PMMB Volume 2 Chapter 53

Volume 2 Chapter 53 Insane (Loss of reason) 

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The voice clearly came from a woman, full of despair and fear. Shao Qing remembered that she saw two women during the day. One was ordinary and was difficult for people to remember. One was in a white coat and followed behind the old man and looked rather pretty. 

As soon as the voice sounded, Ah Lan, who had not slept deeply, immediately woke up. She looked at Shao Qing in panic. When she saw the calmness in Shao Qing, she miraculously settled down. 

The three people hurried out the door and followed the direction of the sound. They lived a little far away from the incident. By the time they arrived, many people were already there, and everyone’s face was deep with despair. 

Shao Qing walked to the front of the crowd, and she saw the woman with a beautiful face in the white coat was pale and slumped on the ground with cold sweat on her face, even her facial features were distorted into a sloppy look because of deep fear. 

And not far before her was a corpse.This corpse probably did not die too long ago because the corpse was still emitting warmth and the corpse was emitting warmth because the skin around his neck was cut open, revealing flesh and muscle. 

The limbs of the corpse were distorted, and the stomach was cut open. The intestine was wound around the old man’s neck several times. It looked like he had strangled himself with his own intestines. 

The only thing intact was his head. He was frightened and had deep despair within his eyes. His tongue was ripped out and stuffed back inside. 

The old fashioned man from the crowd walked in. The middle-aged man who was talking to her during the day was beside him and took a serious look at the terrible corpse on the ground, then said, “Go and bury him, everyone go back to sleep.”

Shao Qing was slightly puzzled by his bland reaction. Shouldn’t they start an investigation at this time? At the very least, they should study the cause of his death and raise an alert, right? 

And this old man acted like he was used to such a scene, unless… in the days of siege, similar things have happened many times and they even know who it is! 

But the zombies are outside. If they have the ability to come in, why don’t they rush in and kill them all, why kill them one by one? This does not fit the habit of zombies. 

If it is a person, it is even more confusing. If you know the killer, just catch them. If you don’t know, investigate. 

In short, all of this felt too wrong. 

Not waiting for Shao Qing to understand, the woman sitting on the ground suddenly got angry. Like a psychopath, she pulled at her hair like crazy. Her pair of pupils enlarged due to terror seemed extremely hollow, then she stared with resentment towards Shao Qing: “It’s them! They must have brought in the demon! Otherwise… otherwise how could those monsters come in!” 

She said this and covered her face. Only her eyes were revealed between her fingers as she looked at Shao Qing and the others resentfully. 

The crowd immediately started whispering. They seemed to forget that it was Shao Qing who brought the food. Everyone looked at Shao Qing with a strange look. 

Being besieged for so long, stress, despair, and the imminence of death have driven them crazy. 

The old man frowned, and whispered, “Okay! Stop talking nonsense, Qing Mei, you bring An Ran back. She was frightened, so you can comfort her.” 

The ordinary-looking woman just made a sound in response, then she stepped up and lifted up the woman named An Ran. An Ran had probably collapsed. She covered her face all but a slit to look out from and seemed to be constantly mumbling something.

When she passed by, Shao Qing could hear what she said. What An Ran was saying was: “They have come to collect their debts… one can’t escape … one … can’t escape …” 

Shao Qing couldn’t help but feel goosebumps, everything was weird. These people acted as if they knew the truth, but it also seemed like everyone didn’t know. They were desperate, crazy, and already crumbling. 

The old man came over and seemed to want to laugh, but because of keeping his cold expression all year round, his smile looked awkward: “Sorry about that, please go back and rest. It’s almost dawn… ” 

Ah Lan seemed to want to ask, but Shao Qing grabbed her hand, and then said, “Mister Lao, you too. Let’s go back first.” 

He took a second look at Er Dai then left with the middle-aged man. 

Shao Qing also returned with Er Dai and Ah Lan. It was already past three o’clock in the middle of the night. It was the sleepiest time of the day, but the three of them were not sleepy at all. 

Once back in the room, Ah Lan couldn’t help asking Shao Qing: “Why is no one investigating? Why do they all seem to be used to it? Why is this whole thing so weird?” 

Shao Qing patted Ah Lan’s shoulder. She had many speculations, but could not tell her: “The situation is special. Right now, all we have to do is to wait quietly and wait for rescue. The more you don’t know, the safer you will be. Go to sleep. It’s almost dawn. ”

Ah Lan sat on the bed with slumped shoulders, but did not sleep. She simply curled herself up into a ball. Shao Qing sighed, she had a terrible headache. She led Er Dai and stood at the window. Her thoughts were all a mess. 

