PMMB Volume 2 Chapter 44

Volume 2 Chapter 44 Shameless 

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After eating, Shao Qing expressed her thoughts in a straightforward manner: “I want to entrust Fu Jingmo to you. He is an ordinary person and isn’t suitable to wander around with me, facing dangers. Jing Du is more peaceful and better off for him. Take him back and I’ll pay for his daily expenses.” 

Fu Jingmo’s face turned pale immediately. The chopsticks within his hand clattered to the ground. After the apocalypse, he had lived under someone else’s charity, got looked down on and has suffered from not being fed enough and not having enough clothes to wear.

Especially as an ordinary person and coming from a wealthy background, Fu Jingmo has suffered a lot. 

When Shao Qing appeared in front of him, Fu Jingmo knew that his opportunity had come. Yet, Shao Qing was only good to him because of Er Dai. She treated him well, gave him clothes and food. Furthermore, she did not restrain his freedom, give him faces, or attack his self-esteem. This was an unbelievable treatment. No matter what he couldn’t give up Shao Qing.

However, Shao Qing was now telling him that he would have to go with Zhu Mochen back to Jing Du. To Fu Jingmo, who had some inexplicable thoughts in his heart, it was like thunder from a clear sky.

He looked at Shao Qing with a pale face for a long while, then whispered: “Did I hinder you …”

Shao Qing was very calm: “You are an ordinary person. My teammates and I are often on difficult missions and the danger is naturally great. I cannot guarantee your safety. After going to Jing Du with Zhu Mochen, no one will make it hard for you. No matter your living space, the food you eat or the clothes you wear, I will pay Zhu Mochen to have him give you the best. You don’t have to worry about it.” 

Actually, Fu Jingmo also knew that this was the best option. Giving face to Er Dai, Shao Qing was willing to raise him until he grew old. However, Fu Jingmo can’t go, he wasn’t willing to go. 

He remembered what happened at the beginning more clearly than anyone. Once, Er Dai regains his memory, the stability and ease he possessed would become a mirror and instantly shattered. 

If there was no relationship, Shao Qing will definitely not care for him anymore. How can he allow such a situation to happen? 

“I’m not afraid!” Fu Jingmo clenched his fist. His face was firm: “I don’t want to live through peaceful days, I want to follow you. I can watch the house when you are out on missions or travel with you. I can go anywhere, I’m not afraid!” 

Gu Panpan had a good impression of Fu Jingmo. Although he made a little mistake before, it was not intentional after all. Seeing Fu Jingmo’s pitiful appearance, she immediately softened: “Qing Jiejie, why don’t we keep him. It’s just one more mouth to feed. Let him stay in the base when we are out on missions. He can help us take care of the place to stop other vultures from having their eye on it.”

Gu Chuan silently pulled his sister back. He felt that Gu Panpan did not have the ability to make discerning judgments. Shao Qing made it clear that she did not like Fu Jingmo and there were reasons to drive him away. His sister is obviously smart, why couldn’t she see this? 

However, Shao Qing still had to give Gu Panpan face. Shao Qing’s rejection that was at the top of her throat was swallowed back forcefully. Shao Qing glanced at Fu Jingmo and Fu Jingmo said immediately, “I will definitely not hinder you. Back at the base, I can find work. I can support myself. Can you … can you not leave me?” 

Zhu Mochen looked at Fu Jingmo with a playful look, then looked at Shao Qing again. There was no expression on his face, but his eyes were full of ridicule: “Captain Shao, are you ready to make a decision?” 

Shao Qing didn’t want to say a word to this evil Zhu Mochen. She nodded and then said: “Since he doesn’t want to leave, I can’t force him. We’ll leave it like this first then.” 

Zhu Mochen’s excitement rose immediately: “Since everything is decided, then it is time to do business. Let’s go out and swap pointers or should we go to the square?” 

Shao Qing: … 

How obsessed is this child about exchanging moves! 

“The weather is pretty good.” Shao Qing was silent for a long time. It was then Zhu Mochen realized what Shao Qing meant. The weather was pretty good, fighting would ruin the day!

Zhu Mochen was not a crazed martial artist, at most just half of one. However, he was very curious about Shao Qing. When Zhu Mochen saw Shao Qing and Abe Jingxue, he couldn’t take his eyes off her.

Also seeing the fierce side of Shao Qing killing without blinking, the more he saw, the more he wanted to know about what kind of person Shao Qing was and where her limits were. 

Shao Qing was iron-hearted and unwilling to do anything with Zhu Mochen. No matter what Zhu Mochen said, she had an expression that said look the weather outside is nice and I can’t hear anything. 

At the beginning, Zhu Mochen was still more patient. Shao Qing didn’t reply and he would keep asking. In the end, he could not wait any more and he went straight for it. 

Shao Qing sat peacefully. Even when the metal stinger was in front of her eyes, she didn’t fight back. She didn’t even blink. Zhu Mochen gritted his teeth, “You’re ruthless!” Then he left with those under him. 

Shao Qing laughed without saying a word. Zhu Mochen was still too inexperienced to be fighting against her. 

