PMMB Volume 2 Chapter 32

Volume 2 Chapter 32 Twins? 

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Shao Qing did not sleep the entire night. She got up early the next day, made a pot of soup stewed with a whole chicken. After cooking with it, the chicken was removed and the meat was shredded into strips. Adding in chopped green onion to make stir fry, the taste was exquisite, especially the soup. 

This time, Shao Qing also stuffed some mushrooms and edible fungus in the belly of the chicken. 

The bowl of soup was left for Yan Qiyue. When Cai Yingying’s chef came in for work, she found that the food was all ready. 

Breakfast should not be too greasy. The soup made by Shao Qing was not oily, but was more suitable for drinking at night. If it wasn’t for Yan Qiyue’s request, she wouldn’t have done it. 

So Shao Qing also made congee and almond glutinous rice porridge. When everyone woke up, the porridge was ready. A bowl for each person accompanied with side dishes and chicken soup.

Cai Yingying had specially come over to have breakfast with them. During breakfast, Cai Yingying said: “Some trustworthy news came out, the island team will arrive this afternoon!” 

Shao Qing originally thought that she had gotten news of Er Dai. After hearing what she said, she was slightly disappointed but she quickly cheered up and said: “Oh? Is this news confirmed?” 

Cai Yingying nodded quickly. “I also heard that although they came to borrow food this time, they are using an exchange as a pretense. They said that they want the superhumans from the two countries to compare notes and benefit from each other to advance. Everyone is getting excited, just waiting for those people to arrive and teach them a lesson!”

To say something not so nice, the population of China was quite astonishingly dense. So when the apocalypse broke out, the number of casualties was heavy, but at the same time, the huge population base caused the number of superhumans to exceed most countries. With the island country being that size, how many good superhuman users could they produce? 

Coming over to communicate is a good thing, at least it’ll let them vent.

Shao Qing squinted and was already beginning to do some calculations. In any case no matter what, she wanted to sneak in and watch. Although she could not win glory for the country, she should also personally see them being beaten to vent out some resentment. 

Originally, she was very annoyed, but in a moment she suddenly got better. Shao Qing couldn’t help but ask: “Then is there any news about the person I am looking for?” 

Cai Yingying paused and rushed to answer: “Sorry, I have been negligent. I forgot to tell you that this morning someone had provided a message. They said they had once seen a person similar to the portraits near a superhuman survivor base near the banks of Yan River. I don’t know if that’s the person you were looking for…” 

Shao Qing suddenly stood up: “Which base, what’s the name, how long ago?” 

“Qing Jie, don’t worry. I will accompany you to see. Anyway, the base is not far from Jing Du.” Cai Yingying smiled. “It’s just a two or three hour round trip, we can even catch up with the island people entering the city.” 

Shao Qing put down the chopsticks. Looking left and right, she saw they had all eaten their fill. “Everyone should be full right? If so, let’s hurry and set off.” 

Yan Hanqing and the others know that Shao Qing was eager to find Er Dai. Now with great difficulty they have heard news of Er Dai. It was hard for her to restrain herself.

The group put down their chopsticks. Cai Yingying originally wanted to say a few words to Yan Qiyue, now she had no choice but to stand up: “Let’s go.” 

Cai Yingying brought two superhuman users, both of them rank 3 users. Her father had allowed her to bring them to protect her safety. 

There aren’t a lot of rank 3 superhuman users. In the entire mercenary group of Cai Yingying’s family, there were only a handful of rank 3 superhumans. If her father didn’t treasure her, he would never have sent a rank 3 superhuman to her as a bodyguard. You must know that in small or medium-sized mercenary groups, a rank 3 superhuman could be the head of the team. 

The destination is the Pengcheng survivor base. The base is small. It is named after the base chief Li Pengcheng. There were about several thousands of survivors in the entire survivor base. They were all survivors from the nearby town and were found by them. 

It wasn’t far from Kyoto, about an hour and a half away. Several people were more eager to go, so when they arrived it only took them a little bit more than an hour. 

