PMMB Volume 3 Chapter 65

Volume 3 Chapter 65 Savage enough 

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After kowtowing and lighting the incense, Shao Qing prepared to leave. The only obsession in her life was fulfilled, her whole being was relieved a lot. 

This left the old man of the Tan family looking at Shao Qing with a stunned expression, his head was full of, oh f**k, my daughter was abducted! 

When Shao Qing left, he called Tan Xiao over. 

At noon that day, Shao Qing was eating when Tan Xiao slapped on the door frame of the Qin’s house, screaming, “I’m here to find my aunt. My aunt, don’t block me. Aunt, your nephew is about to be murdered!” 

Shao Qing calmly picked some food for her family and allowed him to continue shouting. Grandpa Qin snorted from the side: “The little bunny of the Tan family has nothing to do, but he sure has a thick skin. If you ignore him, he can be stubborn. He will be like this until the evening.” 

“Just ignore him.” Qin Zixi couldn’t help rolling his eyes on the side. This kid is so shameless. 

They continued to eat since they were not ready to pay any attention to Tan Xiao. 

Tan Xiao fully demonstrated how shameful he was. Shao Qing and the others heard no sound outside, and thought that the kid had finally stopped. They didn’t expect that just two minutes later, Tan Xiao’s voice suddenly came from outside like ghost cries and wolf howls. 

The voice was so loud, people who didn’t know better would think that someone was ** him.

Shao Qing couldn’t eat anymore. Biting her chopsticks, she had a headache. They had to go out to see what happened. 

Upon arrival, Tan Xiao was sitting on the ground, rolling, not at all like a man, but like a rascal. 

Tan Xiao cried and cried while sitting on the ground, “Aunt, if you don’t want me, I will die. Aunt, have pity on me! Aunt, dear aunt…”

Shao Qing: ….. 

When Tan Xiao saw Shao Qing coming out, he rushed over and hugged Shao Qing’s thigh, then continued to cry: “Aunt, aunt, I know you are reluctant to give up on me, you are a good person. !” 

The people passing by around the theater couldn’t help but cast their gazes, Shao Qing covered her forehead with a look of helplessness. She then stretched out her feet mercilessly and kicked Tan Xiao out. 

“Go away, stay away from me, don’t make me say it a second time.” 

Tan Xiao hugged himself aggrievedly and rolled himself into the corner. He looked at Shao Qing eagerly, his appearance was really pitiful. People around were all talking about it. 

Shao Qing closed the door. Before the door was closed, Tan Xiao swished over. He was not afraid of death and stuck his head through the crack of the door. With just one clip, it would snap his neck. 

Shao Qing was expressionless: “What the hell do you want?” 

“Grandpa asked me to follow you.” Tan Xiao was even more aggrieved. His grandpa was a savage. After yelling at him, he threatened if he failed to complete his task, he would break his legs. He also said, no matter what, he had to stay with Shao Qing, trying to arouse Shao Qing’s desire for family affection. 

But in the current situation, he seems to only arouse Shao Qing’s desire to break his leg. 

“No, you can go.” Shao Qing stretched her feet against Tan Xiao’s forehead and pushed him out. Tan Xiao tried his best to hold the door and refused to leave: “No, auntie, if I go back like this, grandpa will definitely break my leg.” 

“What does it matter to me?” Shao Qing was expressionless and continued to kick him out. After the molestation incident, if it wasn’t for not wanting to trouble the Qin family, she would have broken his legs a long time ago. 

He even ran to her and pretended to be pitiful, he deserved it if his leg was broken. 

Tan Xiao put himself in the crack of the door with difficulty. Even if Shao Qing kicked him or pushed him, he remained motionless. He negotiated with Shao Qing: “Auntie, keep me behind. I can wash dishes, mop the ground, I can do anything! If you tell me to go east, I will never go west. If you tell me to beat a dog, I will never beat the chicken.”

“I’m telling you to go now.” Shao Qing motioned to her little friend to help, so a few of them rushed in and dragged Tan Xiao out. 

Tan Xiao was dragged and beaten on the ground, he was especially unwilling: “Auntie, I know I was wrong. You see how handsome I am, just save me once!” 

Then the door closed. Tan Xiao lying on the ground: … 

Shao Qing really didn’t want to bother. She originally thought that Tan Xiao would be obedient after she ate, but she never expected that Tan Xiao has never left since that day. 

He was sitting at the door. As long as someone opened the door, he would try to drill into the door. When no one opened the door, he would sit at the door, knocking at intervals. 

It made him very pitiful. 

The members of the guards who went out to investigate all returned, bringing back a lot of news. All of which are not good news. 

The same situation has occurred in many bases. The difference was that most of the bases were mainly based on drinking water created by superhumans. Very few people drink purified water. Unless it was a base where there were not so many water based superhumans, then the phenomenon of drinking purified water would appear. 

Therefore, among most of the bases, there were only a few ordinary people who had become zombies. This made it so the people weren’t too vigilant because the bases that were almost annihilated because of drinking pure water were very few. 

But this has fully demonstrated that Shao Qing’s conjecture was correct. The problem was indeed in the water source, and it was not as simple as happening to only one base. 

Is it true that the entire environment has been completely polluted? 

If this is the case, is it really the end of mankind?

In Jing Du, there have been cases, but the number was still relatively small, so it did not attract attention. 

After the incident Shao Qing spoke about was confirmed, Grandpa Qin had a headache. He hurriedly contacted all the upper echelons in Jing Du who had a say and then went to a meeting. 

