PMMB Volume 2 Chapter 55

Volume 2 Chapter 55 Creating Panic 

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Qin Zixi was calmer than Shao Qing had imagined. He bit his nails then said after a while: “I think it is feasible.” 

Shao Qing nodded. Her thoughts weren’t too dark, the world is like this now. All the crows and ravens were black like this. Instead of hoping that Jing Du would do something with Liu Dong, she might as well do it herself. 

There was a saying, but how does it go? Only by doing it yourself will you be well fed and clothed. Hmm, it doesn’t sound right…. 

Anyways, Shao Qing was ready to kill. She won’t allow Liu Dong to arrive in Jing Du. 

It was safe all night, and Liu Dong asked to set off for the journey early the next morning. He couldn’t rest his mind until he arrived in Jing Du.

One couldn’t blame him for being timid. This entire journey had caused him to be on edge until he had reached the bottom line. If he went on like this, he would collapse first without someone killing him. 

Only when he arrived in Kyoto, contacted the General Research Institute, and received personal security would he be able to feel relieved. 

Shao Qing was too lazy to care about him. She was focused completely on teaching Er Dai one sentence at a time. The sentence yesterday seemed to be short-lived. Trying a bunch of methods, Er Dai still couldn’t utter a single word.

Looking at his wronged appearance, Shao Qing sighed helplessly

Since the morning, Liu Dong has been emphasizing that Shao Qing has been wanting to harm him, and that he must be distanced from them. The representative of S City Survivor Base patted Shao Qing on the shoulder, and said, “I heard that he had a researcher that was a concealed zombie. He’s probably shocked and now everyone looks like a zombie. Right now, we can only isolate you from him temporarily.” 

Shao Qing waved her hand, and said:” I understand. Anyway, he will be sent back to Jing Du soon. If I’m not seen, then he won’t be stressed.”

The more isolated, the better it is for her to make a move. No one will doubt her or anything. After all, no one will think that she will make a move on Liu Dong while Liu Dong has been targeting her. 

The shade under the light. The more Liu Dong targets her, the smaller the suspicion will be after the incident. 

Shao Qing was very leisurely. She even had the free time to cut fruits and share with her friends. She was waiting for night time. Once night arrived, it will be time for her main stage. 

Instead of sending Liu Dong directly to Jing Du, they first went to the nearest base. Taking a short break, they then transferred some of the manpower as an escort to send Liu Dong back to Jing Du.

The first night after leaving the reservoir, they did not spend it at the base. Instead, they camped outside. In order to protect Liu Dong, Liu Dong’s tent was set at the most central position and all the other people’s tents surrounded his tent. 

Four teams of vigils were set up to work shifts with each other. Once something happened, they would be able to react quickly to protect Liu Dong. 

At night, they ate stewed pork bone soup. The soup was freshly cooked and the vegetables were also fresh, the taste was very delicious. After they were full, Shao Qing and the rest went back into the tent to prepare. 

Night was coming soon. When it was early in the morning, Shao Qing woke up from her sleep. She picked a petal from a Qiu Tang and tore open space. 

After this power evolution, Shao Qing had more control over the power of space. Although she was able to cross space through cracks before, the landing point and distance were within a general range. Now, she can control it very finely. 

For example, she was able to appear in Liu Dong’s tent from her tent. Liu Dong and the others slept soundly. After the fragrance of the Qiu Tang slowly diffused, they slept even more deeply. 

Shao Qing chose one of the four people. Of course, this person was not Liu Dong. She would let Liu Dong die last and would make him die in a manner that caused him endless pain and despair. 

After selecting the target, Shao Qing took out tape and sealed his mouth. Then, the dodder sleeping in his body woke up. 

No matter how deep someone was sleeping, they would definitely be awakened by this pain. When he woke up, he found that his mouth was closed, his body was tied up, and he couldn’t even groan.

Even though Liu Dong and the others were sleeping beside him, he couldn’t call for help. He could only clearly feel what was raging within his body, depriving him of his life little by little. 

He was like a piece of fish on a chopping board. He couldn’t resist at all. For some reason, he suddenly recalled the experiments before. The people on the experimental table were also desperate at that time, right? 

Unable to resist, unable to struggle, they could only just watch as the scalpel cut their skin. They would just watch as they opened their stomach, like a slaughtered pig, spread out on the operating table with live internal organs that were still beating.


Early the next morning, Liu Dong woke up late. This was the best sleep he’s had recently. There were no roaring zombies, the strong rancid smell, the despair, or the fear. 