Before leaving, the teenager came to Shao Qing with the help of the girl and thanked her. He looked at Shao Qing seriously as if he was trying to ingrain Shao Qing deeply into his mind.

Shao Qing didn’t think much about it. The number of people she had killed and saved in her life was countless. If she had to remember everything, that would be terrible. 

Zhu Mochen was sent away and Shao Qing and others also left. They had lingered for too long and were wasting time.

The next leg of the trip was smooth, without encountering any major incidents. They only encountered a few low-level zombies who all became the nuclei in Shao Qing’s inventory. 

Before the fruits and vegetables that had been bought were finished, Shao Qing finally returned to the S City Survivor Base.

Before entering the door, it was necessary to check in. Several gatekeepers looked at Shao Qing and others with a look of surprise. In the past, it was not unusual for a superhuman squad to leave for so long, but most of the superhuman squads would not come back. The whole team would be lost in the mission. 

Shao Qing, who had not been back for several months, was almost given the death sentence. If it weren’t for Yan Ruru returning and helping Shao Qing, they would’ve had their accounts revoked.

With Shao Qing coming back like this and no one damaged, this was a miracle.

They even added one more person to their squad 

The extra Fu Jingmo still had to be monitored overnight before entering the base, so Shao Qing went in advance. After entering the base, the group went straight to their old nest. Before they approached it, they saw a few individuals fighting at their doorsteps. There were quite a few bystanders watching. 

Going a little closer, oh, they were actually distributing the two places!

At first, for the sake of convenience, Shao Qing and Yan Hanqing lived next to each other. Later, Gu Panpan and the two also moved in, the three neighbors. Now the few who were fighting at the doorsteps were fighting for the ownership of these three houses. 

The battle was actually over. The loser wiped the blood off his face and left two ruthless words before running away. 

The winner was proud, standing at the door as if he wanted to announce it to the world. Shao Qing, who was watching, wanted to cover her eyes. She looked up and saw the locks on the door were pried with a new one in its place. It has long been occupied by human vultures. 

Shao Qing didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. She stepped forward and patted the shoulder of the person who was going to enter the house: “Brother, who broke the lock? Who opened the door? Who allowed you to live here? The owner is not dead yet.” 

The man turned around and looked at Shao Qing. He didn’t know her and thought she was a new person. He sneered: “How do you know that the owner of this house isn’t dead? I say he is dead. Go, you go to the side. Grandpa is in a good mood today and will forgive you.”

Shao Qing laughed immediately. The person who was occupying her place is so self-confident. She firmly grasped the man’s shoulder and said lightly, “What if I say otherwise?” 

Shao Qing had great strength. After struggling for a bit, the man still did not break free. He felt he lost some face. Looking back at Shao Qing angrily, he found out that Shao Qing turned out to be extremely attractive. 

There were three types of women in the apocalypse. One type was the ordinary looking ones. They can only rely on hard work or have a good husband to survive in the apocalypse. The second was the ordinary looking but had superhuman abilities. They would rely on their own strength to earn food and clothing. The last type was like vines. They would cling to those men with high strength and power and sell their body to survive. 

Women like Shao Qing, who are strong and beautiful, are the minority. 

Just looking at Shao Qing’s appearance, she was extremely outstanding. Her facial features were exquisite, especially her eyebrows. In addition to that she was exceptionally powerful, her confidence brought out a powerful temperament and charisma that attracts others to her like vines. She was clearly different. 

Men preferred to conquer difficult women. So when the man saw Shao Qing, he even forgot to breathe.

It was only when Shao Qing frowned impatiently. “This house is mine. You pry my lock and occupy my house, shouldn’t you give me an explanation?” 

The man’s eyes flashed with lust and he reached for Shao Qing. “What more to say? Let’s live together! You don’t have to go out and do any missions in the future. That’s too much work. Me and my brothers will support you. We will definitely make you very happy!”

As soon as he said this before he could touch Shao Qing’s shoulders, Yan Qiyue grabbed his wrist and twisted it. It was twisted, until it broke.

The man screamed in pain. Yan Qiyue snorted coldly: “If your tongue isn’t clean, then cut off your tongue. If your hands and feet are not clean, snap them off. If your eyes are wandering, dig them out.  Do you agree with what I say?” 

“My god you…” As the man was about to curse, there was a wind before him. Then the pain was like a tidal wave and his mouth was torn open into a big hole. This was only because Shao Qing had stopped Er Dai. If she had not, it would not be as small as the current hole.

Just as Yan Qiyue said, if your tongue isn’t clean then it should be cut off. 

Shao Qing did not want to make a big deal out of this incident. They had just come back. This house was their home. After traveling for so long, who would want to fight it out to death?

So she slightly softened her expression and said, “This house is indeed mine. Now that the owner is back, I would like you guys to move out quickly. I will give you a minute. If you don’t move out, don’t blame us for sending you off.” 

Those people in the base, were like hooligans and local ruffians, how could they willingly hand over the house they just fought for? 

Previously, although Shao Qing was not there, Yan RuRu always helped Shao Qing look after their place. Thus, no one dared to come to occupy it. 

However, not long ago, Yan Ruru took her team and left the S city survivor base. This is when they became mad and were fighting over it. 

