PMMB Volume 2 Chapter 52

Volume 2 Chapter 52 Strange Manners 

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The group of people walking together did not act as if they were in an apocalypse. Qin Zixi originally was a wealthy man. Even during the apocalypse, he had a good life. As for Shao Qing, bringing out a set of kitchenware, seasonings, fruits and vegetables, does it look like life was hard? 

Especially when the two gangs were together, it was as if they were at home. Life was like heaven with Yan Hanqing who was more professional than a master chef. Also with the good materials provided by Qin Zixi, many fruits and vegetables that were common before the end of the world, but were rare after the end of the world, Qin Zixi had them all. 

The girl with the space dimension with him was like a small mobile warehouse filled with various things: lychees, grapefruits, oranges, bayberry, pineapples, as long as it could be named, Qin Zixi would have them!

But with all these fruits and vegetables, at the beginning, Shao Qing was unwilling to take advantage of Qin Zixi. After all, even blood brothers would have to settle accounts, not to mention that she and Qin Zixi had only recently met. 

Therefore, Shao Qing bought any fruit that they wanted, but Qin Zixi was mad. He felt that he took Shao Qing as his friend, but Shao Qing was still using money to keep him away. 

However, Qin Zixi also came from an aristocratic family, and wasn’t stupid. He understood Shao Qing’s thoughts. Thus, whenever he ‘traded’, he would give Shao Qing a little bit more, and would glorify it as treating Xiao Baozi.

As for the usual three meals, many vegetables were also provided by Qin Zixi. For this item, he refused to ask for any crystals. Qin Zixi said that this dish was made for everyone and wasn’t just for him.

Shao Qing could only just take care of him more often, and kept this favour in her heart. If there was a chance in the future, she would return this favour. 

Friendship is usually handled this way. Although Qin Zixi was a little younger and had a good family background, he was not arrogant and irritable, which would recruit others to treat him well. Of course, the most important thing is that this is a world based on face. 

Soon they were close to the place where the researchers were surrounded. The researchers were also lucky. There was a reservoir nearby with a lot of fish. The person in charge of the reservoir originally fenced the area to prevent people from fishing. After they were chased, they entered the reservoir. A few wood-based superhumans planted many poisonous vines on the iron net, forming the first protective wall, while earth elementals strengthened the house. They also built another layer of soil wall as a second protective wall. So relying on these two protective walls, they would not be torn by the zombies for a while. 

However, if this continues, the water and food will be cut off, and the zombies will continue to consume their supplies. Sooner or later, they will be overtaken by this tide of zombies.

Everyone in the reservoir couldn’t sleep at night. They constantly sent out signals for help, while thinking about various methods to disperse the zombies. 

Originally, they had developed a liquid that smelled fragrant to humans, but would cause zombies to feel nauseous when they smelt it so they would take the initiative to leave. Coming all the way from the south, this liquid had saved them several times. 

However, this liquid had no effect on the zombie tide, and each zombie stared at them with no intention of leaving. 

Faced with this situation, those researchers completely panicked. 

There was also a rescue before. Several bases sent two hundred to three hundred people. These researchers, together with the remaining guard groups, were originally prepared to take the opportunity to break through. However, they failed to go out, and many people died. More than half of the rescue team died. 

What’s more terrible is that they found some very special zombies. These zombies were mixed in the zombie tide. Judging by their appearance, they looked just like humans. They only have a certain part that retains the characteristics of zombies, not being able to speak. Otherwise, they and humans had no particularly noticeable difference from humans in appearance. 

This has made those rescuers even more panicked. Have the zombies evolved to such an extent? 

Therefore, those bases did not dare to bring a second wave of people to rescue them immediately, otherwise they might not be rescued, and would come delivering food instead.

With their initial guesses, those who were close to humans were likely to be zombies of level 4 or higher. Maybe there might be rank 5’s as well. 

When Shao Qing arrived with people, she saw many people were already hovering nearby. These should be scouts from various bases to observe the situation. 

Shao Qing didn’t think about it when she came here, but there were so many zombies. Just looking at the corpse of mountains, with the heads moving, it was very scary. The rancid smell of these zombies gathered, with the wind blowing,  even if it’s a long way off, the smell was still sickening. 

Not far from the reservoir, there was a look-and-see point at the base. Shao Qing brought her group over. Before that, Shao Qing said, “It’s time for us to part ways. I wish you a safe trip back to Jing Du.” 

Qin Zixi was very calm: “Who said I’m leaving? I also need to bring those researchers with me.” He must have considered this idea for a long time, otherwise he wouldn’t say it so calmly. 

