PMMB Volume 2 Chapter 31

Volume 2 Chapter 31 Another country’s envoy 

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That figure wasn’t someone else, it was Lin Qifan. He has changed. He had gotten thinner, but  those false tenderness in his appearance still stood in the crowd. 

Shao Qing felt her heart had been just chiseled by something, and the broken hole was bleeding out. It was probably because her expression was too obvious, Yan Qiyue couldn’t help but pat her shoulder. “Ah Qing, what’s wrong with you?” 

Shao Qing shook her head and led them to calmly leave. She wanted to cut Lin Qifan’s heart apart and see if it was actually black inside, but now was not the best time. 

That scum of a man, how could he be more important than Er Dai? 

When both sides passed by each other, Lin Qifan turned back and saw the back of Shao Qing. The woman beside him asked: “Qifan, what are you looking at? You seem so fascinated.”

Lin Qifan reluctantly smiled: “I just saw a familiar back, I thought it was an acquaintance.”

Lin Qifan thought about it, how could it be. Shao Qing was dead. When the hospital was informing him to claim the body, he didn’t dare to pick up. 

Tossing throughout the night unable to sleep, everytime he closed his eyes it was her cold countenance, but with the gentleness that only bloomed for him that appeared before him. Then in the next second, her body was covered with blood. 

At that time, Lin Qifan did not have much regret. This was because he still had a brighter future. Qin Jiao liked him so much. As long as he married Qin Jiao, the whole company would have belonged to him in the future. 

But the apocalypse came. When he had nothing, then did he remember how good Shao Qing was. If Shao Qing was around, she would not let him suffer at all….. 

Since the end of the world, he has been exhausted running around thus he had no time to regret. Until he just saw this figure, that familiarity made his heart tremble and Lin Qifan once again recalled Shao Qing.

On the other hand, after Shao Qing’s emotions fluctuated for a moment, Lin Qifan was thrown to the back of her brain. Right now, she had to find Er Dai, as soon as possible. 

That silly Er Dai. If he wasn’t by her side, he might get bullied. The longer they were separated, the more she missed him. Er Dai’s face would often appear in her mind, stupidly staring at her. 

If this world, if you were speaking of trust, besides Xiao Baozi who Shao Qing trusted the most, Er Dai would be second. Besides Xiao Baozi, Er Dai had been with her the longest. The more one thought about something, the longer the time, the deeper it became ingrained. As it continues to ferment, the stronger it will be. 

In the end, Shao Qing still couldn’t leave. This was because when their group had just walked out of the villa area, they hadn’t even walked onto the pedestrian street leading to the mission hall when they were stopped by Cai Yingying. 

Cai Yingying was panting and pulling on Shao Qing’s sleeves unwilling to let go. “Qing Jie, why are you guys leaving? If someone didn’t come to inform me, I wouldn’t have known at all! Please stay for a few more days!!”

Having no options, she revealed everything: “Actually, we came to Jing Du survivor base because we are looking for someone. I have a companion who was separated in our last mission. I have already been to all the survivor bases near the mission site, and Jing Du was the remaining one. ” 

“This is easy to handle. You should leave it to me. Even though the mercenary group of my family is not that big, bthey do have some strength in Jing Du. At least, it would be more convenient than you guys searching around everywhere. We can also go to the mission hall to register for a task of looking for your companion. Stay, Qing Jie. Tell me your companion’s appearance , I can get people to go find them. Once there’s news, I will inform you immediately.” Cai Yingying hurriedly added. 

Shao Qing thought about it and said: “He isn’t that old and mute. His temper is like that of a child. He has bangs that are slightly longer, covering his eyes…” 

After saying a series of features of Er Dai, Gu Panpan asked: “Grab a paper and pen. I can paint a portrait of him.” She used to be an art student. Even though she hadn’t learned it for a long time, drawing a sketch was no problem.

Cai Yingying quickly pulled them all back to the villa, and found a pen and paper for Gu Panpan then Gu Panpan painted Er Dai. 

The sketches she painted were not as vivid as a real life person, but they were quite similar. When Cai Yingying took the portrait, she found someone to make a few copies. Then she told a group of people to begin looking for Er Dai in the city. 

After that, she took Shao Qing to the mission hall. “Qing Jie, you go register for the task and leave a contact information. This way if there is news, they can immediately inform you.” 

Shao Qing described the task. Not just looking for Er Dai, any news of Er Dai would also be rewarded. She set the rewards particularly high, five pieces of rank 3 zombie crystals. Even Cai Yingying swallowed her drool when she saw that. 

After that, they went back to Cai Yingying’s villa. Although Shao Qing didn’t want to come back, she still had to endure it for Er Dai. After returning, Cai Yingying poured out water for everyone: “Qing Jie, you probably still don’t know this but something big happened in Jing Du.”

