The Entire City Is My Husband Chapter 5

Chapter 5 Add WeChat

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The bus slowed down and came to a stop.

All the windows shattered, and a large hole appeared on the right side of the carriage, exposing the blue river and sky outside.

The wind by the river blew Chu Feng’s white shirt. He put away the expulsion cannon and walked forward to pat the driver Lin Lan.

“Get up. It’s over,” he said.

Lin Lan stood up, then sat back down with a thud. His foot on the accelerator had stiffened.

He slowly leveraged himself up, looking pitiful.

“Cousin… I never want to visit your Dream City again…”

“You graduated from the police academy this year, right?” Chu Feng asked calmly. 

“Have you found a job? If not, come work as a security guard in my company. The monthly salary is twelve thousand, and there’s no overtime all year.”

Lin Lan stood up straight. “Cousin, if you need me again, just call me! I’ll be there!”

Chu Feng pointed to the fallen Xies and asked the experienced player Lin Lan, “What about this?”

Little Xie was hit by the regulator’s freezing bomb, lying on the ground with a layer of ice covering his entire body, shimmering with an icy blue light under the sun, melting even in the peak of summer.

“This freezing bomb requires the regulator’s signature to be unlocked. But…” Lin Lan hesitated. 

With the regulator blown away by the expulsion cannon, would he sign for cousin?

“Otherwise… cousin, why don’t you go and report it to customer service first? I’ll check the player forums to see if there’s any other solution.”

Chu Feng clicked on the system – Customer Service – krypton gold big boss Service for Paying Players.

【Customer Service Little Beauty is about to serve you】

Customer Service Little Beauty: Hello, esteemed paying player, may I help you with something?

Player CF4088: The regulator has frozen my character. I request to unfreeze it.

Customer Service Little Beauty: Please wait a moment while I check the specific situation for you…

We have found that your character is classified as a malicious bomber, posing a threat to your personal safety, so it cannot be unfrozen.

Player CF4088: He is my husband, just playing kidnapper role-play in the game.

Customer Service Little Beauty: But he kidnapped you and strapped a bomb to you, his criminal behavior is extremely heinous, and cannot be unfrozen~

Player CF4088: I have Stockholm syndrome. The more he kidnaps, the more thrilling it is.

Customer Service Little Beauty: In that case, we recommend that you go see a psychologist~

Player CF4088: Does your game company manage everything, including human sexual preferences?

Customer Service Little Beauty: No. We just hope that players like you can play games more healthily and create a cleaner online environment~

Player CF4088: I’ve taken a screenshot. You’re discriminating against my sexual preferences.

Chu Feng casually posted a declaration for the Dream City game:

We will never discriminate against any players. You can build your world in your Dream City, everything is under your control, and the game company will never interfere.

… Customer Service Little Beauty changed their tone: Our customer service doesn’t have the authority to unfreeze. Please apply for unfreezing at the Regulatory Center.

Player CF4088: How do I apply?

Customer Service Little Beauty: First, fill out this application form and sign at the end. [Application Form.pdf]

Player CF4088 received the file: Then why did you just tell me it couldn’t be unfrozen?

Customer Service Little Beauty: Please fill out this application form (smile)

Player CF4088: How long does the application take?

Customer Service Little Beauty: It takes 30 days.

Player CF0488: Why so long?

Customer Service Little Beauty: Hello. Because your character’s actions are considered criminal, according to the game regulations, they should be executed. Before unfreezing, there needs to be a 30-day cooling-off period. After the cooling-off period, both you and the regulator need to sign to agree to the unfreezing.

Player CF0488: What if he doesn’t agree?

Customer Service Little Beauty: That means the regulator thinks your character still needs to cool off. Let’s freeze it for now~

Chu Feng rolled his eyes.

Customer Service Little Beauty: Of course, if you’re dissatisfied with the regulator’s handling, you can reapply and wait for another 30 days…

Chu Feng exited the customer service chat.

He directly called the Regulatory Center:

“Hello, this is Regulator 5787 at your service. What seems to be the problem?”

Chu Feng: “I’m the player involved in the bus explosion case just now. The regulator you sent froze my character. I’m applying for unfreezing.”

Regulator 5787: Alright, please fill out the application form online first. We’ll forward your request to the regulator who rescued you just now. Please wait patiently for 5 minutes.

Ding dong…

The phone began playing light music while waiting for customer service.