Cai Yingying’s mercenary group in Jing Du wasn’t some big hot shot, but when it comes to this small base, it was a top notch existence. When they heard that Cai Yingying had come over, the head of the base led the higher-levels to greet them, fully giving Cai Yingying face.

Li Pengcheng, the head of the base, was accompanied by the higher ups. All the ordinary people in the base couldn’t help but watch. Cai Yingying felt she had even more face. Pretending to be modest: “This time I came to your base to look for someone.”

 Cai Yingying took out the portrait:” I heard this man has come up in the vicinity of your base. We wanted to look around. Mr. Lee, could I trouble you to post this notice at your base?” 

Li Pengcheng gave a complex expression and then sighed: “You don’t have to post it. I recognize him. If you want to find him, I can take you there.” 

Shao Qing was very happy, and quickly said: “Then we will have to trouble you.” 

Li Pengcheng led the people to a tent. The entire area had very simple tents. Most of the tents had a skinny woman sitting in front. Some women were in the sun, and there were also two or three grouped together chatting. 

Li Pengcheng stood outside a tent and shouted: “Fu Jingmo, someone is looking for you.” 

As soon as he heard the name, Shao Qing was somewhat disappointed. Er Dai couldn’t speak, how could someone give him a pseudonym? It must be the wrong person. 

But when the curtain was opened by a thin white hand, a familiar face that could not be more familiar came out. 

“Who is…” The man lazily raised his eyes, he was slightly skinnier than Er Dai with a pointier chin. Shao Qing was immediately shocked. 

This person in front of her was basically a cut out of Er Dai. The only difference was probably that he looks older than Er Dai by a few years, so he was slightly taller as well. 

Not only Shao Jing was stunned, Yan Hanqing and the rest were also shocked. Gu Panpan couldn’t help and point out: “God, are they twins? How does he look so much like Er Dai?”

The boy snorted and lowered his eyes.  After sighing, he raised his eyes and said: “Have you met someone who looks exactly like me?” 

Shao Qing was extremely disappointed. She had thought she could finally see Er Dai. Instead, she only saw a person who looked exactly the same as Er Dai. Looking at this face, she was all the more irritable and missed him even more.

“Sorry, wrong person…” Shao Qing whispered: “Let’s go, we’ll look somewhere else.” 

The teenager quickly shouted at Shao Qing: “You really saw a person who looked exactly like me? Is he called Fu Jingshen? If you have met him, can you tell me? My brother has gone missing.” 

Shao Qing was prepared to leave, but stopped: “You mean you have a brother called Fu Jingshen who looks identical to you?” 

The boy named Fu Jingmo nodded. “Yes, I have been looking for him for a long time.”

Shao Qing thought about it: “Is he at the age of seventeen or eighteen and on his waist he has a crescent-shaped birthmark?” 

Fu Jingmo quickly answered:” Yes, that’s him. Do you know where he is right now??” 

Shao Qing shook her head:” Some time ago there was an accident. He has gone missing, I’m also looking for him.” 

Not knowing whether it was an illusion of Shao Qing’s, Fu Jingmo seemed to be relieved. He smiled softly and whispered: “I finally heard news about my brother. Although it is not very good news, I am a lot more relieved.” 

Shao Qing was silent for a minute, then asked: “Do you want to come with me? Once we find him, you guys will be reunited.” 

Fu Jingmo clutched the curtain and cautiously asked:” I can leave with you?” His eyes were pretty with the exact same shape as Er Dai. Shao Qing could not help being reminded of Er Dai’s black pupils that always shone when they looked at her.

“Yes.” Shao Qing nodded. Yan Qiyue immediately pushed forward, he was almost hanging onto Shao Qing. He looked at Fu Jingmo with a smile: “Since Ah Qing had already said so, start packing.”

Fu Jingmo’s face was reddish, very embarrassed: “I have nothing to pack up…” 

“Then let’s go.” Shao Qing calmly tore off Yan Qiyue from her, giving him a side glance. “Stand properly, how come your bones are so jelly-like?” 

