PMMB Volume 2 Chapter 54

Volume 2 Chapter 54 Yin Ye’s Decision 

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“Of the first people who were arrested, the oldest was 70 years old, while the youngest was only one year old and three months. There were even two pregnant women. At that time, because I strongly opposed this experiment, I was locked up. Apparently, they wanted me to reflect.” Yin Ye sneered. “After I finished ‘reflecting’, the first experiment was already done. They were checking the results of the experiment and those who became zombies were lying on the experiment table, scattered and smashed. They even carried out the experiments on pregnant women and children. At that time, they recorded that the younger the children, the more mutated the zombies would become which would increase the chances of attaining a special ability. If a pregnant woman was infected, their body would die quickly after the infection and supply energy to the child in the body, causing the child to gain a second mutation.”

At this point, his eyes have become red: “I remember many years ago, when I was still a student, I thought that everything I learned could be used to serve the country, but then I discovered that I became an accomplice to such a treacherous thing. Unable to do anything, I could only watch as those…… “

“What happened after? “Shao Qing remained calm, but her body was filled with a murderous aura. She still hasn’t exploded yet because she wanted to know all the facts before deciding what to do next. 

“They kept experimenting with living people and then flaunted that it was to save the world. The base where we were operating also became accomplices. We searched for living people to cooperate with those people. After all, in the apocalypse, the cheapest thing out there were human lives. After a long time though, they began to be dissatisfied and began to experiment with superhumans. The superhumans who were opposed to the base leader and the ones with useless abilities were all sent over. Everyone knows that superhumans won’t be infected so who knows what method they used to transform them into the infected. After the experiment, one part of the body retains human activity while another part of the body is poisoned. What’s more horrifying is that they not only have the fearless pain of the zombies and strong ability to recover, but they also retain their abilities. One of them, a pregnant superhuman, was cut open after the experiment allowing them to obtain a half-corpse baby. This baby actually had the ability to control other zombies. They were ecstatic and wanted to create a zombie king to control the world; however, there is a thing called retribution. Those transformed superhumans retained a certain level of consciousness. When they found an opportunity, they escaped and started to plan their revenge. The entire base was destroyed. I ran away with someone secretly and contacted the Research Institute in Jing Du, but I didn’t expect that the experimental subjects were following us the whole time and you all know what happened next.” Yin Ye was a little decadent, he should be suffering from being a bystander to the horrible experiments. After being tormented for so long, he was left with being skin and bones.

Shao Qing patted his shoulder and then paused. She looked at Yin Ye once more, but said nothing. 

Yin Ye was concealing something, Shao Qing knew. But everyone had their own secrets and she was not prepared to ask. 

The biggest problem now was that she doesn’t want this group of human-faced beasts to reach Jing Du alive. These disgusting things were more suited to being turned into ash and buried in the earth. 

Yin Ye continued: “The group of zombies outside was experimented by the leader at that time. These zombies circled us and did not kill us instantly so they could torture this group of people. They wanted to torture us bit by bit, so that we would feel better off dead before eventually getting killed by them. They just didn’t expect that reinforcements would come so fast.” 

Shao Qing nodded and did not say what she was about to do. She just sat quietly in the corner. When she closed her eyes, the dodder seeds had been circulated quietly. There was no superhuman at rank four or a special ability user here so they will not be able to detect her dodder. 

That is to say, the life and death of this group of people was controlled by a single thought in her head. Shao Qing understood that these people can die, but it had to do nothing with her. If she helped out, it would lead her to great trouble. 

When the night came to an end, everyone was exhausted. The waves of attacks had exhausted their physical strength. It was a matter of time before they would break through their defense.

Before the arrival of a new wave of attacks, what they had to do was change their defenses. Those who were resting had to replace this wave of people to rest. 

One person suddenly said, “Why does it feel so much colder? The weather is becoming more and more erratic.” 

Shao Qing looked at the window. Countless zombies were wandering. At this time, a sharp howling sounded, and another wave of attacks began. There was no light at night. The whole warehouse was dark, but Shao Qing could clearly see it. There were cracks on the doors and windows. 

This was a very simple principle called thermal expansion and contraction. Shao Qing had to say that those subjects were very clever. By using ice and fire ability, under the cover of night, they easily broke the last barrier. 

If she did not know those things, Shao Qing would have definitely reminded them. But after learning about everything they’ve done, Shao Qing was not going to remind this group of beasts. 

No, saying that they are beasts is an insult to beasts. 

Lambs will feed their young, crows will support their parents, but these people who were worse than beasts, were devoid of their conscience. 

Soon, the doors and windows were completely broken. Before the people who had just changed defenses could respond, the zombies poured in. There were also several special zombies within the zombies group. Besides the little girl who was blind, the boy with the one eye, and the young man with a baby zombie in his chest, there were several others that were different. 

