PMMB Volume 2 Chapter 4

Volume 2 Chapter 4 Giving the good person card

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A few of the smarter girls stared at each other. In the end, no one said anything. Regardless of whether they went to that base, they would still have to travel for a long distance. Moreover they were a group of women, no matter where they go they wouldn’t be safe.
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A small base didn’t have any guarantees or protections. It would be hard to avoid having some people see them as woman and trying to mistreat them. Yet being a prisoner, an exclusive property, a situation like that is still a lot better than this.

If they were to head to the big base, they really would have a lot more guarantee. However, they were all weak women and ordinary as well. Some of them were even a bit delirious. If they were to go to the big base, with the distance so large, how many would even survive the trek and actually arrive there?

Being able to survive and not go mentally insane would require the person to be not only smart, but have a high perseverance. With those conclusions, everyone understood clearly but no one said anything.

No one would take on this kind of mission to bring around a group of useless women.
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Especially since within the group, a good number of them had already gone crazy. They would only drag them down. You only need to be a bit intelligent to know that bringing these women along was not a wise choice.

Yan Ruru felt a bit awkward as she looked towards Shao Qing. She also understood this point. Thus even though she pitied these women, she didn’t bring up taking them along.

If they were close to the base and she only had her superhuman squad then she might have been willing to say those words, but she was currently on a mission. Yan Pingsheng was her employer and she was only a hired mercenary. As a result, this was a decision she absolutely could not make.

Shao Qing was quiet for a long time, then she faced Yan Ruru and said: “Bring them out to look for Yan Pingsheng.”

This kind of headache was best handed over to Yan Pingsheng. After all, Yan Pingsheng is the employer; thus, it would be best to have him make the decision.

Yan Ruru nodded her head and let out a sigh. After dressing the women in clothes, they brought them out. Yan Pingsheng had already found the warehouse. While he was in the middle of commanding people to move the things, by his side, there were a couple of bound captives. Although the things they were carrying out were quite a lot, his face didn’t look happy at all.
Walking over, Shao Qing realized that the thing this warehouse had the most of were corpses. After being washed cleanly, these corpses were hollowed out of their organs and had their heads chopped off. After using salt water to soak them, they were split from the middle as if they were slaughtering a pig and were then hung on a hook.

A row on the left and a row on the right, there were at least fifty to sixty corpses hanging here. Some were tall – mostly likely to be adult males, while some were tiny and most likely not adults yet. It’s no wonder why Yan Pingsheng’s face was so unsightly. Anyone who saw this kind of tragedy would have an unpleasant face.

Seeing the captive beside Yan Pingsheng, they began to fume with rage between their gritted teeth. However, since Shao Qing and them didn’t say anything, those women also didn’t dare to rashly do anything.

However a woman of about thirty with a rather good figure threw herself forward. With disheveled hair, she threw herself forward and bit onto one of those peoples’ throat. Everyone present was able to clearly hear that blood-curdling shriek and the blood pouring into her throat.

Gu Lu, Gu Lu.

Another woman without delay rushed to say: “Please do not be angry. Her little sister while she was still carrying a baby, by this man was….. after that event, that man even cut open her dead sister’s belly to take out the child to see it’s gender. Afterwards he fed the child to the wolves. It was from that day that she became crazy.”

Shao Qing originally wasn’t angry. Using her vines she dragged the still living captives over. Pulling one at a time she asked these women: “Alive or dead.”

Those captives unceasingly begged for forgiveness and promised to repent. However the women were determined: “These kinds of animals, killing them is letting them off easy!”

Taking these captives, in front of these women, Shao Qing separated their bodies into pieces. Yet, no one there thought she was being cruel.

Having seen everything that has happened at this stronghold, everyone thought they should die for their crime.

After carrying the things out and burying the marinated corpse, Yan Pingsheng fiercely said: “I have to burn this place down to get rid of my fury!”

“Let’s resolve their issue first.” After simply explaining their history, Shao Qing gave the crucial problem over to Yan Pingsheng: “Right now they have nowhere to go. Since you are the employer, what do you say we do?”

Yan Pingsheng’s eyes widened, a bit stupefied. Shao Qing had really given him a difficult situation. No matter how they dealt with these women it would be a problem. If they let them run their own course, their conscience wouldn’t be able to forgive themselves. Bringing them along however would be too risky since there’s so many unpredictable dangers. In fact, if by any chance they do run into any accidents, these women would only drag them down.

Then Meng Shen suddenly spoke up: “I suggest we bring them. What do our two captains think? Although, I am the employer, I also highly value your advice.”

“I have no opinion.” Yan Ruru quickly added.
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Shao Qing took a glance at these women, then looked at Meng Shen in a different light. She indifferently replied: “If we are bringing you guys, then you guys have to take responsibility for preparing meals and cleaning. Other than that I have no opinion.

Those women were all surprised and quickly nodded their heads enthusiastically. Why would they have any other opinions? They were only extremely grateful for Shao Qing. Shao Qing made them feel that they still were still of use.

“Then we’ll bring them. In any case, it’s just 6 women. Yan Jie will bring three and I will bring three.” Shao Qing replied calmly. “Has everything been moved? If they have, then let’s head off.”
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“Ok.” Yan Pingsheng nodded his head. The group of people then set off. Right before they did, Yan Ruru started a fire. It was only when they all bared witness to that wretched place being burnt to a crisp did they depart.

These women were secretly wiping their tears. They had suffered so much at that place. Losing their loved ones, they had nothing at all.

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