PMMB Volume 2 Chapter 51

Volume 2 Chapter 51 Bad News

Good news here! As stated as the aim for the beginning of the year, I have successfully completed the translation of this novel!! 🤩🥳 Now, dependent on the editor’s speed that will determine the pace of releases! But, just wanted to inform everyone the goal has been met :))

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At that time, when the vine went downwards towards the clusters of bones, it seemed that many mutant animals had died. Shao Qing had no idea that the crystals of those mutant animals were absorbed by the vine, causing these fruits to be borne. 

Then why is the fruit able to improve human powers? This must be because of the concentration of the crystal source. Good things like this are difficult to find. 

Shao Qing must cherish it. This  time she had no idea how to divide it. Er Dai has already eaten one, so he can be excluded. However, she couldn’t favour one and forget about the others in her group.

Therefore, the remaining four fruits must be distributed evenly. The remaining people include the Gu siblings, Yan Qiyue, Yan Hanqing, Shao Tong, and her and Xiao Baozi, a total of seven people. 

Oh, and one more, Yaya. 

If it was evenly divided, each fruit can be divided into two halves. Although its effect wouldn’t be as strong, everyone got a share. 

Shao Qing thought about it, and turned all four fruits into fruit juices. Then she divided them into eight glasses and got Yan Qiyue to distribute it. After allowing Xiao Baozi and Yaya to drink first and watch them break through then did she drink her portion.

Right now, Xiao Baozi was already rank 3, and even Yaya was a rank four mutant rabbit. If something happens, they will have the ability to protect themselves. Now Shao Qing could rest assured. 

After drinking the glass of juice, Shao Qing took quite a few crystals out and held them in the palm of her hand. In the case of any special situations or a breakthrough where the energy is not enough, she can temporarily top it. 

She was actually on the verge of breaking through. With a little aid to help her break through this barrier, she can definitely break through to the fifth rank.

This fruit came just in time. Shao Qing quietly felt the surging power in her body and clenched her fist. Strength is a good thing, especially during the apocalypse. You don’t have to have reason on your side, but you definitely can’t not have strength. 

You would be incapable of protecting yourself, let alone protecting your loved ones.

Shao Qing was very calm. She had broken through several times, so she was rich in experience. When the surging power increased, she used her mental power to pull the energy into her body and towards the crystal. 

The power gushed. That turbulent energy spun within the crystal nucleus. When it came out again, the volume was smaller. After hundreds of times, all the energy was absorbed by the crystal nucleus. Shao Qing could clearly feel a layer of invisible barrier slowly cracking. The crystal nucleus that usually only slowly increased in size now suddenly increased greatly. The crystal nucleus, which was supposed to be a polygonal rhombus, seemed to be much more rounded. 

Then, Shao Qing broke through. 

She felt a lot more energy than usual in her body for a while. When she opened her hand, endless vital vines grew out.

The original vines were emerald green. Only the spikes on the vines were deeper green. But now, the vines had the thickness of a baby’s arms, and its whole body was dark green, just like Moyu jade. 

It appeared very fragile, like a crystal. No matter it’s toughness or poison, it has greatly improved. 

This was just one of Shao Qing’s gains. Her biggest gain was that she had a deeper understanding of space, as well as the space dimension she had. The volume has expanded. In short, there were many benefits. 

In the near future, she probably won’t be breaking through for a while. After all, she will need to accumulate a lot more in order to jump from level 5 to level 6. 

After loosening her body a bit, Shao Qing went out. As soon as she opened the curtain, she saw a group of people at the door, all staring at the tent intently. This startled Shao Qing. 

“What are you doing?” 

Yan Qiyue looked a bit strange: “Ah Qing, you haven’t come out all day and night. If you didn’t come out now, I would have gone in to check on you.”

“I broke through.” Shao Qing was in a good mood. She patted Yan Qiyue’s shoulder, and then said, “So it took a little longer, how about you?” 

“I’m level four now.” Yan Qiyue couldn’t help raising his eyebrows. The worth of his rank four upgrade was more than that of most ordinary abilities. After all, his ability was very powerful. 

“I’m also at fourth rank.” Yan Hanqing followed, and then the silent Gu Chuan also opened his golden mouth: “Me too.”

Besides them, Shao Tong and Gu Panpan were only one step away from the fourth level. They will break through soon. Even just that fact was scary. 

Rank two was part of the mainstream, third ranks are masters, and fourth ranks can be counted on one’s fingers. In a group of ten there could be no rank fours at all, but they in fact have four fourth-level superhumans while among the rest, the worst was a rank three.

If it was said aloud, it would frighten the others.

In addition, among the third-rank people, one was Xiao Baozi, who was young and had great potential. One was a spiritual superhuman, which was rare. Only Gu Panpan’s power was more common. But reaching this point as a strength superhuman was quite extraordinary. 

Their squad would be enough to sweep most mercenary regiments. 

Even the four mercenary regiments in Kyoto. Shao Qing was confident to challenge any one of them.

Shao Qing was relieved. Since the apocalypse, her heart was quite stressed for fear of opening her eyes one day and discovering everything was just a dream. That she was lying in a pool of blood, watching the car leave the scene of the accident. 

