PMMB Volume 3 Chapter 67

Volume 3 Chapter 67 Fiery Golden Eyes 

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The inexplicable sense of disharmony made Shao Qing feel a little uneasy. The key was that she didn’t know how she came to get this feeling. 

Shao Qing took a closer look at Mu Lianchun. She felt that her anxiety was too strange. Mu Lianchun was normal. He was just an ordinary person. Apart from being a little more handsome, there was nothing special. 

Thinking of this, she suddenly got inspiration. She looked at him from the bottom to the top, carefully. 

Shao Qing has always believed in her own premonitions very much. Her sixth sense was very accurate. She has saved herself many times and has not made a mistake so far. 

That’s why Shao Qing felt that Mu Lianchun must have a problem.

Just as Mulin was considering whether or not to have a deeper chat with Mu Lianchun and get to know each other, Shao Qing suddenly shot up and touched Mu Lianchun’s cheek with her fingertips. 

Mulin was stunned for a moment, then calmly crossed Mu Lianchun from the list of ‘getting to know more about’. 

Men were like clothes and Shao Qing was family. She would never quarrel with her sibling for a piece of clothing. 

This development surpassed her imagination. After Shao Qing touched Mu Lianchun’s face, she suddenly shot up and a saber was pulled out and inserted into Mu Lianchun’s chest. 

Mu Lianchun also swiftly jumped back, responsively jumping outside Shao Qing’s attack range, completely unlike an ordinary person. 

Tan Xiao was dumbfounded and muttered: “A woman’s heart is as difficult as finding a needle in a haystack…” 

Mu Lianchun still had a saber stuck in his heart, but there was no trace of blood. He was still very calm: “How did you find out?” 

Shao Qing said coldly: “Your acting was really good. I didn’t find it wrong at first, but no matter how good you pretend, you can’t change the fact that you are not a living person. There is a big gap between the skin of a living person and a zombie. Color, temperature, flexibility, all those aspects. I have seen too many zombies, naturally I found something wrong, so I tested it. Sure enough, your skin is too cold and stiff, it doesn’t look like a living person at all!”

“I have to admire your observation ability.” Mu Lianchun sighed and gave a thumbs up. “You are the most sensitive woman I have ever seen.”     

“Thank you for the compliment.” Shao Qing pulled out her spare saber, preparing for battle: “Who sent you here, what purpose do you have, talk.”     

Mu Lianchun smiled, his whole person suddenly seemed to break through the air. Like an arrow, he flew towards Shao Qing, his body was covered with a layer of green mist.     

This green mist was highly poisonous, it was also one of his killer features. There are only a handful of people who would say they aren’t afraid of his poison.

Mu Lianchun sneered coldly. He was about to pounce on Shao Qing, when he was entangled in a pile of vines.     

He was not afraid, because all the vines would be melted by his venom!     

He was full of confidence and was shocked in the next second. All the vines ignored his poisonous mist and trapped him tightly.     

Some vines even took his toxins as nourishment and absorbed part of the poison.     

This must be a joke. Shao Qing first fed her vines with poison. It can be said that her vines were highly poisonous.     

How can a highly toxic substance be poisoned? Is this a joke?     

So Mu Lianchun was dumbfounded.     

Originally, he was able to get out, but because he was too confident, he was tied to the vine and was suspended in the air.     

Shao Qing stretched out her hand lazily, touching his cold cheek without any temperature, and then said: “This is the feel.”

Mulin also leaned forward and touched it. Cold, not too stiff, like a snakeskin. It was creepy. 

She exclaimed: “Ah Qing, you are really a god, how did you tell?” 

She thought that from the outside, Mu Lianchun was really a normal man. If she didn’t touch him, she wouldn’t find anything wrong with him. 

Shao Qing replied: “Look at your own skin, then look at his skin, you will see the difference.” 

She was also like this, thus she discovered that Mu Lianchun was off. It was a matter of course. 

Mu Lianchun struggled twice and the sharp thorns on the vine penetrated deeper. Shao Qing smiled, “You don’t have to try to struggle, you can’t escape.” 

Mu Lianchun was hung in the air. He sighed helplessly before saying: “This time I really fell head first. I admit it, you are even better than the legend.” 

“Thank you for the compliment.” Shao Qing was expressionless and pinched his chin: “Can you tell me this time who sent you?” 

Mu Lianchun blinked his eyes, “I wanted to come by myself. Would you believe that?” 

Shao Qing didn’t speak, her eyes plainly showed her distrust.

