The Whole Cultivation World Wants To Revive The Venerable Chapter 19

Chapter 19

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There was a huge carved window in Lin Chaochen’s tea room.

At this time, the sun on Yanyi Mountain was just right, and the warm golden light passed through the mist and flower gaps in the mountains, and lightly shone on Li Fenglan’s body. The originally hideous scars on his face softened.

This was the first time Qiu Wanyou saw Li Fenglan’s appearance clearly.

In the eyes of others, he always had no sadness or joy, yet Qiu Wanyou, who was like a banished fairy, showed a rare occurrence of losing himself.

“He…” Qiu Wanyou’s breathing was messed up.

The young man lying on the table in front of him was so similar to Li Fuyue who died thousands of years ago…

Qiu Wanyou’s eyes fell on Li Fenglan as if they were real.

As for Li Fenglan, who was lying on the table, his nervous breathing almost stopped.

Cheng Duan and Lin Chaochen may not recognize himself, but Qiu Wanyou, who had ascended for many years, may.

Li Fenglan silently counted numbers in his heart, waiting for the final verdict.

Back then, Qiu Wanyou allowed the cultivation world to use Yaozheng bell as the core, so he naturally thought he deserved to die.

Seeing the person who should have died appear in front of him at this moment, what would Qiu Wanyou do?

Will he kill his relative once again?

In this life, he didn’t have an immortalization cultivation base, and his body was extremely corrupted, so he didn’t even need to use the Yaozheng bell at all.

As long as Qiu Wanyou thought about it, Li Fenglan can die at any time.

However, when Li Fenglan was thinking wildly, Qiu Wanyou suddenly said something that he didn’t expect.

He heard his master in the previous life be silent for an unknown amount of time before he slowly said, “He and Fuyue are blood relatives.”

Qiu Wanyou’s words were completely sure.

…Blood relatives?

Wait, Wait! Li Fenglan felt that something was a little bit wrong.

In his previous life, he had somehow reached the immortalization stage, and he was only a short distance away from being able to ascend. At the same time, he was also known as a genius and knew a lot of secret techniques. Even if he only was a foundation establishment cultivation base stage, with the help of diversionary tactics, ordinary cultivators will never recognize that he was Li Fuyue.

But it’s fine if Cheng Duan and Lin Chaochen didn’t recognize him.

However, Qiu Wanyou was not an ordinary cultivator. He had already ascended, and he would never fail to see through this.

Could it be that “Li Fenglan” really had a blood relationship with him in the previous life?

But just thinking of this, Li Fenglan quickly denied this idea.

No one knew better than him that he had absolutely no family in the mortal world.

In the previous life, Li Fuyue was born in a family of officials and it was passed down through three generations. When Li Fuyue was seventeen, his grandfather suddenly got involved in a big case in the capital, and the Li family, all his relatives, ended up being punished.

Except for Li Fuyue with his outstanding talent who was taken away by Tianmian Palace, all his family members died in that catastrophe.

As for the original owner… He was born in the countryside, and his family had been farmers with their faces facing the earth and their backs facing the sky for several generations. It was impossible for him to be related to the Li family back then.

Most importantly, the original owner never had the surname “Li” in the past! This name was given after he entered the sect.

Li Fenglan heard that Lin Chaochen also repeat the word “blood relative”.

“Yes, blood relatives… This was an opportunity God gave me.” Li Fenglan couldn’t understand Lin Chaochen’s words.

At this moment, he was distraught.

After much deliberation, Li Fenglan could only find a reasonable explanation – there was really something wrong with his current body.

In other words, the person who revived him back then deliberately did something, which made Qiu Wanyou unable to recognize him.

Thinking of this, Li Fenglan instinctively wanted to reach out and touch the strange immortal bone on his chest.

After realizing that he couldn’t control his body, Li Fenglan remembered his current situation.

He heard Lin Chaochen smile and say: “It was precisely because he was Fuyue’s blood relative that his flesh and blood soul has to be used to refine the Yinhun banner.”

Lin Chaochen’s tone was very calm, as if he was saying that today’s tea was not bad, but it really was a strong contrast with what he was saying now.

But upon hearing that sentence, Li Fenglan was as shocked as if struck by lightning.

He wants to use flesh and blood to cultivate the yinhun banner?

This kind of thing, he was afraid even a demonic cultivator would find it difficult to do!

Is the person standing beside me still the perfect Lin Chaochen in “Tianmian Daosheng”? Is he still the obedient junior who always follows behind him?

The way he was now made Li Fenglan feel extremely strange and terrified.

Apparently Qiu Wanyou was also startled by his little disciple. The man was silent for a while, then finally squeezed out a sentence: “You are crazy, Lin Chaochen.” 

