PMMB Volume 2 Chapter 47

Volume 2 Chapter 47 The New Mission Lord 

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After eating enough, Shao Qing began to think about the task. Pooling them together, if she accepted one, she might easily miss the other.

The third task was okay. After all, cleaning up a city is a large, long-lasting task that required a lot of manpower. Especially the more you move forward, the higher the strength of the zombies encountered and the slower the progress. 

In short, this task can be taken at any time. Immediately following that is the one encountered today. Shao Qing would like to take the task of escorting researchers to Jing Du. 

If the two tasks were to conflict, she can only choose one of them. Shao Qing thought for a long time and finally decided to go to the task hall to take a look. 

Didn’t that woman say that they left some manpower in the task hall, Shao Qing can go and ask. 

So after having a full meal, Shao Qing took Xiao Baozi and took the two untearable sticky candy to the mission hall. 

Today’s task hall was very lively. The number of people was more than double the usual. Shao Qing didn’t think much. After crowding in, she soon saw a delicate young girl standing under the mission sign. 

The girl was holding a sign in her hand. The sign had the task of going deep into the forest written on it. Shao Qing walked over: “Excuse me, how long will this task last?” 

The girl earnestly replied: “It’s like this, because the deep forest is full of dangers, the master does not dare enter carelessly. The master of my family wishes to gather more hands then go in together so the mission will continue to the end of the month. Then next month, they will tally the superhumans who signed up for the mission and select a group from them then we will enter the forest. This way the safety factor will be higher. ” 

“Thank you.” Shao Qing nodded. Figuring out the timing made it a lot easier. From here to Jing Du was not far away. Going there and back wouldn’t take her until the end of the month. She can complete that task first, then come pick up this task after. 

After thinking about it, Shao Qing decided to accept the task first. Going to the hall clerk to report it and have it recorded, then did she go to see the other task. 

At the other task point, it was already full of people. Shao Qing frowned and was almost pushed by the crowd. 

It was Er Dai who helped her. On the other side, Yan Qiyue found a young man and asked him, “Brother, what’s the situation?” 

The young man looked at Yan Qiyue, then said : “Wasn’t there a task before to escort an expert from the south to Jing Du? There were too many people signing up and the chief of the base issued an announcement saying that he would pick a group from the people who signed up. To be chosen they definitely must compete. Thus the chief of the base has arranged some rewards, saying that those who can be selected will get a reward in addition to the reward of the task itself. This is very generous, so once the news came out, everyone came over to sign up.” 

Shao Qing suddenly realized that there was a saying: People flock for the sake of their interest and also separate because of their interests. 

Shao Qing, who originally wanted to sign up, decided to give up. There should be no shortage of manpower thus she would not be needed anymore. She should just wait for the other task to begin.

Although she didn’t sign up, on the day of the match, Shao Qing also went to watch. Lin Xiaofeng, the captain of the Gale Wind and Cheng Jiao all participated. 

Hao Yun, the chief of the base, even sat down to watch in person. It can be seen that he attached great importance to this competition. 

Hao Yun was a quite young man. Judging from his appearance, he was about twenty-seven. Although his appearance wasn’t anything stellar, he still looked good. Adding his gentle smile and extraordinary temperament, he easily dominated the venue. 

However, after watching it halfway through, to be honest, comparing this to the friendly match in Jing Du, this was like child’s play. 

Shao Qing was really not interested in watching it anymore. After all, the Jing Du friendly match brought together all the top masters in Jing Du. It can be said that at least half of the top fighters of the country were there. Naturally S city survivor base was incomparable. 

Lin Xiaofeng’s superhuman squad was good. This time, they definitely will be among the winners. After looking for a while, Shao Qing left. 

Looking at this, she would be better off going back and deciding what to eat tonight and what soup to cook next time. She was always thinking ahead and changing soups constantly, she hasn’t prepared the same soup twice yet. 

They should have originally departed the second day, but because of some delays, it was only on the fourth day did the experts escorting the team to Jing Du officially start their journey. 

Shao Qing and the group rested at the base for about ten days and waited to be notified. The employer was about to choose.

Not many took on this task, at least it was not comparable to the task of escorting the experts. But, it was still quite a bit. At least when Shao Qing took her small group to the designated location, there were already many people waiting there. 

The employer arrived not too early and not late. There were two superhumans next to him. Shao Qing knew at a glance that the two superhumans were not low ranked. 

To her surprise, the employer was quite young and seemed to be fifteen or sixteen years old. With a small face and a bit of baby fat, it was a sight for Gu Panpan. 

The boy stared with big black eyes and tried to make himself look more serious. But the more he tried, the cuter he looked. 

Shao Qing did not know most of the people around her, but there were a few acquaintances. For example, the young person who had lost 3 games out of 5 and had to lead his group of lamed youths. 

Shao Qing also learned his name today, Cheng An. 

As soon as Cheng An saw Shao Qing, he turned as green as a vegetable. After all, he was trampled over by Shao Qing’s group and Shao Qing didn’t even take any action from beginning to end. 

The youth cleared his throat and then said, “I need two teams of superhumans to protect me on my journey. Anyone who is confident in their team, please take a step forward.” 

When it comes to confidence, Shao Qing had a lot, so she took a step forward. Cheng An just raised his foot when he saw Shao Qing stepping forward. His expression became a little distorted and the lifted foot was retracted back. 