Yan Qiyue pouted his lips in grievance then stood up reluctantly. If the average man did this kind of pouting, it would definitely make some people feel motherly and even more people feel sick. 

However, this wasn’t the case for Yan Qiyue. He raised his eyebrows and stuck his lips out. Not to mention his gestures, even the subtle expressions of his were a bit temptatious. He is simply a reincarnation of the fox. 

Gu Panpan secretly roasted him. Only Cai Yingying felt jealous.

Fu Jingmo did not have anything to clean up. He took a small bag of shackles and followed Shao Qing. Cai Yingying thanked Li Pengcheng and the group left. After all, they were anxious to go back and watch the islanders embarrass themselves. 

Along the way, Fu Jingmo did not say anything. He was very low-key and calm. This made Gu Panpan and the rest have a good feeling for him in comparison to when Yan Qiyue had joined. 

 It was just the perfect time when they arrived back to the gates of Jing Du. They just happened to run into the island’s squad. 

The leader was a young man in a white kimono, his eyebrows were gentle, and his facial features weren’t anything that stood out from the crowd. However, his temperament made him stand out the most within the group. 

This should be the onmyōji, the representative of the island’s envoy. 

Behind the youth, there was a man wearing a samurai uniform, with a man bun. His face made him appear to be a sinister man. He had a samurai sword on his waist. His pace of walking was very stable. He was probably a trainer before the apocalypse. 

In the entire messenger group, Shao Qing only remembered these two people. The warrior with the man bun is quite good, just entering rank 4. Dealing with him was absolutely not a problem. 

However, the onmyōji was more difficult to deal with. Shao Qing could sense danger from him.

Although the island country was a small place, no matter how short they were, they weren’t simple. No matter how they say it, they still are the strongest superhuman selected from the country. If they were too weak, it wouldn’t be realistic.

Shao Qing and the others were at the door. After seeing this group of people entering the city, then did they enter the city. The ones who welcomed the island group were the captains of some superhuman squads and several higher ups. Shao Qing glanced from afar, then went back with Cai Yingying.

Fu Jingmo is a person who knew how to reduce his sense of existence. After Shao Qing went back, they allowed Fu Jingmo to find a room to live in. Fu Jingmo also knew that Shao Qing had something to talk about and left on his own. 

Cai Yingying was also called away, leaving only Shao Qing and her friends. Yan Qiyue immediately asked: “Why did you bring him back?” 

The intuition of this person was very accurate. He can clearly distinguish the goodwill and malice of others, so hypocrites could never hide in front of him. 

Fu Jingmo looked very docile, but Yan Qiyue was very intuitive and did not like him. 

Shao Qing explained very seriously: “He is very likely to be a brother of Er Dai. I don’t want Er Dai’s relatives stranded outside. It can be a surprise for Er Dai. Once Er Dai returns, they can reunite. If they aren’t related, Er Dai can confirm once he returns. We could just give some crystals and send him away. It doesn’t matter, it’s just one person’s ration.” 

Yan Qiyue nodded. Afterwards, he threw himself into a discussion with Shao Qing on how to look for Er Dai’s route.

Once the island messenger rolled off, they would also go on the road. Following the planned route, they will go all the way north, looking for Er Dai. 

When Cai Yingying came back, it was time for dinner. She also brought back some news: “Tomorrow, we will be holding a friendly match. The island group will be swapping pointers. Both sides will send out six people. This afternoon, the several large mercenary groups had stolen the top six spots. My father wasn’t able to grab it, but we can all go as onlookers.” 

“Being onlookers is good.” Shao Qing spoke as she walked down the stairs. With the quota, they definitely would give two to the base and the remaining four will be assigned to the four major mercenary groups. How can there be any remaining ones for Cai Yingying’s group? 

Once she went downstairs, Shao Qing saw Fu Jing Mo wearing a pink apron. He was laying out the dishes on the table. When he saw Shao Qing and the others walk down, he bowed his head a bit bashful.

“You don’t have to do this.” Shao Qing calmly pointed out.

