PMMB Volume 2 Chapter 43

Volume 2 Chapter 43 All troubles will be solved once they are all put to death

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If it was only one person or two missing, then it’s fine. After all there are fierce beasts on the mountain and it is normal for them to kill people. But the disappearance of four teams was more than fifty people. 

Wouldn’t these more than fifty people be able to smash themselves into the wolf’s den? 

The more Han Shulin thought, the more nervous he got. The biggest possibility was that these four teams had been killed by Shao Qing’s people. 

It’s hard to believe that with the gradual development of the apocalypse, the highest level that has appeared so far is only the fourth rank. 

Han Shulin himself was a rank 4 and picking out three or four rank 3 superhumans was no problem. But with a larger number of people, he was powerless. After all, in chaos even a lucky punch can kill the master. 

But how many people did Shao Qing have? Amongst them were even ordinary people and children. At most they could eliminate six or seven, how could they just kill off four superhuman  teams, that’s nearly fifty people! 

Is this some fantasy story?

And no news came back, not even a distress signal! 

This was still unknown to Han Shulin. If he knew that there were only four people in action, he would curse Shao Qing as being a cheat.

So Han Shulin prepared to call the people under him to have them be closer to each other. This way even if some people were attacked, others could come quickly to support them. 

Even if there was no time to support, at least the help signal can be released. 

Then he saw the fireworks exploding in the sky, Shao Qing and them had made a move again! This time there was no need to be called by Han Shulin. Everyone who saw the distress signal will rush to the place where the signal was sent. 

Han Shulin was no exception, he waved his hand: “Go! Let’s go over there!” 

If you look down from the sky at this time, you will find that people all over the mountain forest were gathering in the direction where the fireworks exploded. 

This time it was Shao Qing’s mistake. One of the superhuman’s powers was self-healing. This was a very selfish power, but also very powerful. Both Gu Panpan and Er Dai failed to finish him in a short time. Instead, they let him let the signal go. 

As soon as the signal went out, Shao Qing had a headache. She waved violently and the vine strangled the neck of the last superhuman like a snake. Throwing him to the side like a sack, the superhuman hit the stone wall and his brains shattered like it was a watermelon.

“Withdraw!” Not even waiting a second, Shao Qing shouted to her group to retreat. But at this moment those superhumans have found the signal and were gathered to this position. 

As soon as Shao Qing and others travelled a bit, they encountered another wave of superhumans. Without saying anything, they sent people to block Shao Qing and the remaining one would directly signal for help. 

No matter how fast Shao Qing and the rest can attack, it is impossible to smash a team of superhumans in seconds. When they finished killing one group, the remaining superhumans would surround them. 

Originally, Shao Qing was not going to go all out for fighting. After all, their mission was to delay time, not destroy Han Shulin. 

As a result, those superhumans were being annoying to death as they got entangled with them. After all, they were desperate to their bones, making them a bit fiercer than those ordinary superhumans. 

So Shao Qing and the group were held down. 

Seeing those superhumans surround them, Shao Qing sighed. She knew that this would be a tough battle that she could not escape. 

“If you have a chance to break out immediately, don’t worry about me.” Shao Qing had the space dimension ability in hand. The few people who could block her could probably be counted on one hand. 

It was just that Gu Panpan and the other two were still around, so Shao Qing could not escape alone. 

“I know.” Yan Qiyue nodded. His expression became serious, he didn’t want to hinder Shao Qing. 

Han Shulin really hated Shao Qing. Before he arrived, the other superhumans all arrived first. Powers came flying forward with none of it aimed at others, only Shao Qing.

Some aimed for the eyes, some aimed at the heart, and some aimed for her lower body. Shao Qing was like a swimming fish. With a twist of her body, she would pass by it through a gap. 

As soon as she landed, the vine in her hand spread out in all directions. As soon as Shao Qing made her move, even Han Shulin was taken aback. He did not expect that Shao Qing was so brave that she would dare to make a move against everyone.

With this move, she attacked a group of people. Gu Panpan and Shao Qing fully understood each other. As soon as Shao Qing started, Gu Panpan slammed into a specific position like a strategic tank. 

