The Whole Cultivation World Wants To Revive The Venerable Chapter 18 Part 3

Chapter 18 Part 3

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“Daoist friend, what’s wrong with you? Li Fenglan’s acting skills were good, and his tone was very anxious.

The young man sitting on the bed gritted his teeth and shook his head, saying: “It’s nothing… Maybe the wound is open.” “

Pu Shi San is a unique elixir in the cultivation world. Demon races like Duan Qianli don’t know the existence of this kind of thing, and he never thought that all of this was caused by Li Fenglan.

“The wound is open?” Li Fenglan pretended to be anxious and said, “Why don’t I take fellow Daoist to the medical hall?” “

“No need! Cough cough… I’ll just have a rest.” Duan Qianli immediately refused.

Although he was able to perfectly hide his identity as a descendant of the demon god, he was still unwilling to take risks with severe injuries.

Li Fenglan nodded with a smile and said: “Okay, fellow daoist, you can rest here. “

After saying that, Li Fenglan picked up Cheng Huang, who was watching the excitement, and was about to turn around and go out.

However, at this moment, Li Fenglan suddenly heard footsteps. When he turned around, he saw that his master was pushing the door open and coming towards him. 

It’s over—with Ling Buyan’s endless experience, he will definitely see the problems in Duan Qianli at a glance.

If he was exposed, will it arouse the other party’s suspicion?

Li Fenglan quickly turned around and greeted the person who came. He then stood there nervously and asked, “Master, why are you here suddenly? 

Duan Qianli was obviously nervous when he saw Ling Buyan.

Obviously he had heard rumors about this man, and he was a little afraid of Ling Buyan.

“Immortal Ling.” Duan Qianli endured the pain and greeted the person who came.

Ling Buyan smiled at the two of them. He didn’t speak, but put his hand on Duan Qianli’s wrist.

The air in the room froze.

For a while, it was hard to say who was more guilty between Li Fenglan and Duan Qianli.

Li Fenglan carefully looked at his master.

In less than a stick of incense, Ling Buyan withdrew his hand.

Only at this time did Li Fenglan realize that the smile on his master’s face had disappeared at some point.

… There was no need to guess, Ling Buyan had definitely discovered that he had added ingredients to Duan Qianli’s medicine.

Is it because of this that he stopped smiling?

Or, did Ling Buyan discover Duan Qianli’s identity?

“Master?” Li Fenglan finally plucked up the courage to call Ling Buyan, and the man stretched out his hand and patted him on the shoulder lightly, “En.”

Duan Qianli pursed his lips and looked at Ling Buyan, because he was too nervous, even his physical pain had been forgotten.

“You were seriously injured.” Ling Buyan said suddenly.

“I—” Before Duan Qianli finished speaking, Ling Buyan interrupted him again, “You are seriously injured, if you don’t take the elixir given to you by Fenglan on time every day, you may die soon “

“Eh?” Take the pill on time every day? But what I gave Duan Qianli was just an ordinary wound medicine that couldn’t be more ordinary…

Even with the terrifying physique of a demon cultivator in the immortalization stage, he can recover even without taking medicine, it is definitely not “you may die soon”.

Wait, Li Fenglan was sure that Ling Buyan had definitely discovered the existence of Pu Shi San.

So what does he mean by saying these words now?

“There are several herbs in the bowl of elixir just now, which can speed up wound healing, but at the same time, your wound may feel painful, which can be regarded as a kind of rejection.” Ling Buyan continued to say seriously.

Hearing this, Li Fenglan was sure that Ling Buyan was definitely lying with his eyes open.

What was in the bowl of medicine just now, he knew better than anyone else.

Duan Qianli obviously didn’t expect that Ling Buyan would deceive people with such a serious tone, let alone Immortal Ling, who was well-known in the cultivation world, would actually deceive people.

He was obviously intimidated by the words “may die soon”.

Until Ling Buyan’s voice fell, Duan Qianli didn’t dare to take a breath.

“Okay…” After a long while, Duan Qianli finally nodded and said, “I thank Immortal Ling for the reminder to take the medicine on time.”

Through a veiled hat, Li Fenglan was holding back his laughter almost to the limit.

