PMMB Volume 3 Chapter 61

Volume 3 Chapter 61 Accepting a godfather 

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They arrived in Jing Du as quickly as possible. After arriving in Jing Du, Shao Qing did not go directly in. She was worried about the panic. 

After all, many people in Jing Du know about her inhuman status. It wouldn’t be good if everyone was given a fright.

Mulin advanced into the city, then contacted Qin Zixi. Qin Zixi then came to pick them up in person. 

When she arrived at the door of the Qin’s house, Shao Qing saw Grandpa Qin standing by the door, looking around. When he discovered that there were only four of them, he was very disappointed: “Bao Bao didn’t come?” 

“The road was quite dangerous, so I left him at home and didn’t dare to bring him over.” Shao Qing felt very warm. Old Man Qin didn’t act strange because of her identity and the identity of Xiao Baozi. He still liked Xiao Baozi like always. This for them was the greatest kindness. 

“Bring him next time. I really miss him.” Old man Qin said aggrievedly: “It’s been a long time, and baby must miss Grandpa too.”

“Sure, I’ll bring him next time.” Shao Qing smiled. Then she said, “I have very important things to tell you this time.” 

When it was about business, Old Man Qin became serious. He asked Shao Qing and the others to come in and arranged for someone to sort the vegetables. 

“What happened?” After sitting down, Qin Zixi poured tea for everyone. The old man patted the sofa and asked Qin Zixi to sit down as well. 

Shao Qing told Father Qin about what they encountered when they came, and their hypothesis: “If this problem occurs in just one base, then this base was contaminated. If all the bases have this problem, then there must be a problem with the environment.” 

Old man Qin’s face changed, “Most bases drink water made by superhumans, but one base is too big. There will always be some people who drink purified water, but one person or two becoming zombies is really inconspicuous, especially now. It’s too chaotic. Many bases have reported that high-level zombies have been mixed in. The news you brought is very important. This news can’t be spread temporarily, otherwise it will cause panic. Xiao Qing, you stay here for two days. I will send someone out to investigate and see if something similar has happened.”

“Okay, grandpa.” Shao Qing took out a pack of shredded tobacco from her space. She handed it to Old Man Qin, then said: “I planted it and it has been dried. This tobacco leaf is more powerful than a cigarette. Try it.” 

Old man Qin immediately smiled. Before the end of the world, he had a smoking pipe. He smoked the finest shredded tobacco produced in the northeast, it was especially strong. 

After the end of the world, let alone the finest northeast tobacco, it would be just nice to have cigarettes to smoke. 

He patted Shao Qing on the shoulder: “Much more filial than my b**tard son.”

 Qin Zixi rolled his eyes on the side: “If my father is a b**tard, then what are you?” 

“Little rascal, go away” Old man Qin glared at Qin Zixi, then sighed: “Xiao Qing, you were not born at the right time. If you were older and my son was not married, I would match the two of you. If you were younger, I would marry you to my grandson.” He sighed as he spoke, “I always wanted a daughter. Would you like to be my daughter?” 

Shao Qing smiled, “No, with my situation, that would be inappropriate.” 

She was actually very grateful. It could be seen that Father Qin really liked them and really regarded them as relatives. The more this happens, the less she was willing to drag him down.

Her identity was too sensitive. Once discovered, it would drag the entire Qin family down. After all, human beings believe that people who are not the same have different hearts, and she was indeed a zombie.

She can live apart from people, but the Qin family can’t. Once people outside knew about her relationship with the Qin family, they would definitely use this to attack them. 

Old man Qin spoke seriously: “Girl, what’s wrong with your situation? Just because you are a zombie? Who is willing to be a zombie? Just because you didn’t choose to be a zombie, must you be a bad person? You have your own thoughts, right? Your own consciousness, you can understand good and evil, distinguish right from wrong, you are better than most ordinary people. What is not appropriate? If you dislike this old man, then just say it. Anyway, I am a person who is about to die soon, it is normal to be rejected by others.” 

“You know I didn’t mean that.” Shao Qing said helplessly. 

She didn’t want to cause trouble to the Qin family… 

Old man Qin sighed and touched Shao Qing’s head: “Silly girl, if I have a girl like you, do you think I will take advantage of you? Actually……I should have had a girl, but it was messy at that time. My little girl, who was not born, was gone with her mother. If she could be born, she would be about the same age as you….. ” 

Shao Qing helplessly smiled: “Are you playing your pity card…… I will acknowledge you as my godfather, just don’t avoid me later.” 

