PMMB Volume 2 Chapter 45

Volume 2 Chapter 45 Looking for trouble 

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“You guys aren’t eating? Then I’ll go out first.” Shao Qing calmly turned around and left. The two men lying in the quilt: …… 

After Shao Qing went out, she went to the mission hall first. During the apocalypse, there was no time to be idle. She had to consider the next task. As for the task to be done, it is not so easy to choose. First, it had to fit their current level. Second, it should not be too dangerous. If they were hurt, Shao Qing would be very distressed. Third, it had to be effective for gaining experience. As for rewards, that was not important. 

Shao Qing read all the missions and finally chose two. One was a bodyguard mission, escorting a unique superhuman to the forest next to the S city survivor base to catch some advanced mutant animals. 

For these types of tasks, they must be accepted first before more details are provided. What Shao Qing liked about this task was the forest. This forest was quite large. The survivor base of S City was built in this area to take advantage of the forest. 

Unexpectedly, the mutant animals became stronger and stronger after the end of the world. The base had to split up some forces and monitor the entire forest to guard against it. 

However, this mission was not the best choice. It was because she did not know the situation of the employer. If the employer was smart, not arrogant, unselfish, and did things properly, then that’s fine. However, if they were to encounter one that had a bad temper, ordered them around, and stepped in where they shouldn’t, before they even encounter any dangers in the forest, Shao Qing’s family, especially Yan Qiyue, would be finished.

The only reason Shao Qing took a closer look at this mission was that this mission was very rewarding. Just the special mental crystals alone, the employer was rewarding three pieces. These crystals were very suitable for Shao Tong.

In fact, this task was not urgent. Rumours say that the employer came from another large base and is staying in the S city survivor base for two months. In other words, they may have to enter the forest more than once. 

The second task was a mission from the government. From the southernmost research institute, several expert-level researchers have come. The research institute there has been occupied by zombies. These experts have to be sent to Jing Du to participate in some large event. 

Of course, these were not the key components. The key component was that the mercenaries who had sent them here had lost a lot of manpower and urgently needed to replenish their superhumans. Therefore, while they were passing by S city survivor base, they released this mission. They were hoping to assemble a team of two or three stronger superhumans squads to escort them to Jing Du. 

This is the second task that Shao Qing was interested in. Rumours say that the project they are studying is related to preventing ordinary people from being infected by zombies. This is a matter that benefits the country and the people. If Shao Qing cannot find any suitable missions, they will take this task. 

The third one was a clean-up mission. It was to explore the original S city and clean up the zombies there. From this we can see that the base of the S-city survivor base did not have small ambitions. They wanted to be the second Jing Du survivor base.

However, the city of S could not be cleaned up for a short while. Even if it could be cleaned up, it would be difficult to move back. 

These three tasks are the ones that caught Shao Qing’s eyes as they were rewarding and could also train her teammates.

But now that they’ve just returned, they can rest for a while. She was not in a hurry to go out, so Shao Qing didn’t choose immediately. 

Only the task of escorting the researchers to Jing Du had a time restraint. Shao Qing would think it through and rest for a few days. If this task was still lacking the team members, they could also take a short trip. 

On the second day, Fu Jingmo returned. As soon as he returned, before he even arrived at the house, he was sent to Yan Hanqing’s by Shao Qing. 

The excuse she used was that there was no space. It was originally a small house and having five or six people at a time was the limit. 

Fu Jingmo had just come back maybe an hour at most, then there was slamming on the door outside. At this time around eight, the diligent ones had already risen. If they were like Yan Qiyue, then they would be still lying in bed. Being awakened by the knock of the door, he angrily threw an alarm clock directly outside, not caring if it had hit someone. 

Shao Qing got up quite early. She was cooking soup in the kitchen at the moment. As soon as the fragrance was spreading in the air, there was a knock. Shao Qing wiped her hands and opened the door.

There were a lot of people standing outside the door. The first person was even an acquaintance. It was the group who was thrown out by her yesterday. There were also a few other people who she didn’t know, but they didn’t seem to be low level superhumans. 

As soon as the door opened, the one who was beaten yesterday pointed at Shao Qing immediately: “Captain, it’s her!” 

Shao Qing raised her eyebrows and smiled: “What? Occupying someone else’s house, then wanting to take it out on the house owner?” 

“I have to protect my teammates. No matter what, you hit my brother. This can’t be just dealt with like that, otherwise it will be said that our squad is filled with chickens.” The captain was a young man who looked well put together, but his excuse was just unreasonable.

Coincidentally, Shao Qing also was very protective and would help her family over the correct side. So she understood this and nodded: “How do you want to  resolve this? Spell it out, I will accept.”

“So you’re a frank straight forward person. Since everyone is a superhuman, I won’t bully you with numbers. I heard that you are also a team of superhumans, so let’s make a bet and exchange some moves. Three wins in five games. If you lose, apologize and give my brother compensation for the cost of medicine. Then this matter will be done with. If I lose, I will also apologize to you and compensate you for your mental loss. How about it?” 