While she couldn’t sleep, Shao Qing tried to smooth out the entire matter from start to finish. The more she thought about it, the more she felt it was wrong. Finally she was too lazy to think and leaned her head on Er Dai’s shoulders. Then she began trying to figure out how to leave. 

Rescue should arrive after a few days. After finishing this, she wanted to take Er Dai and the group to the south. The southern climate was mild and suitable for plant growth. Along the way, she could look for high-level mutant plants while traveling to fill up her current vacancy. 

The next day, the people returned to normal. Although they still looked very decadent and hopeless, they were much better than last night. 

When Shao Qing was eating, she looked around and did not see An Ran, nor did she see Qing Mei. Presumably she had not recovered yet, so it was inconvenient to come out to eat. 

The entire day passed, and at night, not out of Shao Qing’s expectation, another person died again. This time it was an older person, and the death was especially miserable. The body was hung on the tree, with the internal organs pulled out. Even worse was that his two eyes were dug out and stuck on a nearby tree branch. 

The desperate atmosphere surrounding everyone was even stronger. Everyone seemed to be surrounded by death. Shao Qing couldn’t help frowning when she saw it. 

In a blink of an eye, Shao Qing lived here for three days and witnessed three tragedies. After these three tragedies were summarized by Shao Qing, she found the following common features. 

First, the deceased were researchers, and everyone was wearing a white coat. Second, they died very miserably and were killed.

Although there were many suspicions, Shao Qing couldn’t think of who the murderer was. It was only when the fourth day arrived when news came in that the rescue team was assembled and was about to come. 

Even if there was such good news, these survivors were not so excited about it. But the zombies seemed to know that there would be a rescue soon and launched a general attack. 

The zombies were about to attack the reservoir. As soon as the news came back from the patrol squad, everyone entered a state of preparation. 

Not looking at the number of people left here, but many of them were researchers who had no power at all. Even if they had some sort of ability, most of them were enhancements to the brain. 

For example, making their memory better, there was no increase in combat ability at all. 

Therefore, the heavy responsibility rested on the remaining guards. There was dullness in the wind everywhere. 

Shao Qing walked around, everyone was preparing for battle, only… An Ran didn’t. She was crazy, sitting at the window every day, holding a small flower, staring blankly at the sky, sometimes looking at the earthen wall. She would only mutter a sentence or two. 

Qing Mei was a superhuman and could not stay with An Ran  since she needed to prepare for the war. Shao Qing stopped by the window and couldn’t help looking at An Ran more. An Ran looked at Shao Qing with a pair of black eyes and sighed: “It’s all retribution…”

Shao Qing frowned slightly. She always felt that An Ran knew a lot. She lowered her voice and asked, “Who is the killer…” 

“Yes… the devil!” An Ran couldn’t suppress the fear in her eyes, she clutched Shao Qing’s arm in a panic: “Go, run away, the devil is here!” 

Then she started shouting the devil in a circle around the house. Shao Qing crushed the little flower that fell in her hand and felt complicated. 

Zombies do not attack during the day. They were usually gathering and accumulating strength. When the sun goes down, then they would probably start attacking. 

When Shao Qing came here, she promised to take Ah Lan back, so she ordered Ah Lan many times to make sure she didn’t leave her side. 

Er Dai was very obedient, knowing that she was in a mess now, he honestly pressed her temples and rubbed her shoulders, then secretly kissed Shao Qing’s forehead while Shao Qing fell asleep. 

Finally, at night, the attack of the zombies was about to begin. These men were very pitiful compared to the zombies outside. They had sent out a distress signal, and as long as they held out until reinforcements arrived, there was still a chance. 

Shao Qing was now worried that Yan Hanqing would rush in. 

After all, she was still inside, and if they impulsively rushed in, it would be bad. No matter what kind of damage occurred, Shao Qing didn’t want to see it. 

Now she can only pray they would listen to her and wait for the reinforcements. 

As soon as the sun went down, the zombies began to attack. They destroyed the first defense easily. Shao Qing took Er Dai and Ah Lan to the rest to see how the zombies destroyed the first defense.

It was completely taken down with brute force, but a question popped up. They clearly had the ability to overthrow the defensive wall, why did they keep siege and not attack? 

However, now that it has reached this point, no matter what doubts there were, it can only be put aside for the time being. The old man organized the remaining researchers and began to retreat in an orderly manner. 

The second defense will not last long, and they must retreat into the house and rely on the building to fight off these zombies. 

They retreated into a large warehouse. They didn’t know what it was used to contain, but it was very empty and the ground was covered with dust. 

As soon as they came in, they closed the door first hoping to delay by a little more. 

Soon, the zombies broke through the second defense wall and they could even hear the claws of the zombies, constantly scratching the walls. 

The scratches made them feel uncomfortable. 

A group of people, all were frightened. Then soon, the window suddenly shattered, and a black shadow got in. Immediately, countless powers were aimed at it, as if trying to tear it apart.