One was a woman with a very gentle look. She had a pair of tender eyes that were as calm as water. Except for the minimal amount of white in her eyes, she appeared completely normal. It was only her pair of hands that had skin that were almost completely rotten and seemed to be much thicker than the arm of a normal person. 

The other was a teenager, with  pale complexion and had a bulge on his back, making him look like he had a shell like a turtle. When he turned around, on his back was a woman’s face. The woman’s face was exactly the same as his. The woman could still talk, and had been crying: “Brother, brother, it hurts.” 

It was said that all the older ones either died on the operating table or were destroyed because they had no value. Only a few specimens remained. 

Controlling the group of zombies was the baby zombie who lived in the chest of the young man. He was fragile, so he had to rely on the young man to act. 

The group of researchers were going crazy now. What could be more terrifying than their experiments coming back to seek revenge? 

Shao Qing looked at the vengeful subjects indifferently, she was not ready to make a move. It seemed that she was no longer needed. The only thing she had to consider now was how to take Ah Lan and Yin Ye away. 

She and Er Dai were fine, but Ah Lan and Yin Ye would attract the attention of the zombies. 

Those people have collapsed now and have almost given up resistance, but at this time, a beam of light was not far away, and there were some voices coming from that direction.

Liu Dong’s old voice rang out: “Look, everyone, the rescuers have arrived! Hold on for a bit longer! We will be rescued soon!” 

Everyone became hopeful and carried out the final resistance. They fought back as they waited for rescue. The zombies also became anxious, watching the rescuers coming. If they did not resolve the battle quickly, they would be surrounded. 

“This time, there might be a few survivors, even God won’t help them…” Yin Ye’s disappointed voice sounded in Shao Qing’s ear, he whispered: “When everything is over, you must be careful. They will not let someone who knows their secrets survive.” 

“You …” Before Shao Qing finished talking, she saw Yin Ye stand up and slowly walk in the direction of Liu Dong. Liu Dong was very alert. When he heard the footsteps, he turned back: “Yin Ye, what are you going to do?” 

Yin Ye didn’t speak, but the white coat on his body bulged as if blown by the wind. When he was near Liu Dong, his clothes ripped apart instantly and several black tentacles shot out in a flash. 

Two people who stood in front of Liu Dong were penetrated by tentacles in a flash, then Yin Ye took a step forward, the other tentacles crawling around him pointed towards Liu Dong. 

Liu Dong took two steps back in a panic, and soon his face stabilized. Yin Ye’s tentacles seemed to be stuck against an invisible barrier and could no longer move forward. 

“You actually …” Liu Dong lost his voice in horror. Yin Ye glanced at him, as if knowing that Liu Dong could not be killed today, he turned to face the other subjects who quickly came over and gathered around Yin Ye. 

Now Shao Qing understood why she always felt something was wrong when Yin Ye was telling his story. How could the controlled subjects easily escape? They were clearly released by Yin Ye.

Watching Liu Dong do what they did, with no way to stop it, under the torture of his conscience and guilt, Yin Ye did a crazy thing. He injected himself with the zombie mutation virus, and then carried out the experiment on himself. 

Obviously, Yin Ye successfully transformed himself. He even took the second step of destroying Liu Dong. Secretly releasing the experimental subjects, he led this group of experimental subjects for revenge. 

Yin Ye didn’t say anything, but Shao Qing could tell. Liu Dong’s experiment was not as simple as Yin Ye said. They seemed to have transplanted a part of a zombie or a mutant animal into their body. 

For example, the eyes of the little girl’s face obviously did not belong to her. Or another example, the arms of the young man, and finally, the tentacles on Yin Ye’s body. 

They were determined to kill Liu Dong today. They didn’t know how long Liu Dong’s mental barrier would last, so they had to kill as many researchers as possible. 

When the remaining people were few, the rescue team finally arrived. Yin Ye waved his hand and said, “Withdraw!” 

When passing by Shao Qing, Shao Qing gently said to Yin Ye: “You can rest assured, he won’t live for long.”

“Thank you.” Yin Ye lowered his voice and replied.

Then the zombies receded like a tide, while the rescue team looked ashamed. They all worked hard and lost a lot of manpower, but those zombies ran away by themselves? 

But this was a good thing after all. The leaders of the several bases quickly entered the warehouse. As a result, they saw that there were corpses everywhere. Only Liu Dong and three other white coats were still alive. 

Of course, there were some more conspicuous people such as Shao Qing. One person in charge of one of the bases quickly said: “Sorry, we came late. It took some time to gather people, but I didn’t expect…” 

Liu Dong hadn’t come back from his earlier panic yet. He never thought that Yin Ye would dare to experiment with himself. It was only when Shao Qing patted her butt and was prepared to take Er Dai out did he react and point to Shao Qing: “Grab her! She has colluded with the zombies!” No matter what, Shao Qing could not be left alive, otherwise they will all be exposed. 

