The Entire City Is My Husband Chapter 6

Chapter 6 Little Xie Illustrated Handbook

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Tap tap tap,

Chu Feng typed on the keyboard with one hand, replying on WeChat.

Lin Lan leaned over, staring at Chu Feng’s phone screen.

Chu Feng: “What are you doing?”

“Cousin,” Lin Lan pointed to the WeChat chat box, “can you take a screenshot?”


After a while, Lin Lan opened the player forum and cheekily posted a thread:

“Oh my god! My cousin actually added X God on WeChat~”

God is so indulgent~

[Chat screenshot.jpg]

Post ID: Mountain Yellow Wind

krypton gold big boss membership: $54


After posting, Lin Lan calmly turned off the phone, but before he could put the phone back in his pocket:

Ding ding ding—

A row of notifications popped up on the phone lock screen, XXX replied to your post…

Lin Lan didn’t manage to see what the replies said, as the multitude of messages immediately turned into:

“Your post has received 542 new replies.”

This number, this speed, it had undoubtedly soared to the top of the forum!

Lin Lan paused for a moment, resisting the urge to check, calmly turned off the phone, pocketed it, feeling secretly pleased, experiencing the feeling of a post going viral.


The frozen figure of Xie Shiyu suddenly emitted a sound, and a crack appeared on the surface of the ice, flashing a blue light.

“Cousin, did X God sign?”

Chu Feng grunted in affirmation, holding his phone with one hand.

“Ah, God is really good! He doesn’t even scold you even after you blew him up like that,” Lin Lan sighed, “Wait! cousin, what are you still doing on your phone? You’re not… thinking of deleting him, are you?”

“If not deleting, then am I keeping it for the New Year?”

“Wait wait wait!!” Lin Lan immediately stopped him from clicking “Delete Friend”:

“Cousin, you know, in the society, having one more friend is like having one more path. It’s okay to keep him in your WeChat contacts, right? You can just block his moments at worst, but please don’t delete him!”

— My viral post is still waiting for follow-ups.


Chu Feng wasn’t used to adding strangers on WeChat, nor did he enjoy chatting with unfamiliar people. He opened X’s profile and set it: don’t see his moments, don’t let him see yours, friend permissions: chat only.

By the way, check: Do Not Disturb for Messages.

Note: Pending deletion.

Lin Lan: “…”

Cousin, do you know how many people dream of even saying a word to X God?!

Crack, crack…

The fractured ice patterns shimmered in the summer sunlight. The ice on Xie Shiyu and others broke even more.

“Thawing will take half an hour.”

Chu Feng said, sitting on the bus and looking around. The window shattered, and a hole with a diameter of one meter and nine centimeters was blasted on the right side.

“This bus is unusable, we need to get a new one.”

[System Store Reminder: Successful top-up! A brand new bus has arrived by your side.]

Chu Feng patted Lin Lan on the shoulder. “Let’s go, you drive.”

The gentle breeze blew, and Chu Feng sat on the new bus, leaning against the window, while the thawing ice sculptures of Xie Shiyu leaned against the other seats.

The willow branches by the river were a goose-yellow-green color. Chu Feng looked through the window and saw several Xie Shiyu jogging in the park, tiny in the distance,


Chu Feng lowered his head, no longer looking. He opened his phone and clicked on the system spirit. A large screen appeared in the air in front of him.

[Game Backpack – Used Eviction Cannon – Discard]

Ping-pong—The sound of coins falling:

[Sold to the recycling bin, congratulations to the player for obtaining 1158 RMB]

“Oh my god! This thing can still sell for a four-figure sum after being used?” Lin Lan’s eyes lit up when he heard the sound of the coins. He stared at the rearview mirror.

“Hey! cousin! The fishing rod! Don’t forget, the fishing rod can also be sold.”

Most functional items in Dream City game were disposable. If not dealt with in time, they would occupy space in the game backpack.

“I’m not selling the fishing rod.” Chu Feng opened another collection backpack—

Lin Lan exclaimed! In his cousin’s collection backpack were various good-looking used props, neatly categorized. It was pleasing to the eye at first glance.

Chu Feng clicked on the [Fishing Rod] category:

Night Black, Sakura Pink, Haze Blue, Christmas Limited Edition… Dozens of cute little fishing rods were arranged in the backpack panel. Chu Feng picked up the mint green fishing rod he had just used and dragged it in.

Lin Lan was shocked to see dozens of fishing rods… If he remembered correctly, one fishing rod in the system store was priced at: 8899 RMB.

Lin Lan exclaimed, “Cousin… I didn’t know you had a collecting addiction.”

“Only collect the good-looking ones.”

Chu Feng admired his collection of fishing rods for a while and took a screenshot as usual.

In the phone, the white system spirit read the word “collecting addiction” and thoughtfully widened its eyes, looking at Chu Feng, with its fluffy hair standing up, as if it had come up with a good idea.


Chu Feng had just closed the collection backpack screen when the system spirit squeaked on the phone:

“Dear krypton gold big boss player, hello! Due to the numerous characters in your Dream City, for your convenience, the system recommends you to use the [Little Xie Guide].

“After calculation, the probability of each Xie Shiyu in your city encountering danger is 10%. After successfully rescuing them, the probability of your Xie Shiyu encountering danger again will decrease to 1%, greatly reducing it.”

