PMMB Volume 2 Chapter 4 Part 2

Volume 2 Chapter 4 Giving the good person card

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From her spatial dimension, Shao Qing took out some clothing to allow them to change out of the shabby rags that barely covered their bodies. Shao Tong even brought some special medication to treat their wounds. After being thanked, she turned completely pink.

After taking in these women, they entered the small town. Reportedly on a regular day, these women had to go with several regular people to water and take care of the vegetable garden. Thus, they were very familiar with the route.

Bringing some people along, Yan Pingsheng had them harvest the ready vegetables and definitely made quite a gain. Although in a bit they would be able to eat a fresh meal, no one was exactly happy.

Everything they had seen today was just too heavy. How could anyone bring themselves to smile.
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Within the ranks, the women felt quite apprehensive. No matter the job, they would scramble to do it. For example, starting the fire or cooking. Shao Qing never stopped them because she knew that doing these things would allow their hearts to rest easy.

“Leave the cooking to Han Qing. His skill is amazing. You guys are already tired from the day. Go take a rest.” Shao Qing allowed her vines to retract the thorns to form a wooden bench shape. After making a row, if one were to sit on them it would even be a bit bouncy and cool and comfortable to the butt.

Er Dai was waiting on the side for the meal to be served. The three women feeling embarrassed only sat down after they set up the chopsticks and bowls. Seeing them all worried, Shao Qing didn’t say anything more. In such a short time, it was impossible for them to relax so quickly.

“Auntie, some candy.” Xiao Baozi taking small strides with his short legs offered candy to the women. Blinking with his enormous eyes, it was cute to death.

The three woman grabbed the candy. One of them was the one who had threw herself forward before biting off the throat of the man. At that moment she was so fierce with red eyes madly biting on to the man, but now she was like a little child. At a loss of what to do, she held on to the candy and then finally gently patted Xiao Baozi’s head.

Her movement was especially tender, very careful. It was as if she was scared if she put in even a little bit more strength she might injure Xiao Baozi.Please support this novel by reading at lazygirltranslations dot com

Another mentally conscious women couldn’t help ask: “Is this your child? So cute.”

“You don’t have to say you. Calling me by name is fine. My name is Shao Qing.” Shao Qing replied quietly. “This is my son.”

“What’s his name?” The women felt they were inconveniencing her by asking: “He really is so cute. I really like him. My name is Xiang Ru. She is Zhang Xiaofen and that one is Tao Jingjing.”

Shao Qing froze. It was then that she had realized she had always just called him baby or darling. Up to now she had never given Xiao Baozi a proper name…..

With deciding a name being such a big event, it required her to rally carefully decide, to polish it over and over….. Of course, to a person who is a cripple at coming up with names, trying to decide a name was even harder than fighting a rank 4 zombie.

Actually…. I haven’t given him a name yet…. That phrase was something Shao Qing couldn’t say. Finally she vaguely replied: “His nickname is Bao Bao (baby/darling). You guys can just call him Baobao.”

“Bao Bao?” Xiang Ru cautiously asked: “May I kiss him….”

Before Shao Qing could reply, Xiao Baozi already took the initiative to move over and making a big smooching sound kissed Xiang Ru. Xing Ru cupper her face, unbelievably happy.Please support this novel by reading at lazygirltranslations dot com

Shao Qing couldn’t help but have her lips lift up into a smile. Lifting Xiao Baozi up , she tilted the side of her face towards Xiao Baozi. Xiao Baozi immediately pounced over and gave her a mouthful of smooches.

Xiang Ru sad down by the side, completely envious. After quite a while did she lightly laugh and say: “Having such a precious treasure beside you, you really are blessed.”

”En…”Shao Qing’s eyes became gentle. Xiao Baozi was her life’s biggest strength and motivation.

The cleverest housewife can’t cook without rice. Since there were limited ingredients, the things Yan Hanqing could make was also limited. Now that there was a richer amount of source, in one instance he made six dishes and a soup. Although they were all vegetable dishes, they smelled, looked, and tasted great. It would make anyone’s mouth water.

A ring of people eating dinner caused Yan Pingsheng at the side to start drooling. After all, between chefs there are still differences in ability. The chef on their side compared to Yan Hanqing was like comparing a beginner with someone who has gone through systematic schooling.

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Those women were hesitant to begin eating. Taking one bowl after another, Shao Qing filled it with rice and passed it over to them and even placed some vegetables inside: “There’s lots of dishes. Take it yourself. Only after you have eaten will you have enough energy to clean up.”

After eating dinner, they didn’t continue on their journey. Instead, they decided to stay in the small town for the time being to rest and reorganize. At least the small town was rather tidy and few zombies were around. Following the streets they were even able to find a three story building to rest for the night.

These days of constantly being on the move, if one said they weren’t tired it would be a lie. After all, the thing that is tired isn’t just your body. There’s also the high amount of alertness they had to have constantly. Being able to rest for a while would definitely be beneficial for the last part of the journey.

After eating, Shao Qing returned to her room. Then Shao Qing and Er Dai circled the trash can to puke. After puking, they brought Xiao Baozi along and began absorbing a pile of crystals. For Xiao Baozi’s situation, he was able to absorb some of the high calorie food, the things with high nutrition. As for them, they were unable to eat food and definitely weren’t willing to eat flesh, so they could only use crystals to help maintain their strength and power.

