PMMB Volume 2 Chapter 48

Volume 2 Chapter 48 I have comrades 

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Qin Zixi didn’t have a lot of manpower. Two superhumans, two younger girls, and including him there were five in total. Then there were two teams, Shao Qing and Cheng An. 

In general though, there was still a decent amount of people. Early morning of the next day, when the entrance of the base was opened, they headed out in a mighty manner. 

The vehicles were provided by Qin Zixi. They were divided into five vehicles with special drivers. When they were outside the forest, they would leave the vehicle to enter the forest. The drivers would wait outside until they came out, then pick them up again. 

There wasn’t much communication along the way. Once they were outside of the forest, they had to give up the car. When they began walking into the forest, then was there some brief communication. 

It was a very brief exchange. They were arranging the formation to enter the forest. Cheng An’s team was responsible for opening the road. Shao Qing’s team was responsible for the end, Qin Zixi was to be in the middle. 

They were still safe at the edge of the forest. The real danger will be revealed one by one after going deep into the forest. When eating at noon, Shao Qing discovered someone even more stubborn than her. 

Everytime Shao Qing went out she would carry pots, pans, and other seasonings. This has made a lot of people who knew her to roast her. 

But Qin Zixi actually brought a set of picnic tools, red wine, and even specially made desserts for after the meal. The fruits on the plate were incredibly luxurious. 

The two younger girls left and right would serve Qin Zixi. This caused everyone to stare straight at them. 

Going out with your own chef and maid! 

Looking at Qin Zixi, then looking at Shao Qing’s side, now it seemed like there was nothing wrong with Shao Qing going out with pots, pans and seasoning. 

After all, it was all relative. 

After having lunch, Qin Zixi shouted to everyone, “This time I want to enter this forest to catch some advanced mutant animals. One thing to pay attention to is that I want it alive.” 

After saying this, Cheng An’s face changed slightly. After all, the difficulty of catching live mutant animals and killing mutant animals is very different. If the difficulty of killing mutant animals is 1, then the difficulty of catching them alive is 10. The casualties will increase accordingly.

According to Qin Zixi’s meaning, what he wanted were not ordinary low-level mutant animals. He wanted something at least of rank 3. The difficulty of this would be increasingly high. 

No wonder the remuneration was so high! A treat like this wouldn’t just drop out of the sky. Even if it was a treat, this was a treat with poison.

See, didn’t it just smash him in the head? 

So Cheng An asked the question: “Why do you have to catch it alive? Although mutant animals are all treasures, the value of a living mutant animal and a dead mutant animal is similar. On the contrary, the labor and personnel damage would not be proportional.” 

Qin Zixi hesitated for a moment,“ Since I hired you, I won’t hide things from you. The reason why I need a live mutated animal is because of my ability. My ability is to control beasts. As the name implies, I need to control a living mutant beast; thus for me, only a living mutant animal would be valuable, a high-level mutant animal.” 

He spoke with his heart and soul. Although Cheng An was still unwilling, he didn’t say much. After all, the task was chosen by him. At the time, Qin Zixi also said clearly, this time the difficulty and reward of a task were directly proportional. 

In the end, if he continued to complain that the task was too difficult, isn’t that just a sign that he was useless? 

However, Shao Qing was more calm. She was holding Xiao Baozi and warming milk for him. “So what are the requirements for the mutant beast?” 

“I am now a rank 3 superhuman. For me, a rank 3 mutant animal is the most suitable. If the rank is too low there would be no use for it and if it is too high, I cannot control it. Furthermore, I have a limited number of mutant animals that I can control. The biggest reason I came is to find  a mutant animal that suits me the best and have it be the main beast I use to fight.” Qin Zixi said solemnly:” I hope this mutant animal is a race with a high combat effectiveness or it has some special ability. The higher the combat effectiveness, the better. I will be counting on you guys.”

“Take people’s money and eliminate their problems. Since we took your reward, accomplishing your task is natural.” Shao Qing didn’t ask for nothing. She had to first lock down an animal, then avoid other high-risk animals as much as possible. This would make things more efficient. 

She used to stay in the jungle or forest for a long time. Regarding the habits of those animals, she was more familiar than the average person. After listening to Qin Zixi’s request, she was able to narrow it down to several mutant animals. 

Among them, tigers and bears were the best choices, followed by leopards and pythons. If these four cannot be found, she would see if they could catch a few wolves and come back. 

Shao Qing was the most optimistic about bears. Bears were both offensive and defensive. They can not only protect Qin Zixi, but also have a high combat effectiveness. They were definitely the best choice for a superhuman who has the ability to control animals. 

Shao Qing shared her thoughts with Qin Zixi and coincided with Qin Zixi’s vision. He also felt that these were all good choices. As long as one of those could be subdued and the level was rank 3 and above, his trip would be successful. 

After all, mutant animals have a much higher strength than superhumans at the same level. The only downside was that they didn’t have human IQ, so they could be overturned by humans. 

Then what happens if a high ranking mutant animal was paired with someone who controlled it? That would be frightening. They would definitely be an invincible player for people of the same rank.

Unless you met a monster like Shao Qing who does not play cards according to common sense. 

