PMMB Volume 3 Chapter 59

Volume 3 Chapter 59 Zombie Group 

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Mulin hadn’t been this happy in a long time. Her whole life during the apocalypse was oppressive and painful. Apart from struggling for survival and facing those conspiracies, she missed Shao Qing. 

It was only now that she could truly relax. 

“If you look at the map, there is a base in front. Let’s rest there tonight.” Shao Qing said after looking at the map. Although resting in the wild is just as safe for them, the comfort of living in a tent is always much worse than a normal room. 

Thus, wasting some time and rushing more later wasn’t a big deal. 

They rushed to the base before the sky became completely dark. At this time, the sky was a little dark. The guards at the base were sitting in a corner playing poker, leaving two guards looking at the gate. It was empty outside. 

Not having to line up was a very pleasant thing. There were no ordinary people in Shao Qing’s team, so the speed of entering the base was relatively fast.

 After a simple check, they entered the base. 

It was getting late at this time. Even the people who worked in the base had already returned to their residence. Shao Qing led a few of her friends to walk inside the base and felt something was wrong. 

This base was too quiet. Even if it was night, there should be many people outside, at least some people walking around. 

For this base, they would occasionally encounter a few people, but they seemed very numb and stiff. 

It’s…like they were rank one zombies. 

If it weren’t for their lively faces carrying some anger, it would really make people think that they were already zombies.

Shao Qing and her friends went to the base hall, rented a room temporarily, and rested for a night. 

When they were leaving with the key, Shao Qing felt that the cheeks of the base staff were a little dark. 

Deep doubts were engraved in her heart, but Shao Qing didn’t think about it any more. They had been walking for a day so Mulin and Yan Qiyue must be very tired. It would be better to rest earlier. 

Before going to bed, Shao Qing made a pot of porridge and everyone divided it then went back to sleep. 

About midnight when she was sleeping, Shao Qing suddenly heard some noise outside. Being in another’s base Shao Qing was more alert and slept very shallowly, so when she heard the strange noise, she immediately woke up.

After Shao Qing woke up, she listened carefully to the noise coming from outside. Outside was chaotic, and the voices were getting louder and louder. Not only her, but everyone woke up. 

“What’s the matter?” Mulin rubbed her eyes in a daze: “Why is it so noisy outside?” 

“It’s possible that something has happened, put on your clothes first. I’ll go out and see.” Shao Qing and Mulin were in the same room. Er Dai and Yan Qiyue slept next door and also walked out after hearing the sound.

Shao Qing poked her head out from the window, and she was shocked. Outside were a bunch of zombies. They were all slow-moving rank one zombies. 

It was densely packed, all of them. Looking around, you couldn’t see an ordinary person at all. It’s like everyone in the entire base had become zombies, but they clearly saw many normal people when they entered the base last night. 

It was just one night, how did it suddenly become like this? 

Shao Qing was not the only one who was stunned, but also Yan Qiyue, who had put on his clothes. Everyone was shocked too. 

“How could it be like this all of a sudden…” Mulin was stunned. Shao Qing calmed down in an instant: “You stay in the room, don’t go out. I’ll go out and see.”

“Be careful.” Mulin knew that she was not afraid of zombies, but still reminded her.

Shao Qing didn’t open the door, she went straight out of the window. After she got out, she found that there were more zombies than she saw in the room. 

These zombies looked like rank one zombies that had just mutated at the beginning of the apocalypse. They were particularly fragile, with rigid limbs and severe body decay. 

But how could so many rank one zombies suddenly appear? 

Rank one zombies were rare in current times. This was because most zombies, after a year of evolution, were at least rank two or rank three. This means that these zombies should have just mutated tonight.

It is very possible that all the ordinary people in the entire base had become zombies, but where is the source? 

Shao Qing walked past the group of zombies. Even if all the ordinary people in the entire base had become zombies, there should still be people with superhuman powers. 

Ability users don’t get infected. Where are the superhumans in the base? 

Soon Shao Qing found a living person. The man was hiding in the guard room at the entrance of the base. He looked out, shivering against the window. When Shao Qing suddenly appeared in front of him he almost screamed. Fortunately, he knew he shouldn’t attract the zombies, so he covered his mouth tightly, his eyes opened wide like a cow’s eyes because of his panic.