As if he didn’t hear his Master, Lin Chaochen was not at all panicked, he even smiled and sat down at the desk.

After drinking a cup of tea on his own, Lin Chaochen said, “I’ve fallen into qi deviation, didn’t Master already know about it?” 

Fallen into qi deviation?

And Qiu Wanyou already knew?

Li Fenglan felt that the world was playing a joke on him. From the day when Lin Chaochen fell from the sky and hit his door, the plot became more and more crooked…

If it wasn’t for being unable to move now, Li Fenglan might not be able to help but ask something back.

Finding out that Lin Chaochen was showing signs of falling into qi deviation and that he fell into qi deviation was obviously two completely different things.

Lin Chaochen continued to say casually: “But master, don’t worry, I’m different from Fuyue, I won’t run around and create chaos. When my Senior Brother comes back to life… I will go into the Soul Condensation Tower by myself.”

After Li Fuyue’s incident, all cultivators who fell into qi deviation would be sent to the Soul Condensation Tower.

This was not an easy experience, but Lin Chaochen said it casually.

Now these two people didn’t know that Li Fenglan was awake, and Li Fenglan, who was shocked by what they said, no longer knew how to react.

Resurrect himself?

Li Fenglan thought Lin Chaochen’s words were extremely funny.

Wasn’t he the one who killed him back then? Why would he resurrect himself after thousands of years have passed?

It’s really not interesting.

The tea room became quiet, and after a long time, Qiu Wanyou suddenly sighed and said, “Don’t be cold and harm the innocent anymore, your Senior Brother has… already lost his soul.”

“Lost his soul? Hahahaha, Master, you are really interesting.” Listening to this point, Lin Chaochen stood up suddenly, and he laughed a little crazily.

Lin Chaochen walked slowly to the opposite of his master, his eyes were red. He gritted his teeth and said in a low voice: “Master, some people say that I’m dignified, but I just discovered today that the so-called dignity was all learned from you.”

Someone said he was dignified?

After hearing these words, Li Fenglan locked on to Meng Linzhou in the back of his mind.

It seems that the rebel disciple not only told himself that, but even mocked Lin Chaochen in front of Lin Chaochen himself.

But this sentence was not the focus just now.

The point is: how dare Lin Chaochen talk to Qiu Wanyou like that!

In Li Fenglan’s memory, Lin Chaochen had always respected his master the most.

When he talked to Qiu Wanyou, he was always full of respect and never dared to be presumptuous.

But today Lin Chaochen actually said such “pious” words to Qiu Wanyou…

Lin Chaochen walked forward and said, “Master, you said that Fuyue had already cultivated to the immortalization stage back then, wouldn’t he know that the core of the Fushen Formation was your Yaozheng bell?”

Lin Chaochen’s voice grew louder as he spoke. Speaking faster, he was almost questioning Qiu Wanyou.

Without waiting for the other party to answer, Lin Chaochen laughed wantonly: “Qiu Wanyou, what are you afraid of? If you were more cruel back then, would what happened today occur? I really look down on you!”

Qiu Wanyou didn’t speak, he was already holding the sword in his hand, but at the same time as Lin Chaochen questioned him loudly, Qiu Wanyou raised the sword again.

This time his hand did not show any mercy.

The sword energy shattered the flower window of the tea room in an instant, and in the next moment, there was a bloodstain on Lin Chaochen’s neck.

Qiu Wanyou also lowered his voice, squinted his eyes threateningly and said, “Lin Chaochen, don’t think I dare not kill you.”

Li Fenglan:! ! !

Is this my master Qiu Wanyou from my previous life?

Qiu Wanyou, who placed himself above the common populace, actually threatens people?

The next moment, Qiu Wanyou suddenly withdrew his long sword, and slapped towards Lin Chaochen’s heart with his palm, leaving no room to retreat.

His disciple, who was still presumptuous just now, was knocked down to the ground in a blink of an eye. A large amount of blood overflowed from Lin Chaochen’s mouth, and he could not move.

He was injured by Qiu Wanyou, and he couldn’t make a sound for a while. Even so, Lin Chaochen still had a crazy smile on his face.

“I took him away, don’t make the same mistake again and again.” This sentence was said to Lin Chaochen, and it was also what Qiu Wanyou said to himself.

But for Li Fenglan, one second he was still shocked by the scene just now, and the next moment he felt that he had fallen into someone’s arms.

Li Fenglan smelled a familiar faint scent of incense… and finally lost all consciousness.

This time, Li Fenglan had a dream.

He dreamed about the past when he was in snowy Meizhou.

At that time, Qiu Wanyou was about to ascend, and a thick layer of calamity clouds had formed above snowy Meizhou.