Help! He should have known a long time ago that Ling Buyan was definitely not a serious master!

His spiritual consciousness enveloped Miguang Mountain, and every plant and tree here, as well as every move of the people on the mountain, were all under Ling Buyan’s nose.

Therefore, Ling Buyan probably realized early on that Duan Qianli wanted to use Cheng Huang’s behavior to blackmail him, so he came to avenge himself.

This demon lord, who played well with his little calculations, finally met his opponent.

Now that Ling Buyan had said so, in the next few days, Duan Qianli must knock out his teeth and swallow the medicine in his stomach. No matter how bitter the medicine was, Duan Qianli will drink it well…

He had to say, its really good to have a master.

At the moment when he turned to go out, Ling Buyan smiled and winked at his disciple from an angle that Duan Qianli couldn’t see, and almost gave him a high five.

Li Fenglan was stunned for a moment, then finally couldn’t help laugh.

“Master, depart safely!” 

Li Fenglan originally thought that after the complicated events of the recent period came to an end, he could return to his former life as a salted fish.

Unexpectedly, not long after the peaceful days, Miguang Mountain ushered in a few rare guests.

It was the people sent by Lin Chaochen – they politely did not allow refusal and took Li Fenglan to Yanyi Mountain, saying that Immortal Lin wanted to thank him in person.

After being forcibly taken to Yanyi Mountain, Li Fenglan finally came to his senses:

The day he met Lin Chaochen for the first time in his life, Lin Chaochen not only did not kill himself, but even brought himself to Yanyi Mountain, it was not because he was really like what the readers of “Tianmian Daosheng” said of him being “kind-hearted”.

It was because Lin Chaochen had other purposes…

This time Li Fenglan was taken directly to the main hall of Yanyi Mountain, and the group of disciples disappeared from here after making tea for him.

Obviously, he had been to this place countless times, but this time sitting here, Li Fenglan’s heart kept beating.

——He would rather stay in Miguang Mountain and be annoyed by Duan Qianli than come here to see this unlucky Junior Brother.

However, Li Fenglan had already arrived at Yanyi Mountain at this time, so he couldn’t avoid what he should encounter.

Just when the cup of tea was about to get cold, Li Fenglan heard someone walking towards where he was.

He turned around and saw Lin Chaochen, who was pale wearing a white gown, appearing at the door of the tea room.

Lin Chaochen’s facial features were the same as they were back then, his eyes calm and gentle. He looked neither sad nor happy.

This was the first time that Li Fenglan looked at his Junior Brother so seriously after his rebirth. At first glance, the other party seemed to be no different from before.

Lin Chaochen’s wounds hadn’t healed yet. At this time, he was not wearing an attire that was convenient for using a sword, but a white robe. Under the robe, the bandages that had not been removed could still be vaguely seen.

It was rare for Li Fenglan to see Lin Chaochen suffer such a severe injury. If it was in the previous life, he would definitely be worried about his Junior Brother.

But now seeing Lin Chaochen nodding to himself with a smile like this, and thinking about what the other party did and said a few days ago in snowy Meizhou, Li Fenglan just felt goosebumps all over.

…Lin Chaochen was too good at pretending!

“Immortal Lin.” He quickly stood up and saluted Lin Chaochen.

“Sit down quickly.” Lin Chaochen stepped forward quickly, nodded to Li Fenglan, and then sat across the tea table, “Don’t be so polite to me.”


Li Fenglan couldn’t understand why Lin Chaochen asked him to come here, So after sitting down, he didn’t say a word, just waited for the other party to speak first.

But Lin Chaochen didn’t say a word, he smiled at Li Fenglan, and sat there drinking tea, looking not in a hurry.

And looking at the familiar yet unfamiliar man in front of him, Li Fenglan had never realized so clearly like this moment—in the past thousand years, Lin Chaochen had really changed a lot. 

After a long while, Lin Chaochen finally put down the tea in his hand and said, “Last time I was injured while chasing the Demon Clan. I was seriously injured and fell off my spirit sword as soon as I arrived in the sect’s barrier. I wonder if it disturbed you?”

You were injured when you were chasing the demon clan?

