The Entire City Is My Husband Chapter 29

Chapter 29: Maple Tree Chat Group

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The chilly surgical scissors grazed against warm skin.

Crackle, crackle.

Piece by piece, the fabric behind Chu Feng’s waist was being cut open.

The shiny metallic surgical scissors made slight turns, the blade tracing a rounded path, creating a perfect circular arc.

Chu Feng stood frozen in place, the light pink nurse costume clinging to his body. In front of him was the dark void of the phone camera lens.

“Xie Shiyu…”

“Don’t move.” Dr. Xie tightly gripped the surgical scissors, standing behind Chu Feng.

“It’s almost done.”

Dr. Xie’s expression was serious, his movements focused and meticulous. His grip on the surgical scissors didn’t tremble at all, his hand steady and professional, as if he were performing life-saving surgery.

The silver surgical scissors completed the final arc—


A complete circular piece of fabric fell from the clothing.

Dr. Xie used his index and middle fingers to pick up the circular piece, holding it up in front of Chu Feng as if showcasing the result of his hand-cut circle.

“Is it round enough?”

“You’re so childish.” Chu Feng slapped Dr. Xie’s hand away and turned his face aside, refusing to acknowledge him.

The phone camera mounted on the stand silently recorded everything.

A circular hole was cut into the back of the light pink nurse costume.

Chu Feng felt Dr. Xie’s fingers lingering on his back, applying slight pressure with the fingertips, pushing down gently on his waist.

The back protruded, and the hole in the nurse costume stretched even larger.

Gecha, gecha.

Dr. Xie lifted another phone and aimed it at Chu Feng’s back, taking a picture, then changing angles and taking many more.

“Stop taking pictures…”

Chu Feng turned his head and reached out to grab the phone. Dr. Xie, with his over six-foot height, raised his arm slightly, making it unreachable for Chu Feng.

“How many phones do you have?” Chu Feng asked.

One phone was placed on the stand, recording him with its 80-megapixel camera, while Dr. Xie held another one, clicking away.

“I have a lot.” Dr. Xie smiled, reaching out to embrace Chu Feng, holding the light pink exclusive nurse tightly in his arms. He put away the phone with one hand and with the other, he lifted Chu Feng’s leg, carrying him back to the black leather bed from before.

His arms were spread out, and the white, tender wrists of Chu Feng were bound by the black restraints on the leather bed.

But this time, Dr. Xie didn’t bind his ankles or cover his eyes.


Chu Feng heard Dr. Xie press a button next to the leather bed, and slowly, a black strap descended from the top.

—A fixed restraint strap used to elevate the legs of patients with leg fractures in hospitals.

Dr. Xie leisurely reached out, grasping Chu Feng’s slender ankle, bringing them together and securing them in the black restraints, lifting them up.

Chu Feng’s 180cm height, with his legs straight and slender, was fixed, suspended in mid-air.


Dr. Xie covered Chu Feng’s eyes for a moment, then turned on the surgical lighting. Once Chu Feng adjusted to the light, Dr. Xie slowly moved his hand away.

Under the bright light, the examination room was as bright as day. Chu Feng immediately saw a bright light on top of the black leather bed, with a new phone attached, its four dark little cameras pointed directly at his face.

“I bought them specifically to film you.”

Under the bright, frosty white light, Chu Feng saw Dr. Xie’s smile:

“Darling, you better perform well tonight.”


The cerulean sky cracked open, revealing a pool of golden-orange yolk.

6:30 AM.

Chu Feng woke up in Dr. Xie’s arms.

As he opened his eyes, he saw Dr. Xie leaning leisurely against the head of the bed, one hand around him, and the other flipping through the recordings from last night on three phones, the scenes were unbearable to look at.

Chu Feng immediately turned his face away, rolled over with the blanket, and turned his back to Dr. Xie, like an indifferent little cat.


Dr. Xie lowered his head and kissed Chu Feng’s naked back gently. “What would you like for breakfast?”

“Not hungry.”

Chu Feng curled up in the blanket, his voice muffled. “You fed me too much last night, I can’t eat.”

Dr. Xie chuckled softly. “Are you mad?”

“I’m not.”

Xie Shiyu bent down and turned Chu Feng’s body over, kissing his smooth cheek twice. “Husband will bake a small cake for you to eat?” 

After Xie Shiyu finished speaking, he was about to get out of bed, but Chu Feng suddenly reached out and grabbed his waist. 

“No, I don’t want it. Baking a cake is too troublesome.” 

Chu Feng forcefully pressed Xie Shiyu back into the warm blanket, hugging him tightly. 

“I’ll just eat fried eggs. You go back to sleep.” 

Xie Shiyu understood his meaning. Fried eggs could be cooked easily, while baking a cake required getting up two to three hours earlier. His wife was being considerate of him. 