Then he opened his eyes and saw the corpse hung in the tent. The body of the * corpse was hung in the posture of a victim in Western mythology. His body was scarred, so scarred that he didn’t even have a portion of skin that was intact.

The most terrible thing was that his eyelids were cut off, showing prominent eyeballs. The corners of his mouth were also cut. It was cut into the curvature of a bloody red smile,just like a laughing clown. 

Blood, horror, and … inexplicable panic. 

How did he die? Liu Dong didn’t know at all! He even slept soundly and sweetly, and had a beautiful dream. He dreamed that he returned to Jing Du, entered the Research Institute, and then borrowed power to catch Shao Qing.

Shao Qing laid on the operating table and was free for him to cut up. 

However, when he woke up, his companion had died in a terrible manner. 

Was that group of subjects back to avenge? 

No! They clearly left! Liu Dong’s eyes were bulging and red because of excessive panic and fear. He froze for a few seconds before he even rolled out of the tent. 


The screams shrieked throughout the camp. Shao Qing rolled over in the bed and the corner of her mouth hooked upwards. 

She crawled up slowly, changing her clothes with no hurry, then led her son and a group of friends to the place where the voices came from. 

Liu Dong was already being protected by the superhumans after they heard the screams. His legs had gone soft, and he was almost incontinent. 

To be honest, he had seen countless more terrible corpses, and even made many of these terrible corpses with his own hands. However, when this corpse was his companion, when his own life was threatened, everything was different. 

Many people entered the tent to help dismantle the corpse. Only when they did so, did they discover that the corpse had been hung up by strips of the bed sheet tied through the bones. 

When the body was shipped out, the heads of the representatives of the bases looked very pale. The night watchmen were the elites of their base. However, a person was killed and abused, and the night watchers did not notice at all. 

It was like being slapped on the face.

One of the people in charge took a deep breath, and then called the people in charge of the night watch: “Did you hear any suspicious sounds last night, or found any suspicious people?” 

The group’s faces were flushed, completely embarrassed. Shaking his head, these night watchers were actually very serious, not lazy at all. Yet, someone was able to infiltrate their area arrogantly, killed a person and left again. But, no one found out. 

Was the person too strong, or were they too weak? 

Liu Dong was half collapsed at the moment. He was being supported and still screamed: “Someone died next to me! Just next to me! Are you all eating shit? No one noticed when someone sneaked in! Do we have to wait until everyone’s brains are cut open before everyone gets serious?” 

Everyone’s face was very ugly. After all, this fact was too face-slapping, especially the corpse lying there. There was no need to talk about any excuses.

Liu Dong was no longer in his usual state of seriousness and calmness. He jumped and said: “It must be her! She must have joined the zombies! She wants my life!” 

He was screaming while pointing at Shao Qing, sputtering saliva everywhere. Shao Qing was very calm: “You have been slandering me from the beginning. Since you were frightened, I did not argue with you. I originally thought that once you were calm you would be able to think rationally again and regain your composure, but you still have to put the blame  on me. Are all dead people killed by me? As long as there’s a problem, it’s because I united the zombies? Because you can’t pull shit out your ass, you are trying to push it on me?”

Shao Qing’s words were very vulgar, but they made many people feel very happy. They really hated the kind of mad dogs that bit people, that looked down on them, and instigated people. They had high contempt for them, but Liu Dong had a high status, and many people dare not provoke him. 

When Shao Qing said these words, she basically said what they had thought in their hearts. 

In fact, Shao Qing hasn’t stopped: “Following your theory, if your wife has a baby in her belly, is it mine? You can’t go to heaven and be shoulder to shoulder with the sun? Do I have to send you? Huh?” 

She sneered and spoke in sarcasm. 

Liu Dong was originally in a state of semi-collapse but he was now even more triggered because of the provocation. He pointed at Shao Qing and shouted, “Are there any other possibilities? It is you! It must be you! It must be you and those zombies outside … You are the same as Yin Ye! The same!” 

“Okay, hurry and take him to take some medicine.” Shao Qing made a bye gesture “The medicine can’t stop. Quickly give him the medicine so it’ll save us from the torture.”

Those with special abilities also felt what Shao Qing said was right so several people took Liu Dong down. Even when he was taken away, Liu Dong was still swearing loudly. 

After that everything else was dealt with including the corpse.

