PMMB Volume 2 Chapter 49

Volume 2 Chapter 49 Yan Qiyue’s Daily Life 

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As the group of mutant animals approached, Shao Qing remained motionless. She felt their breath carefully. Finally, she determined that these wolves were all around the third rank. If there were no better choice, these wolves would completely satisfy Qin Zixi’s request. 

Once confirmed, Shao Qing released her vines and told everyone else to hide. The herd of cattle seemed to have mad cow disease and were charging forward violently. What if they hurt someone? 

The fastest was Er Dai. He picked up Xiao Baozi and rushed up the tree, then everyone else also hid. 

Only Cheng An’s team stood there confused. Xiao Baozi hurriedly beckoned to Qin Zixi. Although Qin Zixi didn’t understand what was happening, he saw his little friend calling and he followed. 

Cheng An had faith in Shao Qing’s strength, so he also hid. A group of people hiding under the tree, soon they were able to see a scene. 

The madly running cows, left behind an ocean of dust; the wolves were eating dirt as they followed behind. 

Shao Qing let the cows pass. The herd of cattle looked pretty pathetic. One of them was almost killed and had bloody wolf paw prints on its buttocks. 

After the cows passed, vines suddenly emerged from the ground. Like a giant net, several wolves were netted in the center. With her current strength, dealing with several mutant beasts of about rank three was an easy task. 

There were sharp thorns on the vines. As soon as the net caught the wolves, it quickly pierced their skin and injected toxins. The wolves struggled a few times then were quickly paralyzed and laid motionless in the net. 

Yan Qiyue and the rest were very accustomed to Shao Qing’s strength. Although Cheng An knew that Shao Qing had to be strong to lead a superhuman like Gu Panpan, it was still the first time he had seen Shao Qing’s strength. 

He couldn’t help coming over to inspect. Poking the wolf in the net, he asked: “This is a third rank mutant wolf?”

Looking at their turquoise black fur and the cyan-like lightning vertical mark on the forehead, it was clear that this was a wind elemental mutant wolf. But… how could a third rank mutant wolf not even resist? It was literally captured by one net… 

Shao Qing nodded, taking back her vines. She left the three blue wolves still twitching in place and said: “Two initial third rank and one intermediate third rank, their potential is pretty good. At least there will be no problem raising them  to at least a rank 4 mutant animal. I temporarily paralyzed them. Would you like to lock them up first somewhere?” 

Qin Zixi was also stunned. They haven’t entered the forest for long yet Shao Qing has already captured three mutant animals that had one of the higher combat effectiveness among the mutant animals? What’s more important is that they did not even have any personnel damage. They didn’t even have to make a move. 

Studying Qin Zixi’s serious look, Xiao Baozi who was wrapped around Er Dai’s neck, stretched out his little paw and touched Qin Zixi’s hair and then says: “They look fierce and aren’t as cute as Xiao Cui, will you raise them?” 

Qin Zixi nodded. Beckoning to a beautiful girl next to him, the girl took out an iron cage out of thin air then two other superhumans went forward and placed the three wolves into the cage. 

When Shao Qing went to see Qin Zixi again, his eyes were a little more profound. The number of superhumans with spatial abilities was very small. This was because they did not have the ability to protect themselves thus many died in the early stages of the apocalypse. 

The survivors with spatial powers were usually in the base and had an awkward position. Generally, when a mercenary group is on a mission, they will bring one person with spatial powers. 

After all, when they are searching for materials outside, all the things they brought needed a place to be stored. However, if they possessed a person with spatial power, someone not a kin of the leader, people might suspect them of embezzling the goods.

Therefore, those who possess space have awkward positions in the apocalypse. They are indispensable and also can be suspected. 

So Qin Zixi actually bringing a superhuman with spatial powers, it was simply unheard of.

And seeing the size of the cage, the space of this superhuman should not be small. After all, she can’t be just holding this one cage. Besides the cage, there should be many other things in her space. 

But Shao Qing just looked at Qin Zixi once more. 

After catching these wolves, they will set up camp. This was because even if they are spatial superhumans, they cannot hold living things within their space. Such a large cage cannot be dragged forward.

Therefore, Qin Zixi must try to conquer these wolves on the spot. As long as they are conquered, these wolves will obey his orders. Not only will it not become a burden, but they will also help in the next part of the journey. 

So they can only rest in place while Qin Zixi conquered the wolf. Once he was finished, then could they continue to move forward. 

This power of Qin Zixi was also very rare. At least Shao Qing has not seen a second one. During the camping process, Shao Qing did not stop there. She carried Xiao Baozi and walked forward. 

She wanted to go for a walk and along the way take Yaya out. Yaya has now been trained very fiercely. When encountering those small mutant animals, as long as Xiao Baozi ordered it, it will go out, not like a rabbit, more like a flood gate and throw its prey to the ground. 

Not far away, Shao Qing saw a small lake. It is said to be a lake, but it looked rather like a puddle. There may have been a fountain here a long time ago and a lot of water spewed out from the ground. Later, the fountain was no longer active and the water just remained. 