As soon as Qin Zixi spoke, the girl beside him immediately said: “Master, it’s too dangerous here. You should continue home…” 

Shao Qing also added in: “She’s right, you go home first. You alone won’t have enough power to change the situation today. Your family will also be worried if you stay for too long.” 

Qin Zixi’s expression was very serious, and the baby fat on his face was wrinkled into a ball: “I have already carefully considered it. You don’t need to persuade me, especially you, Qing Jie. You all are staying, why do you have to tell me to go?”

There were two reasons why he didn’t leave. The first was that his friends were going to get involved in the danger. How could he just go home alone and enjoy stability?

Secondly, he was a man from China. When he had no strength before, he could not do anything. Now he was a rank 3 superhuman. If he encountered such an incident, he would naturally help his country. 

Of course, the first reason is the main reason for wanting to stay. 

Shao Qing touched his head, and then said: “It’s not me telling you, the situation really isn’t suitable for you to be involved. Go home quickly, if possible, I will take Xiao Baozi to see you.” 

Qin Zixi’s eyes widened, and he exclaimed, “I’m 17 years old this year and I’m going to be 18 in a few months. I’m not a kid anymore. I understand what I’m doing. Rest assured, Qing Jiejie. I  won’t hinder you.” 

Shao Qing didn’t want him to stay at all. Advertising himself as almost eighteen years old when in fact, he was still a sixteen-year-old boy who was turning seventeen years old and had not experienced any storms. It was too dangerous for him to blend in. 

Qin Zixi was a stubborn man. He refused to leave no matter what. In a deadlock, Shao Qing had no choice but to take him to the watch point. 

The personnel stationed at the base of S city in the wait-and-see spot were having a terrible headache. When they saw Shao Qing and others coming in, he hurriedly asked: “Is the rescue team sent by the base here?” 

Shao Qing shook her head: “The base is still recruiting people, they shouldn’t be able to come anytime soon. We came here ourselves. How is the situation now?” 

The man’s eyes darkened, and he was a little disappointed, but still kept up his spirits: “I contacted the people inside, and they can hold on for a few more days. But… there wasn’t much food. After all, when they came out they didn’t have much food, only enough to reach Jing Du. They also lost a part of it when they were under siege. Now they have less than a day’s worth of food left. We are trying to find ways to bring in food. With food, they should be able to support themselves for two more days.” 

“As long as we can support them for a few more days, we may be able to support the rescue of the base, but our food cannot be sent in. Those zombies prevent all those who try to approach, we have tried to let the person with space power sneak in with food. As a result, a high-level mutant zombie popped up and even the person with space power failed to come out alive.” Another staff member added with a wry smile. 

Shao Qing frowned, lowered her voice and asked, “So, are there any rations now?” 

“Yes.” The staff lifted the tarpaulin, and all kinds of dry food were below. Although the dry food was not very delicious, it would fill one’s stomach and save the lives of the people inside. 

“I’ll try it.” Shao Qing thought about it for a long time. Her physique was different. Although at the beginning, she felt endless distress because of this physique, later on, she felt more and more that her zombie-like physique had great benefits.

For example, now that she will not be attacked by zombies, she can bring all this food in. 

The staff member hesitated for a moment. After all, he didn’t know Shao Qing’s identity, what if she took the grain and ran away? 

This is one outcome. The second is that if Shao Qing’s strength was not enough and she died in the zombie horde wouldn’t they lose a lot of food again? He didn’t want Shao Qing to die in vain. 

Shao Qing only showed her badge as a superhuman in S City, and then said, “I have a special ability that can prevent zombies from actively attacking me in a short time. Let me try, you can’t just watch them starve to death inside.” 

A few staff members started to discuss. Depending on the situation, the rescue team at the base may take a long time to come. By the time the rescuers come over, the people inside will starve to death before they are eaten by the zombies. 

If they had no other way to send food in, they might as well trust Shao Qing once. 

The only question now is how to bring in the food without revealing that she had space abilities. Qin Zixi was very close to her. He patted his chest and said, “Qing Jie, I have a person with space power. I can lend them to you. I wish you every success.” 

Shao Qing was very happy about his trust. She looked at the thin girl and said,” You can rest assured, I will bring her back safely.” 

After the discussion, it was decided that Shao Qing and Er Dai would go in with the space power girl named Ah Lan. No one else would come along since the more there were, the more burdensome it would become. 

Furthermore, as a zombie, Er Dai would not be attacked and can also help. 

After deciding the members, Ah Lan loaded all the food into her space and was carried by Shao Qing. After all, she had no other ability to protect herself other than her general strength. Once they entered the zombies, if she separated from Shao Qing, there was only one outcome for her, death.

