PMMB Volume 3 Chapter 66

Volume 3 Chapter 66 Fresh Meat* 

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* way to refer to young handsome men

When Shao Qing left with her friends, Grandpa Qin had sent her out of the city and watched her back as she left. Shao Qing felt sorry for leaving. 

She had never been cared about so much, except for a few in her family. Her heart couldn’t help getting warm. 

When they left, it was almost noon, so they didn’t go far. They stopped to cook and eat. 

In order to show that he was useful, Tan Xiao first picked up firewood, cleaned up the ingredients when he came back, and helped start the fire. He even washed the dishes after eating. 

Shao Qing suddenly felt that it was okay to bring him along, at least it would save money for hiring a nanny. 

He didn’t eat much, did a lot, just like an all-around little nanny. You could even use him as a punching bag when you were in a bad mood. 

They traveled leisurely all the way, the speed was neither slow nor fast. Soon, they entered the southern range. After the end of the world, the temperature had changed greatly. 

Although the south was slightly humid, the climate was very good. After the end of the world, the south was now scorching hot, it almost caught up to the former Africa. 

Many mutated animals and plants have moved to live in northern areas. 

The number of survivor bases in the south were also slightly less than in the north. 

“Let’s rest here today? A little further ahead may be an area where there are more zombies.” Shao Qing looked ahead and found that there should be a town in front of them. This town was relatively prosperous before the end of the world because it happened to be beside a cement road and the traffic was relatively smooth. 

Therefore, the number of zombies in this town should not be small. Although Shao Qing was not afraid of zombies, they were afraid of trouble, so they decided to go around.

The place where they were now was the small woods next to the concrete road. Shao Qing made boiled fish and braised pork this time, everyone else was sitting on the side drooling. 

Although Tan Xiao had only recently followed her, he had also seen her cooking skills and was now completely kneeling under Shao Qing’s apron. 

Just before the meal was prepared, they heard noisy footsteps before they started eating. A group of people were running in this direction, followed by many zombies. 

Shao Qing had just prepared the soup. Before she could think about whether to deal with it or not, the young man in the front shouted: “Run! There are zombies behind!” 

He didn’t even think about using them to block the zombies. His character was pretty good. Shao Qing reluctantly put down her chopsticks, then released her vines. 

There was only one rank five among the group of zombies, while the others were rank three and four, so it was very easy to deal with. It took Shao Qing less than a minute to clean them up. 

Those who were being chased were still a little embarrassed. They fled desperately and also lost several companions. Shao Qing waved her hand and easily solved their troubles. This was a real gap. 

There were actually three reasons for Shao Qing to save the group. The first was that she had already seen him, and it was a simple matter. If she did not save them, it would be too much. 

Second, this young man was willing to warm them. This showed that he seemed to be a good person. If it was others, they would have used them to block the zombies.

The most important point is that the teenager in the lead was very good-looking. Shao Qing was currently looking for a boyfriend for Mulin, so if they were good looking, she didn’t want to let them go.

After all, this was a world dependent on your face… 

The teenager came over first and thanked her: “Thank you so much. If it weren’t for you, we wouldn’t know how many people could survive!”

Shao Qing was very easy-going: “No thanks, what’s your name? How old are you this year? Do you have a girlfriend?” 

When Mulin heard this, she knew that this was her helping her to ask. This was because Shao Qing would never do this in front of her own two men’, striking up a conversation with a stranger.

Mulin couldn’t help but take another look at the boy. The boy looked like he was in his early twenties. He was very tender and also very good looking. The key is that he had a gentle temperament. 

“Thank you. Thank you very much. If it weren’t for you, we would have become the zombie’s lunch.” The teenager said quietly: “My name is Mu Lianchun. I am 21 years old this year and I don’t have a girlfriend.” 

Speaking of girlfriends, he couldn’t help blushing: “I’m just an ordinary person with no abilities, no girls would like that.” 

His appearance was so pitiful that even Shao Qing couldn’t help but stretch out her hand and touch his head. 

He was a very cute boy. Shao Qing looked at Mulin and signaled to see if she was interested in chatting with him. These days, it is very difficult to meet one that they have an affinity for. 

Shao Qing hoped Mulin could find someone to accompany her in the future. Although Mulin was not interested, seeing the pitiful appearance of this boy, she couldn’t help but comfort him: “You look good, there will always be a girl after you.” 

Is this really comforting? Shao Qing couldn’t help rubbing her head, then deliberately said: “Meeting right now must be fate, do you want to stay for a meal?” 

The other people were tired after running all the way. When they heard that there was food, they all surrounded them and looked at Shao Qing eagerly.

Shao Qing pointed to the front calmly: “There is a town ahead, there must be something to eat, you can find it by yourself.” 