After fighting for two days, Shao Qing returned. 

A few people didn’t want to hand over the house at all and stepped forward to curse at them. Shao Qing looked at the time and waited for a minute. When they didn’t show any signs of stopping, she just threw them out. 

This group of seven or eight were all thrown away by Shao Qing like trash. They were thrown not too far away. Some tried to struggle and their hands and feet were broken. Some even had their mouths stuffed with stinky socks to stop them from speaking. They were in a very sorry state.

When Shao Qing entered the house, she couldn’t help frowning. All the furnishings in her home have been changed. Many of the used furniture were gone. 

Shao Qing packed up and threw away all the things that those people used. Then, she replaced them with new ones. 

So before the group of injured people got up from the ground, a pile of rubbish like old beddings, old sofas, curtains, and tableware were thrown at them, all piled up like a hill. 

Fortunately, the food stored by Shao Qing was still there. She stored the food in the utility room. Those people may have just moved in and haven’t had time to search around yet. 

Shao Qing expressed satisfaction at this. She had done a lot of missions and searched a lot of places to build up that storage. If it was scooped up by others, she would be very distressed. 

Yan Hanqing and the Gu Siblings also returned to their houses to clean up, but Yan Qiyue followed Shao Qing. 

Fortunately, Shao Qing’s house was not small. There were two bedrooms and an extra bed, enough for Yan Qiyue. 

Before, Shao Qing and Er Dai slept in the same room. Shao Tong slept in another room and Xiao Baozi would sometimes follow Shao Qing and sometimes Shao Tong. Now, there was another Yan Qiyue to add. 

Shao Qing’s original idea was to put another bed in her room and let Shao Tong come to sleep. This way, Er Dai and Yan Qiyue had to go to the next room to sleep. 

While setting the new bedding, Yan Qiyue and Er Dai came to help very naturally. The two of them merged the two beds together, two single beds to a luxurious double bed. 

Shao Qing: …… 

Who will drag these two psychopaths away!

Yan Qiyue and Er Dai’s intent was obvious. Now that they were back home, they wanted to sleep with her. Although it was a * affair with one clinging on to the left side and the other on the right, Shao Qing doesn’t want * at all, and did not think it was alluring. 

This time period, it was okay. Both of them were relatively honest. At the beginning, sleeping together, both of them would fight each other. You secretly scratch me, I claw you. This tossing around stopped Shao Qing from sleeping all night. 

Er Dai was fine, since he is a zombie. It doesn’t matter if he doesn’t sleep all night. Then what about Yan Qiyue? How did he get the energy? Every night fighting with Er Dai, Shao Qing hasn’t had a deep full night’s worth of sleep for nearly half a month. Later, she became so angry that she threw both of them out. It was only then did they become honest. 

When Shao Qing was thinking, her expression was a bit lost and serious. Er Dai and Yan Qiyue were very familiar with Shao Qing. At a glance, they both knew what Shao Qing was thinking about. Shao Qing was trying to decide how to throw them out. So the two men came forward in full tacit understanding, one held her shoulders and the other her legs. 

Yan Qiyue also gave up fighting with Er Dai at the moment and said seriously: “Ah Qing, you also know my body and my stomach problem. It could easily erupt in the middle of the night, can you rest assured with me sleeping in another room?”

Shao Qing said very calmly: “No problem.” 

Yan Qiyue was stung, then laid on Shao Qing’s legs and cried slyly: “Ah Qing, I’m scared. It’s so dark at night, I don’t want to sleep alone. Let me stay in your room~ ” 

Shao Qing was still very calm: “Er Dai can accompany you.” 

Yan Qiyue was stung again. Er Dai was so anxious that he scratched his ears in frustration of his inability to speak. He could only act like a spoiled child.

After some deep thought, Yan Qiyue said this to Shao Qing: “Ah Qing, you also know that as soon as I start an experiment, if I don’t complete it, I would often forget to eat and sleep. I have been studying for a few days if we could have zombies eat normal food. If you didn’t call me every night to bed, I would definitely not go to sleep. Are you sure you can relax?” 

Shao Qing touched Yan Qiyue’s head and smiled slightly: “Er Dai will tell you to sleep.” 

Yan Qiyue was completely helpless, so he began to throw a tantrum and was hardening his heart, determined to sleep with Shao Qing. This was a good time to cultivate feelings. If he goes to sleep in another room, what if someone comes in the middle of the night and takes advantage of her?

Only sleeping with Shao Qing at night can stop those night attacks! 

For this reason, Yan Qiyue decided to stake everything. What dignity? What face? He did not need them at all, what could be more important than his wife? 

Er Dai also supported him very much. This was because Shao Qing will definitely be fair. It’s either two people can stay or both people are kicked out. So he must support Yan Qiyue! 

At such a critical time, internal conflict was a very unwise choice. 

Two people, looking at each other, quickly took off their shoes and coats very fast. Then they got into the bed, left and right, leaving a middle space for Shao Qing to sleep. 

Shao Qing looked helpless: “You are not eating this afternoon?” 

The two men shook their heads in unison. What food! Can eating be more important than this?

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