PMMB Volume 2 Chapter 50

Volume 2 Chapter 50 To travel far and wide looking for something, only to find it easily

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Xiao Cui was a very strong poisonous creature, but it was only a rank 2. Thus when Qin Zixi conquered it, he was not very tired. But now in front of him were three mutant wolves. Each one had a level equivalent to him, the difficulty was obvious.

Qin Zixi started to conquer the initial third rank mutant wolf. This mutant wolf struggled the entire time, especially its mental fluctuations did not stop even for a moment. 

Qin Zixi tossed for hours, sweat covering his forehead, but there was still no progress. He could not help but feel a loss. In theory, he could conquer third rank mutant animals, but why is there no progress at all?

“Master is busy, you can’t disturb Master…” There was a gentle voice from a woman outside and a timid voice from Xiao Baozi: “I won’t play with Brother Zixi, I won’t stir up trouble …” 

Qin Zixi rubbed his head, then said, “Come in.” He had no brothers or sisters since he was a child and Xiao Baozi was very cute, thus he especially liked Xiao Baozi and treated him like a little brother. 

Xiao Baozi ran in happily, and then saw a big wolf lying in front of Qin Zixi. Even though they had their wolf claws bound, they still looked very fierce. 

Xiao Baozi sat on the side very honestly, then spoke quietly, “I won’t disturb Brother Zixi. Will brother raise this ugly wolf in the future?” 

Qin Zixi tried to make his round face look more serious, and then rubbed Xiao Baozi’s head, “Yeah, brother will raise them in the future.” 

“Is it disobedient…” Xiao Baozi looked at the rope on the wolf and wrinkled his little nose. Then he fiercely said: “Mama said, if they don’t listen, beat it and it will be obedient!”

Yaya didn’t listen at that time, and was beaten by Shao Qing. Now look how obedient he was!

Qin Zixi laughed and did not take Xiao Baozi seriously. Qin Zixi moved over on the small bench, allowing Xiao Baozi to sit to the side, and continue to study. 

They couldn’t stay there the entire time, he must conquer the wolves as soon as possible. They had to leave this broken place. 

When Qin Zixi began to communicate with the wolf mentally, Xiao Baozi held Yaya and looked at the big wolf. 

The wolf was very fierce, with a mouthful of big white teeth and saliva dripping down. The mental power fluctuation was even more violent. Xiao Baozi immediately stared at the wolf. Those pure black eyes stared straight at the wolf and a fierce blast erupted from Xiao Baozi. 

Qin Zixi who originally felt that the wolf’s mental strength was like a thick barrier that prevented him from going deeper, suddenly he felt the barrier disappear and his mental strength penetrate into the wolf’s spirit without hindrance. Deep in and he simply imprinted the mark. 

Qin Zixi was stunned. After grinding for several hours, he had made no progress at all. Why did he succeed suddenly? 

No matter what, this was a good thing. Qin Zixi opened his eyes and then tried to send out a command. The wolf immediately laid on the ground, wagging his tail. Qin Zixi was relieved, this wasn’t a dream. He really conquered it. 

In Qin Zixi’s eyes, Xiao Baozi was his lucky star. Once Xiao Baozi came, he succeeded. Thus, Qin Zixi said nothing and hugged and kissed him.

Xiao Baozi was very shy, then kissed him back and said shamefully, “Brother Xiao Xi, have you finished your business?” 

Qin Zixi touched his head: “Brother will play with you first.”

The progress on that side was very smooth. On this side, Shao Qing also broke through to the apex of level four.  She said it was a breakthrough when infact, she had just accumulated more strength. When the conditions were right, success would follow naturally and she would break through to rank five. 

Shao Qing originally thought that it would take at least three days for Qin Zixi to conquer the three wolves, but it took him less than a day. The next morning, he led the three conquered wolves in a spirited manner. 

“I’ve given them good names, Xiao Yi, Xiao Er, Xiao San.” Qin Zixi patted the wolf with the highest grade, and then gently asked Xiao Baozi: “Would you like to try riding it?” 

Xiao Baozi was especially excited riding on the wolf, making Shao Qing sigh. Now that Xiao Baozi had a friend, he had forgotten all about his mother. 

Since Qin Zixi had conquered the wolves, they continued to move forward. In fact, Qin Zixi’s trip had been completed, but since they had already arrived, it was a pity to go back this way. Maybe they might find a higher level that is more suitable for him. 

The wolf named Xiao Yi became the exclusive mount for Xiao Baozi. Xiao Baozi was sitting on top of it in high spirits. Even Yaya who felt its legs become jello when staring at the wolves stood upright on the head of the wolf. 