“Open the door.” Shao Qing knocked on the window. The man shook his head in fright. He didn’t dare to open the door. What if zombies swarmed in?     

His abilities were very useless and his level was extremely low. It was only because of his relationship that he got a job as a doorman. How could he think that this evening when it was his turn to be on guard that this would happen.     

He saw with his own eyes that his companion who went out to the bathroom was surrounded by zombies, gnawed into bones, alive. 

Now his courage has been completely shattered. It would be strange to dare open the door. 

Shao Qing said lightly: “Either you open the door, or I break open the door. You choose.” 

The man cried and finally opened the door. After all, an open door can be closed. If the door was broken, the zombies would be really unhindered. 

He quickly opened the door, and then said: “Quickly come in!” 

Shao Qing walked in, and he immediately closed the door. Leaning against the door, he slowly slid down, sweat on his forehead. 

“What’s the matter?” Shao Qing kicked him: “Get up first and speak clearly. Why are there suddenly so many zombies in the entire base?” 

“No…I don’t know… ” The man’s tears were about to come out as he stammered: “I discovered that all the zombies were acquaintances. They were ordinary people from the base. I don’t know how they suddenly became like this.”

“Was there no sign before?” Shao Qing frowned: “It is impossible that without any reason, all the people would become zombies overnight…what about the superhumans in the base?” 

“Earlier, the superhumans in the base found a large greenhouse with vegetables and fruits in it. It was very messy. It should be seeds from ripe fruits and vegetables before the end of the world. There were many inside. It was something that our base didn’t have. The greenhouse was in a town with a lot of zombies, so the high rank superhumans in the base dispatched a group of mercenaries, and they haven’t come back yet.” At this point, his face became especially miserable: “Who would think that this happened just after they left.”     

“It can be ruled out that zombies entered the base and infected everyone. After all, zombies can’t infect everyone silently…” Shao Qing touched her chin, and an idea flashed in her mind.     

Zombie poison was not necessarily transmitted by zombies. There was a possibility that it was from food and water. Although it would be much slower to infect a person through food and water, it is also very simple. 

Then the problem arose again. There were generally two types of water sources in the base, one was created by a water based superhuman, and the other was purified by the purifier in the base. 

Bottled water was rare. 

Most of the drinking water in the base was made by superhumans. The ground was irrigated, and the water used in daily life was purified. 

How could all these ordinary people suddenly be infected? 

Unless someone was frantically poisoning them. 

“Where is the base chief of your base?” Shao Qing felt that this matter must be discussed with their base chief before they can find out the reason. 

The man looked dull: “Sister, there are zombies outside. You are not going to find our base chief!” 

“I am going to find your base chief.” Shao Qing said coldly: “Moreover, you will lead the way.” 

The man was scared at this time, with a runny nose and tears falling down he said: “I still have a young son and a wife in my family. I have an old lady to support. Big sister, warrior, please forgive me, I really don’t want to die! With so many zombies outside, we will die…” 

Shao Qing ignored him, grabbed him by the collar, and lifted him out. She kicked the door open. The sound of kicking the door immediately caused many zombies to turn their heads. 

The man was almost so scared he peed himself. A large man of more than 1.8 meters, with his nose and tears running, looked very embarrassing. 

Shao Qing was expressionless. She walked out silently, carrying the man. The man was tall, so when Shao Qing carried him outside, his legs dragged on the ground, which looked a little ridiculous. 

When a zombie walked by smelling the flesh and blood on the man, he immediately screamed. Halfway through the scream, his face changed and he didn’t dare to shout any more because shouting again would only attract more zombies. 

Shao Qing raised her hand and slapped all the surrounding zombies to death. He didn’t even raise his eyes. At that time, the man was confused. 

An egg could be inserted into his wide open mouth. He just felt that the sky had fallen down, and he was about to die with Shao Qing, but in the next second he discovered that Shao Qing did not take him to death. She had forced him to fly. 

Shao Qing walked all the way, and the zombies passing by were swatted into a meatloaf by her. In the second half of the journey, she was too lazy to even use her hands. She directly released Da Hua to allow it to eat them with the vines responsible for pulling it closer. 

“Where is the head of your base?” Shao Qing asked lazily. The man felt like he had a mountain to back him up. He quickly said: “Go forward, then turn left. Then go straight ahead, the largest one. The house is very obvious!”

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