The people were stunned for a while and looked at Shao Qing. Shao Qing was not angry. Instead she was calm and raising her eyebrows, she said: “Words require evidence. Is this old gentleman scared senseless? I just came over, how could I have something to do with the zombies? Secondly, before I came, I was still on a mission with others. When I returned to the base, you were already under siege. Many people can testify to this, how could I have the time to collaborate with the zombies? You must have been scared senseless.”

Liu Dong continued to argue “Yin Ye was a concealed zombie. You were so close and talked about so many things, there is definitely something wrong. What’s more, the man behind you… is not a person! If you want to prove that you have nothing to do with the zombies… let him say something. Zombies can’t speak. ” 

Shao Qing’s eyes were filled with frost. She looked at Liu Dong with the same eyes she would look at a dead person, and sneered: “He experienced a sickness when he was a child, and he had become mentally slow. He’s ot completely dumb, but  he is mute. You want him to speak to prove that he is not a zombie? You are just slandering!” 

Qin Zixi and others were also in the crowd, they all said: “You open your eyes to see and listen with your ears. Don’t be frightened and see everyone as a zombie’s associate.” 

Liu Dong was no longer the person who had combed his hair neatly and smoothly, even when he was on the run. Now he looked a lot older, his eyes were desperate and crazy. 

“Are you talking? You are talking!” 

Shao Qing looked at Liu Dong coldly, clutching a vine in her hand. She was ready to kill Liu Dong directly, but Er Dai suddenly leaned over and grabbed her, then with a very hoarse voice he said: “Qing…” 

Shao Qing was stunned at that time. Did she just… hear Er Dai call her? Is she hallucinating? 

Er Dai rubbed his face against Shao Qing’s neck, and said with great difficulty: “Ah Qing …”

His voice was like he hadn’t spoken in many years and his voice was hoarse, but Shao Qing was ecstatic and turned around. Holding Er Dai’s chin, her eyes were shining: “What did you call me?” 

Er Dai’s eyes were very serious, but speaking was still difficult: “Qing…” 

Shao Qing went up and kissed Er Dai. Yan Qiyue, who was in the crowd watching, was terribly envious. He was jealous and could not vent his anger on himself, thus he pointed the gun directly at Liu Dong: “Was he really scared mad? Is he crazy? If he is, give him the medicine he should take or lock him up so he doesn’t attack people.”

Some people who watched Shao Qing with their vigilant eyes were relieved. They were afraid of that slightest chance it was true. Once Er Dai proved his identity, Liu Dong was depressed.

He was originally guessing. At the end of the road, he was trying to take a bite at Shao Qing. Unexpectedly, he had guessed wrong. As long as Shao Qing speaks about everything he had done, then he would not only be infamous, but also very likely under house arrest. 

Liu Dong has enjoyed glory his whole life, always up above others, how can he allow Shao Qing to ruin everything?

But Shao Qing didn’t seem to want to say anything. She took Ah Lan’s hand and went to Qin Zixi, and gave Ah Lan to Qin Zixi: “I brought the person back, but she was terrified. You should give her a raise.” 

Qin Zixi smiled, his two dimples came out: “Don’t worry!” 

A group of people came and returned magnificently. 

They did not leave directly, but stayed in the reservoir. After all, those dead bodies were to be dealt with, otherwise it would be troublesome if the corpses changed. 

Furthermore, it’s night time. What if they hurry and are attacked by a zombie? 

So they had to be stationed at the spot and wait until dawn before returning to the base. 

Shao Qing shouted at her friends quietly and called Qin Zixi over. After all, there was Ah Lan. Qin Zixi would definitely know the inside story, so it would be better for her to say it all at once.

After the people gathered together, Shao Qing first looked to see if anyone was listening in, then told everyone what had happened in the past two days as well as her guesses. 

Gu Panpan was the one with the strongest temper. She jumped up and was ready to slaughter Liu Dong: “What scum! How can he be left alive? This lady needs to send them to hell!”

“Don’t be impulsive. Didn’t you see how he pointed his finger at me today? He was worried that I would leak out everything he did. I had originally thought to leak out all these things, and then let him die a very painful death but I considered another point. According to Yin Ye, the Jing Du General Research Institute is relatively clear about their matters. That is to say, they don’t mind the human experiments Liu Dong did. If this gets exposed, will they keep Liu Dong? I don’t want to bet if they have a conscience, so I’m going to put this matter down for a while, and I will do it myself.” Shao Qing said lightly. She couldn’t trust the top management in Jing Du. So, instead of hoping that they would deal with Liu Dong, she might as well do it herself!

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