Shao Qing nodded. This condition was actually not excessive. After all, the end of the world is an era of reasoning with fists. Whoever was stronger would have reason standing on their side. It was reasonable for her to make a move against the people who took her home. But if she couldn’t beat these people and was thrown out by them, no one would help her get the house back. 

This was reality.

“I want to add one more thing. If you lose, him and the rest of his group  will have to crawl when they leave.” Shao Qing smiled slightly and said in a cold voice. 

Although she understood the reasoning behind the person who came to pick problems with her, it did not mean that she was not upset. Taking her house, speaking dirty words, getting driven away and then calling people to exact revenge? Challenging her patience like that, are they treating her like a sick cat? 

As soon as Shao Qing’s words came out, the captain looked a little ugly and he said coldly, “That will depend on your ability!” 

Shao Qing nodded and clapped her palms together. Shouting for Er Dai, she told him: “Get Panpan over here and Gu Chuan and the rest…… if they have time, they can also come to see the show.” 

Er Dai nodded obediently. To put it crudely, with Shao Qing’s strength, she could easily challenge an average small base. She didn’t even place these few people in her eyes.

After a while, Gu Panpan came over. Even Yan Qiyue came with his bed head while yawning.

Behind him was Shao Tong. Shao Tong held Xiao Baozi in her arms and Xiao Baozi was holding Yaya in his arms. To be honest, compared to the group at the door, Shao Qing’s side was like a normal family. 

Yan Qiyue in pajamas, Shao Tong hugging her child, Er Dai who didn’t have the normal mental capacity, Gu Panpan who was still wearing a clean algae mud mask, Yan Hanqing wearing a pink apron, and Gu Chuan with his poker face.

The only one that seemed normal was probably Fu Jingmo, but he was an ordinary person and that was probably the biggest abnormality. 

Of course, there was Shao Qing. 

Shao Qing looked at her group of teammates and her expression couldn’t help but stiffen: “We’ve been challenged. Panpan, you can wash your face first. Hanqing, I still have a pot of soup in the kitchen. If you are too lazy to go, you can take care of the soup. If you are willing to fight, take off your apron. Qiyue, first change your clothes. If we fight, you will ruin your pajamas.”

After she finished speaking, those who still thought she was more normal suddenly felt that Shao Qing was the most abnormal one. 

Yan Hanqing was the first to move. He took off the apron and gave it to Fu Jingmo. The meaning was very simple. Fu Jingmo should take care of the soup. 

Gu Chuan stretched out his hand and took the apron. His voice was monotone: “I’ll do it.” 

Shao Qing gave him an extra glance and couldn’t help but appreciate Gu Chuan’s carefulness. Gu Chuan was a very attentive person and can see the distrust in her eyes against Fu Jingmo. 

So what remained was Fu Jingmo and Gu Chuan.

The rest of the people packed up and went with the group to the square. In the base, with hatred like this that wasn’t anything deep, it was a common method to send out a challenge to solve the problem. 

Ordinary people or superhumans, they all liked to watch this show. Recently, days were long and boring. 

Furthermore, gathering around to see the excitement was something all Chinese people enjoyed. Even in the apocalypse, they have not weakened their love of watching lively events. 

Shao Qing and the group of people made a stop at the center of the square. Those experienced people knew that they were about to start the fight. The people who were on the sidelines knew to give them space.

Superpowers weren’t something they could treat as a play thing. If one was too close, they could get injured by mistake. You can only say that you were unlucky and no one can complain. 

Who told you to come watch? 

Of course, the most important thing is that the youth was a well known team of superhumans in the base and was ranked. Even if they were injured by accident, they wouldn’t dare to ask for trouble. 

When Shao Qing waited for the people to sit down in their respective positions, the two sides began to discuss. 

“Now that you’re all ready, don’t waste time. Who will be first?” Shao Qing moved her long fingers calmly.

The youth pointed at a man next to him. The man looked very strong. When he stood up, his muscles were tense and his whole body looked more sturdy. 

Without Shao Qing asking, Gu Panpan stood up by herself. She was petite and slender with a rather cute face. She was even carrying some baby fat still, so standing with that strong man, it was an interesting contrast. 

Some people around couldn’t help but taunt that strong man: “Liu San, can you bear hurting such a fragile little girl? Why not bring her home to be your mistress!” 

Liu San waved his hand, the muscles on his face twitching. “Go, go to the side and watch!”

The youth did not underestimate Gu Panpan. During the apocalypse, the younger the superhuman was, the more dangerous they were. It was similar to how the younger they were when infected by a zombie, the more likely they were to mutate into a high-level zombie. 

Regardless of the potential or the speed of evolution, young people just evolved a little faster. Gu Panpan daring to stand up first showed she had some real skills. 

