The Entire City Is My Husband Chapter 14

Chapter 14 Perverted Dr Xie

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“He is…” Chu Feng glanced at X, then turned to the Little Shiyus and said:

“He’s a firefighter uncle, here to put out the fire.”


The four Little Shiyus secretly sized up X. The Red Hat Little Shiyu turned his head, stuck out his tongue at X, then buried his little face in Chu Feng’s arms, ignoring the firefighter uncle.

Passing through this small grove led to a hospital, conveniently located close to the kindergarten when Chu Feng built the city. The four Little Shiyus had just escaped from the sea of fire and needed to be taken to the hospital for examination.

“Let’s go.” Chu Feng lifted Popsicle Little Xie with his left hand and Squeaky Shoes Little Xie with his right. These two were more seriously injured. The other two Little Shiyus stood on the ground, looking at him eagerly.

Chu Feng chuckled helplessly. “I… only have two hands.”

X: “Let me help you carry one.”

“No!” Red Hat Little Shiyu rejected loudly.

The other Little Shiyus’ eyes rolled, as if he had an idea. Wearing Squeaky Shoes, he walked over to X and obediently opened his arms.

X lifted him up.

Sitting on X’s shoulders, Little Xie swung his little feet in his small shoes and said to Chu Feng in a childish voice:

“Older Brother Chu Feng, fighting fires is hard work. Don’t strain yourself carrying me. I’ll go to the hospital with the firefighter uncle.”

“Unlike some people…”

Squeaky Shoes Little Xie glanced down at Red Hat Little Xie, taking advantage of X’s height of 1.9 meters to look down at him, and smiled.

Red Hat Little Xie was furious! He bounced over to try to hit Squeaky Shoes Little Xie, but ended up only reaching X’s knees. X bent down and effortlessly lifted the little troublemaker up too.

The two adults and four children walked through the small grove together towards the hospital.


Buzz buzz buzz…

The sun had set, and night had fallen.

In the small grove, a mosquito quietly landed on the collar of Water Gun Little Xie’s clothes, following him into the hospital.


“Thank you for today.”

After completing the admission procedures for the Little Shiyus, Chu Feng stood in the hospital corridor and spoke to X. The long lights on the ceiling emitted white light, shining on the ground like a layer of frost.

“Did my cousin ask you to come today?”

X: “Yes.”

Chu Feng: “Did he… contact you through my WeChat?”

“Yes,” X said, “via voice call, and it just happened to connect.”

Chu Feng: “Did I disturb your work?”

X: “No.”

“That’s good.”

Chu Feng nodded.

Having said that, there was nothing more to say.



X wanted to continue the conversation, so he found a topic that would resonate with parents the most:

“Your children are quite adorable.”


Chu Feng rubbed his forehead. “It’s not what you think.”

X looked at him inquisitively, his gaze showing some curiosity.

Chu Feng had no choice but to say, “You… haven’t noticed that they all look exactly the same?”

X thought to himself, a quadruplet, naturally they would look identical.

Chu Feng lowered his head, looking at the marble floor reflecting the light, cold like frost, and began to explain:

“They are… the same person.”

In the pause of silence, X looked at Chu Feng and suddenly seemed to realize something:

X: “Last time on the bus…”

“It was him too.”

Chu Feng’s speech was fast and anxious.

X sensed that the little beauty didn’t like others prying into his husband’s affairs, so he didn’t ask any more questions.

—He didn’t want to ask anymore. Along with feeling that those little brats weren’t cute anymore.


“Please proceed to Room 306 on the third floor to make payment.”

The hospital’s announcement echoed through the corridor.

X asked, “You also have to pay in your own city?”

“For realism.” Chu Feng smiled and gestured upstairs. “Then I’ll go up first, and you can go back.”

X nodded.

Regulators usually have special access permissions, so Chu Feng wasn’t worried about X not being able to leave his dream city. He went straight upstairs.


Third floor, Room 306.

Chu Feng stood in front of the door, taking a deep breath.

This room wasn’t for accounting or payment.

—It was Dr. Xie’s consultation room.

There was no charge for medical treatment, but something else was required as compensation.

—The compensation they received was particularly expensive and lasted particularly long.

Chu Feng stood in front of the door, feeling anxious. He was a bit… afraid of this Xie Shiyu.

Whether it was because of the doctor’s role bonus, this Xie Shiyu was a bit… eccentric. To put it simply, he was a bit twisted.

The consultation room next door had many props, and every time Chu Feng came to make payment, Dr. Xie would make him cry. It was completely different from the straightforward style of Xie the School Bully or Xie the CEO. Chu Feng didn’t know if it was because this little Xie had been in the closed hospital for too long and gradually became twisted, or if… there was a bit of a twisted tendency in Xie Shiyu’s personality itself. But in the complex reality, it hadn’t been revealed.

—But because he was Xie Shiyu, Chu Feng still came to make payment every time, afraid yet fond of it.

Chu Feng took a deep breath and raised his hand, his knuckles about to knock on the door—


The door opened.

Dr. Xie appeared in front of Chu Feng, wearing a white coat, his 192cm tall figure looming like a shadow. The buttons on his white coat were not all fastened, casually leaving two undone. The bright white light in the consultation room fell on Dr. Xie, giving off a frosty aura.

“What are you standing at the door for?”

Chu Feng: “To… make payment.”

“Come in.”

His voice was very indifferent.

—Not like the eighteen or nineteen-year-old student Xie Shiyu, who would call out to Chu Feng affectionately as soon as he saw him, pestering him for kisses or hugs, affectionate and warm.

Chu Feng slowly moved into Dr. Xie’s consultation room.


The door behind him closed automatically.


The lock automatically engaged.

Chu Feng stepped inside, feeling like a little frog hopping onto the operating table, waiting to be dissected.

—But this little frog was voluntary.

“I heard you went to fight the fire?”

Scratch scratch, Dr. Xie put on milky white rubber gloves, the sound making Chu Feng feel a bit uneasy.

“Yeah, the kindergarten was on fire.”

Chu Feng was somewhat concerned about the gloves, they seemed like the surgical gloves doctors wear on TV. Dr. Xie hadn’t worn them during Chu Feng’s previous visits for payment, so he didn’t know what Dr. Xie was going to do to him this time.

“Why are you wearing gloves?”

“Don’t doctors always wear gloves? It’s a hygiene regulation.”

Chu Feng glanced at Dr. Xie’s loosely buttoned white coat:

“This doesn’t seem to comply with hygiene regulations.”

Dr. Xie looked up at him, smiled meaningfully:

“This? I’ll have to take it off later, won’t I?”


Chu Feng fell silent.

“Come here, this way.”

Dr. Xie led Chu Feng to the left side of the consultation room. At some point, a wall had been opened up here, creating another small room.

“Newly built, do you like it?”

Chu Feng felt a chill down his spine.

He saw a leather bed with several black straps for restraining patients. If he laid on it, he would be tightly bound, unable to move, at the mercy of Dr. Xie…

“Xie… Shiyu,”

Chu Feng was about to say something conciliatory, but Dr. Xie cut him off.

“Your leg seems to be bleeding. Was it injured while fighting the fire just now?”

Dr. Xie lowered his head, inquiring about his injury, his jawline was very graceful, his tone affectionate and gentle.

But Chu Feng knew that Dr. Xie’s next words would definitely not be affectionate.

“Lie down and let me examine you.”

“Xie… Shiyu…”

Chu Feng looked hesitantly at the black leather bed and the restraining straps on it.

“My Darling.” Dr. Xie, wearing surgical gloves, smiled at Chu Feng:

“Don’t keep me waiting too long.”

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