Regulatory Center.

X took off the game headset and sat quietly in the wheelchair.

The other regulators looked at him, not daring to say a word.

For the first time, the formidable X was defeated in the game.

—Being played around by the player, blown away with the expulsion cannon.

“D*mn it! That player is too malicious! How could he treat you like this!” The smart assistant system started to complain:

“I told you earlier, there’s a trap there, I told you not to go in, but you didn’t listen! Handsome guys always lie! X, you were bewitched by his face…”


X took off the earphones.

Crushed them with one hand.

“Sorry, please get me a new pair of earphones, thank you.”

X turned the wheelchair himself and left.

The remaining regulators looked at each other in astonishment.

A (whispering): He’s really angry…

B: Wow, this is the first time I’ve seen X being bullied in the game…


Regulator 5787 sent a message:

Is X available? Player CF4088 has requested unfreezing, do you agree to sign?

A: D*mn, this player is amazing. He blew X away and still dares to come asking for his signature?!

B: Kneeling, kneeling. X couldn’t possibly agree to him.

“Send it.”

X stopped the wheelchair.

Regulator 5787 transmitted the application form filled out by Chu Feng to X’s screen.

X looked at the form in front of him:

Application ID: CF4088

Contact number: +8613980788xxx

X silently memorized the phone number.

Scrolling down, the reason for the application:

Please unfreeze as soon as possible.

Don’t interfere with the legal couple’s sex life.

[Do you agree to sign?]

X immediately raised his hand and clicked heavily:



Five minutes passed.

The gentle music of waiting stopped.

Chu Feng held the phone, and a voice came through the receiver:

“Hello, player, I’m sorry, our regulator has rejected your unfreezing request~”

Chu Feng: “Can I know which regulator it was?”

“I’m sorry, the information of senior regulators is confidential throughout. Do you need any other assistance?”

“No, thank you.”

Chu Feng hung up the phone.

He glanced at the frozen little Xie lying on the ground, feeling sorry.

“What have you found?” Chu Feng asked Lin Lan.

“Wait a moment, I’m arguing with someone on the player forum.” Lin Lan’s fingers flew across the keyboard like flowers, tapping rapidly, “That guy you offered a reward of a hundred thousand to got torn apart by X’s fans!”

Chu Feng: ?

He clicked on the forum, and at the top hung a post with bold red text, strikingly alarming:

【Public Execution】@PlayingwithyarnYaoYao, Get Out!

The great god X worked hard to create strategies, not earning a penny, all shared freely with everyone. But you, you resold them to the krypton gold boss player for a profit of 100,000. Do you have a conscience?

We checked all your activity records, you joined our X fan group last month, took away all of X’s strategies from the group files for free, and in less than ten days, you left the group, saying you became a fan of A.

Fine. Then today you’re selling X’s strategies on the forum for a profit of a hundred thousand, and turning around to give it all as tips to your beloved A?


@PlayingwithyarnYaoYao, tipped @Regulator A 5200RMB:

AA Little Angel! I got lots of money today, so happy, haha!

@PlayingwithyarnYaoYao, tipped @Regulator A 13140RMB:

Today’s live broadcast of AA is so cute! Forever love you~ All my small change will be yours from now on!

Screenshot attached. @Regulator A, @AA Little Angel Global Fan Club, please take care of this. Coming into our group pretending to be an X fan to steal X’s strategies, then turning around to sell them on the forum to give tips to your beloved A? Just one question:

Are you shameless!!!

Post ID: DevotedX

krypton gold big boss status: 1.8 million RMB

2nd poster:

Here for the show.

3rd poster:

A krypton gold big boss with 1.8 million RMB… Are X fans this rich?

4th poster:

Oh my, selling another god’s strategies to give tips to your own? Are A fans beggars?

5th poster:

Same X fans, after reading the main post, I’m already furious. X has already deleted his account, please don’t exploit him! Don’t suck his blood!!

6th poster:

Feeling pity for A, broadcasting his face for so many years, yet his fans are still getting beaten up by X fans on the forum.

7th poster:

After all, playing games doesn’t depend on looks, being strong is all that matters.

8th poster:

X fans are as crazy as ever, always hanging up on people at the slightest provocation.

9th poster:

Although, this one should be hung up, why should someone else make money selling X’s strategies? No need to appraise, neither side is a fan, but X’s strategies are indeed powerful. How many people knelt to the fluid conjecture back then?

