PMMB Volume 2 Chapter 7 Part 2

Volume 2 Chapter 7 The Cute Item brought back

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Completely satisfied with its arrangements with the rabbit, Shao Qing carefully placed the rabbit back within Xiao Baozi’s arms. Lying down to sleep, Er Dai very naturally extended his hand and pulled Shao Qing into his embrace. 

Habit was a very scary thing. At the beginning Shao Qing was extremely conflicted with allowing Er Dai in her bed. But after having Er Dai harass her for so long, it’s already been a habit for him to be there. 

Although she couldn’t feel any warmth, Shao Qing still pulled on the quilt to cover her and Er Dai and went to sleep. 

Actually for the larger part of the night, even though Shao Qing had her eyes closed she was conscious and awake. This was a tool that this body brought, whether if that was good or bad. 

Although she didn’t need much rest, she would still recall a lot of things during the night. The thing she recalled the most was that fake hypocrite scumbag and that moment when the car came crashing into her body. 

Shao Qing had a time when she hated everyone. Those people crossing the road coldly observing the entire thing yet none had extended a hand to help her. If someone had been willing to help, then perhaps the child within her belly would not have died; then, Xiao Baozi would not have become like this: permanently stuck within a child’s body and a child’s mind unable to become a regular person living a normal life. 

Even if he looked like a regular child, he didn’t have a heartbeat. Even the sparse blood within his body was also cold. 

If it wasn’t for the fact that Xiao Baozi can be still considered ‘living’, Shao Qing might have already perished in this world. 

It is also probably this experience that has changed her to become more extreme and furious than the average person. 

Now during the endless night, not in the mood to sleep, she thought of a lot of things. But this time it was the comfort of all of them hanging together on a typical day.

Shao Qing had changed Yan Hanqing and the rest, but they have also changed her.

Extending his arms and legs, Er Dai tightly confined Shao Qing into his embrace. Letting out a sigh, she indulged Er Dai.


Since that day where Shao Qing executed that person in front of everybody, a lot of people began looking at her with a trace of fear. But they also didn’t dare bully those women again.

Shao Qing didn’t care about their glances. So just like that the days went by and the journey was also smooth. After around 8-10 days, they were finally close to arriving Jiang Bei survivor base.

“There is at most two more days of journey and we’ll arrive at Jiang Bei Survivor base.” Yan Pingsheng was trying to contain his excitement. Once they arrived that will represent that they have arrived safely and also the things they were transporting would also be safe.

“Make sure not to let your guard down, there’s still a fierce battle ahead.” Shao Qing was not as optimistic. Sitting by the bonfire, she carefully looked at the map and pointed it out for them to see: “Just ahead is the plain. Because of the flat terrain, there are a lot of small towns. Not even mentioning the small towns, there is going to be a big city that we have to go through. If we do decide to make a detour we would have to head towards the north west direction and go through two mountains. Then we would have to turn back to cross over Yan Jiang. That would be the only way to skip going through the city to get to Jiang Bei survivor base.”

Meng Shen nodded his head: “When we were leaving we also went through that city. All the injuries we received were all from that time. That city didn’t go through any disposals. There is a large number of zombies there in addition to the fact that the majority had all evolved. It would be extremely hard to handle.”

“This is why we cannot relax yet. Everyone go rest for a bit. When it’s time make sure to be ready.” Yan Ruru also agreed. A lot of people usually die when they lose their vigilance. She did not want to see her own teammates fall for this mistake.

After all, this mistake would be fatal.

“If there was a method to be able to avoid this zombie populated location, that would be a lot easier.” Yan Pingsheng muttered.

Shao Qing didn’t answer and didn’t stand out. She only opened up the map to take a more detailed look. The most densely populated areas by zombies were the schools, the shopping malls and the factories.

As long as they avoid that area they shouldn’t encounter anything too difficult. After all this time they had a lot of people with them. Even if they encounter a small problem it shouldn’t be too hard to deal with.

If they encounter a large problem with so many superhumans, it shouldn’t get too dangerous.

After walking for the majority of the day, did they pass through a small town and arrive at the city. This city must have been flourishing since it was situated in a major road and there was also the Yan river a little ahead. With water transportation being easy to facilitate, this business expansion must have been good.

The population of a flourishing city was extremely concentrated. Think about S city then think about Kyoto. Before the apocalypse, everyday there would be crazy traffic jams.

After the apocalypse, those cities were all the most zombie concentrated areas.

“Although Jiang Bei established their survival base, we have never sent out a superhuman squad to dispose of the city. But we have arranged for a team to go search for survivors. After searching for half a month they brought the people they found back to the base. That was when our people discovered that the zombies in that city evolved especially quick. When we were rushing to S city survivor base, there were quite a few rank 3 zombies that appeared. That’s why we had so many injuries. Now we’re not too sure about the circumstances.” Yan Pingsheng explained in detail. He had no plans of hiding anything since there were no benefits from that. In contrast, it would have been harmful for everyone. 

Shao Qing frowned: “So that means, we’ll face quite a few unknown dangers.”

Yan Pingsheng nodded his head. “So what I’m trying to say is that if you guys feel that it’s too dangerous, we could choose to make a detour. Although it might take quite a bit longer because we’re having to go through two mountains, it would be safer than going through a city by just a bit.”

Yan Ruru shook her head: “We already knew about the dangers in the city. However we do not know the dangers of the mountains. Those variation animals might be even more dangerous than zombies. My proposal is that we go through the city. At least there you guys have some experience.”

“The unknown will always be more terrifying than the known. I also vote to go through the city.” Yan Pingsheng immediately agreed after Yan Ruru spoke. 

Meng Shen did not rashly decide and instead asked Shao Qing: “What do you think?”

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