PMMB Volume 3 Chapter 62

Volume 3 Chapter 62 Come knocking on the door

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There were a lot of craftsmen in Jing Du. They were all fleeing the crisis and then settled down in Jing Du. Many things that had not been seen since the end of the world can still be found here. 

For example, snacks. Although the storefront was much less than before the end of the world, it was more than enough to satisfy the few of them. 

In the end, they held the wall for support as they came back, each carrying a little belly. Shao Qing was better now as well. Once she saw something she liked, she added some special spices and would eat a bit of it. 

After eating, they took Mulin around. They went around once before they went back. 

When they were in the midst of walking back suddenly a man walked towards them. His facial features were fairly upright, but his face was frivolous. 

After he came over, he pointed to Shao Qing and asked, “Are you guys from Jing Du? Why haven’t I seen you before!” 

Qin Zixi stood up first: “Who do you think you are?! Get out of here, we are going back.” 

When the man saw Qin Zixi, he knew that he could not get what he wanted. His expression was dull, but he still jokingly said: “Qin Zixi, you are finally enlightened? You don’t want to be an old virgin anymore? Your vision is quite good. If there’s a day that you don’t want them, just call me.”

Qin Zixi said disgustedly: “Can’t you speak properly, this is my god-aunt!” 

“God Aunt… nice to meet you god aunt.” He deliberately emphasized the pronunciation of the first word, his expression was as wretched as possible. 

Qin Zixi’s expression turned pale, he couldn’t wait to put him in a sack and beat him up. 

Shao Qing asked, “Who’s this kid from? Why haven’t I seen him before.” 

“He’s from a high-ranking family in the base. During the chaos at the beginning, they never found him. That high rank thought that his son was dead. Unexpectedly, this kid wasn’t dead and found this place himself.” Qin Zixi sneered and said: “Before the end of the world, he was the hedonistic son of rich parents. After the end of the world, he lost his temper, but a dog can’t stop themselves from eating sh*t. After a few days, he went back to normal.”

“What did you say!” The man widened his eyes. He and Qin Zixi were never on good terms because his family always used Qin Zixi as an example to educate him.

Before the end of the world or even after the end of the world, Qin Zixi was still a child of another family to him. 

At the beginning, he just saw Shao Qing’s beauty and wanted to strike up a conversation. Although he was a hedonistic child of rich parents, he would sleep among flowers before the end of the world, but he never forced others. Even when it was the end of the world, he has never done anything tyranistic. 

It can only be said that he was a rich spoiled child that still had his conscience. 

It was only after seeing Qin Zixi that he couldn’t help being sarcastic and saying such vulgar words. 

Shao Qing could see this too, otherwise she would have sent him on a day trip to the underworld.

But having a bad mouth was also a kind of disease which can be cured. Shao Qing rolled up her sleeves and suddenly pushed the person to the corner without saying anything and beat him up. 

Mulin and the others immediately followed, especially Yan Qiyue, the one with the most grudge. When he was beating people, he would step on certain key parts. 

Moreover, his feet were very cruel. It wasn’t his own eggs. Seeing it being stepped on casually, Shao Qing felt pain for him.

The man was beaten up and started yelling a few words: “Qin Zixi! You’ve gotten courageous! You dare to beat me! You’re not afraid my grandfather will come looking for trouble with you! I will tell my grandfather when I go back!” 

Then he began to beg for mercy: “Oh, brother and sister, don’t beat me, ugh! Don’t step on the eggs, it will break! You can’t beat the face! Please leave me a way to survive!”

Shao Qing felt refreshed after the beating. She rubbed her fists and looked down. The man shrank in the corner, shivering. She sneered, “Remember, when you make fun of people in the future, you should see clearly what kind of temper they have. If this was another group with a bad temper, they may have already cut off your goods.” 

He didn’t dare to retort back. Shrinking into a small ball, he looked so pitiful. Shao Qing kicked him again, but he did not dare to make a sound. He was stifled with tears. Shao Qing was too lazy to do anything anymore, so she took her group and left. The scene was really like a group of hooligans fooling around with a lady. After it got noisy, they would leave the lady in a mess crying in the corner.

When they went back, Grandpa Qin was ordering people to cook. He kept asking Shao Qing: “What do you like to eat? Is there anything you dislike? Don’t be shy, it’s your own home anyway.” 

Shao Qing really treated it as if she was home. She listed two dishes, then said: “You also know my situation, I’m sure I can’t eat much.” 

The old man Qin felt distressed, so he took Shao Qing’s hand and said: “I know you have suffered much hardship so don’t be afraid of anything in the future. Even if the sky is falling down, I will hold it up. Don’t look at my old bones that only have a few years left, these bones of mine are tough. Even if the sky falls, they can’t be suppressed.” 