“What is it…..” Shao Qing asked. All her thoughts had been on Er Dai. She was anxious. If they couldn’t find Er Dai in Jing Du, she could only head north. The more north they went, the smaller her hope.

“The island country had sent a small team to come to Jing Du to borrow food! Although there were many shortcomings to Cai Yingying’s personality, she had one strong point better than most children of wealthy parents and that is she had strong nationalism. 

Towards that small island country that has feud with her motherland, Cai Yingying gritted her teeth in hatred. Not only her, but when the heads of many mercenary groups in Jing Du got together to discuss the news, the theme of the meeting was how to give the island group an ‘unforgettable’ trip to heaven.

“The island country is so small and all their food is imported. When the apocalypse broke out, the channels for importing food were cut off. They had never had a lot of food stored away, thus after these days, they have almost depleted everything. Thus, they came to borrow food from our country!” Cai Yingying gritted her teeth: “Why should we lend them some? We barely have enough for us to eat ourselves! But the upper level thought that during the apocalypse, they should maintain friendship between countries. Help out when one can. Why not give the food to other survivors in other bases, what’s the point in leaving it for pests and animals?” 

Shao Qing grasped the key point: “You mean… the island people are coming over?” 

Cai Yingying nodded her head angrily: “I heard that a small team, made of all superhumans with the leader being a onmyōji, will soon be in Jing Du.” 

Shao Qing wasn’t willing to stay, this time she couldn’t leave even if she wanted to. She had not experienced a dark eight years, but from listening to her instructors and coaches speak of it countless times and from countless missions, many were related to the destruction of that country’s private human experiments. 

Probably in the eyes of some people, the nation had good people and bad people. This nation was no exception. Hatred also had its bad side. In the eyes of Shao Qing, the whole nation was almost all corrupted, just looking at it made her feel disgusted. 

Since the superhumans of the island nation were coming over, she can’t leave. Even though she can’t personally hurt them, she wanted to watch the group of people cry leaving. 

Oh but if she finds Er Dai during this period, she may ambush the island’s group of superhumans on the way back, so that they will stay in the heavens forever. 

After Cai Yingying told them about the island squad matters, Shao Qing quietly waited for news. She did not leave the villa all day. She was afraid that if she left, there might be some news of Er Dai sent to her that she would miss.

Yan Qiyue and Yan Hanqing sat next to Shao Qing, one on the left and the other on the right, accompanying Shao Qing. Two people, you don’t look at me, I don’t look at you, it still could be considered harmonious. 

It was a pity that Shao Qing waited for the entire day, but there was still no news of Er Dai, which made her feel a little annoyed. 

“Wait for another two days. If there is still no news, we will continue to go north! Now everyone go back to rest.” Shao Qing clamped her teeth together. She will definitely never give up looking for Er Dai. Even if she couldn’t find him up North, she will come back and search everywhere another round. The world is so big. She can look once, twice, three times until she finds Er Dai. 

When everyone returned to their room, including Shao Tong who went back to sleep with Xiao Baozi, Shao Qing went to the balcony.

She looked around her spatial dimension for a while, then finally found a box of cigarettes. Taking out one, she lit it. Shao Qing actually did not smoke very much. People who actually smoked would use their lungs, while she just sucked it into the entrance of her oral cavity, then she breathed it out. 

When the smoke lingered, her originally annoyed state had some improvement. 

The sun slowly sank, but you couldn’t see the rise of the moon. You couldn’t even see the sparkle from the stars. Only the layers of dark clouds, dark and gloomy, blocking all the light. 

Shao Qing did not know how long she stayed on the balcony, but there was only one cigarette left in the carton, which slowly extinguished in Shao Qing’s hands. 

When Yan Qiyue came over, he started coughing from the strong smell of smoke and tears almost came out. He fanned the smoke away from his nose. “Ah Qing, why aren’t you sleeping?”

Shao Qing coughed: “I can’t sleep, my heart is irritated.” 

Yan Qiyue came over and hugged Shao Qing’s waist from behindthen he put his head on Shao Qing’s shoulder: “Don’t worry. I’m sure we can find him.” 

God knows how envious he is when he saw Shao Qing’s anxious appearance. How many times he was wishing in his heart if he could kill all the men who dared to approach Shao’s feelings, how to imprison her so she could only be seen by him. But every time he saw Shao Qing’s cold appearance, all those thoughts vanished. 

No matter how much he thought about it, he couldn’t do it. He was afraid, afraid of being disgusted by her. So all those terrible thoughts were all suppressed into the depths of his heart. He was afraid that if he would reveal even just a little bit, it would be discovered by Shao Qing. 

If Shao Qing’s eyes revealed even a slight dislike of him, he would directly destroy himself. His entire life of arrogance, after meeting her, has all become dust pulverized under her feet.