The group of people continued to set off. After reaching a certain distance in the forest, it was dangerous everywhere and the group became more vigilant. 

Shao Qing went to the place where bears lived. According to the habits of the bears, they found places where there might be bears and indeed they did find a few bears. Unfortunately, the highest level was only rank 2. The combat effectiveness was a little low-end and not suitable for Qin Zixi. 

For several consecutive days, they didn’t get any harvest. Then one day, it suddenly began raining, and the rain was not small. At first, it was just a tickle. There was rain dripping from the gaps between the branches and leaves, and it hit Shao Qing’s face. 

She looked up and felt the coldness of the rain within a few seconds. The rain tonight may be so big that they wouldn’t be able to see if there was a beast or something approaching. After all, the sound of rain will cover many other sounds. 

Unwillingly, Shao Qing and the group had to set up a tent in place, sheltered from the wind and rain, and also heated.

In short, there was no way to move forward this afternoon because of rain. At about four in the afternoon, the sky was completely dark and dark clouds covered the sky. Pieces of clouds, like a black curtain, covered them overhead and pelted rain down. 

The climate during the apocalypse has always been weird. It rained for a second, and then hail was mixed in the rain a second later. Shao Qing had to cover their tent with vines to prevent hail or rain from crushing the tent. 

Another bitter thing was that they couldn’t sleep in the sleeping bag, otherwise it was likely to become a water bag. Shao Qing could only hold Xiao Baozi in her arms and let him continue to sleep. 

The rain did not stop the entire night, and it was not until 10 o’clock the next day that the weather gradually cleared up. When Shao Qing lifted her tent, she was stunned. The weeds on the ground had all bloomed into white flowers. It was unclear how far it spread, but it was exceptionally beautiful. 

Because the ground was very moist, when stepping on it, the soles of the feet became muddy. Yet, Shao Qing still walked happily, especially when she saw the busy bees. 

Bees collect honey and bears like to steal honey. If they found a hive, they might just run into a bear. 

Because of the heavy rain, many snakes and insects were washed out of the nest and were crossing the roads. 

Even a huge python was rushed out of the cave and formed a ball on the ground. Shao Qing didn’t want to cause any trouble, so they just passed around.

Following the direction of the bees flying, they should be able to find the hive. It was then that Shao Qing discovered that the forest was filled with the same trees and a hive was hanging from each branch. Due to the large numbers, it looked like the fruit of a tree. 

Then Shao Qing did a bad thing… she secretly picked a hive down and smashed it. With the honey leaking out, she filled up a small bottle. 

For this reason, Er Dai was stung until his head became a bun….

Shao Qing and the group temporarily lived here, waiting for bears to come and steal honey. This way, they could catch it directly. 

Although this was a little bit of a wait-and-see, it was irrational to go deeper. No one knew what was deep in the forest. It’s better to wait for a while than to take a risk. If they could catch a mutant bear it would be the best, but if they couldn’t, they could just exit the forest without them. 

Anyway, Qin Zixi’s harvest this time can already satisfy him. 

Shao Qing had already decided that whether they could catch the bear or not, when they left, she would pick out all the hives and take out honey to drink.

They really did not see a bear … only some small mutant animals. Although Qin Zixi was unwilling, they still had to return. 

The wolves opened the road. The aura on them was extremely fierce, thus it was best to use them to open the road. Generally, mutant animals with some brain would not come to provoke them. 

Those who have no brains were generally weak, and dare not provoke a strong mutant wolf. 

Xiao Baozi who was riding on the wolf was very happy. There is a saying how when you look for things intentionally you won’t find it, but when you don’t it will appear. They sincerely wanted to find a high-level mutant bear, but they did not find it. So when they had given up and were returning, they unexpectedly encountered a bear. 

At that time, the situation was like this. It had been raining for several days, the ground was relatively wet the whole day, the soles of their shoes would sink down more than ten centimeters of soil. 

Xiao Baozi holding a jar of honey was riding a wolf with Yaya, followed by Shao Qing. When they stopped for lunch at noon, Xiao Baozi put the honey on the ground. Yet, when he finished eating and came back, the honey was missing!

A full jar of honey now empty, Xiao Baozi was crabby and asked: “Did you steal my honey?” 

Asking around, Xiao Baozi was still unable to find an answer and felt a little aggrieved. Then when he blinked, he saw a section of tail exposed behind the tree. The round ball tail looked very cute. 

Xiao Baozi couldn’t help but poke it and it felt very good. Then the poked bear came out from behind the tree. 

After the bear ate it fell asleep. Suddenly, it had its tail clutched by someone. With a roar, it poked its head out fiercely from the back of the tree, and wanted to see who was so brave to touch it’s tail. 

