PMMB Volume 3 Chapter 60

Volume 3 Chapter 60 The Source 

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The base leader was a big fat man. When Shao Qing arrived, he was downstairs. Because the main entrance had been occupied by zombies, he was going out the window. It was then that he  got stuck and was hanging half in the air. It was a somewhat ridiculous sight. 

Shao Qing couldn’t help laughing. She stretched out a vine, and pulled the big fat man out of the window. 

The big fat man was sweating and couldn’t help taking his handkerchief out to wipe his sweat, “I have never seen you before. Did you come from outside?” 

Shao Qing nodded and asked, “Do you know the current situation?” 

The base commander shook his head: “There was no warning, I was also taken aback. The top priority right now is to summon all the superhumans first and control the scene.” Having said that, the fat on his face twitched, obviously distressed. 

Even if the scene was controlled or even all the zombies were eliminated, this base was considered abolished. Although ordinary people have no ability, they are an essential part of a base. 

Superhumans were responsible for maintaining the security of the base, going out to find supplies in the distance, and other tasks that require force, while daily complicated tasks were done by ordinary people. 

These include planting, construction, and even many researchers were ordinary people. 

The number of ordinary people was far greater than that of superhumans. If all ordinary people became zombies, even if the zombies are cleaned up, no one would be left to do these daily tasks. Their base would be considered abandoned. It is too difficult to start anew. They could only join other bases.

Shao Qing nodded: “Summon all the superhumans first.” 

Most of the superhumans in the base were out, explaining the chaos outside. The rest of the superhumans hid and didn’t dare to go out, quietly waiting for news. 

When the big fat base chief shouted on the radio, they heaved a sigh of relief and hurriedly assembled. The zombies outside were actually not high-rank, even pitifully low. They were not afraid when meeting such a group of zombies. But this group of zombies were all people they were familiar with. Being turned overnight, it was too weird, so they panicked. 

The base chief separated some people and cleaned up the zombies, while others began investigating the source of why the ordinary people became zombies. 

When Shao Qing walked around, she found that those zombies had evolved extremely fast. From her awakening to the present, it took no more than half an hour at most for some zombies to have evolved to rank two. 

Although rank two is also very low, it would be a bit scary if they maintain such an evolutionary speed. 

When the zombies were cleaned up and all the corpses were stacked on the square, the mood of the superhumans was very depressed. 

All the corpses here were people they were familiar with. They have been together for a year after the end of the world. Through facing trials and tribulations, they have developed feelings. While some of them were their relatives or friends, they were now all corpses. 

Yet they didn’t find the source of why they became zombies. For no reason, these people all became monsters overnight.

Shao Qing was very calm. After all, she had nothing to do with these people. She immediately said: “I think the problem may be in the water source or food. Can you take out your drinking water and food today for me to check?”

The big fatty base chief frowned: “Regardless of whether it’s the water source or the food, we have been eating it for so long, there can’t be any problems…”

Speaking to the end, he suddenly woke up. These two days were indeed different. Usually, they drink the water produced by superhumans, but the water they drank in the past two days was purified water. 

Is the problem really in the water? 

At this time, Mulin, Er Dai, and Yan Qiyue also came. Shao Qing led them to the big fat man who took out the water and food. 

Yan Qiyue came forward first and started to check. 

Other people were also very concerned. After all, they really want to find out the truth. 

This base was relatively small, so there were no researchers. Yan Qiyue became the only one they could rely on. 

The more Yan Qiyue studied, the uglier his face became. After a while, he said , “There are problems in the water, as well as in the vegetables.” 

He showed everyone what he had decomposed, a black liquid. There was more in the water and relatively less in the vegetables. 

Not only did his face become ugly, but the faces of other people also became ugly. Is the water source completely contaminated by zombie poison? If it is really like this, they can only drink the water created by the superhumans in the future. 

The water created by superhumans is always the purest because they can separate the cleanest water molecules. They can even extract clean water from sewage.

However, after the water purified from the container became undrinkable, they could only rely on water elemental superhumans. This would have huge changes in people’s minds. 

