PMMB Volume 2 Chapter 46

Volume 2 Chapter 46 The most important

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There is a word called Miao Sha*, which is very suitable to describe the current situation. Yan Hanqing did not intend to bully them, so he didn’t use any big moves. But when he made his move, he applied lightning to his body, which meant his hands were charged with electricity. 

* Second kill (direct translation); instant kill

This way, when he engages with the other party, the current will slightly numb the other party and cause the other party’s action to stagnate. With that, he could slowly finish off the other party. This will first save Shao Qing’s face and secondly save the other party’s face. 

However, Yan Hanqing generally dealt with high-level zombies or mutated animals. In addition,  the superhumans he usually fought with weren’t ones where he had to hold back from. It can actually be said that all the recent ones he fought with were all fought with the intent to kill. Thus, when he made his move, Yan Hanqing did not control his strength. As soon as he touched his opponent, the thunder and lightning on his body directly stunned the opponent and caused him to faint. 

Electricity can be seen crackling and the other party’s body was fried with a burnt smell floating out.

Yan Hanqing was stunned. He had not expected this. He originally even thought about being merciful. 

In the end, the youth was stunned by electricity and passed out. But being given water by his subordinates, he woke up again. His gaze was dull and his hair was still smoking. It was only after a long while did he say, “We admit our loss and agree on the remuneration of your mental stress. I will send someone to deliver it before the afternoon… and, we’re sorry…” 

Seeing him like this, Shao Qing felt sorry for him, so she said: “That’s trivial, it’s just money. Just don’t forget to send it to me by the afternoon. Ah, also don’t forget the last thing you promised me.”

Once she mentioned the last item, a few people’s eyes became red. In broad daylight in front of the large crowd, with so many bystanders, Shao Qing wanted them to crawl away? This was no longer a simple matter of shame, it was starting a feud to the death. 

But was Shao Qing the type to be afraid of offending people? To say it in a not so nice manner, she did not care about law or morality. This was especially since she had met the people around her. Being extremely trusted and supported, her habits became even more serious. 

During the apocalypse, why would you need to suppress your temper and make yourself unhappy? 

Shao Qing smiled and looked at the men who had come to look for trouble the day before and smiled, “I said that at the time, the loser had to crawl away. You guys aren’t preparing to eat your words, are you?”

One of them said, “Being a person, you should leave a person a way out and meeting each other in the future would be fine. You shouldn’t push things too far!” 

Shao Qing didn’t care, there was no heat in her eyes: “Then you are not ready to fulfill your promise?” Only mentioning it now that things were too extreme, who was it that wanted to occupy her house and wanted to wrong her? 

As a person they shouldn’t have double standards. So does that mean only state officials can set things on fire and citizens can’t even light their lamps?

This is really too bad for their reputation. The group looked at each other and were prepared to break their promises.

Shao Qing stared at their red eyes and smiled suddenly: “On that day, it was you who had occupied my house and made moves against me. At that time, I was in a good mood and didn’t lower myself to argue with you so I let you go. Who knew that when the next day came, you would bring someone to stand up for you and start a fight. If you lose, you will crawl away. Even though you acted like this previously, I thought you were still men. It seems I was wrong. ” 

Those thick-skinned people couldn’t help but feel a little ashamed. After all,  they were the ones who occupied someone else’s house, they spoke badly about Shao Qing, and they came to pick a fight and agreed to those conditions. 

Yet, now that they lost, falling out and denying everything, isn’t it still them? 

Although they were turning red, they were stubborn and were not ready to acknowledge anything. Otherwise they would have to crawl out of here today and what happened would spread all over the base by tomorrow. 

Shao Qing was not prepared to let them go. There is a saying: if you inflict disaster on your own, there is no way to avoid it. They only have themselves to blame, how could they tell others to have mercy on them? 

Gu Panpan was the fastest. Originally, she didn’t have enough fun anyways. Striding forward, when someone tried to stop her, she slapped them to the ground directly. Arriving in front of one of the people who came yesterday, Gu Panpan grabbed him by the shoulder and pushed down hard. 

The man was originally standing, but his legs could not help but soften and he fell to his knees. Gu Panpan used a lot of strength. A crisp sound could be heard of his knee bone breaking. He let out a painful scream while his pants were dyed red with blood. 

As soon as the rest of the people saw it, they directly made a move against Gu Panpan. Shao Qing was very calm and allowed Gu Panpan to play. But she was still looking carefully. If Gu Panpan was in any danger, she would be the first to make a move. 