Even though he had heard such an explanation once, Li Fenglan still sneered in his heart. Lin Chaochen was really good at making up nonsense in front of his face.

However, he quickly shook his head and said, “Of course not.”

“That’s good,” Lin Chaochen poured another cup of tea for Li Fenglan and said, “But I should apologize for bothering you late at night.”

Looking at the cup in Lin Chaochen’s hand, Li Fenglan’s intuition was wrong. But now that he was in the other party’s territory, he had to drink this cup of tea even if he didn’t want to.

But the moment Li Fenglan took the tea, he suddenly felt dizzy, his hands suddenly became weak, and he couldn’t even hold the teacup.


It’s not the cup of tea.

Through the curtain, Li Fenglan’s eyes suddenly fell on something not far away.

He saw a navy blue cloth banner hanging on the innermost side of the tea room. At this time, it was emitting a faint light, which looked very strange.

In the next moment, Li Fenglan’s heart twitched violently.

That was Dongshan Yinhun Banner!

——This was one of the celestial artifacts of Tianmian Palace, Li Fenglan had only heard of its name before, and had also seen the portrait of it.

But for some reason, this thing came here from the Sect’s Treasure Pavilion.

Before he could take another look, Li Fenglan’s eyes slowly closed uncontrollably, and he fell limply on the tea table.

If it were an ordinary cultivator, he would have already lost all consciousness by now.

But Li Fenglan’s spirit was powerful, even though he closed his eyes and fell here, his mind was still clear.

He heard Lin Chaochen who was sitting across from him was still drinking tea after he fainted.

After an unknown amount of time, the man finally put down the teacup in his hand and slowly walked towards Li Fenglan.

He approached Li Fenglan, and then gently pulled down the veiled hat.

“Senior Brother…” Lin Chaochen called softly.

He was looking at another person through himself.

The answer was already in front of Li Fenglan’s eyes – the night he met Lin Chaochen for the first time after his rebirth, the other party had already seen his own face!

Lin Chaochen took Li Fuyue to Yanyi Mountain because his face which resembled Li Fuyue by three or four points.

Li Fenglan didn’t know what Lin Chaochen wanted to do now.

He desperately searched for the memories related to “Dongshan Yinhun Banner” in his mind, but it’s a pity that Li Fenglan was too nervous now, and the more nervous he was, the more he couldn’t recall anything.

At this moment Li Fenglan’s body was limp and weak, but his sea of ​​consciousness was exceptionally clear.

The moment Lin Chaochen took off his veiled hat, Li Fenglan heard another sound coming from outside the tea room.

Someone walking over quickly!

Yanyi Mountain was covered by a barrier, and there were only two or three people who could come here smoothly.

Lin Chaochen obviously also heard the voice, he stood up slowly, and looked towards the door.

“Master.” After a pause for a few seconds, the man stood where he was and saluted the person who came.


So Qiu Wanyou also came? !

Hearing these words, Li Fenglan couldn’t help but grit his teeth lightly.

When Qiu Wanyou ascended in the previous life, Li Fenglan also thought about when the three of them, master and disciples, would meet again.

But no matter how he imagined it back then, the current scene was not in Li Fenglan’s expectation.

Qiu Wanyou didn’t pay attention to Lin Chaochen’s “Master”, he slowly pulled out his long sword, and the next moment the cold blade stuck to Lin Chaochen’s neck.

Although Li Fenglan couldn’t see what happened, he felt the familiar sword energy.

——Qiu Wanyou and Lin Chaochen are going to fight?!

He only heard Qiu Wanyou’s deep voice ask slowly: “Lin Chaochen, what are you doing?”

Lin Chaochen smiled, and then said casually: “I just want to make one, Master you also thought about it too, but It ‘s just something you don’t have the courage to do.”

After finishing speaking, before Qiu Wanyou could reply, Lin Chaochen gently pushed away the long sword and walked to Li Fenglan’s side again.

This time he stretched out his hand to touch Li Fenglan’s cheek, after a while, he suddenly smiled and raised his head and asked: “Master, don’t you think this little cultivator in front of you looks like a person?”

More than just resemble!

Perhaps because he felt that his death was imminent, Li Fenglan added in his heart: From the start, it was just one person.

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