The puddle was not small. Shao Qing tried it, it was half a person deep and the water was very clear. You can clearly see the mud and gravel at the bottom of the water. There were no living things in the water, only a few plants. 

Shao Qing was very moved. She bit her fingertips and poked at the water. She wanted to go for a bath. After entering the forest, she had never taken a bath. So it was no wonder that she looked at the water and got so emotional. 

Shao Qing carefully thought about it. There should be no people around, except for their group. So as long as there was someone keeping watch, it should be safe to take a bath. 

So Shao Qing happily requisitioned Yaya. She released Yaya and took a carrot out from space: “If someone approaches, let me know. If you do well, you will get carrots tonight.”

Yaya stared at the carrot and his saliva almost flowed out. When Shao Qing threw the carrot to it, it held the carrot and rolled happily on the ground. Then it expressed that if someone came, it would call. 

Shao Qing was very satisfied, so she picked up Xiao Baozi and went into the water. Xiao Baozi liked the water. His two short legs were kicking in the water. Bobbing up and down, Shao Qing supported his fleshy little butt, so he could keep his balance in the water. 

The two people were actually not dirty. They just enjoyed the feeling of soaking in the water. 

Especially Xiao Baozi, holding Shao Qing’s neck, he kept asking: “Mama, why don’t you call Yaya over? I want to bathe Yaya… 

Shao Qing just touched his head: “Yaya must be on the lookout, otherwise someone might come. If we don’t know, it won’t be a good thing.” 

Xiao Baozi looked at Shao Qing: “But uncle is already here? Do you want to come down and take a bath with us?” 

Yan Qiyue’s heart was collapsing. He had just wanted to sneak out and throw off Er Dai. Perhap he could have some alone time with Shao Qing and chat about the situation as when conditions are right success follows naturally. 

Then he saw such a scene, black hair like a waterfall, draped on her fair-skinned back. Showing her slender shoulders and slim waist soaked in water.

Whether it was the shoulders or the waist, it all seemed to be white and tender. Coming out of the water, her thin waist looked especially soft. 

Yan Qiyue didn’t understand before, why people used a water snake’s waist to describe a thin waist, but now he understood. That beautiful waist was stunning, enchanting and the slenderness did not make people feel fragile. A dancing white snake really matched the slenderness and suppleness of her waist. 

Yan Qiyue looked on dumbly, but Shao Qing was stiff. She now wanted to break Yaya into a dozen segments. She had told it to remind her if someone came? Why can’t she even see its shadow!? 

Yaya was very grieved while holding its carrots. Yan Qiyue’s aura was too familiar to it. Recently, they slept together every night and Yan Qiyue’s body was full of Shao Qing’s aura, so Yaya had neglected it…… 

Shao Qing stiffened in the water. If she turned around now, then certainly her crucial part will be seen. So she bit the bullet and said: “Son, who came over?” 

“Yan Qiyue.” Xiao Baozi blinked and blinked. Yan Qiyue was a big bad guy and every time he looked at Mama, his eyes were strange! 

Shao Qing had to speak: “Qiyue, you turn around first…” 

Yan Qiyue quietly swallowed, and then said: “Okay…” He turned around reluctantly and closed his eyes. In front of him was the section of the waist that was soaked in water.

When he heard the rustling sound of wearing clothes, the feeling became even stronger. Yan Qiyue couldn’t help pinching his legs, for fear of showing something but he was seen by Xiao Baozi. 

After a short while, though in Yan Qiyue’s heart it seemed as if it had been forever, Shao Qing whispered: “Okay.” 

Yan Qiyue could not wait to turn around because Shao Qing did not have her hair tied up. Her hair covered her waist and the drops of water made her eyebrows softer. 

Usually, Shao Qing always had a very strong presence. Even her looks made people feel a heroic spirit. It was Yan Qiyue’s first time seeing Shao Qing so soft and so beautiful… and he was dazed. 

Shao Qing felt a little embarrassed. She hugged Xiao Baozi and said, “Would you like to wash too?” 

After that, she felt that she shouldn’t have spoken. The puddle was so small and she had just washed. It would have been equivalent to allowing Yan Qiyue to use her bath water, thinking about it, it was too promiscuous. 

Yan Qiyue said nothing, then walked over and said cheerfully: “Okay, I haven’t taken a bath for a few days and just felt a bit uncomfortable.” 

He then took off his shirt. Yan Qiyue belonged to that type. He was still thin when wearing clothes but he still had a little muscle. The kind of man whose muscle lines were very soft. 

Taking a glance and looking at his skin, his skin was whiter and more tender than most women. In addition, with his sub-healthy state all year round, he had a morbid paleness to him and his soft tummy gave off a cute feeling. 

Shao Qing sweeped over it with her eyes, then turned her face away very seriously. But when she turned, she glanced again.

Yan Qiyue was already taking off his pants at this time. He bent down and dragged his trousers down. The small white underwear wrapped around his hips, but because of him bending down, he revealed his butt crack. 

