PMMB Volume 2 Chapter 7 Part 3

Volume 2 Chapter 7 The Cute Item brought back

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“I have no opinion.” Shao Qing only elaborated with one sentence then began researching the map. In reality,  she personally thought that they should make a detour. However, Yan Ruru and Yan Pingsheng’s stance were evident. So she was not willing to speak out and force them into a dilemma. 

In any case, either path would have countless dangers. 

The apocalypse was like this. Regarding this, for a lot of people the safest place was the survival base. After departing the base, everywhere in the outside world was dangerous. 

From the apocalypse to now, population has already decreased by two thirds. A majority have turned into zombies while a portion have died under other peoples hands. 

This also means that the number of zombies were also a lot higher than humans. 

Not needed to be said but this was a conclusion that made everyone’s heart sour. In fact the human population is still gradually decreasing. 

After all hiding in a survivor base isn’t completely safe. They still have to go out to look for rations at a fixed time and dispose of zombies. 

This is the case in particularly for ordinary citizens. The mortality rate for ordinary citizens were extremely high. Zombies loved eating them, while superhumans thought they were superior and would humiliate them. 

In brief, ordinary people are the weakest group within the apocalypse. Anyone could bully them. 

Furthermore the crucial point is that the birth rate has plummeted greatly. In this time where you can’t even guarantee your own life, the only ones willing to give birth are people of importance and with power. 

Even if ordinary people gave birth they wouldn’t be able to raise them, not to speak about giving birth to them. 

If this continues, perhaps people would become extinct just like the dinosaurs. Perhaps after a lot of years, the world will have other creatures start appearing again. Similar to us looking at dinosaur fossils, they would find the remains of people and their items and refer to it as antique and historical remains. 

“What are you thinking?” Yan Hanqing’s voice was a bit downcast. Sitting beside Shao Qing, he woke Shao Qing from her thoughts. Lifting Shao Qing’s head, she saw that Yan Pingsheng was already preparing things to head out. 

“Just thinking if humankind will get exterminated.” After Shao Qing said that, she laughed herself: “Now that I’m thinking about it even if mankind were to be exterminated, it would be a lot later. After I die, why would I even care if it floods or not.”

“No.” Yan Hanqing did not think that subject was odd and seriously replied: “Human kind and those species that became are different. When it is at a critical point, humanity would exhaust all their power so much that they would burst forth with even more power. They would come back from death’s door. And even if they were to become extinct….. Like you said, we would die off a long long time after.”

“I rarely hear you speak for such a long time.” Shao Qing couldn’t help smile. Calling Xiao Baozi over, she picked him. That was when the possessive Er Dai came behind to seize Shao Qing.  

Yan Hanqing’s eyes were slightly gloomy: “I’m not good with words. But there will inevitably exceptions.” For example in front of the person you like.

Shao Qing hugged Xiao Baozi while Xiao Baozi carried the rabbit. In the future there would be one more to lean against, Er Dai’s hug. She lazily looked up at the sky and muttered to herself: “Will the apocalypse have a day it will be over….” 

Yan Hanqing thought about it: “Definitely. There’s rumours that some bases have already begun researching on how to resist the zombie virus. If the development continues, they may be able to develop a medicine to turn zombies back to people.”

“Let’s hope.” Shao Qing stretched her body. When she extended her body she leaned on Er Dai. Being rubbed against, Er Dai’s entire body had an urge. However since that day that certain crucial area has become a decorative object. 

The most painful thing for a male is probably have a beauty sitting right in front of you but not having the ability, male zombies included.

“If the apocalypse could be over, then I want to buy a house by the ocean. I love the feeling of facing an ocean. Your entire body seems to open up to the world and relax. I want to send my darling to the best kindergarten. If we could cure Er Dai that would be the best….. I’ll help him find his family and send him back to their side.” Shao Qing lied on Er Dai’s chest muttering and then began to smile. This was a life she wants but cannot attain.

Yan Hanqing opened his mouth. But he couldn’t let out the three words, what about me….

Shao Qing probably didn’t think about helping him settle down, since he is an adult. No matter if it’s about life or anything, it didn’t require others to worry.

At the least he won’t starve.

“I’ve over thought it.” Shao Qing massaged her head then facing Yan Hanqing she said: “We should also start packing. Let’s get ready. Once we arrive at the city, we might encounter quite a few dangers.

Yan Hanqing nodded his head. Regarding the feelings he had towards Shao Qing, since they were interacting every single day, every single day he came to understand her even more. Yet he never had the confidence to confess.

Yan Hanqing felt that he had no right. Let alone Er Dai was blessed with good fortune and had already made a move first obtaining Shao Qing’s approval.

He just wanted to support her and to help her establish a safe rear. Then when she is fighting at the front, she could feel at ease to entrust him to look out for her back.

Or possibly have him become her bodyguard.

But no matter what, using a line from a soap opera, as long as she is happy it’s fine.

On the other side, Gu Panpan was in the midst of coaching Gu Chuan: “Brother, can’t you say a few words? Saying a few words won’t kill you, you know?”

Gu Chuan kneeled on the ground silently cleaning things. He was different from Yan Hanqing. Yan Hanqing was clumsy with his mouth and he was just unwilling to speak.

Hearing Gu Panpan complain, Gu Chuan still didn’t say anything. What should be done and what needs to be done is quite obvious.

Gu Panpan was about to die of anger. At one side, she felt anger for him failing to meet expectations and impatient to see improvement. “Are you going to continue hiding? Hide and become an enigma? Not even talking about your thoughts, are you planning on watching Qing Jiejie follow another guy while you hide yourself up in your covers and cry?”

Gu Chuan seriously refuted: “I won’t cry. I’ll give her my blessings.”

Gu Panpan gave a sarcastic laugh. She had always said Gu Chuan wasn’t promising. Although Gu Chuan and her weren’t twins, they did come out from the same womb. Having lived together for so many years, how could she not tell what Gu Chuan was thinking.

Gu Chuan has a favourable impression towards Shao Qing. In fact, each day his feelings increase more and more. Gu Panpan can see this all. In fact, the most crucial point is Gu Panpan likes Shao Qing. If it was some other woman becoming her sister in law then she might be a bit more picky, however if it was Shao Qing she would definitely cheer and accept it wholeheartedly.

Too bad her brother was a closed gourd. Always hiding everything within his heart and not saying anything. He would never be particularly attentive either. How will he ever get a girl!

Back then, Gu Chuan’s handsomeness had made him extremely popular within school. Even though he was cold and expressionless, there would still be some girls who would be able to endure his cold aura and be conquered by his attractiveness and pursue him.

However, in the end they were all scared off by his cold aura.  

Gu Panpan rolled her eyes and reminisced: “Fine keep hiding! Be alone forever!”

Gu Chuan didn’t mind what Gu Panpan said. He was originally not a person who was good at expressing his affections, in addition, he didn’t like to speak. Not getting a girl’s affection is completely normal.

As for Shao Qing, Gu Chuan had never told Gu Panpan, but him not confessing isn’t because he was shy or something of that sort. Instead it was because he is scared.

Anyone who knows him would know he will get rejected. So he would rather protect their current relationship now than go from a friend to some awkward relationship.

Gu Panpan says his heart is extremely strong, however facing Shao Qing, he was in fact super cowardly.

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