PMMB Volume 2 Chapter 43 Part 2

Volume 2 Chapter 43 All troubles will be solved once they are all put to death

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The slowest of the four was Yan Qiyue. He was directly carried by Shao Qing on her shoulders like a sack. Falling forwards, the acid water he was puking out was almost all finished. 

Being chased down, they were unprecedentedly fast. Before they even reached the foot of the mountain, they saw a group of people rushing up from the mountain base. Shao Qing was startled, thinking that it was Han Shulin’s reinforcements, but carefully looking, she saw Yan Hanqing taking the lead. 

The reinforcements are here!

At this time, Han Shulin was close to catching up. As soon as he looked up, he saw the four people slip away into the crowd after looking at him calmly (?). 

Han Shulin almost spat out blood. Originally he was chasing people, but now he was being chased. Han Shilin ran away without saying a word, faster than a rabbit. 

This time Shao Qing refused to let him run. She dropped Yan Qiyue and jumped up. The vines that flew out caught Han Shulin’s ankle. Han Shulin ran too fast and was caught by this.

At this time, the superhumans from Jing Du rushed up. Han Shulin never managed to run away and was finally tied up into a fried dough twist. 

“At the foot of the mountain, there is a team of superhumans that he left. We will have to trouble you in cleaning that up.” Shao Qing was relieved and faced the leader to speak. 

When she took a glance she realized it was someone she knew. Isn’t this the captain of Dark Thorn, Zhu Mochen? 

Zhu Mochen waved his hand and said lazily: “Brothers divide into three teams. Search all the way, don’t let even a single one escape.” 

The superhumans under his hand immediately divided into three groups and headed according to Shao Qing’s direction. At this time, the young man named Cheng Guanyan jumped out of the crowd. He was now clean, wearing a simple casual outfit, and looked pretty handsome. 

“I really want to thank you this time, otherwise I would not be able to leave alive and those poor people would have been sold everywhere.” Cheng Guanyan scratched his head and said shyly. 

Shao Qing smiled, “This kind of thing, as long as someone with a little conscience sees it, would not have tolerated it.” 

Cheng Guanyan chuckled, “Well… what about Yan Jiejie?” 

Along the way, he met a lot of young girls who fled, but did not see Xie Chunyan. So when he saw Shao Qing, he couldn’t help but ask. 

Shao Qing frowned slightly and finally told him the truth. She also told Cheng Guanyan the last words of Xie Chunyan: “She gave me a final message for you. If you meet her sister, please take care of her. ” 

Cheng Gunayan’s face immediately palede. Xie Chunyan had taken care of him. Besides for his family, she was the one who treated him the best. But now…..good people probably did not live long…… ” 

“Accept fate.” Shao Qing did not console people. 

Zhu Mochen patted Cheng Guanyan’s shoulder and then said to Shao Qing: “Thank you very much, otherwise my cowardly cousin wouldn’t be living and standing here now.”

So Cheng Guanyan’s relative was Zhu Mochen. He was originally going to Zhu Mochen, but did not expect to encounter such a thing halfway. 

When Zhu Mochen talked to Shao Qing, his eyes were bright and particularly passionate to see Shao Qing. But there weren’t any added emotions in this heat (heat or heart), only full of intentions of battle. 

Seeing this, Shao Qing felt a bit numb, but insisted: “It is not a big deal. Now that things have been resolved, I will go to my companions first, they are still hiding in the cave.” 

“I will accompany Miss Shao together.” Zhu Mochen grinned slightly and laughed. When he was not dozing off, he was a teenager who looked very bright. It was easy to make people feel good, if his eyes weren’t so heated. 

Shao Qing was pondering and thought after a while she would ask them how they were planning on handling Han Shulin.

A group of people went to the place where Xiao Baozi was hiding. When they arrived, even Zhu Mochen sighed: “Good place, if I didn’t know in advance, I would definitely not go down there.” 

Shao Qing lowered a vine down. The people inside climbed up one by one immediately. As soon as Xiao Baozi came up, he flew into Shao Qing’s arms, almost squashing Yaya. 

Yaya didn’t know if it was happiness or pain, being squeezed between Xiao Baozi and Shao Qing’s chest. But it was probably pain seeing Shao Qing at that angle.

After all the friends were reunited, Shao Qing glanced at Han Shulin, who was tied up in a group and asked, “How will you deal with Han Shulin and his fellow partners noted in the ledger? “

Zhu Mochen scratched his hair and said sorrowfully: “Although I insisted on the establishment of the law, there are some things that they open and close one eye to like some of the names on the ledger. As for Han Shulin, they should be deposed and locked up. After all, they have to consider humanity and morals, so I suggest… ” Zhu Mochen looked at Han Shulin on the ground, his eyes were cold:” We don’t take them back and say they got killed directly during the fight. ” 

Cheng Guanyan had brought Shao Qing’s mobile phone when he went to Jing Du. They were all able to see the photos on the mobile phone and listened to all the evil behaviors of Han Shulin’s group of people. In his heart, he hated them. 

Shao Qing agreed. If Han Shulin does not get the punishment he deserves after returning, they might as well kill them directly. All troubles will be solved once they are all put to death. 

“You can’t …” Han Shulin’s face was terrified. If he was brought back by Zhu Mochen, some of the higher ups that had deeper interests and were more involved would certainly protect him. He would not die. But who would have guessed they would decide to finish him off now.

 Han Shulin’s words were not finished yet when Zhu Mochen stepped on his face: “Since this is the case, I will say something to my people. There is no need to catch them alive, just kill them directly. It will save effort. ” 

Shao Qing nodded, and Zhu Mochen sent a subordinate to notify his team members. Then looking at each other they both spoke at the same time “Who should do it?”