10th poster:

X can only boast about fluid conjecture.

11th poster:

Your family has no conjecture worth boasting about. All they have is: “Hello everyone, let’s double-click 666 during the broadcast and send a rocket~”

12th poster:

Hahaha, hahaha, hahaha, hahaha, hahaha, hahaha, hahaha, hahaha, hahaha, don’t bother, jumping around won’t help, X is awesome, yyds

@PlayingwithyarnYaoYao, quickly return the hundred thousand to the krypton gold big boss player! @Player CF4088

Chu Feng swiped his fingertip, the post was full of a lengthy online quarrel, all aimed at helping him recover the hundred thousand.

He didn’t care about the money, thanks to Xie Shiyu, he was left with several billion in assets, more than enough to spend.

As for this so-called great god X, he didn’t even recognize him.

But X’s fans were remarkably fierce. Soon, Chu Feng received several private messages from a user named PlayingwithyarnYaoYao:

[Sorry to bother the big boss! Can you tell me your card number? For some reason, I’ll return the hundred thousand to you!]

Soon, Chu Feng received the refund. Turning to Lin Lan, he asked, “Have you found a solution to the freezing?”

“Wait a moment, cousin. Give me 10 minutes, I consider myself half an X fan, let me finish this wave with them!”

Chu Feng: “…”

Lin Lan continued, “cousin, don’t worry. You don’t know, whenever X fans start a thread to hang someone, there’s always a big revelation at the end. Trust me, this is my years of experience in enjoying the show. Come and watch too, spending more time on the forum can solve many of your problems.”


Chu Feng refreshed a few times. After PlayingwithyarnYaoYao refunded the money, they quickly led a wave of A fans to attack in the comments:

[I’m YaoYao’s close friend. She’s been taken away by her family and can’t come online now. I didn’t expect a voluntary reward like this to be turned into such a situation by you X fans. She suffers from depression in real life, and offending the fans of the opening god is something she really can’t afford. Please don’t stimulate her!]

[So we A fans returned the money, will you X fans apologize for hanging people?]


520th poster ID: AA Little Angel I Love You

The X fans above are really disgusting, saying people are selling their faces. Sorry, but our A angel is just naturally beautiful. Do you X fans have any face? Talking about being low-key and not showing faces, but in fact, you’re just ugly.

Liking an ugly b*stard and causing trouble, serves you right for deleting your account!

Lin Lan: “Wow! This X fan can’t take it anymore!”

Before he finished typing, the post was bumped up to the 578th poster:

ID: EternalXGod

Reply to the 520th poster:

I really didn’t want to come and post in this quarrelsome thread, but you forced me to.

Back when nobody paid any attention to him, I invited him to play in my Dream City. X is really nice, he even helped me redesign the roads. I thought his look was really cool at the time, so I took a picture:

[X God.jpg]

“D*mn!!!” Lin Lan exclaimed, “A photo was actually leaked out!! I knew there had to be some big revelation with X fans hanging people!”

He immediately clicked on the picture. The photo was in its original size, a whopping 6.8 MB. Lin Lan excitedly waited…

When it reached 100% loaded, Lin Lan froze in place.

In the photo, under the shade of Dream City’s street trees, stood a man:

Dressed in iron-gray cloak, his entire body wrapped in bandages, only revealing one eye, like amber.

“Oh! My! God—!! Cousin! Cousin!!”

Lin Lan handed the phone over, trembling: “Look, look, look! Isn’t this the regulator from just now? Wait! No wonder they said X was recruited by the game’s higher-ups, he became a senior regulator! D*mn! I actually saw X the Great god with my own eyes! I…”

“Stay calm.”

Chu Feng calmly took the phone: “It’s him, indeed.”

They say regulators are numbered alphabetically, it seems the one who came just now was Regulator X.

“Damn, no wonder he’s so bad*ss at defusing bombs! Truly worthy of being X the Great God! Forever a deity!” Lin Lan was excitedly at a loss for words.

As soon as that photo was posted, the forum exploded. Chu Feng scrolled down to the replies below the photo:

580th poster:

Oh my god, oh my god, what did I just stumble upon!

581st poster:

X’s style is so cool! I can die happy with this look.

582nd poster:

Zooming in on X’s eyes in the photo.