Someone who tried to stop them was either crushed by Yan Qiyue or sent flying by Gu Panpan. The only one who did not move was Er Dai. He was responsible for protecting Shao Qing and Yan Qiyue. 

Although he is always jealous of Yan Qiyue, now was not the time to be distracted. Er Dai carefully guarded the two people. Whatever negative moves or superpowers that targeted Shao Qing and Yan Qiyue, he cleaned them up.

Gu Panpan chose a place where the defense was the weakest and charted. She was like the point of a sharp knife, while Shao Qing was the edge of the knife. With Yan Qiyue, the three of them resisted a large area. Some tried to sneak by and attack, but those were dealt with by Er Dai.

They broke out from the top of the mountain. But how could Han Shulin let them go? The superhumans kept coming and Han Shulin, a fourth-rank, kept slowing Shao Qing down.

Looking at this scene, Shao Qing appeared to be prevailing. But in fact, their superhuman powers were limited. Yet, Han Shulin’s men continued to come. In this way, there could be only one ending. They would run out of power and get overpowered. 

Shao Qing was calm, she still had mental power, though it was comparatively weaker. Still, she can use these mental powers to temporarily act as a mental superhuman.

What she did was disperse her weak mental powers to search. Although Shao Qing’s mental powers were very weak and the range she could explore was only within ten meters of the circle, that was enough. 

Shao Qing was exploring while she was moving. She soon discovered several powerful forces, all of which originated from mutant animals. Shao Qing immediately informed Gu Panpan and they slowly went towards the place where the power fluctuated. 

It was tiring to withstand the attacks of a group of superhumans. Even though they could easily eliminate them, their powers were already being consumed a lot.

Going on like this, in ten minutes, they will be all exhausted and besieged. Fortunately, at this time, Shao Qing moved to the designated place. Shao Qing’s mental strength swept forward and found what she was looking for. 

At that time, Shao Qing took a grenade out of her special space and threw it into the cave. This action made some people who did not know the situation laugh directly. If she threw the grenade into the crowd, she might get lucky and kill a few. But what was the point of throwing a grenade into the cave? To hear the echo? 

As soon as the echo sounded, a deep angry growl could be heard. In the next second, a big tiger with yellow and black fur jumped out of the cave. 

Shao Qing threw it accurately. This poor big tiger had it’s fur blasted and burnt, there was even one patch missing.

The tiger did not know who the culprit was. As soon as he jumped out, the first person he saw was his target of the attack. One was okay. After all, it was a rank 3 senior tiger, but he brought his wife. There was a proper tigress behind it. 

The pair of tigers jumped into the crowd at that time and started to kill. 

At the third rank, the high-level mutant tigers were not something that these ordinary rank 3 superhumans can resist. The superhumans that originally chased them were immediately in a disarray. 

“Withdraw!” Shao Qing took the opportunity to throw Yan Qiyue out of the crowd. Yan Qiyue landed on a branch with a little help. Of course, Han Shulin would not let them leave. But when he was going to catch up, Shao Qing threw her whip over. Coincidentally, it happened to pinch the head of the tigress. 

The area he was located almost had the tigress land on him. The male tiger turned back to claw with his paw. If it wasn’t for Han Shulin’s quick response, he would have been hit to the ground. 

Gu Panpan was at the very front and ran out. Han Shulin who was entangled by the tiger could not chase her. Unexpectedly, Shao Qing and her group were able to rush out. 

The angry Han Shulin was jumping in the back. 

“Chase them! Don’t let them run away!” Han Shulin knew that the foundation he had established by his own hand was destroyed by Shao Qing and he would probably spend the second half of his life fleeing. He was fated to become a fugitive. Furthermore he was best at revenge. Before he escaped, how can he leave the culprits alive? 

Escaping was also irrelevant. Wasn’t that black shop like survivor base doing the same things as a fugitive anyways, going out and robbing in the daytime then hiding at night, if they get surrounded they would just move base? 

At that time, he will find a remote place to take his brothers. Whether it’s being a robber or building a small base, he would live happily. 

Four people running in front and a group of people chased after. At this time, it was a dead end to go up the mountain again. Han Shulin’s people would be at the top of the mountain for sure. So without saying anything, Shao Qing turned around and ran back down. 

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