PMMB Volume 3 Chapter 64

Volume 3 Chapter 64 Mother’s Memorial Tablet 

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The relationship between Mulin and Shao Qing could no longer be described as simply a friend, a girlfriend, or a sister. 

They were closer than relatives. Not to mention Shao Qing had Grandpa Qin and the rest. She no longer needed other relatives. 

Even if the blood of those people were the same as hers, so what? In the first two decades of her life, when she needed her family most, only Mulin was by her side. Only now did they come out and reveal that they were her relatives. 

They were no longer necessary. 

The Tan family was so big, if they really wanted to find her, how could they not find her? Shao Qing took her little friends and went back to the room to rest. 

Mulin bit the corner of her mouth, and then said: “What if it is true…” 

Shao Qing interrupted her decisively: “Let’s not talk about this, I’m sleepy. I just want to sleep.” 

Mulin closed her mouth and looked at her worriedly. 

She was clear about Shao Qing as a person. Even if she rejects them, she will feel uncomfortable in her heart, and will be uncomfortable for a long time. 

Walking all the way upstairs, Mulin couldn’t hold back in the end: “Didn’t you say that your greatest wish is to take a look at your mother? Now that you have this opportunity, why not fight for it?”

She whispered: “I know you probably have a lot of grievances in your heart, I would be the same if it were me, but no matter what, he is your relative. Don’t you want to know the so-called truth?” 

Shao Qing didn’t say a word, but there was something in her heart, some bitter feelings. Since they had already chosen to abandon her, why did they perform this farce today? 

“Go back to sleep.” Shao Qing said nothing and went back to her room. 

The next day, she got up very early, but someone had come to her even earlier. This person was not someone else, but the old man from the Tan family. 

He was a little nervous and looked around anxiously. It was only after seeing Shao Qing that he was relieved a bit: “Did I bother your rest?” 

After a night of thinking, when she came to face the old man, Shao Qing was more calm. She answered faintly: “No, what can I do for you? If there’s nothing, I will go out first.” 

The old man said with some difficulty: “I found your hair on Xiao Er. I did an appraisal. You are my daughter.” 

Xiao Er is the man who was beaten by Shao Qing. It was probably when she was beating him when her hair fell on his body. The long hair clearly didn’t belong to him. 

“If there is nothing else, I will go out first.” Shao Qing was very calm. She guessed it early on, even the elderly can recognize her by her looks and the general person wouldn’t make that kind of mistake.

The old man’s face was a little embarrassed, he asked, “Is there something wrong? Do you need my help?” 

Shao Qing has accumulated a lot of things in her heart, it could be said to be negative emotions. She just looked at the old man and listened. When he spoke, she would think for a long time.

She was picked up from the trash can and sent to the orphanage. How could she not be found? As long as you have the heart, with the power of the Tan family, how can they not find her? 

She didn’t want to ask questions and she didn’t want to face this problem. She had relatives and didn’t need more relatives. 

Probably because her attitude was too cold, the fat old man felt her rejection, so he had to smile bitterly, “Do you hate us in your heart?” 

He could imagine a child growing up in an orphanage. How can she live without suffering? It is normal to hate them.

He was not discouraged by this, but slowly said, “Would you like to hear me tell a story?” 

Shao Qing’s feet that had already stepped out instantly stiffened. She said that she didn’t care, but she still actually cared. 

When she was young, she dreamed at night about why they abandoned her. 

There were so many abandoned children in the orphanage, who had physical or IQ problems. Some were born with diseases, so they were abandoned by the family. 

What about her? Regardless of her health or IQ, she did not seem to be sick, so why was she abandoned? Why did someone find her after so many years and it was only because of an accident.     

She used to want to know. She told herself that she didn’t want to know, but she still cared deep in her heart. She stopped. The old man sighed: “You were taken away secretly. The person who did this was the original nanny in the family. At first, because of some problems, the nanny hated the Tan family very much, so she secretly carried you away. We have also searched for you. We had searched many places, but we could not find you. Your mother as a result of this also became seriously ill. She became weaker day by day. Finally…” 

The old man said helplessly: “I wanted to see you more desperately than anyone else. I know you may not be able to accept it for a while, but I am not in a hurry. You can think about it slowly.” 

The old man knew very well that if he pressed too hard, there would be no good results.     

Shao Qing believed most of it, but did not believe it all. She was calm, but her fingertips were trembling slightly. She finally knew why she was abandoned.     