Dr. Xie hugged Chu Feng, the little nurse, tightly in his arms. The nurse’s uniform had been completely ruined last night and was thrown into the adjacent examination room. He thought Chu Feng would wake up this time just like before, like an angry cat, with a face that said, “I never want to come to the hospital again!” 

However, when Chu Feng woke up today, he actually took the initiative to hug him, asking him not to bake a cake and to sleep a little longer. Dr. Xie was very surprised. 

“Why are you clinging to me so much today?” 

Chu Feng leaned against Dr. Xie’s chest, his face pressed against Dr. Xie’s chest. “When have I ever not clung to you?” 

“No. You’re particularly clingy today, there must be a reason.” Dr. Xie reached out and touched Chu Feng’s soft hair, moving down gradually from his hair ends, face, to his collarbone. 

“Come on, confess. Tell me the truth, resistance will be futile.” 

Chu Feng chuckled and grabbed Dr. Xie’s wandering hand. He buried himself in Dr. Xie’s warm embrace, breathing lightly and smelling the familiar scent. Dr. Xie’s body temperature enveloped him, making him feel extremely secure. 

“I’m clinging to you because…” 

Chu Feng wrapped his arms tightly around Dr. Xie’s waist, pressing close to him, but his tone seemed as if he were speaking to someone far away. 

“I’ve discovered your little secret.”


“What secret?” Dr. Xie asked next to his ear.

“I won’t tell you.”

Chu Feng curled up in Dr. Xie’s arms, like a kitten, holding his husband tightly, closing his eyes, pretending to fall asleep again.

Dr. Xie sighed, knowing there was nothing he could do about his current state.


Chu Feng smelled the fragrance of fried eggs, bacon, and toast.

He was completely awake now. Chu Feng got out of bed, washed up, and walked into the living room.

The morning sunlight was golden, streaming in through the floor-to-ceiling windows of the living room. Dr. Xie sat at the dining table, still looking at his phone. Two cups of soy milk were heating up in the orange-red microwave.


The microwave was done.

Dr. Xie put down his phone, got up, and went to get the soy milk, seeing Chu Feng, who had finished washing up, walking out.

“Awake? Come have breakfast,” Chu Feng sat at the table—


Dr. Xie’s phone vibrated twice on the table.

Chu Feng glanced at it and saw a message pop up on the screen:

QQ Group: [Maple Tree Planting Exchange Group] – 148 messages

Maple trees…?

Chu Feng had a bad feeling.

What group was this?

How come he had never known that Character Little Xie had a group privately?

Chu Feng secretly picked up Dr. Xie’s phone, the lock screen password: —

Chu Feng entered his own birthday: 1209

Buzz—! Wrong password!

Chu Feng was surprised… incorrect?

Dr. Xie didn’t use his birthday as the password?

Chu Feng calmed down, thinking that this was Dr. Xie’s phone. It couldn’t be that all of Character Little Xie’s phones used the same number as the password.

Chu Feng then entered: 1116

November 16th, the day Dr. Xie held flowers on a rainy night, was also Dr. Xie’s secret.

Click— The phone unlocked.

Chu Feng immediately opened QQ to check the group messages.

[Maple Tree Planting Exchange Group]

Group description: A cutting-edge academic seminar for adult tree planters.

Before Chu Feng could read the chat records, a group announcement popped up on the screen:

@All members, change the group remark upon entry: ID Name – Age – Character

Chu Feng clicked [Confirm and Close]. As soon as the announcement closed, the chat records were about to be revealed—

“What are you looking at?”

Dr. Xie smiled and walked over, reaching out to take back the phone Chu Feng had taken:

“Snooping on my phone?”

Chu Feng: “What’s that group? There’s a Maple Tree Planting Exchange Group on your phone.”

“Oh, that one,” Dr. Xie pocketed his phone, “The hospital area needs some greening, so I plan to plant some maple trees behind the hospital. I joined the group in advance to learn some gardening techniques.”

Chu Feng’s expression said: You’re lying.

Dr. Xie smiled and looked at Chu Feng, “What else would it be?”

“How would I know?” Chu Feng whispered, “It must be something shady.”

Dr. Xie chuckled twice, handed the warmed soy milk to Chu Feng, “Let’s eat.”

He sat opposite Chu Feng, calmly opening his phone. Chu Feng stared at Dr. Xie, knowing he must be reading the group messages, but he couldn’t see it. Dr. Xie’s phone was facing away from him, and he could only see the back of the phone’s camera.

The experience from last night made Chu Feng never want to see a phone camera again. He lowered his head, biting into a piece of bread forcefully. Since it was difficult to break through here with Dr. Xie, he would check with other Little Xies later. Since it was a group, there must be many Little Xies in it.