Ten youthful fingers intertwined, embarrassed: “Me following everyone is already giving trouble, how can I just stand and not do anything? Not to mention being idle will make me flustered.” 

Gu Panpan liked this new modesty and low-key personality. The key point was that he wasn’t flashy like Yan Qiyue, she quickly said: “You don’t have to do this, just rest. Our captain is very good and won’t ask for anything in return.” 

Fu Jingmo quickly shook his head: “Panpan Jie, doing such a small thing is not tiring at all.” 

“No need to do this next time.” Shao Qing placed down Xiao Baozi: “Let’s eat, I will go make a pot of soup. I will come back later.”

She is now used to making soup in the morning and evening. This was not only to improve Yan Qiyue’s stomach, but also to supplement everyone else’s. She would change the soup she made and also make sure it wasn’t too heavy.

When she came back, she saw that Fu Jingmo was sitting at the bottom and looked very restrained. Shao Qing did not say anything. She was not prepared to let Fu Jingmo integrate into her small group in a short time. 

If Fu Jingmo really is Er Dai’s brother, then everything would be fine. She wouldn’t mind feeding another person. If Fu Jingmo was not, then there is no need to cultivate any feelings, they can just send him away. 

What’s more, men should be free and easy. Being restrained like this, it’s not like Shao Qing is his mother, what can she teach him? 

After eating dinner, the group of people gathered in the hall for a while, drinking some water and chatting. Cai Yingying left earlier, leaving Shao Qing and Yan Hanqing in the yard exchanging moves. 

This process wasn’t referring to the exchanging of moves between superhumans, but the physical aspects. Although Yan Hanqing’s superhuman abilities were not able to beat Shao Qing, in terms of physical fitness, he does not lose out.

After all, Yan Hanqing was once a soldier. He was known as the Northeast Tiger in the military. After becoming a superhuman, his physical fitness has improved quite a bit. Casually exchanging moves, the two people stayed in the yard for half an hour but were still tied.

Several other people at the door were looking in with interest. Fu Jingmo couldn’t help but ask: “Has Qing Jie and Qing Ge trained? They’re so powerful.” 

Gu Panpan looked at the sunflower seeds and gossiped with Fu Jingmo: Qing Jie and Qing Ge were special forces. Although they both retired, their skill is absolutely top notch.” 

Yan Qiyue could not help but roll his eyes at Gu Panpan: “This Ya Tou speaks too much.” He didn’t want to listen to Fu Jingmo inquire about Shao Qing.

Gu Panpan and Yan Qiyue did not get along well. The two people were probably born with completely opposite natures. Every time they meet, they would have to argue: “How effeminate boy, what are you saying about me?”

At this time, Gu Panpan really hated her brother. Why are you not contending with them! Just watch every day as Yan Qiyue wraps himself around Shao Qing. Even the honest man, Yan Hanqing would make midnight snacks for Shao Qing or exchange moves with her. While her brother! He won’t even say a fart! All his thoughts are suppressed like a gourd!

How can a gourd chase a woman?!

Even if you don’t act like Yan Qiyue, wrapping around her, you should at least do something. If you just sit down, do you think the girl will just deliver herself to you? 

EN: I am gu chuan lol 

With such a thought, Gu Panpan gnashed her teeth. When will her brother take the initiative so she doesn’t have to worry her hair off every day.  She is worried she will become bald one day.

 No, the most worrying thing is that someone will strike first and gain the upperhand. Her future sister-in-law might become someone else’s wife. 

If it was possible, Gu Panpan really wants to go to battle for her brothers and chase Shao Qing.

Two people were acting like children. You would say something about me, I would curse back. The more they disputed, the more addictive it got. They did not even discover that Fu Jingmo on the side has been quietly watching Shao Qing, the light in his eyes becoming more enthusiastic. 

If the two found out, the two would have definitely put down their hatred temporarily and face the outsider together. 

On the other hand, although Shao Qing did not sweat, she felt rejuvenated by the exercise. She loosened her clothes and said: “Let’s rest here today.”

Yan Hanqing subconsciously glanced at the closed collar neckline: “En……”

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