Then it saw Xiao Baozi… 

Xiao Baozi was stunned. He originally only saw a cute bun. A soft fluffy and gray bun. Then when he grabbed it, a big black bear appeared … the contrast should not be this big.

With the roar, Xiao Baozi almost cried. Luckily, Yaya was very loyal. It’s first response was to jump up and kick the bear’s face. 

The bear was caught off guard and was kicked by the rabbit. The sound of the bear landing was very loud. Shao Qing was immediately attracted over. When Shao Qing saw the scene, she was frightened. The baby in her family sat in front of a bear, looking at the big bear pitifully. 

Shao Qing ran over without saying a word, took Xiao Baozi and was relieved. 

The bear was actually very innocent. After it had finished eating, it was particularly content to find a place to take a nap in which he saw a pot of honey nearby. 

Then it’s tail was pulled. The bear was stunned and woke up. Before it could see clearly who pulled its tail, it was kicked to the ground by a rabbit. 

It was just a bunch of twists and turns for it. 

After Shao Qing picked up Xiao Baozi, she released the vines. This time, she failed to trap the bear. The bear’s fur was so thick that the spikes couldn’t get in, let alone inject the toxin. 

What’s more important is that the bear’s strength was particularly strong. It made a standing motion, and the vines tied to it broke. 

The vines were very solid. Shao Qing had used them to trap countless zombies and mutant animals, but it was easily broken by the bear. 

Fortunately, they were all broken by energy, and there would be no damages, otherwise Shao Qing would be distressed. Now, Shao Qing was just full of thoughts of Xiao Baozi, wondering whether Xiao Baozi was injured.

In her anxious state, she pulled out a green fruit from her space and stuffed it into the bear’s mouth. Just when the bear looked around, a bit sluggish, it was stuffed with something into its mouth. 

It chewed slowly. Sour and a little sweet, and then it fell suddenly. Shao Qing didn’t care about it, and quickly checked whether there was any injury on Xiao Baozi. 

She checked inside and out several times, and was relieved there was nothing. At this time, Shao Qing reacted. Alas, wasn’t that a bear? 

The bear lying on the ground: … 

She didn’t know what she gave the bear before. The bear had just fallen to the ground. It was just sleeping. Shao Qing touched the bear’s head and saw that the bear did not respond. Pulling the bear’s paw, she dragged the bear back. 

The people who were cooking and waiting for food: … 

Well, I went out for a walk and dragged a bear back! 

Shao Qing’s expression was also a bit weird. She felt that Qin Zixi’s life was really good. He always wanted a bear with a thick skin as a thick meat shield, and then when they were about to leave the forest, a bear was sent knocking at his door. 

Is Qin Zixi the bastard son of God? 

“Peak of rank 3, do you want to take it?” Shao Qing said with a strange expression. 

Qin Zixi’s expression was also a bit slow, after a while then did he speak: “Okay…” 

But it was not necessary to rush to conquer the bear, they had to eat first. 

After eating, when Qin Zixi turned to look back, the expression on his face was cracked. The bear that was lying on the ground and sleeping, had his breath suddenly become unstable. There was a thick earthy yellow color. The light continued to shine, clearly it was breaking through. 

Who has seen a prisoner break through at such a critical time? 

Not to mention Qin Zixi, even Shao Qing also felt that Qin Zixi really hit the jackpot this time. Once the bear broke through, it would be a fourth-level mutant animal and the force of a fourth-level mutant bear combined  with Qin Zixi’s wisdom, there would be barely anyone able to compete with him. Even Shao Qing, peak of rank four might not dare to face up to Qin Zixi.

Shao Qing was silent for a long time, then she said:. “Seize this time to go rein it. If you wait for it to evolve into rank four, subduing it then would be very difficult.” 

Qin Zi knew this was not the time to be polite. He could only take the bear back, and set up camp. 

As soon as Shao Qing returned to the tent, she immediately took out the cyan fruit from the space, which was the fruit she had shoved into the bear’s mouth before. 

This was what she accidentally harvested last time in the jungle. Later, something happened that caused her to forget the fruit directly. If not for today, she had stuffed one into the bear, Shao Qing would have completely forgotten about it. 

Does the evolution of that bear have anything to do with this fruit? 

Shao Qing called Yan Qiyue to come to allow the professional to check whether this green fruit was poisonous or not. After Yan Qiyue’s careful inspection, he found that the fruit was not only not poisonous but also rich in energy. 

Shao Qing said nothing. She just shouted for Er Dai to come over and stuffed one inside his mouth.

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