In front of Chu Feng, Dr. Xie casually opened the [Maple Tree Planting Exchange Group]:

@All members, change the group remark upon entry: ID Name – Age – Character, failure to change will result in removal from the group

Closed the group announcement. Dr. Xie’s slender fingertips slid up and down the phone screen, looking at past messages:

[High School Senior as Hard as Diamond – 18 years old – School Bully Xie] uploaded two photos to [Group Album]:

[Having Breakfast~].jpg

Dr. Xie raised an eyebrow, clicked it open, it was a photo of Senior High School Little Xie and Chu Feng having breakfast, finely retouched, a very ordinary eating photo, edited to look like a newlywed couple in bed after waking up.

[Sorry Just Got Married – 20 years old – Freshman Xie Shiyu]:

Nice editing.

[Going to School and Climbing Trees – 19 years old – Repeating Xie Shiyu]:

Edited for a few days, why post it now? giggles

[Bored of Lamborghini – 25 years old – CEO Xie]:

Is this it?

[Car door welded shut – 26 years old – Driver Xie]:

The kid hasn’t seen the world, cut him some slack.

[High school student as hard as a diamond – 18 years old – School Bully Xie]:

Hehe, jealous old men twisted by jealousy are the most despicable. Vomits

[He’s a good person – 24 years old – Dr. Xie]:

Everyone, please don’t argue.

Dr. Xie casually persuaded in the group while enjoying breakfast with Chu Feng. He secretly switched to anonymous mode and replied to CEO Xie’s “Is this it?” in the group.

Anonymous: [Want to see something exciting?]

CEO Xie: [Afraid you don’t have anything.]

School Bully Xie: [Why anonymous? So cowardly.]

Anonymous: [I dare not share, afraid you’ll be upset if you see it. I really don’t want to affect the friendly atmosphere of the group. It’s unfair.]

School Bully Xie: [So disgusting, vomit.]

Repeating Xie: [Smells like tea. Vomits]

CEO Xie: [If you have something to share, share it. If not, shut up. Boring, I’m off to the company.]

Dr. Xie leisurely browsed through the album, carefully selected a photo, and with a smile, clicked: Send as a disappearing photo.


The morning sunlight streamed in through the car window, and CEO Xie sat in the Lamborghini.

In the groove next to the driver’s seat was a cup of coffee. CEO Xie picked it up, took a sip, turned the car key, started the engine, and was about to drive off—

Buzz buzz.

The phone clipped onto the car mount suddenly vibrated:

[Maple Tree Planting Exchange Group] – Unread message – 1 message

Anonymous: [Flash photo 1].jpg

CEO Xie took a sip of his coffee.

His fingertip opened the picture, and on the screen was a mosaic, with a lightning symbol on top. From the color of the mosaic, it seemed to be a bit tender pink.

A cold smile appeared on CEO Xie’s face. He wanted to see what this anonymous person could come up with. Holding down the screen, he could view it for 5 seconds—

The flash photo revealed its true form.

In the photo was… Chu Feng dressed in a nurse’s uniform!

CEO Xie instantly clenched the coffee cup in his hand.

The photo only captured Chu Feng’s upper body, with the buttons of his clothes meticulously fastened to the top, not revealing any skin. The light pink nurse uniform clung tightly to Chu Feng’s body, intact, as if nothing had happened.

But Chu Feng’s expression in the photo was vacant. He turned his head to the side, revealing his long and beautiful neck. There were still traces of tears on his face, his eyes were unfocused, looking as if he had lost his soul. Mr. Xie had seen this expression before, and he observed that there was a shadow on Chu Feng’s body.

—The shadow of his legs.

Although his legs were not in the frame, this shadow implied that Chu Feng’s legs were suspended! Coupled with such an expression, it was not difficult to imagine what was happening beneath the photo!

The group exploded.

Messages were boiling:

School Bully Xie: F*ck!!!

Repeating Xie: Go die go die go die go die go die go die

Driver Xie: Anonymous, be careful when crossing the road.

CEO Xie: Get out!

Anonymous: Laughs while covering mouth. Are you serious? Can’t handle it?

CEO Xie stared at the messages on the screen, wishing he could crawl through the internet cable and kill that anonymous person. What did this person mean? Could there be more…?

The coffee cup in his hand gradually crumpled…

Soon, another picture popped up in the group messages.

Anonymous: [Flash photo 2].jpg

CEO Xie immediately opened it:

This photo captured Chu Feng from behind, his face not visible. Only the light pink nurse uniform could be seen, with a hole cut in it.

Through the cut hole, you could see clear water gushing out from the valley.


CEO Xie squeezed the coffee cup in his hand until it burst.

The scalding coffee splashed all over his suit, flowing into the leather interior of the Lamborghini.

The group had exploded, sparking numerous responses from the usually silent Little Xies:

[D*mn!!! Anonymous, you’re dead meat!]

School Bully Xie: [I’m itching to kill someone!]