That’s why everything has a weakness. Originally, Yan Qiyue didn’t believe that. He didn’t believe that there was a woman who could make him fall in love. Even more was that he did not believe that there would be anyone in the world he would be willing to sacrifice his own life for. Humans were such a selfish and weak existence, how can one really willingly die for another?

Now he has to believe. Because as long as Shao Qing said a word, he would be willing to dig out his heart and soul for her. 

“But it’s been a day and there is still no news.” Shao Qing stared at the departing smoke. In her heart she felt agitated and just wanted to find someone to fight to let out her frustrations.

Yan Qiyue tried to comfort Shao Qing: “Don’t forget that Jing Du survivor base is the largest survivor base in China. The population is over 10 million. To search the entire place would take at least a few days…”

Shao Qing did not speak, it was just that the irritabile feeling that became more and more profound. She stared at the cigarette butt in her hand and suddenly put the cigarette butt on the back of her hand. When it got in contact with the skin on the back of her hand, it made a loud noise. 

The flesh was burned until the smell of burntness spread throughout the air. However, Shao Qing did not feel much pain. Even when the cigarette butt was removed, the scar recovered at a speed visible to the naked eye.

Yan Qiyue was distressed. He hurriedly took up Shao Qing’s hand and licked the wound.”You can’t hurt yourself any more! As long as he is in Jing Du, no, as long as he is in the country, we can always find him. I will be with you, no matter where you go. I will be with you, so we will find him soon. We will definitely find him.” 

Shao Qing moved her hand, the scar had disappeared. She chuckled. “I still don’t understand why you always like to abuse yourself. But, it became a little clearer today. When you are in a bad mood, it’s a good way to vent.” 

Yan Qiyue widened his big eyes, wanting to pounce on Shao Qing and take a bite. However, he quickly calmed down. He then handed her a small leather whip: “If you are in a bad mood, beat me. Even if you don’t get injured, consider how bad it’ll make me feel. For example, where do you want to… lash?” 

Yan Qiyue’s eyes were sly and sexy. It was as if he was lying down and asking if Shao Qing wanted a one-stop service. 

Shao Qing mouth twitched, looking at the very familiar little whip: “You carry it with you everywhere?” 

Yan Qiyue sighed, his voice filled with deep desires and dissatisfaction: “You haven’t touched me for a long time…. Do you have a new lover now and want to abandon this old love…” 

Shao Qing:……

“Speak like a normal person.” 

“You weren’t like this before.” Yan Qiyue complained. “When it was just us two,  you treated me so well. Now,  you don’t want to satisfy me… my life is really bitter… ah~”

Soon the final sound of his words became unclear*, because Shao Qing gave him a small whip. The strength of the whip was just right. Separated by his clothes, his skin would only leave a shallow red mark. 

Yan Qiyue, who was originally sorrowful, soon started to let out incomparable seductive noises. However, Shao Qing lashed out one more time then threw the small whip to the side. Yan Qiyue looked back at Shao Qing puzzled. 

Shao Qing touched where he was whipped and sighed: “I am in a bad mood. When I am especially irritated, I’m unable to control my strength. I am afraid I’ll hurt you, go back to sleep. I will stay for a while.” 

Yan Qiyue let out a laugh that showed off his dazzling appearance: “Ah Qing, don’t be soft. Otherwise I’ll take a mile when you give me an inch. Don’t overthink it. Right now you just need to push me. Whatever you want to do me is ok~”

Shao Jing quietly looked at the lively expression on Yan Qiyue’s face. She suddenly extended her finger and pinched his chin. Then she slowly licked the red mark on his chin. After she finished, she extended her finger and rubbed it until the shallow traces quickly disappeared. 

Yan Qiyue was shocked. Shao Qing had never actively done such intimate things to him. This intimate ambiguous movement was even more exciting to him than the leather whip. 

Yan Qiyue’s heart was about to burst. He stared at Shao Qing dumbly for a long while, only to hear Shao Qing’s unfluctuating voice: “Punish? To you, it’s actually a reward. You truly are the most cunning.” 

“I’ve been seen through by Ah Qing….” Yan Qiyue blinked his beautiful phoenix eyes. Stretching, he leaned against the railing, revealing an ivory white clavicle underneath his loose clothes.

Shao Qing’s mind suddenly leaped onto a very fragrant scene. She couldn’t help but say: “I heard that the beauty of the clavicle is that it’s shaped like a crescent moon, able to hold a glass of wine. Qiyue, I see your clavicle shape is quite good. I wonder if it can do it.” After listening to herself, Shao Qing was stunned, it sounds like she was taking liberties with a woman…… 

The clavicle and wine this was too* If Er Dai was lying on the left side and Yan Qiyue on the right side….. Wait, what she is thinking! 

Yan Qiyue’s face was flush. “Ah Qing do you want to try it? You can if you want. You can do whatever you want to me……” 

The elongated last sound seemed to contain infinite connotation. Shao Qing couldn’t help but swallow her saliva, it’s too*……

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