It was obvious that the catastrophe was coming soon, but Qiu Wanyou didn’t feel anxious at all.

He sat under the plum tree, drinking wine while watching Li Fuyue sword dance.

After a while, after Li Fuyue finished practicing the sword, he walked slowly on the snow to the front of Qiu Wanyou.

“Sit.” Qiu Wanyou said while pouring a glass of wine for Li Fuyue.

At that time, Li Fuyue had achieved the Ascension Stage, but he still didn’t know how to drink.

Li Fuyue only remembered what his Master said earlier – since Fuyue didn’t have a strong drink tolerance, then he must not drink in the future.

Unexpectedly, now, his master actually poured him a glass of wine himself.

Li Fuyue had always been an obedient disciple, when he saw Master pouring wine for himself, he obediently took it.

Li Fenglan didn’t remember very clearly what happened next, he was indeed not very good at withstanding alcohol, after drinking half a glass, he became dizzy, and he couldn’t even sit up straight.

But Qiu Wanyou was still drinking one cup after another.

Unlike the disciple who can’t drink even a little bit of alcohol, besides being ranked first in the cultivation world for being cold and serious, Qiu Wanyou also had the attribute of being fond of alcohol.

“Fuyue, you have entered the steps to the immortalization stage, after master ascends, you must cultivate hard.”

Li Fuyue vaguely heard what his master said, but he was too drunk to sit up straight again. .

“Yes, Master.” Li Fuyue said in a daze.

Hearing that he promised himself, Qiu Wanyou, who was always cold-faced, actually smiled.

The world in front of Li Fuyue’s eyes was slowly spinning, and the man sitting opposite him seemed to be getting closer and further away.

Li Fuyue could only hear his Master’s words coming to his ears.

“Ascent up as soon as possible, and come find Master sooner.”

“From now on, snowy Meizhou will depend on you…”

After hearing these words, Li Fenglan finally managed to open his eyes.

He said to Qiu Wanyou in a daze: “Master, don’t go.”

“Don’t worry, Master will never abandon you.” These were the last words Li Fuyue heard before he fell completely drunk.

His memory stopped abruptly there.

What Li Fenglan didn’t know was that when he fell into a deep sleep, the man sitting across from him suddenly leaned forward, and then stretched out his hand to brush away a strand of his disciple’s hair.

Qiu Wanyou approached slowly, and almost planted a light kiss on Li Fuyue’s temple.

At this time, a figure suddenly passed through the snowy plum forest and appeared not far away.

“Master,” Lin Chaochen looked at Qiu Wanyou with such cold eyes for the first time. He looked ahead and asked word by word, “What are you doing?”

Qiu Wanyou looked at him coldly. Glancing at the other party, he didn’t speak, but sat up straight and poured himself another glass of wine.

Both master and disciple were silent, and it took some time before Qiu Wanyou put down the wine glass in his hand.

He glanced at his little disciple with a slight disdain, and said slowly: “What am I doing…haven’t you always known?”

By the time Li Fenglan woke up from his sleep, it was already nighttime.

Cheng Huang, who was nestled by Li Fenglan’s neck, noticed that he was waking up, and immediately excitedly rubbed against his master.

And Li Fenglan reached out his hand cooperatively and rubbed Cheng Huang’s stomach.

The next moment, Cheng Huang, the legendary beast, immediately laid on his back on the bed and made a “snoring sound”.

“Tsk tsk, this ancient ferocious beast you raised really has no dignity.” Suddenly, another voice came from Li Fenglan’s room.

When he turned around, he saw that Duan Qianli was sitting at a table not far away, eating pastries leisurely.

He had obviously moved to live in the vacant house on the other side under Ling Buyan’s arrangement, when did he come over again?

Seeing Li Fenglan wake up, Duan Qianli smiled. He patted off the powder left by the pastry in his hand, turned around and said, “You have slept for a long time.”

Li Fenglan rubbed his eyes, feeling a little confused.

In the next moment, he realized that his veil had been placed beside the pillow at some point.

At this time, his face was exposed in front of Duan Qianli without any cover.

F*ck! He didn’t discover anything, did he?

In the previous life, Li Fuyue and Duan Qianli had met each other when they were teenagers, and they had been fighting for half their lives as old enemies.

Even after being seriously injured by Li Fuyue one time, Duan Qianli once said viciously to him that even if Li Fuyue turned into ashes, he would recognize him…

Thinking of this, Li Fenglan turned around and looked at him cautiously.

Unexpectedly, Duan Qianli didn’t seem to be surprised by the other party’s appearance, he took a light look at Li Fenglan, and went to drink tea again.

But after thinking about it, who knows how long Duan Qianli had been sitting here.