“What frustrating thing are you saying? Your body is healthy and you will surely live to a hundred.” Shao Qing frowned, thinking that the physical fitness of a superhuman is better, so the lifespan will definitely be lengthened. The old man was only in his sixties, he was at best middle-aged.

She was thinking of some ways to improve the strength of Grandpa Qin. Of course, she had to treat her people well. 

Old man Qin pulled Shao Qing to sit on the sofa to talk. Shao Qing told Elder Qin about the man she met today. After all, it sounds like the opposite family should come from a good background. Although she was not afraid, if there was trouble, Old man Qin should be psychologically prepared. 

Grandpa Qin jumped up with anger at the time, and shouted: “Don’t hold me back, I’m going to break that stinky boy’s leg. How dare he try to molest my girl, who gave him the courage!” 

Only when a couple of people went together to stop him did old man Qin stop. He had a bad temper. Although he was persuaded, he must have still held his grudges. In the future, he must treat that kid “well”. 

Shao Qing smiled helplessly, but her heart was warm. Since she was a child, she had never had the feeling of her family sticking up for her. 

Whether it was in school because she was bullied and fought back, or when it was a parent-teacher meeting, she always hoped that parents would support her. 

Twenty years later, this idea faded a long time ago. Now when she no longer had her original attachments and desires, she gained everything. 

These family members were very precious to her. Shao Qing lowered her eyes. She now has the strength and influence, no one can harm her family. 

When it was time for dinner in the evening, Mr. Qin and Mrs. Qin also returned. No one knew whether they were satisfied with the decision of Old man Qin, but at least their attitude towards Shao Qing was good. 

Mrs. Qin added vegetables to Shao Qing’s bowl: “Eat more…is Xiao Qing going to live here now? This is also good. It saves you from running around. It’s not safe outside. It’s most comfortable to live at home. After the meal, I will clean up a room for Xiao Qing.” 

Grandpa Qin was very satisfied with Mrs. Qin’s reaction. He nodded slightly: “Stay here. Rest assured, no one will dare to say anything.” 

Shao Qing shook her head: “My friend has built a base in the south. I live in that base now. The land is very wide and there is a vegetable planting base I built. Next, I am planning to build a farm, so I can’t leave.”

“Our family can afford to support you. You are tired all day long. Just come home, come home and live here.” Old man Qin had a fierce face. He was a bit stiff when he made a loving expression. 

Shao Qing shook her head: “Godfather, no one knows what will happen in the future. It’s better to be prepared, so I can feel rest assured. I can manage it well. Also in the future if there’s nowhere to go, that place would be safe.” 

Old man Qin felt distressed, but he didn’t push it any more. He just said, “Bring the baby back to see me when you have time.” As he said that, he began to sigh: “I am old, I should have reached the age to retire. I want to see my grandson more.” 

“Sure.” Shao Qing silently picked vegetables for the old man. In the past, the planting base was built on a whim, but now she was ready to run it properly. 

Don’t think for yourself, but also think for the Qin family. After the end of the world, fresh vegetables and fruits are the thing that is most lacking. There was no such thing as too much.

After returning home, she planned to open up a food planting base and a fruit planting base. Anyway, there is a younger brother who specializes in this area at home, it would be a waste not to use it. 

Tang Tiande: QAQ 

Mr. Qin and Shao Qing had no feelings. He was actually opposed to this matter. After all, Shao Qing’s identity was still too dangerous. If something happens in the future, Shao Qing would become their weakness, a reason for others to attack their home. 

But when he looked at Old man Qin’s white hair, he really couldn’t say anything to refuse. He had a hard temper and had been in a cold war with Qin Zixi for many years, so he really didn’t let Old man Qin enjoy the pleasures of a family. 

The old man was at that age. He finally found a good girl to adopt, so he really can’t bear to upset him.

Mr. Qin couldn’t do anything. It took a long time for him to realize that if Old man Qin was happy, what if something really happened, what was he afraid of? Their Qin family has never been afraid of anything! 

It was a joyous and harmonious moment. Yet, there was chaos outside. The sounds were getting noisier, then there was a flurry of messy footsteps mixed with a vigorous voice: “Old man Qin, you really have the nerve, you dare bully my grandson?! A senior bullying a junior and you did it so tidily, huh?! You come out for this grandpa! If you stop this grandpa, I will kill you in one shot!” 

The guards couldn’t stop them. Finally a group of people arrived in front of Shao Qing and the others. The one at the front was someone who looked about the same age as Old Qin, and behind him was a person who Shao Qing was very familiar with. 

Yo, isn’t this the one she made cry today? 

He dared to tattle to his parents. 

The old man came over pointing at Old man Qin and cursing: “Our two families minded their own business for so many years, why are you disrupting it now? What do you mean by this? Letting your grandson beat up my grandson, you are shameless!”

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