Even after this idea had gone away, Shao Qing did not relax. Strength, strength, strength. If she did not have enough strength, in this environment, she would just be like fish out of water. 

Until this day, she suddenly found that her little friends were very fierce and their strength had reached the peak of the country’s superhumans. Now she could slowly release the worry in her heart. 

“Where is Qin Zixi? How is he?” Shao Qing, who was relaxed, suddenly remembered they were on business. If Qin Zixi failed to conquer the bear, a mutant bear that broke through to the fourth level, they could not easily deal with it.

Hearing the name of his companion, Xiao Baozi’s response was the fastest: “He is playing with the bear.” Yan Qiyue quickly took over the conversation: “He was very lucky, he had already subdued the bear. After he subdued it, then did the bear break through to the fourth rank. Now, he is so happy, he can’t help smiling.”

The strength of her friends has improved, and her employer was also satisfied. This time, the task was successfully completed. Satisfied, she took her people to discuss the return with Qin Zixi. 

Qin Zixi was teasing the bear. The bear was very thick. When he was teased, the bear was very straightforward and it would roll on the ground. When it wasn’t being rebuked, the bear would act very cute.

Qin Zixi, as Yan Qiyue said, couldn’t hold it up. He used to have a serious face every day, but now couldn’t help but have a smile hang on his face. A pair of dimples appeared alongside his baby cheeks, making him even cuter than the bear.

He had already got what he wanted most, and naturally agreed to going back. So this time they travelled a lot faster, and only Cheng An wanted to cry. 

He originally thought that there would be some danger or there might be some need for him to make a move, but the result was that he laid down low the entire way. It was as if it was none of his business, he had no sense of presence at all! 

Cheng An didn’t realize until he was almost at the base, but this time he was getting paid for doing nothing… 

The closer they got to the base, the more unhappy Xiao Baozi was. He and Qin Zixi had a good time. Although the two people had a big age gap, Qin Zixi treated him well. The two had no generation gap and could play together. It was a close friendship. 

Thus when Shao Qing told him that after returning to the base, they will be separated because Qin Zixi is not from the survivor base of S City and will sooner or later leave, Xiao Baozi was particularly unhappy. 

For the first time, he had such a strong desire to keep his little buddies, but he couldn’t think of a solution to keep them together. If he wants to keep his little buddies, he can only let the little buddies become his ‘family’. 

Xiao Baozi bit his finger and couldn’t help secretly asking Qin Zixi: “Brother Xiaoxi, do you like my mama?”

Qin Zixi and the bear were inseparable from each other in the past two days apart from going to the toilet. At this moment, he was feeding the bear. Hearing Xiao Baozi’s question, the first thought pure Qin Zixi had was the like for a friend, if they had a good impression or not. So, he nodded. 


Shao Qing was strong,  beautiful, with no crazy temperament and this mission has been completed so successfully all because of her. Why won’t he like her? 

Xiao Baozi laughed at this time: “I knew it. My mother is so beautiful, no one would dislike her!” 

After getting an “answer” from Qin Zixi, Xiao Baozi began to plan secretly. To find a way to let Qin Zixi become his family! Then they could eat, sleep, and live together! His little friends will never leave him again, great! 

Shao Qing didn’t know Xiao Baozi’s plan. She was working hard to adapt to the powers of a fifth rank. Since she has broken through, her strength has doubled. It didn’t feel like she had broken through one rank, but multiple ranks. 

Level 5 was like a threshold. After the breakthrough, whether it was the amount of energy in the body or the quality, there has been a great improvement, let alone the increase in speed and physical strength. 

Shao Qing needed a brief period of time to adapt, to better control her current powers. 

Not only her, but all of the members of her team needed to adapt to their own strength. 

After all, the more powerful the power, if it is not used correctly, then it would be quite dangerous. It was like giving a child a sword. 

In the process of adapting, they returned to the base. When they arrived at the door of the base, Shao Qing felt that something was wrong. When she got closer, she discovered that many cars were parked outside the base, and many injured people were getting out of the car. 

Shao Qing couldn’t help getting out of the car and asking the gatekeepers: “What’s going on?”

The goalkeeper knew Shao Qing. He had watched Shao Qing and Cheng An’s battle, so his attitude towards Shao Qing was very good: “Do you remember how we sent some people to escort those researchers to Jing Du? In the end an accident happened. Now, I don’t know why, but there was a premeditated tide and zombies surrounded them. Now all the bases got the news and are going to rescue them. The wounded here were the last batch to go to rescue. More than 100 people went, but less than half came back.” 

Shao Qing couldn’t help frowning. Those researchers going to Jing Du were carrying out research projects that were important to human beings. But now they were surrounded by a zombie tide, they might suffer heavy losses. This was a great disadvantage to human beings. 

Moreover, the zombie tide actively surrounding humans, indicated that during this period, zombies have evolved a lot. Maybe they already have a higher IQ, and now they have begun to target humans systematically. 

This is really bad news. 

