PMMB Volume 2 Chapter 8

Volume 2 Chapter 8 Her Intuition 

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Before arriving at the city, Shao Qing made sure to tell them properly that no matter the circumstances, those women should not be let off the car. Within their group, Shao Tong was the weakest of them all (obviously not including Xiao Baozi). Therefore Shao Qing arranged for Shao Tong to protect them.

Once they were ready, they all entered the city.

The state of the city was actually better than they had imagined. Many zombies had wandered off outside of the city in search of food while some just wandered at the fringe of the city. After actually entering the city, the amount of zombies they encountered was not that much.

A few fire elemental users stood on top of the cars to open up a path. Clearing up the road, there were some zombies that they met that had evolved. Their movements were very fierce. They would straightforwardly throw themselves at the car. Fortunately, the water elemental users would protect them by shooting them away.

But of course there were some that were particularly violent. One superhuman was almost dragged away; however, Shao Qing reacted fast enough and shot out her vine to pull him back. 

Taking advantage of the confusion, that zombie ran into the crowd and escaped. 

Zombies were already getting smarter and smarter. If they continued to develop like this, they’ll eventually possess the same intellect as a normal human. It was definitely possible. 

In fact at the beginning these zombies moved sluggishly with fragile bodies and could easily be defeated by an ordinary person as long as they had a weapon; even if it was just a wooden stick, they would be able to finish off a lot of zombies. 

Yet nowadays, whether it’s the zombies physique, movement, speed, or strength, they have all increased greatly. 

“This trip is quite relaxing.” Yan Pingsheng stuck his head out from the car window. With a smiling expression on his face, he said to Shao Qing: “I actually thought that we would have to go through a difficult battle before being able to leave. But looking at how it’s going, it seems we can relax a bit.”

Shao Qing didn’t reply. She looked at the sparse amount of zombies on the street. In her heart she felt a little restless. She still felt that there was a pair of eyes watching them. A gaze full of malice she felt her heartbeat from fear and trepidation of the possible danger. 

Silent for a while, Shao Qing asked Er Dai: “Do you sense any zombies of the same type?”

Shao Qing wasn’t considered a complete zombie, but Er Dai was. He could sense a lot of things that Shao Qing couldn’t. For example, he is able to sense zombies of similar strength within a certain range. 

Once Shao Qing asked, Er Dai began seriously probing the surrounding. After a long while, he nodded and shook his head. Then he gave Shao Qing a puzzled look. 

Shao Qing understood the gist of what he meant. Er Dai wanted to express that he felt quite a few weaker zombies and a portion that were of similar strength. However the aura is faint and he can’t fully detect it and it would even sometimes disappear. 

Thus, Er Dai couldn’t confirm. 

Shao Qing also faintly sensed danger, so she warned Yan Pingsheng: “Don’t relax too soon. I still feel that something isn’t right.”

Yan Pingsheng scrunched up his eyebrows. Too smooth of a route also made him anxious, so he called Meng Shen over. Meng Shen’s ability was completely different from Shao Tong’s. His expertise was in sensing and scouting out danger. 

Meng Shen’s physique was especially weak. So even though he had awakened his superhuman abilities, he wasn’t that different from some regular citizens. This was because he was always doing research in the laboratory. Excessively tired and over using his brain has caused his basic physique to be especially poor. 

Actually, even using his superhuman abilities gives him a lot of stress. So even though he does have those abilities, he rarely uses it. It is only during research that he would use his abilities as support. Hearing Yan Pingsheng’s words, Meng Shen carefully used his spiritual energy to probe the area. It was then he discovered that it wasn’t the case that there are no zombies, it was just the road that they were driving on. 

He could sense that there are quite a few zombies in the area but nothing else. 

After telling Yan Pingsheng his discovery, Meng Shen pondered about it. Then he got off the car and went to look for Shao Qing. Just when Shao Qing was hesitating about something he arrived in front of her. 

Allowing him to board the car, she asked: “What’s wrong? Is there something wrong?”

Telling Shao Qing his findings, he asked: “Did you guys discover anything? Since you’ve given us a warning, I keep feeling that something isn’t right.”

“I just have a feeling.” Shao Qing thought about it. Er Dai can’t be revealed. Indifferently she continue to speak: “In any case, I just feel that something is spying on us in the shadows.”

“Let’s continue travelling a bit more and see. We’re close to a quarter of the way.” Meng Shen gritted his teeth: “When we were heading out there wasn’t anything too dangerous. It was just that one time going through the shopping mall. Some of the subordinates were greedy and went to go search for some provisions. In the end, they ran into quite a few zombies. Some of them were injured. But this time if we move around it, it shouldn’t be as dangerous.”

“En.” Shao Qing replied but her heart was still heavy. Her sixth sense was usually pretty accurate and has saved her a lot of times. 

The more they advanced the more danger she felt. The degree of dangerousness was enough for her to abandon everything and lead her squad back even though she would have to give up this mission and the destination was not that much further away. 

This kind of impulse was sitting in Shao Qing’s heart, slowly fermenting. Finally it got out of hand and she couldn’t repress it. 

But even though it had reached that point, Shao Qing did not choose to leave. She knew that as long as she said a word, Gu Panpan and the rest wouldn’t ask anything at all and fully support her. Even if the other road would be full of hardships. 

Then what about Meng Shen and them? Meng Shen and Yan Ruru’s regiment was different from Shao Qing’s squad. From Yan Hanqing to The Gu siblings, they trusted her completely, not to mention Er Dai and the rest. 

While for Yan Ruru’s squad, it wasn’t just her say and it’s done. For important decisions, it would take a long time to determine. Not even considering whether her plan would go through or not, even if they all agreed with Shao Qing’s proposal to leave the city, they would have already dilly dallied for too long. 

But Shao Qing had no other plans. She could only go to Yan Pingsheng and Yan Ruru and express her thoughts and decision. Yan Ruru was stunned when she heard her:”We just need one more day and we’ll be out of the city!”

“My proposal is to withdraw.” Shao Qing didn’t say more. Yan Ruru frowned: “We could get through this city with the time that is required for withdrawing.”

Yan Pingsheng thought about it more than Yan Ruru: “Firstly, no one knows the danger of passing through the city. So far this is all your intuition and we can’t simply use that to convince everyone else. If I were to give out the orders right now that we are retreating from the city and making a detour, I am sure 99% of them will reject this idea. Secondly, Ah Qing you probably understand but if you were to bring up this suggestion, a lot of people would purposely….”

“Just say your decision.” Shao Qing spoke as if nothing bothered her. Her expression also seemed to be indifferent as if she was expressionless. 

A lot of people seeing this cold front felt that she was hard to approach and would subsequently shrink back. 

But Yan Pingsheng knew Shao Qing possessed a tender side. It was just that this tenderness was saved for people she has acknowledged. For outsiders she would only be cold blooded. 

Perhaps they have already been placed in the acknowledged circle, thus Shao Qing would still have the patience to speak to him now.

Yan Pingsheng gritted his teeth: “But I believe you. I’ll bring this proposal up and see what everyone else says.”

Meng Shen nodded his head: “I’ll try my best to convince them.”

Yan Ruru walked back and forth then finally clenched her teeth: “I can only try. I can’t guarantee I can persuade them.”

Shao Qing actually felt her heart warm up. After all there was absolutely no evidence that there were any dangers advancing forward. They all trusted in her to make this decision. This showed that the way she conducts herself isn’t a failure.

It just so happens that it was time for their midday break. Yan Pingsheng and Yan Ruru gathered all their team members and told them everything.

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