Although they all believed that Shao Qing was not the one who did it, this matter was very strange and the murderer was not caught yet. They were all panicking in their hearts. Who knew who was being targeted? 

Is it Liu Dong? Or was it everyone?

This silent killing method couldn’t not scare them. 

Did the group of zombies come back? Why can’t they get along with Liu Dong? It was as if Liu Dong was a sweet and sour snack. From the siege of the zombie tide before, they haven’t given up. Tsk, if one didn’t know better they would think that Liu Dong stole a zombie’s wife, so they were relentlessly pursuing him. 

Shao Qing stretched out lazily and was thinking about who should be the next person to kill. What she wanted was this effect. To make Liu Dong panic and desperate. With nothing to do, he can only watch as death comes to him.

If she allowed him to die easily, how can that be a worthy payback for those who were treated as test subjects and died on the operating table? There were also those who are alive, but can only watch themselves become a monster. Those pitiful people who would rather die. 

She was not a saint, nor a nationalistic person, but sometimes when things touch her bottom line, she can become an Asura. 

Asura will not serve people with virtue or use truth and goodness to change people, it would only kill. 

The next candidate to die has been decided.

Shao Qing took the snacks handed over by Er Dai and gnawed on them. Although this happened, they still had to go on, but the pace of going back became more quick. 

If they don’t stay in the wild at night and return to the base, there shouldn’t be a problem right? 

They don’t believe that a group of zombies would chase them all the way to a base and kill them.

Liu Dong’s shock was obviously not small. His hair became a lot more white. When eating at noon, he was holding a bowl around the pot and his expressions looked dull. 

Shao Qing had no intentions to sympathize with him at all. Can being old be an excuse for wanton behavior? The more he relied on being old, the more Shao Qing hated him. 

He is very old and should be wiser. He should know what he is doing. But he is the leader of that group of animals, the initiator of everything, the maker of evil. 

Shao Qing looked at him, and her eyes went even colder. She was not happy, and she didn’t want Liu Dong happy. So Shao Qing silently urged the dodder left in a certain researcher’s body. 

Everyone was eating with their heads down when a researcher by Liu Dong’s side suddenly swelled up like a balloon. 

Liu Dong accidentally brushed by him and just like that he bursted like a balloon, his body exploded quickly. 

At the moment of the explosion, the dodder itself had turned into ashes, no trace of it can be found. As the flesh and blood flew across the ground and landed on the ground, there were no remains left at all.

The minced meat was like rain and it fell down on Liu Dong’s head, body, and bowl. He was completely lifeless. Watching the gruel in his bowl stain red because of the minced meat, he fell to the ground and began vomiting.

He was vomiting fiercely as if to spit out all his internal organs. Not only him, but everyone else around him also vomited. After all, the minced meat not only fell on him, but everyone else as well.

It’s just that Liu Dong’s body had more. 

Imagine, while they were eating, a large living person beside them suddenly exploded, flesh and bones flying around and some even falling into their bowl. Who wouldn’t vomit?

In addition to vomiting, they were more afraid, especially Liu Dong. He felt that he was going crazy. Death was like a shadow that refused to let him go. He could even feel a chill down his back, as if the sickle of death was on his neck. 

Liu Dong vomited until dark. After he finished vomiting, he lay dull in the pool of blood and didn’t get up for a while. 

Before he could still say it was Shao Qing, but what about now? Shao Qing sat steadily in the distance for dinner, but another person died next to him and there was no dead body. 

The point is, he didn’t even know how the man died. He only saw him suddenly turn into flesh and blood, then his bones were gone. 

This was terrifying and alarming. Can someone remotely control the lives of others?

If this is really the case, isn’t it too scary? 

Liu Dong wasn’t the only person afraid, many others were also afraid. They were afraid that they would become the next blood ‘fireworks’, and just explode with a bang. 

Some people even began to quietly stay away from Liu Dong. They can see it. Whether it was humans or ghosts behind this, they were all aimed at Liu Dong and his surviving partners. 

At least to date, all those who died were once researchers who had been with Liu Dong before. 

As for other people, neither ordinary people nor superhumans were affected. 

They couldn’t help but to speculate. 

But these were just guesses. and now they are all terrified. Everyone is afraid to be the next person who suddenly dies. 

Regardless of the situation, the base should do something. As soon as this happened, few people had appetite, only a few people stepped forward and began to examine the body. 

The corpse or what was left of it had become a pool of minced meat with some bones that became bone slag that was even more broken than the pork bones in a soup base.

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