He didn’t want to be abused once more in front of everyone. The squad that Cheng An led was in the front tiers in the entire base. Thus, when he didn’t step forward, the remaining people also didn’t dare to go forward. 

So everyone looked at Shao Qing with strange eyes and those who knew the inside story were snickering. Once bitten, twice shy, Cheng An was currently displaying that.

People who didn’t know the inside story were also snickering. They were laughing at where Shao Qing’s country bumpkin group could have come from, to be so bold. Cheng An hadn’t made a move and this group stood out first.

The teenager glanced around and asked, “Are you guys not confident?” 

Cheng An stepped forward. This task was very rewarding and he didn’t want to give up. 

Of the remaining people, those who did not know the inside story also gradually came out one after another. After all, there were two spots. If they couldn’t beat Cheng An, then they should be able to beat those country bumpkins.

The boy nodded and then said, “Those who don’t have the courage can go back. Xiao Fang, give each person ten rank 2 crystals to everyone for their hard work.” 

This move could be considered generous. After taking their pay they all stepped aside, but they weren’t planning on leaving. They still wanted to see a good show! 

The rest must be confident in themselves. The young man said solemnly: “I only need two superhuman teams, which means that among you, there are several superhuman teams that will need to leave. First of all, because of the crisis in the forest, if your strength is too low, you are just sending yourselves to death. Think twice before proceeding.” 

However, the people who came here were not unreasonable. They must have been investigated in advance and only those who had confidence in themselves came over. 

After all, who wants to die for no reason? 

Seeing no one was going to quit, the teenager continued: “You can use any means, persuasion or fighting it out. The two  remaining superhuman teams will take on this task.” 

Once his voice fell, everyone first set their sights on Shao Qing. After all, they should pinch off the weakest link. Cheng An in their minds was the most difficult to handle. Naturally, they had to go around first and target Shao Qing. 

Then, the “weakest link” in their eyes looked at Cheng An. Shao Qing smiled quietly, her eyes looked very gentle: “Would you like to battle again?”

Cheng An was very rational: “I think we need to talk. He has two spots. This means we absolutely do not need to kill each other, we can even join together and let bygones be bygones to win those two spots.”

The people who wanted to watch a good show felt something was off! What is Cheng An like? Why would he be soft to an unknown squad? 

So when they looked at Shao Qing again, their eyes were full of inquiry and doubt. Shao Qing considered it seriously and finally said, “I feel that instead of having a team of superhumans who are hostile beside me, I might as well choose a weaker one to go deep into the forest with, so they at least won’t stab me in the back.”

Cheng An had a clear view of things and he immediately said:“ If during this mission, I hinder you or your people, even if you were to kill them, I will never retaliate.” 

Shao Qing nodded with satisfaction and stretched out her hand: “Deal.” 

Cheng An stretched out his hand with complex eyes and shook Shao Qing’s extended hand: “Deal.” 

As soon as the two reached a consensus, they glanced around. Cheng An spoke out: “Anyone who wants to challenge us, I will accept it.”

The group of people seeing Cheng An and Shao Qing working together, suddenly groaned. The task reward was very rewarding, they really weren’t willing to give up. But seeing the two teams form an alliance, no matter what they couldn’t beat Cheng An.

Some who were a bit more intelligent knew that Shao Qing’s side definitely wasn’t weaker than Cheng An’s. This was because the strong would not cooperate with the weak unless there were special circumstances. 

So some people withdrew. The remaining ones were all teams that were slightly confident of their strength. Shao Qing glanced at Cheng An with a smile. Cheng An immediately knew that if he was going to form an alliance with Shao Qing, he would have to show some sincerity. 

So he took the initiative to step forward and speak to the remaining teams: “Time doesn’t wait for anyone. Let’s stop idling. Come. Best of three matches?” 

The remaining teams, although they had more confidence in the strength of their squad, there was still a very serious problem. That is, when they were up against Cheng An, they were still just scraps.

Thus, the rest also quit on their own. Now only two teams were left on the field, Cheng An’s side and Shao Qing’s side. 

Shao Qing was very satisfied. Without her making a move, time and effort was saved. Cheng An was a person who knew how to get things done. 

The young man waved his hand and let the people under him send the rest away. Of course, everyone received pay for their hard work. After he came over and put out his hand seriously: “My name is Qin Zixi. I hope you will take care of me in the next few days.”

Shao Qing and the others shook hands with him and exchanged their names. Qin Zixi said,” Do you have anything to pack? If so, you can pack it now. We will be heading out first thing tomorrow. If you are free after packing, we can have a meal together.” 

Shao Qing rejected his offer and then took her friends home. They had a lot of things to pack.

Fu Jingmo stayed at home this time. After all, he was the only ordinary person in the entire squad. The forest was dangerous and it was not suitable for him to follow, so he was left behind. 

Shao Qing took her friends, packed up their things and prepared to leave

As soon as they leave, it will be at least for half a month. Some of the more important things needed to be brought, especially seasonings, kitchenware, tableware, fresh fruits and vegetables. Those were indispensable. 

Shao Qing emptied some of her space and now there was a third of it available. Another third was occupied by clothes, snacks, medicines, etc. The last third was for crystals.

After packing up, they told Fu Jingmo they were ready to go.

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