Shao Qing had a strange look: “It should probably be me. I’m not a person from Jing Du survivor base, so even if someone asks you after returning, you can also say that they were killed by me. ” 

Zhu Mochen’s hand was itching to do something but later said,” Sure, you can do it.” 

Shao Qing touched her chin, thinking about how to kill him. Shao Qing didn’t want to let him die too easily, otherwise how could she face the corpses in the pit, and those who are alive but have suffered endless humiliation and pain. 

So she chose the dodder seeds. Shao Qing deliberately cut Han Shilin’s neck, and then put the dodder seeds in. She put in a lot of seeds to control the seeds so they would take root in Han Shulin’s body. 

The pain directly twisted Han Shulin’s face and his screams were very harsh, but none of the people present sympathized with him, especially the young man with the broken leg and the little girl who looked at him fiercely. 

Soon, those seeds devoured the flesh and blood of Han Shulin’s whole body. At this time, Han Shulin was not dead and his consciousness was so clear that he could feel countless tender buds coming out of his skin. 

In the eyes of others, Han Shulin’s body was now covered with tender shoots. Those delicate, green shoots with a little bit of pleasant greenness came out of Han Shulin’s body, broke through the skin, and opened two petals. 

Not one or two, it was all over Han Shulin’s body. At this time, he could still make a clicking sound from his throat, apparently still alive.

Even those who hate Han Shulin can’t help feeling creeped out. 

It wasn’t until the roots of the dodder were embedded in his internal organs did Han Shilin breath his last breath. After Shao Qing dug the nucleus out and kicked his body into the grass like trash. Turning the dodder into ashes, so they would not affect the surrounding plants she asked, “Are the rest of the accomplices still entrusted to me?” 

Zhu Mochen immediately said, “Just give them to me, I have already ordered someone to dig up a pit. All the corpses will be buried there so the environment won’t be too contaminated.” 

Shao Qing nodded. This is probably karma. They created the inhumane pit, so they were destined to be killed by others and thrown into a pit themselves. 

After disposing of the accomplices, those sent by Zhu Mochen also returned. The superhumans on the other side of the mountain were all wiped out and buried. They only came back after burying them. 

“Everything that should be resolved is resolved, I should go now.” Shao Qing handed over the three people to Zhu Mochen, “The three of them are also victims. His leg was broken and he has to recuperate for a long time. This is his medicine. I hope you can take them back to Jing Du and give them a place to stay. “

Zhu Mochen nodded:” This is no problem. I can still take care of a few people, but I have one request.” 

Shao Qing raised an eyebrow.” What is it?” 

“Fight with me! Since the last time in Jing Du when you challenged Abe Jingxue, I wanted to fight you.” Zhu Mochen eagerly spoke, the light at the bottom of his eyes became brighter and brighter. Shao Qing felt numb to her scalp.

Shao Qing couldn’t help rubbing her head. She originally thought that Zhu Mochen was lazy, but he was a fighting freak. She was really tired today and didn’t want to do anything, so she said, “Today you were travelling the entire day and I have also been fighting the whole day. Neither of us are at the best of combat strength. How about this, after some time I will come to Jing Du, at that time we can make an appointment for a fight. Okay?”

Zhu Mochen was a little bit reluctant, but Shao Qing was telling the truth. “Since this is the case, it will not be difficult. Right now I will return with the same path, do you need me to send you off?” 

Shao Qing shook her head:” It’s getting late now and my teammates are also very tired. I’m going to find a survivor base nearby, rest for one night, and then get back on the road tomorrow. But travel safely.”

Zhu Mochen immediately said:” Since this is the case, let’s go together. It is always dangerous to rush on the road at night and you should be able to recover your strength after a night’s rest. We can fight it out tomorrow morning and then go our separate ways. Isn’t that a good idea?!” 

Shao Qing: …… 

If she knew this was his response she would have said they would be travelling throughout the night! 

However, everything was said and she could only reply, “Let’s go together.” 

A group of people went to the nearest survivor base and the chief of the base came out to greet them. After all, one of the four major mercenary groups in Jing Du was here. Their name was quite shocking. 

After settling down, Shao Qing first went to get fresh fruits and vegetables she needed and then rolled into her room to rest. 

Today was really too tiring, even if she had a tireless body, she couldn’t stand it mentally. Holding Xiao Baozi in her arms, plus her left and right huggers, Er Dai and Yan Qiyue, she fell asleep in the bed. 

Before falling asleep, Shao Qing was still considering how to settle the situation with Fu Jingmo. Although Fu Jingmo’s mistake today was an accident, Shao Qing still deducted two points from him. If it is possible, why not send him directly to Zhu Mochen to take away! 

The worst case is her giving Zhu Mochen some crystals as ‘nanny fee’, not to mention Zhu Mochen’s power was not small. It should be a trivial matter to protect Fu Jingmo. Once Er Dai restored his memory, only then would they need to pay attention to Fu Jingmo, go to Jing Du and pick him up again. 

Convenient and worry-free, could there be a better option?

Shao Qing thought a lot, but soon fell asleep. The next morning, when going downstairs, Zhu Mochen and the others were already waiting around the table for food. 

Last night was Yan Hanqing’s turn to cook. Yan Hanqing’s craftsmanship was well known. After Zhu Mochen had a meal, he didn’t want to eat the food made by the people in his team, so he came over to freeload again this morning. 

As soon as Shao Qing saw Fu Jingmo, she remembered what she was thinking about last night. Looking d at Zhu Mochen who had his eyes brightly looking at the kitchen, she thought, en… why don’t I just give Fu Jingmo to Zhu Mochen, it’s decided……

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