Fortunately, people with supernatural powers don’t have to worry about getting infected, it doesn’t matter what they drink. 

Someone immediately became confused: “Everyone drank this water before, why has there been no problem. But when these three people came to our base, there is a problem with our base now.” 

As soon as he said this, many people began to doubt Shao Qing and the others. After all, this person was right. They used to drink purified water and there was no problem. Why did it happen today? 

Shao Qing glanced at them coldly: “Stupid, I don’t have any need to attack your base, because even if all the ordinary people in your base and the superhumans joined hands, they would not be able to cause me any harm.” 

When she said that, these people felt that she was pretending. Someone immediately laughed at her overestimating herself. 

Shao Qing would not lower herself to speak with ignorant people, she would speak with her strength. 

Then Shao Qing released the pressure of being a high rank superhuman. For this group of people, a seventh-rank superhuman was like a myth. 

Shao Qing’s aura was released abruptly, so a few of the lower strength ones, without any preparation, knelt on the ground at that time. 

Mulin was laughing on the side: “Oh, grandson, now you know you should kneel for your grandmother?” 

The faces of a few people were flushed with shame, but no one was speaking against them. This was because in their hearts they were all shocked. Although they could not feel what rank Shao Qing was, it was definitely far higher than them. 

There were stars in the eyes of the big fat base chief. He stammered: “Ex….exx….exxpert! You must be a sixth-rank superhuman!” 

Shao Qing did not nod, but she didn’t shake her head either, she just said: “Qiyue, tell them about your findings.” 

Yan Qiyue nodded: “The amount of zombie poison in the vegetables is very weak, unless you have eaten it for more than ten years, you will not become a zombie. For the zombie poison contained in the water source, it is enough to make people become a zombie in a short time. This kind of zombie poison can’t be purified with a purifier. I don’t know if your base is the source or it’s like this everywhere now.” 

“I don’t know what you are going to do.” Shao Qing looked at the base commander. He hesitated for a moment, then said: “We will leave this place when the other superhumans come back. This base should prepare to find a large base to settle down.” 

“If this is the case, you can tell the bases you pass by and ask them to check their water and food. Don’t let other bases reproduce the same tragedy of this base.” Shao Qing looked at the sky, it was almost early morning. At this time, the wild was the most dangerous, of course just for others. 

For Shao Qing, there was no difference between day and night.

“We’ll leave first.” Shao Qing left directly on the spot. 

The big fat base leader was a little reluctant, but he finally sent Shao Qing and the others away. 

The atmosphere between Shao Qing and the others was also very depressing. Shao Qing said calmly: “We will speed up our journey in the next few days, and strive to reach Jing Du earlier. This matter must be told to those in power in Jing Du. If the environment deteriorates further, it would be too dangerous, especially for ordinary people. Even if they live in the base, they can easily become zombies.” 

Even though it has been a year since the apocalypse and many ordinary people died, the number of ordinary people was still much more than that of superhumans. If all ordinary people died, the population of China would instantly drop by 90%. 

What a frightening ratio. 

According to this situation, the future world will face natural selection, leaving only superhumans. 

This is not what Shao Qing wants to see. 

“Maybe it’s not as bad as we thought, maybe the water source of this base was polluted.” Yan Qiyue comforted her softly. 

Shao Qing responded with a sound, but her worries grew stronger. She always felt that things would not be so simple, at least not as simple as it seems. 

After all, just like the group of people said, before that, they had used purified water, but there was no problem in the base. Why did it happen today?

Then there were only two possibilities. Either someone really poisoned the water source or the water source was polluted recently. If it is the latter, it would prove that the environment was slowly deteriorating. 

Shao Qing looked at the sky with no expression on her face. She felt a little sad in her heart. It was probably nature that was taking revenge. Revenge for the destruction of nature by mankind, so the end of the world was coming. Now everything that mankind did to nature would be dealt back in double by nature. 

No wonder there was such a proverb that karma, revenge, good and evil would be rewarded. It is not will it happen, but when will it happen.

Mankind finally tasted the bitter fruit that it planted.

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