Elder Qin originally planned to bring Shao Qing, but Shao Qing refused. Her identity was too sensitive. It would not be a good thing if she really attended this meeting. 

Elder Qin also knew Shao Qing’s concerns, so he didn’t say much, and went to the meeting. 

As soon as he opened the door, he found that Tan Xiao was squatting at the door. Tan Xiao had been squatting at the door for a long time. When he saw someone opening the door, he wanted to jump on him and hug his thigh. It turned out that the person who opened the door was Old man Qin. He hurriedly turned around and fell flat on his face. 

Old man Qin snorted coldly, stepped on his palm and passed. 

Tan Xiao, who was in so much pain that tears came out: … 

While they were going to have a meeting, Shao Qing was also going to leave. Since she had told  the news to Jing Du, she has done her due diligence. For the next event, she actually wanted to participate, but considering the opinions of the people, she might as well walk around and find a boyfriend for her own Mulin, or find a mutant plant for herself and fill her last vacancy.

She is now at rank 7 and can conquer another plant. 

For Shao Qing, what she needs right now is probably just a supportive plant, preferably a healing plant. 

She wouldn’t need it for herself, but her friends would benefit from it. 

The plants in her hand were mostly for attacking, she had more than enough. Now she only lacked a cure or something for her friends. 

So she was not very eager. She can take her friends to slowly look for it. 

If she can find it, it is fate. She can’t force it. 

She was going to wait for Old man Qin to finish the meeting, then tell Old man Qin she was about to leave.

When Old man Qin came back after the meeting, before Shao Qing mentioned anything, she could see that his face was sad. 

Shao Qing asked quickly: “What’s the matter?” 

“I went to the meeting today. I told them what you found. The person above immediately asked the researcher to conduct research on water sources and vegetables. Then they discovered that sure enough, the vegetables and water have been contaminated. This is not the most important thing. The most important thing is that they checked the vegetables that have already been picked, and checked the newly picked vegetables today, and found that the toxins contained in them are increasing every day. That is to say, if this goes on, one day, the vegetables we grow can no longer be eaten. The water source is okay. After all, superhumans can make water.” 

Old man Qin spoke with a sad face, “The only good news is probably that the vegetables you brought over have no toxins in them.” 

Shao Qing couldn’t believe it, there were none at all? Is this the legendary fight poison with poison scenario? In Jiangcheng, a place full of zombies, the vegetables that were planted were actually normal and did not contain any corpse poison at all. 

“By the way, you have to be careful with yourself. They asked me where these vegetables came from. I didn’t say that they were purchased by people under my hands. I was worried that some people would watch the Qin family to find the supplier.” Old man Qin said in a low voice: “You must hide it well and don’t get discovered by others. Otherwise, those black-hearted people might have a bad idea!” 

“Don’t worry, godfather, I will leave today. Even if they find out, it doesn’t matter, no one can stop me.” Shao Qing said calmly.

Parents always cherish their children the most. Old man Qin said with a grimace: “Don’t always be so confident. There are always more people out there and outside of the sky there is more sky. Who knows what those shameless guys can come up with? Even a random punch can kill a master!” 

“I know godfather.” Shao Qing said helplessly. 

The thing Shao Qing was most reluctant to give up was the grandfather and grandson duo. Before leaving, they even held a farewell banquet to send them out reluctantly. 

As a result, as soon as she left the house, she saw Tan Xiao curled up in a ball, lying there. His face was pale. 

He hadn’t eaten for two days. He slept there in the evening, shivering with cold, his face was blue and white. His hair was slightly dewy, and he looked very sad. 

As soon as he saw Shao Qing, he started crying. If the crying before were elements of acting, then the crying now couldn’t be more true. 

He burst into tears, holding Shao Qing’s thigh and not letting go: “Auntie, you have to have mercy on me. I really can’t stand it. You can do anything you want me to do. I will definitely be obedient! I swear, I will do whatever you want,  I’ll even stop picking up girls in this life!” 

Shao Qing saw that he was really pitiful, and was unwilling to let him follow all the way, so she said, “Letting you follow me is fine, but there are two things I want to tell you clearly. First, staying with me means no matter what you see, you are not allowed to speak out. Second, remember the oath you once swore, otherwise I don’t mind letting you not pick up girls for the rest of your life.” Shao Qing glanced at his crotch. 

She even hoped that Tan Xiao could be less obedient, so that she could cut off the bane of Tan Xiao justifiably. She had wanted to do this for a long time. 

Tan Xiao only felt his chrysanthemum was cold, and the space between his legs was empty. He quickly nodded his head.

He knew that Shao Qing absolutely would do it. 

After bringing Tan Xiao, they set off again. This time the goal was the south. Since they have made a tour around the north, they can only go to the south to see if there are any good-looking fresh meat to pick up for Mulin. 

Shao Qing patted her chest: “If something looks pleasing to the eye, just tell me. It’s best if they are willing to follow us back, but it doesn’t matter if they don’t want to. I’ll tie them back for you. A few will do. Anyways, we can raise a few men.” 


Actually, she really doesn’t want a man… 

Being alone is fine. She could eat her fill and the whole family would not be hungry. How great! She also didn’t have to worry about finding a man that might be second-hand good or refurbishing a tender meat. 

Unfortunately, after the end of the world, many things that existed before the end of the world can’t be produced, like birth or those electric goods.

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