The Entire City Is My Husband Chapter 28

Chapter 28 Nurse Costume

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Chu Feng supported the frozen Dr. Xie, opened the door, and got out of the car, returning to the hospital.

Third floor, examination room.

It was very quiet all around. Through the half-open window, the chirping of insects from the leaves could be heard. A cool breeze blew in, carrying the scent of dampness after the rain. Chu Feng took a deep breath, mentally preparing himself for what would likely be a miserable night. He was ready to thaw Dr. Xie.


[Congratulations, the deep freeze needle has been thawed.]

Crackle, crackle.

The ice-blue ice covering Dr. Xie shattered into thin pieces and fell to the ground.

Chu Feng lowered his head, unwilling to meet Dr. Xie’s gaze. He held his phone and opened the “Little Xie Illustrated Handbook.”

—He didn’t know how much Dr. Xie’s mood value would drop.

Beep! Beep—

The phone quickly sounded an alarm:

[The Little Xie Illustrated Handbook reminds you that the mood value of “Dr. Xie” has reached an extremely low state. Please soothe him as soon as possible!]

Chu Feng clicked on Dr. Xie’s profile silhouette to check:

Mood value: 3 points

[Expand details] –

Buying flowers at the flower shop, mood value 93;

Finding Chu Feng dressed in a cat costume fooling around with other men, with the backpack engraved with “Exclusive for Mr. Vampire”, mood value -80;

Being hugged by Chu Feng and called “husband”, mood value +40;

Discovering that Chu Feng called him “husband” just to distract him and actually intended to use the deep freeze needle on him, mood value -50;

Remaining mood value: 3

Chu Feng looked at the pitiful 3 points, with just a tiny bit left on the progress bar, like the 3% of battery life on a phone, only a trace of deep red remained, the situation was extremely critical.

If the mood value drops below 0 points, the character will automatically commit suicide.

[The Little Xie Illustrated Handbook reminds you again, please soothe the character as quickly as possible!]


Chu Feng took the initiative to sit on the black leather bed in the examination room, feeling his waist and legs tingling slightly.

Dr. Xie, sitting in front of him, was waking up. Under the bright light of the incandescent lamp, Xie Shiyu slowly opened his eyes. His brownish eyes had not yet focused, resembling icy amber.

After a while, Dr. Xie was fully awake, staring straight at Chu Feng with his eyes. Chu Feng felt exposed under the cold gaze. Although Dr. Xie’s eyes were warm-toned brown, under the hospital’s frosty light, they reflected a cold, inorganic texture.

A silence, a dead silence pervaded the bleak white examination room.

Dr. Xie suddenly stood up, not angry with him, not accusing him of anything, not saying anything at all, and casually asked, “Have you had dinner?”

Chu Feng was stunned for a second and shook his head, not understanding why Dr. Xie suddenly asked this.

“I made cocoa cake for you.”

Dr. Xie hugged Chu Feng’s bent legs as he sat on the black leather bed and brought him down, placing him on the backrest chair. Dr. Xie turned around and opened the freezer, taking out a complete brown cake base.

Cocoa chiffon cake, with a round cake top and a chocolate teddy bear standing on it.

Chu Feng was somewhat stunned, not knowing what Dr. Xie had up his sleeve. Xie Shiyu used to make cakes for him as well. He would always complain about how the cakes sold outside were unhealthy, with too much sugar, and possibly containing cheap artificial sweeteners that were bad for the body. Whenever Chu Feng wanted to eat something sweet like cake, Xie Shiyu would always be the one to make it for him.

The cakes made by Xie Shiyu never included regular white sugar. Consuming too much sugar was unhealthy for the body, as it tended to accumulate excess calories. Dr. Xie used some sweetener that fitness enthusiasts would eat, a sweetener made from stevia, which was 300 times sweeter than sugar and had only one three-hundredth of the caloric value of sugar. It was not absorbed by the body and did not generate any heat.

—Making cakes by oneself was indeed quite troublesome. Chu Feng looked at the round cocoa cake in front of him, feeling incredulous:

“When did you make this?”

He had seen Xie Shiyu make cocoa chiffon cakes before, beating eggs, separating egg yolks and whites, whipping them into cake batter and cream, step by step, all made by hand. It was so troublesome that just looking at the cake-making process made Chu Feng feel overwhelmed.

“This afternoon,” Xie Shiyu replied casually, taking out a cake knife and cutting a piece for Chu Feng, placing it on a snow-white plate.

Chu Feng was somewhat surprised. “How did you know I would come tonight?”

“I didn’t.” Dr. Xie said, “That’s why I make one every afternoon.”

He paused for a moment.

“But most of the time, you never come.”

Chu Feng’s heart was suddenly whipped.

He wanted to say something, but Dr. Xie smiled gently at him, stopping Chu Feng’s attempt to explain.

They sat at the table, quietly sharing the cocoa cake. Outside the window, the post-rain freshness wafted in, with a gentle breeze and the lingering drops of rain dripped from the leaves, hitting the glass window, making a crisp sound, like the night when they held flowers in the rain.

“Are you full?” Dr. Xie asked.

Chu Feng observed carefully. Dr. Xie’s voice was very soft, his smile was very elegant, without pressing him for answers about the situation between him and X. He didn’t seem to be angry at all.


[The Little Xie Illustrated Handbook reminds you that the mood value of “Dr. Xie” character has dropped another point, leaving only: 2 points]

Chu Feng: …

He understood in his heart. Dr. Xie had been waiting for him to take the initiative, but he had been casually eating cake as if nothing was happening. If this continued, Dr. Xie’s mood value would drop to zero without them realizing it.

