunately, Shao Qing had a preliminary understanding of the situation in Jingdu. Now the first step was to go to the mission hall. That place had the most superhumans in Jingdu. Shao Qing can release a mission to find Er Dai.

Er Dai wasn’t stupid. He was a lot smarter than the average person. Even if there were outsiders, he can definitely cover up his identity. What she needs to do now is to let the mission go out. Whether someone finds Er Dai or has news of him or Er Dai himself sees the mission, as long as there is something she would have the opportunity to find Er Dai. 

Just north of Jing Du survivor base belongs to the northeastern region. Those places can be said to be freezing cold. After the end of the world, the climate became even more unpredictable. If they couldn’t find Er Dai in Jing Du, she would have to continue north. 

But Er Dai shouldn’t have wandered so far. If he woke up, he would definitely follow the direction to go back to find them. 

Shao Qing’s mood was very complicated thinking about it. After walking out of the door, she chose a direction and went forward. She did not go far before seeing a familiar figure.

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  1. At that time it was really selfish of Shao Qing. My heart broke not only for YQY, but also for YHQ, especially for Xiao Baozi who’se alone by himself in the next room. He’s indeed not alive but he’s still a child. If it were me by myself in there with just a bunny who can’t talk and hearing my mother in the other room doing it with another man would be traumatizing.

    Also, she only remembered YQY at the end?? Seriously? After all that tossing and turning the whole freaking night till the sun rose up, you really haven’t even remembered or even vaught sight of him at all? I know it was very hard for YHQ but she could atleast move the doing of the deed on the bathroom? Like what? You said all this time you were just making up excuses while still doing it with other people so you just accept it and not think of the consequences at all? Now you’re embarassed and ashamed of it? Excuse me?

    Don’t tell me Gu Chuan and her are gonna do it too cuz I’m pretty sure if she does that and not take responsibility after, it would create a massive crack on her relationship woth Gu panpan. Her team is gonna crumble. Not unless she’ll have a team full of men who are devoted of her and she already has done it with.

    I know she’s already not alive but she’s still thinking as a human right? Her soul is still there, her intelligence is there, and she has free will.

    It’s so frustrating aagh

  2. It’s unfortunate each time she has intimacy with someone it’s the result of something being done or needing to be hidden.
    All the men in her group fell for her, she’s had some form of intimacy with three out of the four. I can’t say she made good choices, but I can say humans are passionate creatures and due to the leading up circumstances that brought the moments of intimacy I can’t place blame on any of them (well Sept when a certain madman brought home a zombie and decided he could touch all he wanted, he put himself in the emotional hole he’s found himself in).
    I do hope that in the end all of her men will openly admit how they feel and despite it being selfish, I hope she gets a true harem ending and collects four lovely husbands, a dear sister in law and all the adopted children her group may collect on their journey.
    In the end of the world, no matter how one looks at it, one gender over the other is going to become harder to come by. Monogamy simply wouldn’t be realistic when feelings can only have so many potential partners.
    One, Monogamy wouldn’t create a strong sense of security during the survival of a zombie apocalypse. If one partner died the other would be left to fend for themselves and may even be left w children. If they weren’t strong the only choice would be to climb into someone else’s bed and hug the thigh or die trying to make it on their own. Having multiple partners be it either gender or both means more hands to do the lifting.
    Two, children are weak in nature needing support and a lot of care to grow strong. Two sets of hands to provide for a family of three when only one set could go out with zombies and mutant creatures while the other stays home definitely lowers chances of having a healthy life and promises a shorter life expectancy for the partner who takes the risks. To provide the best outcome in rearing the next generation of humans it would be best to have a large family to protect their future.
    Third, it is seen over and over the cruel nature of humans in many stories, even real ones that happen. When society becomes one where it is fight for survival, the darkness in the human heart often comes out. Pillaging from others, slavery and assault, and even forms of cannibalism will undoubtedly be something to be ready to face. With out a strong group, one will definitely become the meat in another’s mouth.

    So does the relationships building up between them all suck emotionally? Yep they do. Will there be jealousy? Undoubtedly. But can there be harmony and understanding?
    Absolutely. There are groups of people today who practice polygamy(multiple wives), polyandgry (multiple husbands), and polyamerous (multiple partners) relationships. Not just indigenous people such as those who live in the amazon that practice polyandry or western and eastern cultures that once or still do practice polygamy. But everyday people who formed connections with multiple people without need or religious beliefs guiding them to do so.
    All relationships start out rocky, have hiccups, and take effort to keep balanced. One just has to find the balance.


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