The Entire City Is My Husband Chapter 7

Chapter 7 Comfort

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“That means…” 

Lin Lan swallowed nervously. “Cousin, the bomb only activated after you got off at Second High School. So originally, it was impossible for you to be blown up, right?”


—-Then this must be Older Brother Xie’s doing! Lin Lan was in turmoil.

“Could it be… a crime of passion?” 

Because of jealousy, Xie Shiyu set off the bomb after Chu Feng got off at the Second High School station, killing the remaining Xie Shiyus!

Chu Feng shook his head. “If it were jealousy, he could have just planted the bomb at school. It would have killed more people.”

“That… makes sense…” Lin Lan said.

“Moreover,” Chu Feng looked out the window and said lightly, “if he really wanted to kill, he would have killed everyone in the city. Killing just a few on a bus isn’t his style.”

Lin Lan shivered. His cousin could say “kill them all” so calmly: “Ha… Ha… Big Brother Xie couldn’t be that scary…”

Chu Feng smiled and said nothing more.

Based on his understanding of Xie Shiyu, once that guy had murderous intentions, he would go all the way. Similarly, other Xie Shiyus would also have murderous intentions and would go all the way, leading to chaos in the entire city.

—-But his city was very harmonious.

Although the little Xies didn’t get along, they wouldn’t really come to blows, let alone kill each other.

—-Living in a city where everyone was their own, and everyone’s strength was similar, mutual destruction would result in total destruction. Getting along well was the way to go.

Chu Feng didn’t think Xie Shiyu, who was so smart, would do something stupid like blowing himself up.

—-So what was the purpose of the bombing?

Chu Feng squinted, looking through the car window at the abandoned bus gradually moving away.


In the early morning of summer, the pale golden light fell on the road. In the abandoned bus, shattered glass from the windows laid on the poster, reflecting the sunlight.

A newly hatched mosquito emerged from a crack in the poster.

With black and white patterns on its legs and a bit of red on its abdomen, it spread its transparent wings and flew out through the window…

It was impossible for the human eye to see such a tiny mosquito from such a distance.

But the system’s camera saw it:

Detected: Red-bellied Mosquito-

Rare mutant species-

Carrying >13000 types of bacteria, >34000 types of viruses-

After being bitten…

The condition is unknown, and there are no known cases of cure.

[Highly likely to cause harm to characters]

[Level of harm: Fatal]


The tiny red-bellied mosquito flapped its wings in the wind, buzzing, flying towards the nursery in the west of the city…

At this moment, Chu Feng sat on the new bus, heading towards the east of the city.

[Since character management rights belong entirely to the player, the system is not obliged to protect the characters]

[No notification will be sent]


In an instant, all information about the red-bellied mosquito was erased from the system backend.

The white system spirit, cute and adorable, laid on Chu Feng’s phone screen, with big eyes wide open.


Clang, clang…

The new bus gradually returned to the Second High School station.

On both sides of the road, the green crown leaves leaked the summer light. Patchy tree shadows opened and closed on the car windows, fleeting like children running down, unable to catch their shadows.


The last piece of ice flashed a glimmer of ice-blue light and shattered into ice crumbs falling to the ground. The 26-year-old driver, Xie Shiyu, was the first to thaw out. Lin Lan quickly got up to give up the driver’s seat, sitting next to Chu Feng.

“Ah, I’m exhausted. Finally, I don’t have to drive anymore.”

The familiar bus announcement sounded again: “[Second High School], we’re about to arrive. Passengers who need to get off, please exit from the back door.”

Chu Feng patted Lin Lan on the shoulder. “Let’s go, it’s our stop. I’ll see you off.”

“Huh? What about the remaining Older Brother Xies’?”

The 18-year-old and 19-year-old Xie Shiyus still had ice hanging on them, and they would soon thaw out.

“They’ll go to class after they thaw out… I guess.”

—-That “I guess” was quite intuitive.

Lin Lan sat in his seat, watching the bus pull into the station. He got on at [Second High School], and two hundred meters ahead was the gate of Chu Feng’s Dream City. From there, he could go back.


The back door opened.

Lin Lan and Chu Feng stood up and walked towards the back.

Just as they took a few steps:

“Wait, did you swipe your card?”

The driver Xie’s voice came from the front.

Lin Lan justified himself, “I already paid with coins earlier!”

“I wasn’t asking you.” Xie Shiyu gave him a disdainful look, his gaze indicating Chu Feng.