Then she turned her head and pulled Mu Lianchun. The difference should not be too obvious. 

The other people seemed to have a normal relationship with Mu Lianchun. They looked a little ugly after hearing that, but they didn’t say anything. After all, they had already seen Shao Qing’s strength and really didn’t dare to cause trouble, so they left Mu Lianchun. 

Mu Lianchun was embarrassed, “I should go too. You saved me. I should have repaid you. How embarrassing would it be for me to eat your food too…” He blushed as he spoke. “I can’t repay you for saving my life now. If I have a chance in the future, I will repay it.” 

Shao Qing wanted him and Mulin to get along more, so naturally she wouldn’t let him leave like this. Shao Qing quickly grabbed him and said, “It’s just a meal, it’s not worth a lot of money. Why bother to refuse. Meeting is fate. Since we are destined, just sit down and have a light meal. I still have something to ask you, unless you are afraid that we want you to repay us and want to leave in a hurry?” 

Shao Qing made a move and Mu Lianchun’s face was constantly red and he quickly said, “I’m really not in a hurry to run…” 

“Then sit down and have a meal together.” Shao Qing said lightly. When Mu Lianchun heard this, he said helplessly: “Okay, I will be bothering you then.” 

During the meal, Shao Qing arranged Mulin’s seat next to Mu Lianchun. Mulin quietly whispered to Shao Qing: “I really don’t have that intention… I don’t want to find a boyfriend…” 

“I’m not forcing you to marry, just letting you interact with him. If you don’t like it, it’s okay. Why do you have to make that expression?” Shao Qing rubbed her head: “It’s just having a meal together, not sleeping together. Speak to each other, if you don’t like it, then we’ll just separate, what’s the big deal?” 

Mulin went back and sat obediently. Her heart resisted falling in love, but it was because of her dead boyfriend. But people should look forward while they are alive, and shouldn’t dwell in the shadow of the past. 

In the past, Mullin raised a young pretty boy because of her loneliness to relieve her boredom. Now that she had found Shao Qing, she would no longer be lonely, so naturally she no longer talked about getting a boyfriend. 

But Shao Qing hopes that she can find someone she loves. They were family, good sisters, but she can’t replace her lover after all. 

So Shao Qing wanted to untie Mulin’s knot in her heart and find a good man for her. If she likes, she can get a few, it’s not like she can’t afford it. 

With Jiangcheng’s current financial and material resources, not just raising a few men, they could even raise a company of men. 

She wasn’t afraid there was no love, but that Mulin was reluctant to find it. 

When eating, Mu Lianchun was a little stiff. He only touched the dish in front of him. Shao Qing didn’t care and kept observing secretly. 

Mulin is soft-hearted, at least compared to her. Seeing what the young man looked like, she couldn’t help picking up some food for the young man: “Don’t be too restrictive. Just pick what you want. Or else we’ll think you only like plain rice.” 

Mu Lianchun bit his lower lip and said thank you in a low voice.

Mullin’s taste was a boy like this. Probably because of her early experience, which made her particularly strong in this regard. She liked them to be passive, but not a cowardly boy, someone she can spoil. 

Seeing Mu Lianchun’s cute appearance, Mulin was actually a little moved. If she really found a boyfriend like Mu Lianchun, it would be nice. 

Amuse him when she is free. When she was busy, he would definitely help her silently. He was shy and blushed. He can do anything during the day and then they can have s** at night. 

Isn’t that good? 

But Mulin likes consensualism. If Mu Lianchun was not interested in her, she would definitely not force people back. A twisted melon is not sweet. 

With the chopsticks in her mouth, Mulin looked at Mu Lianchun twice. Maybe she could try it first to see. If he didn’t have this intent, it didn’t matter, she could just change. 

In this way, she really admired Shao Qing’s interaction with her men. Those men doted on Shao Qing and were also doted on by Shao Qing. Just looking at it made people envious. 

Mulin was not ready to express her thoughts directly. If Mu Lianchun agreed, it would be okay. But what if he didn’t agree? Shao Qing will definitely kidnap the man. 

Mulin had made up her mind and added some dishes to Mu Lianchun’s bowl: “Eat more. I think you are too thin and slender, you will fall down as soon as you get blown by the wind. How could you be so thin?” 

Mu Lianchun smiled shyly, then grabbed some food with his chopstick and sent it to Mulin’s bowl: “No matter what I eat, I don’t get fat, especially during the apocalypse. Now that we are always running around, I have become a bit skinnier, but I do have muscles!” 

He showed his pitiful muscles and Mulin couldn’t help laughing. When Shao Qing watched this peaceful scene, she suddenly felt a little disharmonious.

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