“Therefore, every time you rescue another Xie Shiyu, the [Little Xie Guide] will light up another Xie Shiyu for you, making it easier for you to distinguish between them. At the same time, you can check the mood and status of all the little Xies in the city through the guide, which is really very convenient!

“Today is a limited-time offer, don’t miss it! Download the guide now!”

Chu Feng glanced at the introduction of the guide function and found it quite useful.

The system spirit urged again: “Quick, download it now~”

Chu Feng looked at it trying hard to be cute on the screen and smiled. “This guide is indeed quite useful. Finally, you recommended something useful.”

The system spirit secretly rejoiced, urging him to download it quickly!

—When downloading the guide, the game system will default to [Quick Installation]. One of the terms of quick installation states: For better management of your Dream City, character management rights will be defaulted to the system, and the realism of the characters will decrease by 10%. Please be aware.

And 99.9% of players won’t bother to read the installation terms, let alone change the default settings.

The system spirit looked at Chu Feng expectantly with its dark eyes.

Chu Feng’s slender fingers reached out, getting closer to the [Download] button, little by little.

—Just click it, hurry up and click it! The system spirit screamed in its heart, unable to contain its excitement. As long as Chu Feng clicked it, it would be the owner of this Dream City, with all characters under its control, and Chu Feng would have no right to interfere!


“You think I would just click it like this?” Chu Feng suddenly said.

System spirit: ?!

Chu Feng smiled faintly, his fingertip moving upward, bypassing the [Download] button, and clicking on the three dots in the upper right corner···

[Settings] – [Advanced Settings] – Check: Always ask for installation method before downloading.

Soon, a popup appeared on the screen:

[Quick Installation] or [Custom Installation]

Ignoring the highly recommended [Quick Installation], Chu Feng clicked [Custom Installation].

System: ?!!!

“Are you sure you want to customize the installation? Quick installation is really very convenient~”

The white system spirit danced coquettishly on the screen, blinking its big eyes and constantly sending electric signals to Chu Feng:

“Little big brother, I can help you manage so many characters better~”

Chu Feng raised an eyebrow: Do you want to manage my husband?

System: …

Chu Feng used his fingertip to pin down the system spirit and clicked: “Force fixed, not allowed to move.”

Then he turned off his phone and ignored it.

The system spirit trembled with anger, trapped in the dark corner of the screen, dare not make a sound, unable to move even a little.

It silently updated its diary in the background:

Owner: Chu Feng

Status: Widow

Remarks: Not to be provoked.

After a while, a notification popped up on the lock screen:

[Little Xie Guide] installation 100%, download successful!

A book appeared on Chu Feng’s phone desktop, resembling a magic book in shape and sheepskin parchment in color. Upon opening it, various silhouettes of Xie Shiyu were displayed inside.


[18-year-old School Bully Xie Shiyu]

[19-year-old Repeater Xie Shiyu]

[26-year-old Driver Xie Shiyu]

All lit up!

Chu Feng clicked on the illuminated little Xie:

Mood: 55

Status: Unhappy

Probability of encountering danger: Reduced to 1%

[Thawing progress 85%]

The guide was exquisitely crafted, and the collected little Xies looked very nice. Collector Chu Feng was very satisfied.

He went to the settings again to confirm: Xie Shiyu’s realism: 100%, below was a series of red warnings:

[Please note, setting to 100% will result in the system unable to manage, interfere with, or modify any of your characters. Players are responsible for any events that may occur in Dream City]

Chu Feng exited the settings with peace of mind and returned to the [Little Xie Guide], clicking on other Xie Shiyus that hadn’t lit up yet, all of which had a 10% chance of encountering danger.

Soon, he clicked on the Xie Shiyu who crashed his car while fishing:

Mood: 15 [Expand Details]

(Original mood 90, Fishing rod -50, Crash of newly bought Lamborghini -25)

Status: Quite unhappy, urgently in need of reassurance

Chu Feng quickly glanced back:

Fortunately. That Xie Shiyu didn’t come up to find him.

—-Comfort him tonight.

Lin Lan drove the new bus back along the same route:

“Cousin, we’ll encounter the big gap on the way back…”

Chu Feng pointed the way: “Don’t go there. Turn left and there’s a small road that leads back to the east side.”


Lin Lan turned the steering wheel and glanced out of the corner of his eye, seeing the abandoned bomb on the road.

The disarmed bomb was powerless, lying on the side of the road like an abandoned doll.

“Cousin, why a bomb?” Lin Lan felt something was wrong with the whole thing. “Cousin Xie died in an accident, which could be called an accident if the bus had an accident or something, but this bomb…”

—-It looks deliberate.

And in Chu Feng’s Dream City, there were only Xie Shiyus.

Lin Lan suddenly realized what he had just said and quickly said, “I’m not suspecting Cousin Xie, I just…”

“You’re right to be suspicious.”

Chu Feng had already figured this out: “The bomb was activated after the [Second High School] station.”

Lin Lan recalled that it was true. He was on a bus at the [Second High School] station, and many Xie Shiyus got off there.

Some student Xie Shiyus stayed on the bus, and the next stop was the [East Gate of Second High School], where they were expected to get off.

As soon as the bus passed the [Second High School] station, the bomb started its countdown. If it had stopped at the [East Gate of Second High School] as usual, it would have exploded immediately. If it hadn’t been for Chu Feng’s intervention, those Xie Shiyus would have been blown up.

Lin Lan suddenly reacted, “Cousin, which station were you originally getting off at?”

“Second High School,” Chu Feng said.

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