Therefore, Shao Qing was very optimistic about Qin Zixi’s future combat effectiveness. If Qin Zixi practices a little bit on fighting skills himself, his combat effectiveness and threat would increase by another level. 

After setting the general goal, Qin Zixi showed off his ability to control the beast. From the sleeve of Qin Zixi, a green snake slithered out. The scales of this snake were particularly eye catching as if it were pieces of jade clinging to its body, it made its round little head look charming. 

However, as soon as this snake appeared, Yan Qiyue almost couldn’t control his power and used it. Fortunately, Shao Qing caught him in time and grabbed him. As soon as she did, Yan Qiyue did not lose his control.

Even so, Yan Qiyue couldn’t help but have beads of sweat appear on his forehead. This was not because he was afraid of snakes. After all, he even dared to dissect humans. Instead it was because the snake was too poisonous. 

A drop of it’s venom can poison an elephant in no time, let alone a human. 

Furthermore, this snake was mutated. The toxin should be even more terrible. Yan Qiyue now admired Qin Zixi a bit. Being able to raise such a snake and not being afraid of the possibility of being bitten by it in the middle of the night and dying a clueless death, he was impressed. 

Qin Zixi was not afraid. He touched the snake’s head, then said: “Xiao Cui is the first animal I subdued when I awakened my abilities. It’s especially well-behaved, you need not fear.” 

Originally not afraid of the little snake, after listening to Yan Qiyue’s facts, they were completely intimidated. But the one who was most courageous was not Shao Qing but Xiao Baozi. He crouched down and touched Xiao Cui’s head. Then he happily held up Yaya towards Qin Zixi: “I  also have one! This is Yaya, he likes carrots.”

Qin Zixi blinked with big eyes. After a long time, he couldn’t help but reach out and gently touch Xiao Baozi, then retract his hand a little shyly. He said in a serious tone: “Your Yaya is also cute.”

Xiao Baozi was pleased immediately. To please Xiao Baozi was very simple. Either compliment Shao Qing or Yaya. Qin Zixi was snubbed by his cuteness. 

So Xiao Baozi dug with his own small purse and pulled out a piece of toffee. He handed it to Qin Zixi with great pride: “Have some candy!”

When this usually happened, it was Xiao Baozi’s way of implying, take this candy and you have become my friend.

Qin Zixi did not act modestly with Xiao Baozi. After receiving the toffee, he also gave back a pudding to Xiao Baozi. Obviously, the pudding was one of his precious inventory items. When he gave it out, he felt a little pain. 

Qin Zixi was not very old and was still a child. While Xiao Baozi since birth never had any playmates. Thus, he soon became familiar with Qin Zixi. 

Two people, one snake and one rabbit, soon left Shao Qing and went to play. 

Shao Qing was helpless and then began to think about some future problems. For example, since the apocalypse, she always felt uneasy and had to bring Xiao Baozi along with her for missions. When she returned to the base, there was also no one of the same age so he had no friends.

Shao Tong did not count. Shao Qing has seen Shao Tong and Xiao Baozi’s exchanges. It was like a chicken speaking with a duck, the scene was awkward. 

Of course, when they don’t communicate, they get along very warmly. After all, when Shao Qing was away, Shao Tong was in charge of taking care of Xiao Baozi. The two had a unique revolutionary friendship. 

Thus, Qin Zixi can be regarded as Xiao Baozi’s first friend. 

Thinking so carefully, Shao Qing was quite ashamed. Why does Xiao Baozi like Yaya so much? Holding it every day, being so close, isn’t it because he has no friends playing with him. So Yaya was a substitute for his friends. 

Now that there was a Qin Zixi, Shao Qing was relieved. It seems that in the future, she will not only have to pay attention to his quality of life, but also his psychological problems. 

Qin Zixi was a very good little boy. Although he deliberately looked displeased to make himself look serious, his chubby cheeks only made him look more lovely.

What’s most important is that Qin Zixi likes Xiao Baozi sincerely from the heart. From his every move, one can see that Qin Zixi’s eyes were full of indulgence. 

Thus Xiao Baozi was very happy. He finally had a little friend who could play together. Furthermore, this little friend also likes to raise small animals, Xiao Cui could play with Yaya! 

Scared by the poisonous snake, Yaya with its rabbit legs that were almost cramping: …… 

Little master, where do you see me playing with it happily?

Xiao Baozi’s happiness lasted for a long time. Even at night, when Er Dai and Yan Qiyue came over to steal his Mama, it did not change his good mood. 

Xiao Baozi was lying in the arms of Shao Qing and Yaya was lying on the pillow pretending to be dead. For the first time, Xiao Baozi did not stuff Yaya between him and Shao Qing. Instead he wrapped himself around Shao Qing’s neck and was happily talking to Shao Qing about what happened during the day. 

For example, Qin Zixi gave him delicious puddings, lent him toys to play with, and took him to pick mushrooms. In short, Qin Zixi was a good companion. 