The gatekeeper continued speaking: “The number of zombies that surrounded the researchers were really large, and the levels were not low. I heard that several nearby bases have sent people to rescue them but received heavy injuries. Every time less than half the superhumans would return and within that half many were wounded, with broken arms and legs. How can they live in the future… ” 

“What are they going to do next? Has the base released other news? Shao Qing asked again. 

The gatekeeper sighed and answered: “If there are too few people, it would be like sending them to their deaths. So our base chief and other base chiefs had a meeting, and then they released a mission. Anyone who is willing to participate in the rescue, go report your name. Once there is a certain number of people, then they will go to rescue. But I’m afraid by that time, those researchers won’t be alive anymore!”

Waiting for the members to gather, the researchers have probably become rotten meat in a zombie’s belly. 

“Now, many people have already spontaneously volunteered.” The gatekeeper touched his nose. “But there are still too few people, I’m afraid…” 

Shao Qing’s brows stiffened. Qin Zixi and their group who took them on their mission were very good. As soon as he entered the base, before he even stood firm, he paid all the remuneration to Shao Qing and Cheng An. 

Because he thought that Shao Qing really helped him out a lot this time, he even offered a bonus reward to Shao Qing and Cheng An was not jealous at all. After all, Shao Qing’s gains and efforts were directly proportional. He can even say that he took a reward, but did not use any power at all, so how could he be dissatisfied?

Leading the reluctant Xiao Baozi, Shao Qing parted with them. When she was leaving, Shao Qing specifically asked Qin Zixi: “Can I take the liberty to ask where your home is and when you will be returning?”

Having formed a friendship through battles together, he did not hide anything: “My home is in Jing Du and I am going to go back in two days, is something the matter?” Because he was worried that his pets would enter the base and would cause a panic in addition to the fact that he was leaving soon, Qin Zixi did not bring the four back, instead he kept them outside the base. He was also worried that his babies could be killed, so it was better to leave early. 

“So that’s the case. I was planning on participating in the rescue of the researchers. I will probably leave tomorrow. I think if it is along the way, we can probably travel together.” Shao Qing chuckled. 

When Qin Zixi heard that Shao Qing wanted to protect him for another journey, he already knew that this was probably for the sake of Xiao Baozi. After all, with Shao Qing’s strength travelling with him was just her being modest. 

Qin Zixi said nothing and revealed a pair of dimples: “I can go any time. Since you are going to participate in the rescue tomorrow, then I will go tomorrow. Leaving Ah Da* outside made me feel uneasy anyways. 

* i think author changed name of the wolf to Ah Da

“Perfect, let’s meet at the square tomorrow morning at eight.” Shao Qing answered. Xiao Baozi immediately cheered happily. This entire journey, he was thinking how to turn Qin Zixi into his relative, but had no chance to implement it. Now that Mama and Qin Zixi will be travelling together, there was finally a chance! 

Actually, Shao Qing was unwilling to see Xiao Baozi look so down. On the other hand, she also wanted to return Qin Zixi’s a favour. After all, she got a bonus reward. 

Because there was only one night’s rest, Shao Qing acted quickly. She first bought some fresh fruits and vegetables and then sorted out her space. Now that the space has expanded a little she can store a lot more things. 

After thinking about it, Shao Qing put in some extra items she might use, then went to bed with Xiao Baozi. 

In the early morning of the next day, Qin Zixi took the initiative to bring people to Shao Qing’s home. At this time, Shao Qing and them were still having breakfast. They invited Qin Zixi to eat together. 

Breakfast was almond barley porridge. Shao Tong has always liked almonds, so Yan Hanqing fried some for Shao Tong as a snack. 

After having breakfast, they set off again. Originally, the rescue operation was initiated by the base. After a big group of people were gathered then would they set off. But, Shao Qing was too lazy to wait, and with more people there would be more quarrels, so she left directly. 

Without Cheng An’s squad,the numbers were cut by half. Xiao Baozi specially invited Qin Zixi to play in his car. Soon after leaving the base, Qin Zixi summoned the bear named Hei Bao and the three wolves named Ah Da*, Ah Er, and Ah San. 

One bear and three wolves ran behind the car. If people didn’t know, they would think they were being chased by mutant animals. 

Qin Zixi entered Shao Qing’s car, and found several people sitting in the back seat playing ‘fighting the landlord’. He froze and heard Gu Panpan calling him: “Xiao Xi, would you like to come and play together? 

Qin Zixi hesitated. His family background was very good. Since he was small, he was sent to a private school, so he never came into contact with playing poker. 

So Qin Zixi felt itchy to try and after Xiao Baozi called him once, he couldn’t help but join the group. 

After almost half an hour, Shao Qing turned around and saw that everyone’s face was covered with cards except Gu Chuan…… 

They were so energetic… Shao Qing smiled silently and turned her head again. She was currently sitting in the middle seat, leaning on Er Dai, and Yan Qiyue was massaging her legs. Life was great. 

In particular, Yan Qiyue and Yan Hanqing made a lot of snacks for her. The zombie constitution can also eat snacks, which greatly satisfied her. 

Moreover, Yan Hanqing was a great baker. He made a lot of small biscuits with animal heads for Xiao Baozi, completely satisfying him.

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