Chu Feng stood still, sighing softly. Lin Lan felt… as if his cousin had a sense of resignation.

Chu Feng turned around and walked back to the front, reaching the card reader at the front. He took out his card and swiped it—beep.

[Your transit card has insufficient balance.]

Xie Shiyu looked up at him. “Seriously, you didn’t even top up?”

“I’ll… use coins.”

“If I hadn’t caught you, were you planning to fare evade?” Xie Shiyu solemnly tapped the notice next to the card reader: Evaders will be fined one hundred yuan.

Lin Lan also came over to support Chu Feng. He didn’t understand why Older Brother Xie was so nitpicky with his cousin:

“It’s just a hundred bucks, Cousin, just give it to him, and let’s go.”

Chu Feng, who spent hundreds of thousands in the game, said:

“I don’t have money.”

He reached out, seemingly inadvertently touching the iron bar of the card reader. His slender fingers almost touched Xie Shiyu’s hand on the card reader. Chu Feng’s voice softened:

“Shifu, can I use something else to pay?”

Xie Shiyu’s gaze roamed between Chu Feng’s slender waist, his amber-like eyes shining in the sunlight. He smiled:

“Sir, what would you like to use as payment?”

—-Lin Lan, who was standing behind them, was stunned.

Is this what married people do!

Older Brother Xie’s cold gaze swept over, almost writing on his face: Why aren’t you leaving yet?

Lin Lan dashed to the back door. “Cousin! I’m getting off the bus!!”

Chu Feng: “Bye~”


Click, click, two sounds.

Thawing complete.

When the 18-year-old school bully Xie Shiyu and the 19-year-old repeating student Xie Shiyu opened their eyes, they saw Chu Feng pinned by the iron bar of the card reader.

The hem of his white shirt was lifted and stuffed into his mouth.


The school bully Xie immediately dropped the clown mask and rushed over to grab Chu Feng’s ankle, muttering, “The old man moves fast.”

The 26-year-old Xie Shiyu was busy kissing Chu Feng’s chin and couldn’t be bothered with the annoying brat.

Chu Feng pushed the bully away. “Go… to class.”

“What’s there to go to class for?” The 18-year-old Xie Shiyu pressed down on his leg. “You said you’re not into teacher-student play anymore.”

“Yeah, where have you seen a kidnapper halfway through tying up a hostage suddenly let them go and go to school themselves?” The 19-year-old Xie Shiyu casually threw away the clown mask and came over to hug Chu Feng’s shoulder.

The 26-year-old Xie Shiyu held him tightly around the waist.

The three little Xies’ looked at Chu Feng with ill intentions.

Chu Feng lowered his head, afraid to meet Xie Shiyu’s gaze. Now he was a pitiful hostage, caught by evil kidnappers, with no money to pay ransom.

“What do you want to do? Hm?”

The evil kidnapper asked him.

A warm summer breeze blew in through the window, causing Chu Feng’s cheeks to blush.

“Tu… Turn-based, okay?”


The traffic was bustling.

The phoenix trees on both sides of the road swayed their leaves in the wind. A brand-new bus stopped near the station but did not move.

Passing cars rolled down their windows, curious to see what was happening on the bus.

They seemed to have spotted something interesting and stopped to watch, taking out their phones to record.

Traffic quickly paralyzed, causing a traffic jam.

Inside the bus.

The pitiful hostage pleaded with the kidnappers, “At least… can we change places? A hotel or… go home, this is… downtown!”

The windows were wide open, even the sunshades were lifted. Xie Shiyu pressed Chu Feng against the window seat.

“What’s the difference? Who in this city hasn’t seen you like this?” 

Chu Feng was too embarrassed to speak. He hugged the 26-year-old Xie Shiyu tightly, burying himself in his chest, covering his face.

The bare back was smooth under the sunlight.

Click, click, they were captured by the onlooker little Xies’ outside the window again.

—Tomorrow, this video will spread everywhere, and every Xie Shiyu will see it.

The crumpled white shirt was stepped on by the school bully Xie Shiyu. Chu Feng curled up in embarrassment, feeling an intimate sense of “it’s okay” under extreme shame. His city was full of Xie Shiyus, married for seven years, known for twenty years, and there was nothing about him that Xie Shiyu hadn’t seen.

Knock, knock, knock.

The window glass was tapped three times.

The 20-year-old Xie Shiyu was driving a driving school car, rolled down the window, and somehow produced a drying pole from somewhere, poking the window with it, grinning:

“Can I join?”

