The Entire City Is My Husband Chapter 15

Chapter 15 My Darling

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Chu Feng laid on the medical leather bed.

The black leather restraints for securing patients bound his fair and slender wrists and ankles.

A black blindfold covered Chu Feng’s eyes.

“…Xie Shiyu?”

Chu Feng couldn’t see anything all of a sudden, the sudden darkness making him uneasy. Xie Shiyu had never blinded him before.

Xie Shiyu ignored him.


Chu Feng heard the sound of the surgical light being switched on, the high-intensity light shining on him, making his skin feel slightly warm.


—The sound of surgical scissors being taken out of a porcelain dish.

The consultation room was very quiet, making these subtle sounds seem extremely chilling.

Chu Feng couldn’t help but struggle, the restraints holding him tightly, not just his hands and feet, but also his neck and waist, were fixed in place, he couldn’t even turn his head, like a butterfly specimen pinned down.

Dr. Xie held the silver surgical scissors, gradually approaching him…


A hand touched his waist.

A slender index finger hooked the edge of his pants, leisurely pulling them down.

Dr. Xie’s hand was wearing surgical rubber gloves, the cold, unfamiliar touch gently brushing against his legs, all the way down…

Chu Feng trembled all over.

“The wound is quite deep.”

Dr. Xie looked at the outer side of Chu Feng’s thigh, a deep cut on the tender skin, as if it had been cut by a metal strip, oozing blood.

“It’s nothing.”

Chu Feng said. The Dream City was connected to brain waves, injuries in the game wouldn’t affect his real body much, as long as he didn’t completely die in the game.

“Do you call this nothing?” Dr. Xie’s tone carried a hint of reproach:

“A wound this deep needs stitches. First, I’ll disinfect it. It might sting a bit, don’t move around.”

Dr. Xie gently reminded the patient, rubbing cotton soaked in cold alcohol on Chu Feng’s exposed thigh skin.

It stung a bit, and itched a bit.

Chu Feng hesitated to speak:

“You’re just… helping me stitch the wound?”

In the darkness, Chu Feng heard Dr. Xie laugh, the voice very low, like a breath held in the chest:

“What do you expect me to do to you?”


Chu Feng quickly said.

Disinfection, local anesthesia, Dr. Xie skillfully sutured the wound on his leg.


The cold surgical scissors cut the suture thread.


Dr. Xie’s technique was superb, the patient Chu Feng was fixed on the leather bed, feeling not too much pain.

“Can you release me now?”

Chu Feng’s hands were bound by black leather straps, fixed on both sides of the leather bed, he struggled a bit, and the bed made a trembling sound.

“Don’t be impatient.” Dr. Xie held down his hand, “The examination is not over yet.”

Blindfolded, Chu Feng couldn’t see Dr. Xie, he heard scratch scratch, Dr. Xie threw away the rubber gloves, and then walked back…

—The white shirt was lifted up.

Revealing a slender waist and soft belly. Like a flipped hedgehog, defenseless against the hunter. Xie Shiyu narrowed his eyes slightly.

Under the cold light, Chu Feng’s skin was dazzlingly white, the snowy waist was bound by black leather straps, the leather straps gleaming, tightly adhering to the waistline, outlining a beautiful curve, Xie Shiyu knew how that waist felt in his grasp.

Chu Feng felt Dr. Xie’s gaze, wanting to escape but being held in place, unable to hide. He could only accuse Xie Shiyu, who had no credibility: 

“You said… you were just going to stitch up the wound?” 

“What are you nervous about?” 

Dr. Xie leaned in, his fingertips, calloused from work, touching Chu Feng’s abdomen, gently pressing down: “Does it hurt here?” 

Chu Feng shook his head. 

Dr. Xie’s hand moved down a bit, feeling Chu Feng’s lower abdomen, pressing slightly harder: “And here?” 

Chu Feng still shook his head. 

“No bleeding in the abdomen. No organ damage either.” Dr. Xie withdrew his hand, letting down the lifted white shirt, concluding the abdominal examination. 

Chu Feng sighed in relief: “So… can I go now?” 

“Don’t be in a hurry.” 

Dr. Xie reached out, gently patting Chu Feng’s cheek, his tone gentle: “Open your mouth, let me see if there’s any bleeding in your mouth.” 

With his eyes blindfolded, Chu Feng couldn’t see anything, obediently opening his mouth: “Ah—Mmm!” 