For the entire day and night, they continued to absorb crystals within their room. It was only when it was time to have a meal for the afternoon did they reveal themselves.
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She ate very few things and they were all forced down. In a bit she would have to puke it out. If it wasn’t to fool everyone, she wouldn’t even want a bite.

Early the next morning because Shao Qing didn’t require much sleep, she awoke quite early. However when she awoke, three women were already tidying things up.

Frowning, Shao Qing came down the stairs: “It’s 5am.”

“Sorry, did we wake you?” Xiang Ru was a bit alarmed. Shao Qing shook her head, speaking to them: “The things you guys need to do is get a good rest. Later when we are on our way then will you guys have energy and can focus. I don’t need you to be so hardworking. I just need you guys to not hold us back.”

The things she said weren’t pleasant to her and the tone of her voice was rather indifferent. But Xiang Ru quietly said: “You…… are a good person……”

Shao Qing was stunned. There has never been a time a person had given her a good person card. Her teammates usually said that she was someone who deserved trust and was depended on; a person viewed as the pillar of the group. Enemies would way that she is cruel, a lone wolf. People who didn’t know her would say that her cold and detached appearance would make her hard to approach. Being labeled as a good person, Xiang Ru was the first.
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She couldn’t help but shake her head, her face still expressionless yet her earlobe was slightly flushed: “How am I a good person? Did you guys not see the part where I murdered people?”

“You….. really are a good person.” Xiang Ru couldn’t help but lift her voice, a bit eager: “Although your facial expression is cold, compared to those people who use words to console us, you are even more considerate. Moreover, you are hot-blooded and righteous. You truly are a really really good person….”

Shao Qing sneered: “You guys are so tired you must be hallucinating. Quickly go to bed. Nap for a bit before we head out.”

Xiang Ru looked at Shao Qing’s departing figure. Pulling her two not so quite there sisters she said in a low voice: “Really…. We really are grateful….”

Shao Qing laughed. What part of her is a good person? After she had tortured those mandits, Blazing Flames and Yan Pingsheng’s people were scared of her.

They really were too naive, to go so far as to think she was a good person. She was clearly a cold blooded, emotionless, selfish person. How could she give off any feelings of a good person?
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Right when Shao Qing stepped out the door, she saw Meng Shen sitting outside the door wiping a dagger clean. His eyes were focused as if he was at a laboratory doing a task that allowed for no mistake.

Seeing his attitude towards his weapon , once again pleased Shao Qing. This caused Shao Qing to feel a bit better towards Meng Shen.

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  1. I think she is generous in that she gives what she can afford to.


  2. I really enjoy reading this novel, thank you! However, I noticed several grammatical mistakes in this chapter, was the editor/proofreader not feeling well when they worked on this chapter?

  3. Yes, selfish. She is so selfish, that she spent a good deal of her “money” to save a little girl that had nothing to do with her. So selfish, that she went the extra mile to rescue a random woman from a team that abandoned her and her team to return early, even though there was no benefit to doing so what so ever and even risked exposing her secret when doing so. She is so very selfish…

    • Selfish means to do what you want do without regards to how it affects others. In regards to Shao Tong, on one hand it was very selfish, as she just did what she wanted to without concern for how spending her “money” could affect her family and teams future situation. Selfish? Yes. A goid deed? Also yes. Doing what coukd be considered a selfish act doesn’t mean it is necessarily wrong or evil (it’s defined as selfish purely for the reasoning and motivation behind it). Technically, blindly throwing money at beggars could also be considered a selfish act; it makes the person feel better about themselves, without having to be concerned about their future survival.

      From another perspective, her buying Shao Tong was not purely selfish, as part of her motivation for doing so was to not leave a mental scar in Gu Pannan’s heart, so this was done while thinking about her teammate. And she didn’t just buy and then leave her (which would have been truly selfish of her, the moronic “self righteous” hero action that you tend to see brought out as hypocrisy in most transmigration novels).

      And for the second part, she was essentially hired by the Lin guy from Team Gale to rescue her, so she wasn’t doing any act of charity there. As far as thevrisk of being exposed, there was that risk any time she had interactions with any human, so although it played a part in her decision, itvwas not greater than any other time she had a choice in actions to take. This time was a pure business transaction, neither selfish nor altruistic, so not really sure what your point is here.

      Doing a self-righteous good deed without thinking of the consequences can be selfish, while abandoning a weak or elderly person slowing down a group can be done while cosidering the greater benefit of a group. Which is good and which is bad depends upon the person and the perspective (and the motives for doing so).

      Also, being selfish and doing things according to your own conscience and moral compass is not necessarily contradictory to doing good or being a good person (although both the MC and you seem to think that it is). In this case, she is a good person to that woman. To others she has caused harm to, she is not.

      Most things in life fall into grey areas; for example, a seemingly good deed done with evil, impure, or lack of thought for consequences can be a bad thing, while something done with impure motives can have a positive outcome. So whether something is good or bad will depend upon motives and perspectives. Of course, there are also things that will always be absolutes, such as there is never a time when rape can be anything but pure evil, regardless of reasoning or excuses given.


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