However, he believed in Liu San. Although Liu San was a strength-based superhuman and in the apocalypse, strength based superhumans have gradually fallen behind, Liu San’s strength was still very strong. Compared with other strength-based superhumans of the same rank, they wouldn’t dare compete with him.

The two superhumans stood in the middle and immediately started. From the start, one can see the gap between Gu Panpan and Liu San. 

When Liu San came up, the first thing he did was activate his power. He was originally a very strong man. When his power was activated, his muscles swelled up even more. As for Gu Panpan, she didn’t activate her power, she just gave Liu San a kick first. 

She was a high-level strength-based superhuman. Even without her power activated, her power was better than the average superhuman by a lot. With Liu San busy driving up his power, as a result, Gu Panpan’s kick caused him to fall backwards onto his butt.

Without waiting for everyone to laugh, Liu San’s face turned completely red. He was kicked to the ground by a little girl. It was indeed a very shameful thing. Following that Gu Panpan also activated her abilities. 

If Liu San looked very tall and big after activating his powers, then Gu Panpan was frightening when she activated her ability. 

A thin and cute little girl instantly became swollen with muscles like a strong and powerful diamond barbie, her face and body was extremely disharmonized. At first glance, it was a little scary. 

In the next few minutes, Gu Panpan’s had her one-man show. All the people who watched had their eyes wide open and mouths gaping when they stared straight into the field. Gu Panpan was like a woman hercules. Holding Liu San’s legs, she threw him around like a sack. He was beaten into various postures and Liu San, who was beaten from beginning to end, failed to fight back. 

After three minutes, Liu San was lying on the ground with a blue nose and a swollen face. Gu Panpan moved her hands and feet and complained: “I just warmed up and he’s already down? How boring.” 

The crowd on the sidelines: …..

This was a tigress, a female tyrannosaurus rex, a female hegemon, she was cruel to the max! You really can’t judge women by their appearances! 

Shao Qing smiled and looked at the youth: “Panpan is young and doesn’t think before speaking. I hope you don’t get angry.” 

The youth was obviously angry to death, but he could only grit his teeth: “Of course I am not angry. I like this straightforward temperament. Who will be next?” 

“Pan Pan hasn’t played enough, it’s naturally her.” Shao Qing answered easily. She had no intentions of allowing a second person into the ring. Gu Panpan finishing off five of them was a simple matter.

The corner of the youth’s mouth was a bit stiff and after a while did he speak: “Li Qi, you go.” 

A silent young man got up and went over. Right when he made his move, it was obvious he was a lot stronger than Liu San. But after making one move, like before, it was followed with a beating.

Gu Panpan hasn’t exchanged moves with people for a long time, especially the feeling of fist to flesh contact. It felt so nice and comfortable. As long as she got close, they had no hopes of making a comeback. 

Li Qi had no time to release his wind blade, and was thrown into the air by Gu Panpan. For the next three minutes, his feet didn’t even touch the ground.

It ended before it started.

At this moment, the youth’s face was unsightly. After two appearances, Gu Panpan had beaten them like a dead dog. More importantly, Gu Panpan didn’t use any tricks at all. Two people down just like that. 

This was simply embarrassing! 

Shao Qing smiled very happily. She supported her chin with her hand and said, “Panpan, are you tired? Would you like Hanqing to replace you?” 

Gu Panpan’s head shook like a rattle: “Qing Jiejie, I just finished warming up. I’m not tired at all.” 

So the youth became even more depressed. He gritted his teeth and said,” Since it’s three wins out of five, just having you send out one person isn’t good.”

Shao Qing touched her chin. She should probably give him a little face “Panpan, come down first. I’ll warm up with you later. Which one of you wants to go up for a match?”

Yan Hanqing replied: “How about I go?”

Shao Qing nodded. Yan Hanqing was a thunder elemental user. She was actually quite worried that Yan Hanqing could not control his own power and would kill the other party directly. 

However, since Yan Hanqing volunteered, she would not stop him. Instead, she was quite happy. After all, Yan Hanqing was bored usually and rarely voiced his requests. 

As soon as Yan Hanqing stood up, the youth gritted his teeth and stood out. They played 5 games and needed 3 wins. If this game was also lost, then there was no next game. Thus, he must win the next game! 

Otherwise, their reputation would be done for. After all, as long as people did a little research, they would know why this match started. They had come proposing a match and as a result, they allowed the challenged to win three games straight. How shameful was that? 

Thinking like this, the youth’s face weighed down a lot more. He was stressed. After all, all the burden was on his shoulders. 

Yan Hanqing’s expression remained the same. He stood there with a serious posture. Don’t look at his motionlessness, he had already prepared to make a move. Every muscle was already tightened. As long as he had the thought, he could quickly shoot out. 

“Please.” The youth stretched out his hand solemnly.

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