Gu Panpan had really good eyesight. Anyone who had their legs broken by her were those who came yesterday. Soon, a group of people were left lying on the ground screaming. 

Gu Panpan stopped and flicked her sleeves towards Shao Qing: “How could your mouths be so dirty? If I used a bit more strength, I would have crushed the bones in your whole body to vent out my Jiejie’s anger!”

The young man kept watched expressionlessly. On one hand they had made a promise, while on the other, that was his brother. He had nothing to say. Only after all was over, he silently cupped his hands towards Shao Qing, ready to take his brothers to leave. 

Shao Qing said faintly: “Don’t forget your promise. What I said was crawling out, not lifted out.” 

He gritted his teeth, his chest trembling with anger. But he didn’t say a word. After all, they had agreed at that time. They were like the frogs at the bottom of a well. Sitting inside the well and watching the sky, they had thought they were superb. They were already looking down on most superhumans and thought they would always win. 

In the end, it turns out that there are people outside who were better. Beyond the sky was more sky. Their loss was so simple and bleak. People should be responsible for their own decisions. If they agreed, they must repent and naturally pay the price of repentance. 

The young man clenched his teeth and said: “Is crawling out of the square alright?” 

Shao Qing nodded. He took a deep breath and then said: “OK.” 

The people that had their legs broken left blood marks on the ground as they crawled until they reached the edge of the square. Only then were they lifted and taken away. 

The onlookers were all unable to speak. It was probably because they had never seen such cruel methods. Shao Qing sneered and said, “Looking at them, it makes me think that I’m the bad guy. As if I was the one who took someone’s home and then made them crawl away.”

Yan Qiyue said faintly:” That superhuman squad these people belonged to, within the survivor base in S city, should belong to a higher status. They are probably accustomed to being arrogant and can no longer identify their mistakes. No matter what happened, it must be someone else’s fault. ”

Yan Qiyue’s analysis hit the nail on the head. Shao Qing glanced once more at the blood on the ground before walking back lazily. She still had a pot of soup on the stove.

She didn’t know if Gu Chuan had already set it out, but she hadn’t added salt yet! 

The crowd around them, seeing the bustle die down and shocked by Shao Qing’s character, gradually dispersed. But a few people did not leave, instead they approached Shao Qing: “Miss, please wait a moment.” 

When Shao Qing took a look, she saw a woman with a beautiful appearance and a gentle expression. She was followed by several superhumans and the woman herself was also a superhuman. 

She chuckled: “I want to negotiate a business with your excellency.” 

Shao Qing looked back at her, and asked lazily, “What business?” When she said that, Shao Qing was actually a little impatient and frustrated. After fighting for so long, it is almost ten o’clock now. Her group still hadn’t had breakfast yet. 

In particular, she was worried about Yan Qiyue since his health was poor and he had stomach problems. Although he is under her medicated diet and there have been few problems lately, he still had to eat on time or his stomach would be hurt again. 

What’s more, Shao Qing was still thinking about the pot of soup on the stove. She had boiled it all morning. If those two had forgotten about it or served it, then it wouldn’t be good to drink.

The woman was smart, when she saw that Shao Qing was a little impatient, she hurriedly said: “It’s like this, my master wants to go to the forest to catch some advanced mutant animals. Before, he had hired some high ranking superhumans in the base, but after they got a little deeper, they lost a lot of manpower and gave up the task. I think your team is an elite squadron. Would you be interested in taking on this task? Of course, the reward would be very worth it. If you have any other requirements, you can also mention it. As long as it is not excessive, we will consider it.”

Isn’t this the task she saw before? Shao Qing touched her chin. In fact, she was quite interested in this task. Of course, her interest was in the forest. 

The forest was very vast and whether it was the mutated animals or mutated plants, there will definitely be a lot. Yan Qiyue will definitely like this forest very much because in his eyes, the entire forest was experimental material. 

For the rest of the team, this forest was also very good. Those high-level mutant animals and plants were suitable for training. One, they would get to train their skills and second they would  obtain high ranking crystals. 

They could also find medicinal materials and mutated plants in the forest. It was like striking two birds with one stone.

Considering those things, this task was really suitable for them. However, Shao Qing had to think about it more. The most important point is that they just returned home. If they were to go out immediately, it would be a bit exhausting. 

Shao Qing had not elaborated enough, so she seriously replied: “I will consider it.” 

“If you are interested after thinking about it, you can go to the task hall. We have left some people behind there.” The woman then tactfully left.

Shao Qing nodded and left with her friends. Her steps were very hasty. When she got home and saw the soup on the stove, she was relieved. Fortunately it wasn’t wasted~

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