Oh no, why are his lower eyelashes so long even though he’s a man, awsl


583rd poster:

So beautiful, those eyes are so beautiful! I’m crying! X fans hanging people always come with big revelations, they never deceive me! I never thought they would directly expose a photo this time.

584th poster:

Is nobody comparing him to the trees next to him? How is X so tall? He must be at least six feet five inches! This shorty admires him so much!

With a stroke of luck, Chu Feng saved that close-up of X’s eye and then closed his phone, urging Lin Lan:

“Is there a way to get in touch with this X?”

“This…” Lin Lan found it tricky, “X is super low-key. He used to come to the forums just to share strategies. Even if there were any traces, they probably wouldn’t be found now since his account has been deleted. Wait a minute! That A!”

Regulator A is the publicity ambassador of the regulator center, whose main task is to get closer to the players. Because he’s good-looking and has a sweet smile, he often livestreams to advertise and is very popular.

Lin Lan: “I remember he follows 25 accounts on Weibo!”

According to the 26 letters, one of them must be Regulator X!

Chu Feng: “Find it.”

2 hours later.

Lin Lan finally screened out three suspects.

Senior regulators are coded by letters, among which A, B, and Z have shown their faces publicly, while C, D, and E have verified accounts on Weibo. The information of the remaining regulators is all confidential, and they don’t use letters as their Weibo names, making it difficult to recognize. Lin Lan could only open each homepage to screen through and infer their Weibo posting style based on X’s previous strategy posts. Finally, he screened out those three.

“Cousin, take a look at these. I’ll keep searching.”

Lin Lan searched the Weibo IDs of those three people one by one to see if anyone had tagged him, and tried to find specific information through their relationships, locations, etc.

“I found it!! cousin.”

Last year, Regulator D’s Weibo mentioned @UnsolvableEquations:

Look, how do you defuse this bomb?

@UnsolvableEquations, replied: Via WeChat.

Regulator D: You blocked me on WeChat!!

UnsolvableEquations: Sorry, I changed numbers, add this one. [+VQR code.jpg]

Lin Lan proudly waved his phone: “Cousin, I did it!”

Although the QR code had long expired, the WeChat ID was still searchable! Chu Feng opened WeChat – Add Friend…

“Wait, cousin, are you really going to add him like this?”

“What else?”

“It’s just that you were so arrogant in the game, blowing people up into the sky, and now you’re eagerly adding someone on WeChat, asking them to sign for you…”

Chu Feng patted Lin Lan’s shoulder: “You’ve graduated from university too. When you step into society, you’ll learn to bend and flex.”

WeChat ID search – Add Friend, Regulator X’s profile picture was clear and distinct, a black X letter on a white background.

Chu Feng sent a verification message:

Hello! I’m the player you saved in the game, I really want to thank you! Without you, I really don’t know how I would have survived (crying face emoji).

Lin Lan: …This is really something, is this what society is like?



X’s phone vibrated.

A red “1” suddenly appeared in his WeChat contacts.

He clicked on it, New Friend:

WeChat ID: CF4088, profile picture is a large black cat plush toy.

Verification message: …I really don’t know how to live without you.

X raised an eyebrow.

He didn’t immediately accept the verification, instead, he searched for the phone number of the little beauty he had memorized before in WeChat.

The WeChat avatar that came up from the search was exactly the same as the one adding him, both were a large black cat plush toy.

X clicked and accepted the verification.


Lin Lan: “D*mn! Instant reply! He’s actually online?!”

Chu Feng: “Do you have any cute emoji? Send some over.”

“…” Lin Lan sent over several cute kitten images, “Cousin, what are you planning to do?”

“There’s a saying, ‘Don’t hit a kitten.'”

Chu Feng picked out the cutest one and forwarded it to Regulator X.

“D*mn! cousin, you’re really bold! If I were X and kind enough to save someone in the game, and that person not only doesn’t appreciate it but also blows me up. Then, after the game, that person comes over to add me on WeChat, casually sending me cute kitten images as if nothing happened. I’d definitely curse them out for three thousand words! Then block them fiercely! Look… look! He’s typing!”

Chu Feng also felt that the other side was about to spout profanities. What he did was indeed annoying. Chu Feng closed his phone, deciding to check again later, and prepare a few more apology kitten images. If he sent them multiple times, the other side wouldn’t be able to curse him out.

5 minutes later.

Chu Feng reopened his phone, and there was only one unread WeChat notification on the screen.

He clicked on it:

“You little liar.”

— X

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