It was too much! 

Shao Qing suddenly became extremely serious, turned her head and said, “You wash, I will be on lookout.” Then she walked away. 

Yan Qiyue was a little disappointed. In fact, he didn’t want to take a bath. His original intention was just to seduce Shao Qing. But when Xiao Baozi was around, Shao Qing was too hard to seduce. 

So Yan Qiyue hurriedly took a bath and got up. He got dressed, then going over to the tall strong tree, he saw Shao Qing squatting on the ground bullying Yaya. 

Poor Yaya, he was bullied until he was about to cry. Yan Qiyue suddenly wanted to hug Shao Qing from behind, hug her slender waist and feel her slightly cold body temperature. 

Sometimes Yan Qiyue would think, how did he fall in love? He was obviously selfish and ruthless, so ruthless  that he was even ruthless to himself. So how did he fall in love with a woman with all his heart? 

Is it because she doesn’t discriminate against his special interest? Is it because she is gentle under that indifferent mask when facing him? 

Yes, but no. 

To some people, it was fate. They would give their heart out when they saw it. Even people like him could not escape. 

It’s just that she’s too good. She would attract too many people’s attention. From Er Dai to Yan Hanqing to Gu Chuan, and even Fu Jingmo.

Yan Qiyue couldn’t help but bite his fingertips, his eyes were a little red. God knew he wanted to kill all those who tried to approach Shao Qing, but reason told him that he couldn’t do it. 

Two kinds of thinking were clashing with each other. Yan Qiyue felt that he was becoming crazy. 

Love probably had such a magical power that made him willing to suppress himself and do things he never did before. 

Unconsciously, Yan Qiyue bit his fingertips until they were badly mangled. He quietly hid his fingertips and suppressed all the crazy thoughts in his heart. 

“Ah Qing, why don’t we have roast rabbit meat tonight?” 

Yaya widened it’s rabbit eyes to look at Yan Qiyue. The devil! Bad guy! Actually instigating the owner’s mama to finish it! 

Shao Qing clutched the tail of the rabbit: “It’s useless, so let’s eat it.” 

Yaya immediately squished into a ball. It began crying and tried to act pitiful to ask its master for help. 

Xiao Baozi squeezed the rabbit’s ears and then said, “Mama, don’t scare Yaya. Look, it already knows it’s wrong.” 

Yaya immediately hugged his claws, bowing. It looked pitiful and funny. Shao Qing just let it go: “Since we’re out, let’s get some prey and go back to make dinner.” 

Yan Qiyue desperately wanted to stay with Shao Qing for a while longer, thus naturally he wouldn’t refuse. He pointed in a direction, and said: “Go there? The grass over there looks more lush.” 

Shao Qing nodded and brought the two people and rabbit over. 

They caught a lot of small prey and then went back to let chef Yan Hanqing handle it. The surprise was that they also found a walnut-like shaped item in the forest. But after opening the shell, they were all small black seeds. Grinding it, they could be used for seasoning.

Shao Qing collected a bit more to see if she could plant it after going back. This way there would no longer be any worries about seasoning. 

When cooking, the meals of several people were separated. One for Yan Hanqing and the group, and the other for Shao Qing, Er Dai, and Xiao Baozi. 

This is the food Yan Qiyue discovered after neglecting sleep and food, which can be digested by zombies. 

Although Shao Qing still can only take a small amount of food, it was also very satisfying. More importantly, when traveling with so many people like Cheng An, Shao Qing is also less likely to be exposed. 

Of course, what is most satisfying for Shao Qing is that she can eat and doesn’t have to watch others eat again, to only vomit after. 

After all, Shao Qing is still a normal human being psychologically. She really can’t accept the life of not eating for long durations. She would feel that her psychology is abnormal. 

Yan Qiyue’s research was successful this time. He actually made a medicinal powder with the main materials being the crystal and bones of mutant animals, and some special mutant plants. Mixing this medicinal powder when cooking will allow zombies to digest most of the food in their stomachs, and only a small amount of indigestible food will still need to be spat out. 

When Yan Hanqing was processing the ingredients, Xiao Baozi had already ran off to see his little friend, while his little friend was still communicating with the blue wolf.

His powers seemed to be very powerful, capable of controlling more than one advanced mutant animal. But the converting process must actually be very troublesome. 

Speaking of which his abilities were also counted in the spiritual department. The main thing was the ability to communicate with mutant animals, and then using spiritual power to leave a mark on the mutant animal’s spirit to control them. 

Therefore, in the process of conquering, Qin Zixi would definitely be in danger. For example, if the mutant animal’s mental strength was very high, it will in turn oppress his mental strength causing his mental strength to be damaged. If it became serious, he may become an idiot or die directly. 

The second was that all mutant animals are very wild and aggressive and he needed to be close to the mutant animals to communicate with them. In the process of communication, they constantly use mental stimulation until they can conquer them. 

In short, strong forces must be accompanied by high risks.

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