PMMB Volume 3 Chapter 63

Volume 3 Chapter 63 The past 

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Old man Qin was angry at that time. How dare the guilty party file suit? He slammed the table, stood up unwillingly, and roared: “If your grandson didn’t molest my girl, why would my grandson beat your grandson? Lao Zi will put the words out here today, listen up! They already let him off easy, if it was Lao Zi who took action, I would break his dog-legs!” 

The old man immediately responded: “You think your daughter is a fairy! You think anyone who sees her will want to molest her? What kind of girl can you give birth to huh?” 

Old man Qin’s eyes were like a copper bell, he pulled Shao Qing over, then proudly patted his chest: “My daughter is more beautiful than a fairy! And your grandson is the one who wanted to.” 

The old man wanted to satirize Qin, but when he saw Shao Qing, he was stunned. 

When Father Qin saw this, he couldn’t help but laugh immediately: “I said that my daughter is more beautiful than a fairy, are you dumbfounded? Let me tell you, we are settling the enmity. I am glad you came today, I was just going to find your grandson. Since you brought your grandson to the door yourself, it saved me time. Today, you guys cannot leave, let’s do a good job calculating the debt.” 

While he kept talking, he felt that something was wrong. This was because there were two turbid tears left at the corner of the old man’s eyes. He and the old man had been fighting for most of their life. Even when the old man’s sons died one after another on the battlefield, the old man did not see any tears. 

But now he was crying? Tears couldn’t stop flowing down, fingers stretched out tremblingly, trying to touch Shao Qing’s face. Shao Qing subconsciously stepped back, a little wary. 

Only then did the old man wake up. He looked at Shao Qing with a sullen and kind look: “Girl, I’m sorry, did I scare you?” 

Shao Qing shook her head, feeling that the old man was very strange. It is better to stay further away. 

The old man seemed to have forgotten that he came to inquire about the crime. He kept looking at Shao Qing with a very special look, then complimented: “Old Qin, how much virtue did you accumulate in your previous life to give birth to such a beautiful girl. “

“Goddaughter!” Grandpa Qin hummed, “Even if she isn’t blood related, she’s still mine.”

Not blood-related? After he had learned what he wanted to know, the old man squinted his eyes and asked like an old fox: “Then where did you pick up such a good girl? I want to pick one too. Girl, what is your name? How old are you this year? When is your birthday?” 

Before he could finish asking his question, Grandpa Qin guarded Shao Qing vigilantly: “Are you an old cow trying to eat tender grass? You two faced old man. Get your eyes away! Don’t touch my girl!” 

The old man’s face was black at that time, ready to explain, then he heard Old man Qin say: “Your grandson molested my daughter, now the grandpa wants to try too? Your family is shameless!” 

The old man suddenly remembered what he was here for, and immediately grabbed his grandson. The young man came over: “Grandpa, do you believe me or do you believe him?” 

Then he was whelted by the old man’s belt. Everything was whipped without exception and the young man yelled out in pain. 

One can see that it was really ruthless, there was no intent to be merciful at all. All this time he stated: “You have the ability now, how dare you try to molest others. How can I raise a grandson like you!” 

“Oh, grandpa, grandpa, not the face! Not the butt! Damn, I dare not, I really don’t dare!” The young man yelled. He was held onto so tightly, he couldn’t run away. 

He was crying and tears were drawn out. Isn’t this called a self-inflicted crime?

In fact, he really didn’t think about telling his family at the time. After all, that’s tasteless. But as soon as he returned home, he ran into his grandfather. 

He was embarrassed at the time and looked very pitiful. As a result, he was caught by his grandfather. The old man asked him what was wrong, but he didn’t dare to say that he was beaten when he molested a good woman, so he stubbornly settled with blaming Qin Zixi.

Who would expect his grandfather to come to the door directly, but he was the one to be beaten up again? This was nothing short of pitiful! 

After beating his grandson, the old man asked the questions again. 

Shao Qing replied calmly: “I am from S City. I am 27 years old, I have no father or mother. I was picked up from the trash can by an old grandma, so I don’t know my birthday. I have never had a birthday.” 

For someone who struggled just to survive, birthdays are really optional. She would only celebrate Mulin’s birthday every year, and she would take her share of it. 

The old man burst into tears: “Child, I suspect that you are the child of my family because you and my wife look exactly the same, except for the pair of eyes. Your eyes look like mine.”

“You’re kidding.” Shao Qing smiled slightly and said softly: “Today has been chaotic. I don’t want to pursue things from the past, so let’s end it like this. Godfather, I’m going to rest.” 