“I absolutely won’t do that. Now, I also got a grandson for free.” Old man Qin smiled from ear to ear. Qin Zixi on one side was dumbfounded, and spoke after a while, “Now I have an aunt…” 

“My dear nephew, aunt will treat you to some sweets.” Shao Qing really took out a fruit candy and stuffed it into his mouth. Qin Zixi looked helpless. 

Grandfather Qin took the ceremony very seriously. She worshiped heaven and earth and his parents, offered incense, and offered tea. 

Old man Qin was happily smiling the whole time. He took Shao Qing’s hand and was beaming. He wished to meet everyone and tell them that this was his daughter. 

“In the evening, get my bastard son and daughter-in-law, then our family will have a good meal.” Old man Qin patted Shao Qing’s hand and said gladly. 

Taking advantage of this break, Shao Qing calmly introduced a few people around her to Grandpa Qin. 

At that time, Grandpa Qin was stunned. He had just gotten a daughter-in-law, now he has two son-in-laws… 

And according to his daughter-in-law, there was another son-in-law who didn’t come. The old man forced out one sentence: “My daughter is capable!” 

Isn’t it also a skill to have so many men follow willingly? And these men were all very good, none of them were bad so there was no loss. 

The old man was open to the idea in minutes, what era is this? It’s the last days, virtue was in all chaos, so what if it was a woman with multiple men?

As long as they live well and their backyard doesn’t catch on fire, what does it matter? 

The most important thing was his daughter! His daughter was excellent and capable, so it is reasonable to find a few! 

As long as his daughter is happy… 

Grandpa Qin just got a daughter. Now looking at Shao Qing, she looked even better and whatever she did was all right. 

Shao Qing couldn’t help sweating. It was a miracle that Qin Zixi wasn’t spoiled rotten. Now the old man was going to spoil her. 

After the main business and the private affairs were finished, Shao Qing was ready to fulfill her promise and take Mulin to go shopping. 

Old man Qin was very reluctant. After all, he just accepted her as a daughter. It was the most emotional time, but he couldn’t stop her when she wanted to go out with her friends. 

So Father Qin asked Qin Zixi very seriously: “Take your aunt out to play, don’t let people bully your aunt. Don’t worry about anything, just beat them up first. Even if the sky is falling, this grandpa will deal with it!” 

Qin Zixi: QAQ so bias! 

He has been beaten up since he was a child. Now with Shao Qing, she was spoiled. How partial! 

In other people’s families, the boy was the treasure, and the girls were like grass. When it comes to their house, the girl was the treasure, and the son and grandson were both grass… 

But Qin Zixi didn’t have any imbalance in his heart, because he also liked Shao Qing very much. He was also very happy to be able to become an actual family, in name, with Shao Qing. 

But, it would be better if Shao Qing became his sister instead of his aunt.

“Are there any other major events in Jing Du during this period?” Shao Qing asked casually as they walked out. 

Qin Zixi thought for a while: “Nothing big happened, it’s still the same. If we need to speak about big events, it’s probably the newly established two large factories. One is dedicated to the production of some household appliances and one is a military factory. They are located at the end of Jing Du. In terms of food production, it has gotten worse. Self-sufficiency is a bit problematic. Some time ago, a plantation base was opened in a place not far from Jing Du, but it is still an experimental field. If it becomes successful, Jing Du can truly become self-sufficient.” 

“Since the end of the world to the present, human beings have been slowly getting on the right track. If the environment cannot adapt to us, we can only adapt to the environment. Humans are very adaptable. Yes, as long as there are no more changes, it will soon stabilize.” Shao Qing said, but the worry in her heart did not abate at all.     

This was because the change has already occurred and the source cannot be found. If it was human caused, it is easier to solve, but if the environment was really getting worse, then humans must adapt again.     

Now that the water source is infected, will the air and the land be infected next? Will even light cause harm to humans?

If this continues, sooner or later, humans will become extinct. Then the rest of this planet will probably be zombies and a small number of superhumans. At the end, there will be no food, no water source for survival, no companions. Those with superhuman powers who survived will also choose to end their lives. 

Thinking about it this way, the zombies that evolved in response to the environment would survive while those with supernatural powers would be eliminated. 

Taking a deep breath, she left all these horrible thoughts behind. “When I first stayed in Jing Du, I ate all over Jing Du. Which restaurant has the most flavor and which had the best snacks, I remember it clearly. I will take you to eat all over Jing Du today!” 

After a while, they won’t even know if they will still have peace…

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