Therefore, Shao Qing directly carried Ah Lan. She was going to let Er Dai carry her back. But when Er Dai, who had always been obedient, suddenly lost his temper and refused to touch Ah Lan, Shao Qing had to carry Ah Lan on her own. 

Because of the time rush, Shao Qing only ordered the group to take care of Xiao Baozi, and then resolutely entered the zombies. 

As she approached the zombies, Ah Lan tightened her body a bit in fear. Then she discovered something very strange. All the zombies seemed to have not seen them. Occasionally, one or two zombies turned their eyes and stared at her and approached but after being glared at by Er Dai, they would run away. 

Ah Lan was stunned at that time. Since the apocalypse, she has never seen such a fantasy scene. People are afraid of zombies. How can there be zombies afraid of people? 

The closer they got, the more zombies there were. Many zombies could smell the live humans and would point their heads in the direction of Ah Lan. Er Dai would immediately bare his white teeth and stare fiercely at those zombies. 

He was close to a top rank 3. Although there were many rank 3 zombies in this group of zombies, Er Dai’s imposing manner was inherently fierce. General zombies would avoid him if they saw him. 

What’s more, there was a rank 5 Shao Qing. Thus there would never be a zombie who was not afraid to die and approach.

As they got deeper, Shao Qing found something was very wrong. Although the zombies were generally around rank 3, and there were some rank 2 zombies, rank 1 zombies were almost completely gone. But with this group of zombies, it shouldn’t be able to cause several bases’ superhuman squads to be completely wiped out. 

There could be only one explanation. There were more advanced zombies hidden within the zombie horde. Shao Qing carefully observed and soon saw that there was a little girl standing within the zombies not far away. 

This little girl looks the age of *, has long black hair draping over her shoulders and was wearing a pink princess dress that was really dirty. She also held a bear doll in her arms. This bear should have been brown, but it seemed to have turned into a dull black because it was stained with too much dust and blood. 

Just looking at her briefly, she seemed like an ordinary little girl, separated from her loved ones. When the little girl raised her face, Shao Qing found that although her face was very beautiful and round, with even a little pink on her cheeks, there were only two holes in place of her eyes. The black hole caves were burning with a layer of flame. Only this allowed the others to know that she was not a living person. 

It seemed that she felt Shao Qing’s gaze. The little girl grinned, and a jagged tooth appeared. 

Very fierce and high strength, this zombie definitely won’t be ranked much lower than herself. Shao Qing could not help but take a breath, is this the main leader of this zombie tide? 

If this is the case, I am afraid that this zombie tide is very dangerous. At this level, it should already have a decent level of wisdom, and being able to lead this many zombies meant she wasn’t easy to deal with.

When Shao Qing was pondering deeply, the zombie disappeared. She frowned, and continued to move forward. Soon she saw a second group of zombies that were different from the others. 

The zombie was an adult man, dressed like a white-collar worker with a pair of glasses on his face. It looked more like a living person than the little girl zombie! 

It was just that his neckline was open, and the area where he was supposed to have his heart, only had a rotting black hole. Through the black hole, you can see its empty body. There were no internal organs within, but there was a baby zombie looking out. 

The baby’s zombie wrinkled appearance made it look like it was just born, but its body was blue and black and it was smiling towards Shao Qing. 

Shao Qing felt cold all over. Those two zombies were actually no less powerful than the little girl zombie… 

If she challenged the little girl zombie, she could win. However, adding on these two, she would most likely die. 

Shao Qing had no choice but to walk forward. Fortunately, she did not see other high-level mutant zombies as she neared the reservoir. 

It was only when she was in front of the reservoir that Shao Qing was worried. How can she go in? 

The outermost layer of barbed wire is covered with vines. There are small flowers on the vines. They look very green and beautiful, but Shao Qing can tell the vines weren’t just poisonous, but extremely toxic. 

Furthermore, if she jumped over the wall, she would be treated as an invading zombie, right?

Shao Qing considered it for a bit and decided to go over the wall. But the way she climbed the wall was different. The vines grew from the ground, forming a pillar then it sent the three of them into the air, and she jumped in. 

In the next second, the scout screamed, “An enemy attack! Some zombies came in over the wall!” 

Then there were a lot of people coming out of the second earth wall, one by one with high vigilance and powers ready to be fired.

Shao Qing: … 

She slowly raised her hand, and then said, “I just came here to deliver the supplies.” 

In fact, the people inside had already run out of food. In the morning, they ate their last meal, and they were all ready to starve. Then after starving not even until noon, the sun had not even set yet, the supplies came over. 

This was just too fast. 

Shao Qing calmly asked Ah Lan to take out everything from grain and water to appease them: “Several major survivor bases are already discussing countermeasures. I have heard before that that they are mobilizing human resources to try a second rescue. Don’t worry too much.” 