Old man Qin stared at the old man who was about to rob his daughter and snorted. Just because you said she belongs to your family, now she is yours? You like what you see and you want to steal my daughter, don’t even think about it! 

The old man looked at Shao Qing helplessly. He was actually unsure, but Shao Qing and his wife were so alike and she was an orphan.

He couldn’t help but think of his lost daughter. 

His wife gave birth to six children, five boys, and one girl. Four of them died in the war, one was the father of the young man beside him, and the last, his youngest girl, was lost. 

His wife shed tears day and night for this. She couldn’t afford to get sick, so she left just like that. 

Before departing, she grabbed his hand and told him, no matter what, he must get her daughter back. 

The old man couldn’t help but remember that when he first held his daughter, her soft body was very delicate. He didn’t dare to use any strength, his body was frozen in that posture, for fear of hurting the delicate baby in his arms. 

He held guns his entire lifetime, but he couldn’t hold a small baby. He could have such stable hands when killing a person, but he shook as if he had Parkinson with the baby. 

He was happy, very happy. He wished to tell the world that he had a daughter. At that time, he was still discussing with his wife what the name of his daughter should be. 

He looked through the dictionary and listed all the beautiful words: Hui, Mei, Rou, Xian. His wife said that she didn’t want her daughter to be too smart, because being too smart would definitely hurt her. She didn’t want her daughter too beautiful because beautiful women suffer unhappy fates. She also didn’t want her daughter to be too gentle because they would be too tolerant. She just wanted her daughter to have a happy life. 

Finally, they named their daughter Tan Xiao, nicknamed Ping An, hoping that her daughter can be happy every day. The smile will not disappear from the corner of her mouth, and that she will be safe and happy for a lifetime. 

As long as there was a glimmer of hope, he would not give up. 

When the old man left, he bent his back that hadn’t collapsed in his entire life. He bent his waist like a common old man, his whole person seemed to age many years. He slowly and slowly left the Qin family. 

When he left, Shao Qing was actually standing at the window on the second floor, watching quietly until the two left the Qin’s house. 

Yan Qiyue walked over and whispered: “Do you believe it?” 

Shao Qing didn’t say a word, before murmuring: “It’s windy, I feel a bit cold.” 

She longed for her family, but that was twenty years ago. She was lying on the window, staring at a piece of butter cake and drooled silently. This happened while a little girl in a small floral dress was sitting in the shop, eating pudding. She innocently asked her mother: “Is she a beggar?” 

At that time she imagined her mother coming to her, holding her in her arms, and calling her name. 

But then, days passed. In order to survive, she was bruised over and over. After seeing this malicious world bit by bit, she never had such a beautiful fantasy again. 

Twenty years later, what should be lost has been lost, and what should be possessed is already owned. But having someone step up and say that you are likely to be my child was a shock. 

At this moment, Shao Qing’s heart didn’t fluctuate much. She just leaned against the window, wearing the clothes Yan Qiyue placed on her. She quietly thought about the past. 

Mulin stood on the side, feeling tangled.

She didn’t know how to persuade Shao Qing. She didn’t have much expectation for this belated affection, but she didn’t know what Shao Qing thought. 

After a long, long time, Shao Qing asked her: “Do you remember when we were adopted?” 

“I remember…” Mulin covered her mouth and resisted the urge to cry. Shao Qing had been very beautiful since she was a child. Even if she looked a little thin due to long-term malnutrition, she was still the most beautiful within the group of children. 

There were many people who tried to adopt Shao Qing. Every time, Shao Qing will persistently ask: “Can we bring Mulin?” 

The same goes for Mullin. 

The two people were like two little hedgehogs, pointing their hard spines to the world, then leaving each other’s soft belly to each other. 

Mulin was actually adopted once. This was because the aunt told her that if she followed her, there would be a lot of delicious food. 

She didn’t want Shao Qing to be beaten and bruised in order to steal some food. She didn’t want Shao Qing to drool over those small snacks. She followed the aunt and wanted to get a lot of food, so the two of them would never have to worry about winter. 

When Shao Qing sent her away, her eyes were very gentle. She whispered: “Ah Qing, you wait for me to bring something delicious back.” 

Shao Qing smiled and said nothing. 

Because she knew that Mulin would go to another city, very far away. 

About two weeks later, Mulin came back. She was all dirty and looked very embarrassed. She stood at the door of the orphanage, then was scolded by the aunt of the orphanage for a long time because she ran back secretly. 

But Mulin was very happy. She was holding a lot of candies and said to Shao Qing: “I won’t leave alone. Look what I brought you.” 

At that time, Shao Qing thought that it was not Mulin who was relying on her, they were dependent on each other.

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