PMMB Volume 2 Chapter 3 Part 2

Volume 2 Chapter 3 Cleaning up scum Part 2

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Especially seeing Yan Ruru having such few people, yet seeing them one sidedly massacring his subordinates the leader immediately wanted to escape. After all, even if you lose your brothers and subordinates you could still look for more. You still had the opportunity to build everything again from scratch especially since he was a rank 3 superhuman. But, what if you died?

If you died then you’ll really end up with nothing!

But, would Shao Qing just let him run? Seeing him release fire shields to prevent the vines from coming closer, he secretly looked around to try to find an escape route. Shao Qing laughed: “Xiao Tong!”
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Without being told, Shao Tong automatically released her power. When she was still rank 1, she was only able to release a protective screen to protect herself and her comrades. This was probably because she was abused and yelled at from a young age, making her inner heart craving for a safe comforting environment. Therefore when she had awakened this is the power that manifested.

When she had reached rank 2, Shao Tong’s biggest hope was to be able to give everyone a sense of security. She wanted to help Shao Qing. Her second ability was to gain the ability to attack.

Invisible spiritual energy attacked the leader’s head. Once Shao tong became slightly stronger, she could even rely on that ability to directly blow off someone’s head.

Too bad she still had a weakness. She could only cause the leader to have a burst of acute pain. His consciousness would only slacken for that brief moment, but this was enough.

In a split second, the fire shield that was densely packed around his body began to disperse. The vines taking advantage of this entered, so although the leader had already cleared his head it was too late.  
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The vines had already wound around his neck and his four limbs. The leader boss tried to release flames hoping to burn the vines off, yet the paralysis and the corrosion of the poison had already seeped directly into his body through the thorns piercing him.

Along with the poison from the vine, the blaze gradually became weaker, while the vines also slowly tightened.

 ”Please…. Set me free…. Oh great aunt I know that I’m in the wrong…” The leader was slowly being strangled until his eyes rolled backward while on the other hand he continued to speak: “I’ve stored a lot of rations…. and money…. and crystals…. I’ll give them all to you. I’ll tell you… where these things are….. don’t kill me….”

Yan Pingsheng came running over: “Ah Qing, leave him alive for now first…”
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Afterwards Yan Pingsheng saw that the vine suddenly tightened. The thorn lengthened and stabbed right into the leader’s neck. Even though he was so far away, Yan Pingsheng could still hear the sound of the breaking bones.

The first thing that fell off was the leader’s arm. Immediately after were both his legs then finally his head.

In a split second, only one living person was left alive hanging in midair by a vine. Shao Qing turned around and feeling embarrassed smiled: “Your shout was a bit slow and I made my move pretty quickly. Sorry about that.”

Yan Pingsheng silently swallowed down his thought, then kissed up to her: “What a good kill!”

He only wanted to ask if the village had a place possible of growing things. Shao Qing was a bit too cruel, couldn’t you just leave behind any of those small bandits and just casually ask them.

“Your head is already dead, surrender!” Yan Ruru brandished her whip. Her whip which was covered in a deep blaze of flame fell onto a body causing it to burn into a crisp.
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When those bandits were about to surrender, Shao Qing shouted aloud: “Kill them all, don’t even allow even one to survive!”

Yan Ruru looked at Shao Qing with suspicion, after all, killing all of them seemed a bit cruel. Even though the leader is terrible, the subordinates might have been forced.

Shao Qing coldly smiled: “You ask them, which one of them haven’t eaten human meat before or which ones haven’t killed before. Didn’t you hear those words, kill all the men and capture all the women. They don’t even know how many people they have harmed. Even if they were unwilling to begin with, now… I’m afraid that compared to anyone, they love this kind of lifestyle of plundering and killing.”

Yan Ruru also reacted, with a wave of her hand: “Kill, don’t even allow one to escape!”

Perhaps the way Shao Qing had handled it was rather cruel and rough, but what she said was correct. Those people have degraded long ago. Even if they were to let them go, they would just change locations and continue to plunder because now that they have had a small taste of doing this, they won’t be able to change.
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Rather than allowing them to continue to harm people, why not kill them all and treat it as doing charity.

In a second, the bandits were all nearly killed, leaving behind only a fairly young man.

Yan Ruru kicked him: “In a while, show us the way to your nest. Do you understand?”

“I… understand.” That youngster with a head dyed of multiple colours, trembled with fear as he replied.

At that time, those paralyzed superhumans still hadn’t recovered. This was because Shao Qing and them had finished the fight too quickly. Yan Ruru brought people over to tidy up the battlefield, the hole that the bandits had dug up was very useful. All the bodies excavated after taking away the crystal were then thrown into the hole. Finally the earth superhumans would seal up the hole. The battlefield ended up having the leader dismembered into four/ five pieces but they were fairly intact. Whereas their second in charge besides his brain had his innards all splattered on the ground.