CEO Xie: [Is it you, you beast? @He’s a good person – 24 years old – Dr. Xie]

[You’re finished.]

CEO Xie stepped out of the car, slamming the door of the Lamborghini without care, preparing to drive a bulldozer to the West City and demolish the hospital of that d*mn doctor!

Dr. Xie casually cancelled anonymity and replied with his real ID:

[It wasn’t me.]

[Too obvious.]

[Am I that dumb?]

He was the only doctor in the city, and it was obvious that Chu Feng was wearing a nurse’s uniform, so it was clear that he was the one responsible.

But this logic was too obvious. Therefore, Dr. Xie deliberately went against it, posting in the group, making the nurse’s uniform incident seem like someone trying to frame him. The one who would do such a thing would be anyone other than him among the Little Xies.

Dr. Xie took a screenshot of CEO Xie’s initial mockery of School Bully Xie’s “Is this it?” and posted it in the group:

[Could it be that you orchestrated this, and then deliberately shifted the blame onto me? @Bored of Lamborghini – 25 years old – CEO Xie]

CEO Xie: Am I sick?

Driver Xie: Suspicious.

School Bully Xie: Who the h*ll is this scumbag! Knife! Knife! Knife!

Dr. Xie watched the flood of messages in the group, everyone going crazy. He smiled slightly, switched back to anonymous, and posted three small emojis:

Anonymous: [Covering mouth and laughing, covering mouth and laughing, covering mouth and laughing]

After sending, Dr. Xie swiped to exit QQ.

He put down his phone, feeling pleased.



On a summer morning, bright and radiant.

Chu Feng finished breakfast, bid farewell to Dr. Xie, and walked out of the hospital.

He was wearing the same pajamas he had worn last night, the deep blue silk fabric clinging to his body, much more comfortable than the nurse’s uniform.

Just as Chu Feng reached the hospital gate, his phone in the pocket of his pajamas suddenly beeped.

Chu Feng opened it:


[Little Xie Illustrated Handbook reminds you: School Bully Xie, Repeating Xie, Driver Xie, Freshman Little Xie…]

[Mood -50]

[Dr. Xie, mood +50]

Chu Feng: ?!?

Before he could figure out what was happening, a shadow fell over him:

“Good morning.”

“Um. Morn…”

Chu Feng reflexively replied, then suddenly realized something was wrong. Who was talking to him?!

Chu Feng immediately looked up and saw—


Regulator X, in a gray trench coat, stood in front of him, greeting him.

Chu Feng’s heart trembled. This person hadn’t left since last night…?

“Why haven’t you left yet?”

X seemed a bit aggrieved by his stern tone:

“I just… arrived.”

Chu Feng also felt that he had overreacted a bit, but right now…

It really wasn’t convenient to see outsiders.

X looked at Chu Feng, dressed in loose ice silk pajamas, the deep blue fabric contrasting with his pale skin, which looked even whiter under the sunlight, like warm jade. The V-neckline revealed his collarbones and slender neck. X had seen Chu Feng’s neck as fair and spotless last night, but this morning, there were spots of red everywhere.

On his neck, collarbones, exposed forearms, and even on his calves revealed by his cropped pants, there were red dots as if bitten by mosquitoes. In addition, on Chu Feng’s slender ankles, there were red marks as if bound by something. His gait was a bit strange, and he walked slowly, giving off the appearance of someone who had been dearly loved and pampered.

X stared at Chu Feng like this and asked him:

“Have you been bitten by mosquitoes?”

“You’re asking knowingly!” Chu Feng squeezed out a few words from between his teeth.

X inexplicably smiled. Chu Feng immediately opened his backpack and changed clothes with a press of a button, quickly changing into a normal white shirt and black trousers. Even in summer, he buttoned all the way up to the top, ensuring that not an inch of skin was visible to X!

But the collar of the white shirt wasn’t as high, and there were still traces of kisses left by Xie Shiyu on Chu Feng’s neck…

“I have a scarf, do you want it?” 

X smiled, his gaze fixed on the exposed neck of Chu Feng. 

“No need,” Chu Feng replied coldly. Wearing a furry scarf around the neck in the middle of summer was simply too obvious. 

“It’s silk,” X said. 

He took it out of his backpack and handed it to Chu Feng. 

A silk scarf, matching the gray silk scarf on X’s iron-gray windbreaker. 

After some thought, Chu Feng took it and tied it around his neck. 

After tying it, Chu Feng suddenly felt a bit awkward. He was wearing X’s scarf over the kiss mark left by Xie Shiyu…

The atmosphere became a bit awkward.

Chu Feng changed the subject: “What are you doing here?”

X: “The system has identified the first [core entity] suspect.”

Chu Feng: “Who?”

X: “A seven-year-old.”

Chu Feng immediately became serious: “In elementary school?”

X shook his head: “In a residential building.”

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