Xie Shiyu lowered his head and kissed him! 

His tongue meticulously examined every part of Chu Feng’s mouth.

The kiss was too deep. Every time Chu Feng kissed Xie Shiyu, he felt a dangerous suffocation, as if he were about to run out of breath— 

Xie Shiyu ended the kiss. 

“No bleeding,” Dr. Xie commented. 

“Is… is it over?” Chu Feng gasped. “Can I go now?” 

“The examination is over.” 

Dr. Xie put away the surgical scissors, sat beside the leather bed, and kindly said to Chu Feng:

“But My Darling, have you paid your fee?”


Chu Feng froze.

Blindfolded and unable to see, he could only hear the sound of the white coat being taken off and hung on the hook.

Then there was the sound of a zipper.


Xie Shiyu seemed to press a button.

The leather bed suddenly vibrated, lifting Chu Feng’s waist—

“You liar, Xie Shiyu!”

Chu Feng was blindfolded and bound, unable to struggle. In the darkness, he heard Xie Shiyu laugh twice:

“Don’t be afraid. Today will be very gentle.”


Four hours later.

Chu Feng laid on the leather bed, drenched in sweat, exhausted.

—–Indeed, it was much gentler than usual, just this once.

Click, click.

Dr. Xie undid the straps.

Chu Feng moved his fingers but couldn’t get up. Xie Shiyu kindly helped him up, picking up Chu Feng’s clothes from beside the leather bed and helping him put them on.

—-Dr. Xie’s actions were methodical; when removing his clothes, he would neatly fold them and set them aside.

Chu Feng thought of the bully Little Xie and the CEO Little Xie, those bad guys were completely different, always tearing directly into him or deliberately cutting his pants with scissors, showing their hot tempers.

The real Xie Shiyu, however, was more like a normal person, tossing clothes on the bed or the floor and tidying up later.

Chu Feng was curious why the same person would show such differences. Each Xie Shiyu split from Dream City was real, and each one had a real-life counterpart, otherwise, they wouldn’t exist.

But he couldn’t remember Dr. Xie’s counterpart. In his memory, Xie Shiyu had never shown such a pronounced… perversion.

“What are you thinking about?”

Dr. Xie squatted down, lifted Chu Feng’s feet, and helped him put on his pants.

Chu Feng: “I’m wondering why you’re so twisted.”

Dr. Xie seemed to hear something extremely interesting and chuckled twice.

He laughed like a fox plotting mischief. Chu Feng quickly sat up, pulled up his pants, and prepared to slip away:

“I’ll go next door to wash up… don’t follow.”

“It might be too late.”

Xie Shiyu suddenly said.

Chu Feng: “Too late for what?”

“Isn’t there someone waiting for you downstairs?” Xie Shiyu smiled and pressed the computer screen on the table.

In the surveillance footage, there was a figure downstairs in the corridor.

A steel gray cloak, leaning against the white wall, with cold white light shining above, casting a dark shadow on the marble floor.

… X?

Chu Feng was surprised. This person… hadn’t left, and had been standing there, waiting for him for so long.

“It’s not very nice to let him wait like this.”

Dr. Xie’s tone was light and cheerful, and his words were so considerate.

—But Chu Feng felt something was very wrong. He quickly said, “No, this person just came to put out the fire. I don’t have… anything to do with him.”


Dr. Xie touched Chu Feng’s lips with his index finger:

“It’s normal to have friends coming and going; I’m not that kind of control freak. You don’t need to explain to me so nervously.”

Dr. Xie stood up, considerately opened the door for Chu Feng, his eyes soft: “Go on, don’t let your friend wait too long.”

“But, I haven’t washed…”

“Take it with you.”

Dr. Xie said, his voice carrying a hint of coldness, implying it was not up for debate.


—Chu Feng felt a little panicked. Dr. Xie wasn’t like Little Xie the bully or the other Little Xies, who could easily be fooled with a few words of begging for mercy. Dr. Xie was resolute; once he said something, he would definitely follow through with it.

Chu Feng tried to soften his voice as much as possible, hoping to garner some sympathy:

“Xie Shiyu… it… it might leak out!”

Dr. Xie put on his white coat and unceremoniously “escorted” Chu Feng out of the consultation room. He stood at the door, smiling, and said:

“My Darling, if you squeeze tightly, it won’t leak out.”

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