Talking, Xiao Baozi asked Shao Qing with his head tilted: “Can we live with Brother Xiaoxi in the future? I want to play with Brother Xiaoxi…” 

Shao Qing touched Xiao Baozi’s head and said in a warm voice. : “No, only a family can live together. Qin Zixi has his family. When things are done, he will leave. But if baby likes it, I will take you to visit him.” 

Xiao Baozi was a little disappointed. This was the first time he has encountered such a good friend, so he didn’t want to be separated from this friend. In fact, he wanted to sleep with this friend very much.

But listening to Mama’s words, his little friend will leave in the future. Why can’t his little friend be like Uncle Hanqing and stay with them, live with them, and sleep together? 

Xiao Baozi felt very annoyed. 

He didn’t want to be separated from his first friend, but Mama said that only a family can live together. 

Xiao Baozi’s mind quickly turned, biting his fingers and twisting in Shao Qing’s arms. Then a flash of light appeared. Why doesn’t he turn Brother Xiaoxi into his family? 

Like Er Dai and Yan Qiyue, they were not his family before. But aren’t they sleeping with him now and trying to compete with him for Mama? 

The more he thought about it, the more he thought his idea was feasible. Finally, he fell asleep. Before he fell asleep, he still had the idea in his head. Ma Ma on the left and Qin Zixi, his new friend on the right. Holding Yaya in his arms, wouldn’t that be the best.

Waking up the next morning, Shao Qing first dragged Yaya out from under the bed, then shouted for the three to wake up, brush their teeth and wash their face. 

Yan Hanqing, as the good man, was already cooking breakfast at this moment. Breakfast needed to be light and nutritious. So Yan Hanqing cooked porridge, shredded pork porridge, with some pickled vegetables. He even boiled an egg for each person. The food was wonderful. 

The pickled vegetables were fried by Yan Hanqing. Adding the vermicelli, shredded pork, pure peanut oil, red peppers, and a little fennel, it could be eaten directly as a dish. 

Cheng An, who smelt the fragrance couldn’t help coming over and asking for a dish. Xiao Baozi currently in his ‘passionate period’ with Qin Zixi, filled up some porridge and pickled shreds, added two more eggs, then sent it over to Qin Zixi. 

When he came back he was smiling so hard even his dimples were showing. In his hand was a small doll gifted to him by Qin Zixi. 

Shao Qing was very happy to see that Xiao Baozi had a playmate, especially when she saw the cute expression on Xiao Baozi’s face and couldn’t help rubbing his cheek.

After eating breakfast, the group of people continued to go on their way. Before going on the road, Qin Zixi gave everyone a packet of insect repellent powder. This powder was applied to the body and would drive away mosquitoes. In the forest, it was a very useful medicinal powder. 

This is the second day they have entered the forest and they have already gone a long way. They weren’t sure if they were lucky or not, but they have not encountered a mutant beast at all. 

Even the more common pheasant or rabbits were not seen. 

Qin Zixi was discouraged, but soon he was revived. After all, the forest was very large and they were still near the edge. It is normal to not encounter animals. 

By the third day, they finally encountered the first mutant animal, a mutant wild cat. It was very fast, but like the habits of an ordinary cat, it ran away when it saw people. 

However, a few of them were still very excited. At least they have begun to encounter mutant animals. By the afternoon, when they set off, the person to open up the path became Shao Qing. 

At the forefront was Gu Panpan, followed by Shao Qing with Er Dai and Yan Qiyue on the left and right, then followed by Yan Hanqing and Gu Chuan who sandwiched Shao Tong. 

This way, as long as Gu Panpan encountered danger, Shao Qing would be able to pull her back with vines as soon as possible. Er Dai, who was better with close range attacks, would then come up for support. 

The rest would use long-range attacks. As for Yan Qiyue’s position, he simply stole it with his shameless nature….

Yan Qiyue said that he must seize every opportunity to be with Shao Qing. 

After entering deeper by another chunk, Shao Tong, the most perceptive one, spread the news that there was a strong aura ahead. Er Dai who was also more perceptive quickly became alert. 

Shao Qing trusted in the two of them very much, so she immediately signaled to her friends to pay attention to the surroundings. She also entered a state of alert. 

After approaching slightly, Shao Tong passed the news that there was more than one aura ahead. This meant that there was more than one mutant animal in front. 

Soon, Shao Qing could even feel the land under her feet trembling slightly. That is to say, there were mutant animals running towards them and they were not light. Thus, when they ran, the land trembled. 

She climbed up a tree, so that her vision widened. Looking past the countless branches, Shao Qing could see what was going on and what approached them. 

The thing who was approaching was a cow. If you only look at it, it looked a bit like a rhino, but the horns were smaller. The overall size was also smaller than a rhino’s. Three or five such cattle were running wildly ahead chased by a wolf. 

Theoretically, there should be very few cattle in this kind of forest. But after thenapocalypse, all kinds of animals have left their original habitat and fled. Some mutated animals were not confined by any environment, thus any animal encountered in the forest wasn’t a surprise at all. 

Perhaps one could also encounter a fish running on the ground, or rabbits chasing tigers, such as Yaya. 

Shao Qing took a closer look at the wolves. Because they were too far away, she couldn’t sense their ranks. Thus she could only make a gesture to the group to tell them to be alert that something was approaching.

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