During the cleanup, the captived youngster whispered: “You won’t leave behind the bodies? There’s so much meat though, just burying it would be a shame….”
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Yan Ruru patted Shao Qing’s shoulder: “What you said was absolutely correct. I feel that now if we were to just kill them would too charitable of us.”

“Just wait until we arrive at their nest. I promise that you would wish nothing more than to dig them out and dismember their bodies.” Shao Qing said expressionlessly.

By the time clean up was finished, besides the blood covered on the ground, there was no evidence of a massive fight.

At this time, those superhumans had gradually recovered. Boarding on the car, with the lead of the captivated youngster, they headed off to the nest.

  Just past this mountain pass is the small village. In between the small village and the mountain pass was their nest.

  They had established the nest pretty well. The surroundings were all made of thick solid wooden structures. Inside must be the building near the village they had occupied.

While the cross country cars were parked outside, the people who had stayed behind earlier peered at them. Yan Ruru then took out the captive youngster with a grandiose bunch of people following behind her causing everyone guarding the place to be frightened.

“Let’s go in.” Shao Qing took the lead and instantly vines came flying out tearing apart the fences on both sides. Gu Panpan then took the lead to charge at the door with her body. The metal door and the fence all took off flying.

  The people Shao Qing brought behind her were a group of superhumans. Crushing them with a brute force In minutes they were able to take care of those superhumans who were left behind to guard the entrance.

“I’ll take some people to have a look. Take over their warehouse.” Yan Pingsheng rubbed his leathery hand. Shao Qing and Yan Ruru complying, went to take some people to search to see if there were any survivors.

Luckily this stronghold wasn’t big and the search was fast. The few superhumans who were hiding were quickly found and there was even a group of women who were found.

A group of women who weren’t entirely psychologically there. They were all poorly dressed, skinny and shriveled. In every ten women, there were six or seven who had lifeless looks. There were some who upon seeing people coming would immediately take off their clothes.

On their bodies were numerous scars. The sight was quite shocking to see. Moreover, some of them were abused so much it was a spectacle too horrible to look at.

Yan Ruru suddenly understood why Shao Qing had told her that she wouldn’t be able to resist wanting to take all those bodies in the hole, drag them out and dismember them.

That was because that was exactly what she wanted to do.
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During the apocalypse, women are a disadvantaged group, let alone encountering a bunch of brutes. Yan Ruru shook her head, tears coming out. She was actually a very sensitive woman. Seeing them suffer and being a woman, she couldn’t stand it and was about to explode with anger and frustration.

Aware, the men had all consciously departed leaving Shao Qing and the women behind to help clothe and help out these women.

Not all the women had become crazy, some still had their intellect still. One of these women tried to probe: “Were you guys kidnapped as well?”

Shao Qing shook her head: “You guys are already free. The bandits in this place has already been killed by us. No one will force you guys to do anything anymore.”

In a second the women were all like lunatics, throwing themselves on that one woman. The nice skirt that woman was originally wearing was purposefully torn apart and thrown onto the dirt.
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 Then that woman shouted in shock: “What do you guys want!” Then she was pushed down by a bunch of those crazy women. These women were just ordinary people who could only bite and scratch. So each and everyone of them hatefully bit her, fiercely tearing off chunks of meat at a time.

Real soon the ground was covered with blood. Their body was entirely covered in blood. They looked as if they were a bunch of madmen.

That woman was eaten alive. When she died, she didn’t have a single portion of her body in tact.

The first woman who had spoke wiped the blood on her mouth and spat out her saliva: “Everyone here was kidnapped and humiliated. That woman climbed on that brute and helped him torture us. A few of our good sisters were tortured to death while they were alive. Two of them were children, one thirteen and the other sixteen. I really want to see what colour her heart is.”
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“It doesn’t matter what has happened. All that is a thing of the past now. You don’t have to feel that sad.” Yan Ruru didn’t know how to console them. She just wiped their tears and said: “At least you guys are free now.”

That woman’s eyes lit up, then her spirit went back down again. Hugging her legs she began to cry once more. Her crying, as if was contagious caused all the other girls to start, forming a regiment.
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Shao Qing patiently waited for them to finish crying. While they were slowly sobbing she quietly said: “If you continue to walk forward, there is the Jiang Bei survivor base. If you walk towards the other direction, there is another city survivor base or even nearer is a tiny base. However, it’s not as safe as the big survivor bases. You guys can consider where you would like to take shelter.”

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  1. Sadly, there are scum like this everywhere, although most of them hold it in and don’t act on their thoughts and impulses due to fear of society; although their are a percentage who do go out and raoe and/or torture others (and no, it’s not just limited to men, although they are the biggest group of perpetrators).

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