It turned out that no one had abandoned her. Everything was just a conspiracy. She just happened to be a victim. She didn’t want to pursue the details anymore because everything has passed and she is doing well now.

“No matter what happened back then, no matter the reason, you didn’t find me. This just means that we have no fate. There is no destiny for us to be a father and daughter duo. The matter is over. Let it go. I am just Shao Qing, the daughter of the Qin family.” Shao Qing clenched her fist calmly and politely replied. 

It is false to say that there was no resentment in her heart. She was not a saint, but after knowing everything, those so-called resentments have long since disappeared. 

What followed was exhaustion. The old man spoke very vaguely and hid many details. She didn’t want to pursue those details and didn’t want to return to that home. 

Even if this family is powerful and wealthy, it is not her home. 

Her home was in Jiangcheng, and now there was another Qin family. There is only one place that has nothing to do with her, and that is the Tan family. 

The old man clenched his cane tightly. He smiled bitterly: “I know it’s too late to say anything, my child. I don’t want anything. I am just begging you, can you go back and look at your mother’s tablet and speak to her. After all, when she was dying, she kept her eyes open, looking into the distance, and told me…Old man, you have to get your daughter back. Your daughter is so young, how much suffering will she suffer outside. When she died, she kept her eyes open, looking into the distance, with tears all over her eyes. Go back and take a look, let your mother see.” 

Shao Qing responded with difficulty, “ok.”

When she was a child, she had countless fantasies about what her mother was like. Being gentle, smiling at her, telling her stories while she was sleeping, her limited imagination could not think of more. She could only fantasize. Her mother must be very warm. 

She can resent anyone, but she can’t resent her mother. 

“Good, good…” The old man said several words, then cautiously said: “How are you now?” 

Shao Qing nodded, then brought Er Dai, Yan Qiyue, and Mulin. 

The old man was very happy. He was talking all the way about Shao Qing’s mother when she was young. 

The Tan family was not far from the Qin family. When the old man brought them back, a man was already standing at the door waiting, that is, Tan Xiao. 

It can be seen from his name that the entire Tan family probably had not forgotten Shao Qing. Tan Xiao, and Tan Xiao*.

* Named the grandson her name but used different word that had similar pronunciation

Tan Xiao’s expression was very complicated. He would never have thought that he had tried to molest a girl, and that girl would become his aunt the next day. 

Dear god,

He should poke his own dog eyes blind! 

It was still very early at this time, and there were very few people at home. The old man took Shao Qing all the way to the destination, where his wife’s tablet was placed.

The room was empty, but it can be seen that it is often cleaned. The tablet was placed in the center, with some simple offerings in front. There was not even a black and white photo. 

Shao Qing didn’t know whether her appearance really resembled her mother. She was just standing in front of the tablet, staring at the row of characters, Tan Zheng’s wife, Zheng Shi. 

This is her mother’s tablet… the woman who gave birth to her. 

Shao Qing felt a little sore in her eyes, but she couldn’t cry because she had no tears. She just watched it quietly. After a long time, she asked the old man: “Are we really alike?” 

The old man said firmly: “Yes, very similar, almost exactly the same.” 

She knelt down and put a stick of incense for her. Two men, including Mulin, also bowed their heads a few times. Shao Qing didn’t speak. She knelt for a long time and finally stood up. She was fine, but Yan Qiyue’s legs were a bit soft. 

The old man had been standing behind looking at her back, tears filled his eyes. In his life, he only cried a few times in his life. 

The last time he cried was for his wife. 

“Ah Lan… have you seen… our daughter is back. She is as beautiful as you, she is back to see you…” The old man kept chattering, the tears in his eyes never stopped. 

The daughter refused to acknowledge their relationship and he was fine with that. At least she had returned, at least he already knew that his daughter was safe and sound.

“Wife, you can finally rest in peace now…” The old man laughed, wiped the tears from the corners of his eyes, and made up his mind. He owed Shao Qing for more than 20 years. Now that he found Shao Qing, he would never let anyone have the opportunity to hurt Shao Qing. 

Even if it is the king of heaven, he would not allow it.

He only hoped that before he died, Shao Qing would acknowledge him. This way he would be able to fully close his eyes when he died. When he passed away, he could go to his wife and tell her that their daughter called him….. 

After slowly calming down, the old man noticed something wrong. For example, the two men around Shao Qing. He changed his complexion and couldn’t help but feel a little aggrieved. Has his daughter been abducted?

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