Chu Feng put down the empty cake plate and fork.

Dr. Xie, with a mood value of only 2 points, continued to smile like the spring breeze, gently asking him, “Do you still want more?”

Chu Feng nodded.

Dr. Xie raised an eyebrow slightly, somewhat surprised that Chu Feng still wanted more. He stood up and turned to the freezer.

“What would you like to have…”

Suddenly, there was a tightening behind him.

Chu Feng reached out from behind and hugged Xie Shiyu.

He sat in the chair, much shorter than Dr. Xie standing up, his face pressed tightly against Dr. Xie’s back in the white coat.

The warm temperature from Dr. Xie’s body transmitted to Chu Feng’s cheeks. Chu Feng was all in, he hugged Dr. Xie’s waist tightly, and whispered softly:

“I want to have your deoxyribonucleic acid.”


Dr. Xie slowly turned his head, his gaze deep and meaningful, as if he wanted to devour the person in front of him whole.

He sized up Chu Feng’s entire body. The deep blue silk pajamas clung to Chu Feng’s body, outlining the lines of his waist and legs very clearly. The V-neck revealed a fair neck.

Dr. Xie reached out, slowly moving up that beautiful neck, his fingertip felt like a feather, gently brushing against Chu Feng’s slender neck, finally stopping at the Adam’s apple. The calloused fingertip gently rubbed Chu Feng’s throat, with a hint of implication. Dr. Xie chuckled softly:

“My dear, you’re going to be satisfied tonight.”

Chu Feng lowered his head, like a swan ready to be slaughtered, with a sense of submission.

“Tonight… it’s up to you.”


Just as Chu Feng thought Dr. Xie was about to start unfastening his belt, Dr. Xie suddenly let go, turned around, and walked away.

Chu Feng: ?

Soon, Dr. Xie brought out a square black bag, and Chu Feng didn’t know what was inside. Dr. Xie handed it to him with a smile:

“Open it and see, it’s a gift for you.”

Chu Feng had a very bad feeling.

He tore open the plastic wrapping, revealing a neatly folded square piece of new clothing.

—Nurse costume!

And it was a women’s style, a light pink color, so pale it looked almost white, making it even more alluring.

Chu Feng: “Xie Shiyu!”

Dr. Xie smiled gently at him. “As you said, tonight, it’s up to me.”

“…” Chu Feng: “Can I take back that statement?”


A notification suddenly appeared in front of Chu Feng:

[Inconsistent, unfaithful, unreliable, promises made and then broken! Character mood value will decrease by -3, Dr. Xie’s mood value will change to -1, mood value < 0, suicide program will be activated. Are you sure you want to proceed like this?]

Chu Feng: …

Dr. Xie: “Are you wearing it or not?”

“…” Chu Feng: “…Wearing.”

Chu Feng unfolded the neatly folded nurse costume, size: 180cm, with a particularly high slit on the thighs.

It was clearly customized and planned in advance!

Chu Feng lowered his head and untied his robe…


Dr. Xie took a step forward with his long legs, walked to Chu Feng, and placed his phone on a stand, turning on the recording function. The 80-megapixel camera was aimed at Chu Feng:

“Okay, continue.”

“…You!” Chu Feng muttered, “…Pervert.”

As if he hadn’t heard, Dr. Xie sat back in the chair calmly, smiling softly at Chu Feng:

“Darling, don’t keep looking at me, look at the camera.”

Chu Feng knew he couldn’t escape this today. What was terrifying was that Dr. Xie’s mood value hadn’t changed at all until this moment, still at 2 points. This person was waiting for him to truly put it on before feeling any real pleasure.

Chu Feng reluctantly peeled off his robe, the icy silk fabric slipping off him and falling to the ground like withered petals.

The pitch-black lens stared straight at him.

Chu Feng tried to ignore the phone. The character’s phone was also a virtual phone in the game, so even if it were recorded and uploaded, it would only be shared within the virtual network of Dream City, transmitted to other Xie Shiyus, and couldn’t be shared on the real internet.

—Transmitted to other Xie Shiyus. This sudden thought made Chu Feng shiver. If other Xie Shiyus found out how indulgent he was with Dr. Xie…

Chu Feng stopped his train of thought. He shook out the nurse costume and put it on. It was tailored by the perverted Dr. Xie, and it fit well, but… it was a bit short.

Chu Feng tugged at the hem of the slit on his thigh, trying to pull it down a bit, but it was too short, and he couldn’t pull it down at all. He gave up.


[The Little Xie Illustrated Handbook reminds you that, because you obediently put on the nurse costume, character Dr. Xie’s mood value +90]

Chu Feng: …

Really perverted.

Dr. Xie stood up from the backrest chair.

Chu Feng heard the sound but didn’t look up. He didn’t want to meet Dr. Xie’s gaze right now.

In the silence, Chu Feng thought Dr. Xie, who had stood up, would come towards him, but he didn’t.


A crisp metallic sound, like… the sound of surgical scissors cutting porcelain.

—What was Dr. Xie doing?

Chu Feng felt extremely uncomfortable wearing the nurse costume. It was worse than not wearing it at all. He lowered his head and asked:

“Can I take it off? Anyway, I’ll have to… take it off later.”

Dr. Xie asked strangely, “Why do you want to take it off?”

There was even a hint of innocent confusion in his tone. Chu Feng wanted to swear after hearing that:

“How can I sleep without taking it off?”

Crackle, crackle.

Just then, Chu Feng heard two crisp metallic sounds.

Dr. Xie approached him with shiny surgical scissors in his hand, a gentle smile on his face:

“Darling, why not just make a hole with these?”

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