“Get lost.”

The 19-year-old Xie Shiyu slammed the window shut! He hated the 20-year-old Xie Shiyu the most. He had struggled for a whole year to get into the prestigious university where Chu Feng was, only to finally succeed.

And then the 20-year-old Xie Shiyu happily registered marriage with Chu Feng!

“Go… go somewhere with no one.” Chu Feng took the opportunity to grab the sleeve of the 19-year-old Xie Shiyu, pleading with him.

The three Xie Shiyus exchanged a glance, reaching a consensus.

They didn’t want any other unexpected Xie to come and join in on their share of Chu.

The driver Xie stood up to drive.

The bus headed towards the deserted suburbs.

Along the road, shadows of trees crept up the window, the buildings on both sides gradually flattened, the honking and the sound of wheels became less and less, the hustle and bustle of the city gradually faded away, and the tranquility of the outskirts was as serene as the cicadas chirping in the distant summer dusk.

Suddenly, weng—!

Chu Feng suddenly heard a familiar sound, the friction of the wheels rubbing against the asphalt road, which raised adrenaline levels. Any man who knew cars could tell at a glance that this was definitely a top-class sports car.


The CEO Xie, who had previously been baited into crashing his car, somehow got another Lamborghini and chased after them!

The CEO Xie cursed, and the bus accelerated.

—No matter how fast it accelerated, it was still just an ordinary bus.

While the other party was a Lamborghini.


The front of the Lamborghini sports car slammed into the rear of the bus, crash!! The rear window glass shattered, and the bus was forced to stop immediately.

The CEO stepped out of the Lamborghini, looking terrifyingly fierce. He didn’t even glance at the wrecked Lamborghini worth millions, but instead went straight to the front and kicked in the bus door, stepping in—

At first glance, he saw Chu Feng naked, with several Xie Shiyus beside him.

Mood immediately -10

[Reminder from Little Xie Illustrated Handbook: The mood value of this little Xie has dropped to 5. Please provide comfort immediately!]

Chu Feng: …

With a mood of only 5 left, the CEO Xie didn’t have time to talk nonsense. He walked towards Chu Feng, his imposing height of 1.92 meters enveloping Chu Feng like a shadow.

The CEO Xie grabbed Chu Feng’s wrist with one hand, tying it to the bus handrail.

Chu Feng lowered his head, not daring to resist, and his lowered gaze prevented him from seeing the CEO Xie’s expression, but he saw the CEO Xie’s other hand unfastening his belt—

“Who allowed you to go first?”

The school bully Xie Shiyu suddenly stopped the CEO Xie, arrogantly saying, “Old man needs to learn to give way. I’m the smallest, so I go first.”

The CEO Xie glanced disdainfully at his 18-year-old self, and chuckled, “Yeah, you’re the smallest.”


The 26-year-old Xie Shiyu didn’t want to get involved in this boring squabble over age. With a mature demeanor, he lifted Chu Feng’s face:

“Let him choose for himself, who goes first?”

All four Xie Shiyus looked at Chu Feng simultaneously.

One with a mood value of 5, the other three with a mood value of 55.

Chu Feng turned his face away, his wrists tied up, he could only try to straighten his body, leaning forward, leaning against the CEO’s chest, burying his face—

“…You go first.”

The mood value of the other three Xie Shiyus plummeted by -10!

The cicadas in the midsummer forest dragged out their chirps, one after another. This one stopped, and that one started again, round after round, singing the summer without ever stopping.

Chu Feng was enveloped in familiar warmth, touched by familiar hands, with every breath, he could smell the scent of Xie Shiyu, hundreds of times better than the cold shirts in reality, which had a scent so faint it lacked any trace of human presence.

The kiss spread from the lips downward, surrounded by embraces in front and behind. Chu Feng slowly closed his eyes, immersed in the midsummer dream.

A person is an entire city.

His city is full of loved ones.


As the sun sets in the west, the bus window let in the slanting rays, casting an orange-red glow over the suburban woods.


[Little Xie Illustrated Handbook] has been updated:

[18-year-old school bully Xie Shiyu]

[19-year-old repeating student Xie Shiyu]

[26-year-old driving Xie Shiyu]

[CEO Xie Shiyu, whose Lamborghini was crashed]

Mood: 100

Status: Refreshed

As night falls, the busy day finally comes to an end.

The system spirit secretly updates its diary in the background:

Owner: Chu Feng

Mood: 100

Status: Body as white as snow.

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