Within the group of seemingly embarrassed white coats, one stepped out, most likely the head, and quickly said: “Thank you very much for taking the risk to deliver food, sit inside first.” 

Shao Qing nodded. Pulling Er Dai and bringing along Ah Lan, she followed these people in. She was sensitive and discovered that these people were like scared birds. Everyone’s face showed deep fatigue and horror. 

However, Shao Qing only thought that they had been under siege for a long time and was exhausted physically and mentally, she did not think in other directions. After sitting down, Shao Qing found out that the numbers were somewhat wrong.

The news received from the base was that there were a total of 30 researchers under special protection. Even if a few of them died, there should still be more than 25 people left, but when Shao Qing counted again there were only 25 in total. 

It can’t be that all members of the Guard Corps have died, leaving only the researchers. 

However, the leading researcher didn’t have intentions to talk more, he just asked Shao Qing: “Excuse me miss, how did you get here?” 

There were zombies outside and Shao Qing could still enter the reservoir without any notice. Furthermore there were no injuries, they could not help but wonder. 

Shao Qing smiled and said vaguely: “I have a special ability that can allow me to not be detected by zombies for a while, but this ability cannot protect too many people.” 

It was not that Shao Qing was too wary. Now that it was the apocalypse, even during normal times, there was a saying that you should never reveal your ruches, not to mention their current circumstances. 

There were too many people sitting here and who knew what they were thinking, let alone her and Er Dai’s identity must not be exposed. 

After Shao Qing finished speaking, a few people showed a strange light in their eyes. They looked at Shao Qing with a strange, eager and indescribable meaning. 

Shao Qing felt very uncomfortable. The researcher who spoke first hurriedly glanced at those people, and then said, “It’s getting dark now, and you have delivered the supplies and must be tired. How about you rest first, and someone will watch at night. Don’t worry and get a good night’s rest.” 

Shao Qing still felt a little weird, but didn’t say much. So she took Ah Lan and Er Dai to rest. She could clearly see that within this group of people, the one sitting at the very center who looked older, with the wrinkles on his face appearing quite old-fashioned was the man with the highest status. The one who had been talking should be his assistant.

However, Shao Qing was too lazy to investigate too much. She took Er Dai and Ah Lan to rest, and a superhuman took them to a room. They indifferently said: “Nothing happens at night, it is dangerous outside.” Then they left. 

There was a strong feeling of wrong everywhere. Shao Qing was no longer willing to think more, but could not help thinking more than usual. After the three stayed in the house for a while, someone sent in hot dry food. 

Being trapped for a long time, and some person sending food and drinks should have created a little more energy. But whether it was leading them to their room or delivering food, their expressions were tired, indifferent, and hopeless. 

After simply eating a little, Shao Qing instructed the two people: “I think something is wrong. It’s better to be careful at night. After all, the situation is special now, and you don’t know what will happen at night. Ah Lan, you sleep. I will keep watch with Er Dai.”

Ah Lan nodded cleverly, and got into the quilt. But after a while, she sat up holding the quilt again, and said bitterly:” I can’t sleep… Everytime I close my eyes now there’s a massive group of zombies outside… ” 

Shao Qing smiled, moved a bench and placed it at the door: “I’m watching here. I’ll let you know if anything happens, sleep.” Ah Lan turned over and covered her face with the quilt and shrank into a ball.

Shao Qing leaned on the back of the chair and sat firmly. Then Er Dai flew over and hugged Shao Qing’s waist. He hasn’t been alone with Shao Qing for a long time. Since returning last time, Shao Qing always had a nasty Yan Qiyue around her constantly fighting for Shao Qing with him.


He hated Yan Qiyue the most. No matter what he did, he always had to compete with him! Even Shao Qing’s bed was half occupied by him! 

So this time being able to be alone with Shao Qing, Er Dai was very happy. Finally, they were able to live in their world for two again. As for Ah Lan, he had completely ignored her. 

Shao Qing sighed reluctantly, catching Er Dai who flew over. The space in the chair could not accommodate two people sitting at all, so Er Dai was naturally curled up in Shao Qing’s arms. 

This posture was too embarrassing, and Shao Qing murmured: “There are still seats over there, sit on your own. Why are you sitting on my lap?” 

He stayed, pretending not to hear anything. Then he shrank into a ball in a clever way. His body was soft and flexible or else he wouldn’t be able to curl up like that.

After all, he was also a man with a relatively wide skeleton. Even if he looked younger in appearance, he did not have a small body. 

Shao Qing was reluctant to scold Er Dai, and could only condone him. So the two kept this position until late at night. 

Originally Shao Qing felt a little sleepy with Er Dai in her arms, but suddenly she heard a harsh scream!

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