But it was so fast that it got into the crowd directly. Grabbing the neck of a white coat, it started biting. 

Shao Qing was then able to see it clearly. It was a male that hadn’t become an adult yet. This zombie had shark-like teeth, but was infinitely similar to a human. Blinded in one eye, there was only a black hole in its place. 

The white coat had no abilities at all, and was instantly killed. Jumping up, it targeted the old man next. 

When leaping, it screamed loudly and his voice was full of resentment. Then ignoring the others, he rushed directly to the old man. 

The old man was calm and read a number, “04796, fire superhuman.” 

Then a fire superhuman came out. As soon as the fireball in his hand fell on the zombie, the zombie let out a shriek as its skin was caught on fire. 

An advanced zombie like it should not be so afraid of flames, but he was ignited instantly. This zombie also came too fast and many people did not respond. By the time they responded, the zombie had already drilled out the window and ran away.

Shao Qing was expressionless at this moment. Looking at the window, she suddenly connected everything and got the answer, which made her feel horrified. 

But she was only guessing, there were some things that were not confirmed yet. 

Hiding within the warehouse, there were a lot fewer places to face the zombies and their safety went up a lot. But just defending was also very difficult. Once they broke in, it would mean death. 

There was no place to escape. 

After the zombies were expelled, the entire warehouse fell into silence. After a long time, a voice sounded: “That’s 04796.” 

The old man looked up at the speaker suddenly, his face changing: “Yin Ye, now is not the time for you to talk nonsense!”

The man named Yin Ye was a young man who looked very thin and was wearing glasses. He appeared very fragile and pale, but said coldly: “I tried to persuade you many times, but you wouldn’t listen, now it’s all retribution. Liu Dong, believe it or not, if the warehouse is breached, you will be the last to die, because they can’t bear for you to die.”

The old man, Liu Dong, made an ugly expression as he said coldly: “Yin Ye, do you think you are some good person?” 

“I’m not a good person, but I didn’t experiment with living people.” Yin Ye laughed, and then said: “Now they’re all coming back for revenge, Liu Dong, I’m watching.”

“Make him shut up.” Liu Dong suddenly turned his head and looked at Shao Qing coldly. Someone immediately covered Yin Ye’s mouth and dragged him to the corner, letting him settle down. 

Shao Qing suddenly realized why there were so many high-level zombies suddenly appearing, that were different in appearance to regular zombies. Why was it that those zombies surrounded them and killed a person every day, but they did not attack in a hurry? 

More clearly, she now understood why those people would be so miserable. 

One phrase answered it all, human experiments. 

The island nation have always enjoyed doing human experiments, but before the end of the world and in peaceful times, * experiments that violated human morality were forbidden. Once discovered, they would be attacked by other countries. 

But in the apocalypse, when no one can restrain those people, they actually carried out human experiments unscrupulously! 

Hearing that number, 04796, that is to say, there were at least 4795 subjects before it! Where did all these subjects come from? They are all living people! 

These people were insane….. 

Shao Qing’s eyes were cold. When she went to look at those people, it was like looking at a dead person, so revolting. How could they do such an insane thing? 

Thinking about the strange zombies she encountered when she came here, there were so many little girls inside. The word insane wouldn’t even be able to cover it. They were just a group of beasts, no, they were even worse than beasts! 

“Miss Shao Qing, please go over there.” Two people came over and invited her over, but they had threats within their eyes. Shao Qing did not resist, she had to make things clear before she spoke. 

Shao Qing, Er Dai and Ah Lan were ‘invited’ to Yin Ye’s side, like a house arrest. Yin Ye held his legs, and calmly looked out the window at the zombies with open teeth and claws. 

Because the glass had shattered, they had to fill the vacancy with attacks so that the zombies could not enter through the window.

With this, they could hold on for several more hours. Yin Ye sneered, closed his eyes, and didn’t even bother to look at them. Shao Qing looked at those people who had no time to control them, and whispered, “Can you tell me… those things?” 

Yin Ye looked at her blankly: “Are you curious?” 

Shao Qing didn’t say anything, just looked at Yin Ye. Yin Ye bit his nails and after a while he said: “I am a researcher, once the deputy director of the Institute. But later because of my strong opposition to human experiments, now I’m nothing.” 

“But I couldn’t stop them from doing such a mad experiment. In the third week after the end of the world, they conducted the first experiment. The living people used to experiment were all survivors. They used the zombies they caught to bite these survivors, then they observed how they turned into zombies and recorded it. This was just the beginning. Later, they became more and more crazy, more and more taboo. Not just ordinary people, some just awakened superhumans, and some not very powerful superhumans or even those with special abilities but with low value, they all became their subjects… “

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