Mu Lianchun said helplessly: “Nowadays, the truth is the most unbelievable. No one really sent me here. I just heard some of your stories, so I came here to take a look. Let me down. We are of the same kind, so we shouldn’t kill each other if we are of the same kind.” 

“Who is the same as you! Bah!” Mulin spat, and said very impersonally: “Don’t try to form relationships!” 

Shao Qing calmed Mulin down, then added some more vines to squeeze Mu Lianchun to death: “Okay, I will believe you once, now tell me your origins.” 

Mu Lianchun was hung there like a salted fish, so he honestly said: “I can’t tell you this, otherwise you will never see me again.” He changed completely from his bashful image and was very shameless: “Since we are of the same kind, you can let me go once. Worst case, I will sleep with you in any posture.” 

Yan Qiyue jumped up at the time: “Bah! You wish!” 

Because of his dishonesty, Shao Qing tightened the vines, but she didn’t expect him to vomit directly. The food he ate would not be digested at all because he was not a human and had no digestive function. So when he was stimulated, he vomited. 

Fortunately, Yan Qiyue jumped away quickly, otherwise he would definitely have vomit on him. 

Mu Lianchun coughed, cleared his throat, and then said: “No kidding, I’m serious. I’ll sleep with you so let me go. Choose any posture, male top, female bottom. Female top, male bottom, anything is okay.”

Shao Qing decisively plugged his mouth with vines. In order to prevent him from biting the vines, Shao Qing let the vines entangle his tongue. The sharp thorns penetrated into the skin carrying a narcotic toxin. 

This time Mu Lianchun was really, completely speechless. 

He looked at Shao Qing with a bitter expression on his face. In addition to complaining with his eyes, he was complaining, with an expression of ‘you are really ignorant to flirting’. 

Then a vine pulled his clothes apart, exposing his flat and pale chest. 

When only looking at his face, everyone didn’t feel anything off. When the chest was exposed, they also noticed it. 

Mu Lianchun’s chest was extremely white, it was the kind of pale, as if he had been soaked in formalin. Suddenly looking at him, one will only feel that he is too white. A closer look, one would find that he is not white like a living person .

His tongue was locked, he was not honest yet. A sickly red appeared on his cheeks, and he said vaguely: “If you want to see my chest, just say it straight. You are so beautiful, I’d gladly take it off by myself! ” 

Shao Qing ignored him, then the vine touched his chest. The position of the heart under his chest was calm, no heartbeats at all. 

After confirming his identity again and again, Shao Qing tied him up. Then several people came up to visit him in turn. Although Tan Xiao was a little stupid, he was not stupid to the point beyond repair. He just listened to too many things and his brain was down at the moment. 

He seems to know something he shouldn’t know, hey, will he be silenced? 

He was honest, hanging his head, swallowing all the doubts in his heart back into his stomach, Shao Qing calmly bundled Mu Lianchun into a ball, then threw it into the carriage. 

If it weren’t for the doubts in her head, she would deal with Mu Lianchun directly. 

After eating, they went on the road again. Mulin was curious: “Is he in the same situation as you? Could it be that there are many zombies like this?” 

“It stands to reason that there is no such thing. I don’t know, but when we are resting, Yan Qiyue will study it carefully.” Shao Qing said softly: “I feel that he concealed the most important part. His origin is not simple.” 

Mulin nodded. Then took the opportunity to say: “Ah Qing, you see, I finally met a good man, but he was not a living person. This means that I have no fate with men, so you don’t need to find them for me…” 

Shao Qing gently touched the back of her head: “There are always good men. Don’t be discouraged. Who hasn’t encountered a few scum?” 

Mulin was discouraged. She bit her handkerchief. Why is Shao Qing committed to finding her a partner? 

And not a few fwb**.

She really didn’t want it… 

The group of people packed up, and went on. After circling around the small town in front, they went on until it got late. They couldn’t find any place to stay around. 

Not to mention survivor bases, there was no place to shelter from the wind and rain. They could only set up a camp.

When the tent had just been set up and they hadn’t cooked yet, suddenly a group of mutant monkeys fell from the sky. These mutant monkeys looked like zombies, and the carrion on their faces fell off when they moved. They looked particularly disgusting. 

This group of mutant monkeys came so suddenly and without warning, even Shao Qing didn’t notice how they came. After finally cleaning up the group of mutant monkeys with disgusting looks, Shao Qing said: “Look in the carriage and see if Mu Lianchun is still there.” 

Yan Qiyue opened the carriage and checked. As expected, only a few vines were left lying on the ground. 

As she thought, bait the tiger away from the mountain. Sure enough, there was a mastermind behind it.

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