Even if he wanted to be surprised, he should be surprised enough.

“How long have I been asleep?” Li Fenglan tried to pretend to be calm and asked.

Duan Qianli didn’t answer his question directly, but suddenly came and sat beside Li Fenglan’s bed.

He “tsked” and said, “This time you’re famous in Tianmian Palace.” 

“What do you mean?” Li Fenglan didn’t understand what Duan Qianli meant, and he was still dizzy after sleeping for a long time .

“Do you know how you got back?” Duan Qianli asked.

“How did I come back?” Li Fenglan really couldn’t imagine how he would come back in order to become famous in the sect.

The young man sitting opposite him took another plate of pastries out of nowhere and took a bite and said, “You were carried back by Qiu Wanyou.” 

After all, Duan Qianli just watched the excitement. He laughed out loud and said: “The old man didn’t hide his body, so half of the sect saw. Now your name, Li Fenglan, has probably spread throughout the cultivation world.”

What! ?

I was carried back by Qiu Wanyou?

Hearing this, Li Fenglan finally woke up.

Anyway, having been enslaved by “He Yinyuan” for a long time, Li Fenglan naturally knew some hobbies of the current demon lord.

One: Gluttonous.

Second: Like to watch excitement.

He Yinyuan, who was seriously injured back then and only had a cultivation level at the demi-god stage, stayed at Tianmian Palace’s residence and while enslaving Li Fuyue, he inquired about gossip, the big and small things in the cultivation world.

Now that he was an immortalization stage demon cultivator, he had become more courageous, so of course he could come and go more freely.

Seeing Li Fenglan’s stupefied look here, Duan Qianli continued: “Although everyone dare not say it, I think people in Tianmian Palace were silently guessing what was the ‘very intriguing’ relationship between you and Qiu Wanyou is. Or maybe he came to the lower realm just for you.”

Li Fenglan: “…” master and disciple from the previous life was indeed intriguing.

He should have refuted this point of view, but the words he overheard on Yanyi Mountain told him clearly that this seemingly outrageous guess did not seem to be completely wrong.

It’s just that the direction was different from what everyone thought.

“Of course it’s impossible,” Li Fenglan stood up and took a sip of tea, then said with a forced smile, “How could I know someone like Qiu Wanyou?” 

Unexpectedly, Duan Qianli stopped talking this time.

After being silent for a while, he suddenly shook his head and said, “You know what, you look very similar to a person.”

Just now, he had an unscrupulous face, but then he was like a different person in an instant.

The way he looked at Li Fenglan suddenly became extremely complicated.

It was this glance that finally reminded Li Fenglan that Duan Qianli was no longer the same him back then.

During his sleeping years, the other party had experienced another thousand years.

Neither of them spoke. After a while Duan Qianli drank a cup of tea and asked, “You are not curious, who that person is?”

Li Fuyue: ….

“Not curious.” Li Fenglan said very shamelessly.

“Forget it, let me tell you…” Duan Qianli sighed, sat at the table and poured himself another cup of tea, he said: “You are very similar to Qiu Wanyou’s disciple.”

After speaking, afraid that Li Fenglan might misunderstand, Duan Qianli also added: “Oh, I’m not talking about Lin Chaochen, but his big disciple, Li Fuyue, who died a long time ago.”

Duan Qianli’s tone was very flat, but Li Fenglan felt it a little strange for such a flatness.

According to Duan Qianli’s personality, he should be happy when his opponent died tragically.

Or… Even if he cherished and missed him, Li Fenglan would not be as curious as he was now.

But Duan Qianli was indifferent, it was as if he didn’t care about it.

But in the next moment, Li Fenglan remembered what Duan Qianli said back then:

“If you go to the demon realm with me, I can keep you safe. People in the cultivation world are afraid of falling into qi deviation, but I am not afraid.”

When Duan Qianli said this, his expression was extremely serious.

After Li Fenglan rejected him, Duan Qianli said angrily again: “You surname Li, with your personality, you will kill yourself sooner or later! I will not sympathize with you at that time.”

——That was after Li Fenglan fell into qi deviation and the two accidentally met in the human world.

But what happened now told Li Fenglan clearly: Duan Qianli, who had always kept his word, did not break his word this time, he really didn’t sympathize with himself at all.

For some reason, Li Fenglan felt a little disappointed: it seems that his previous life was not very successful.

Just as Li Fenglan was recalling the past, Duan Qianli suddenly approached Li Fenglan, stared straight at his face and said, “I kindly remind you that you’d better stay away from Qiu Wanyou.”

“Why?” Li Fenglan couldn’t help asking.

Putting aside the grievances of the previous life, he was just an ordinary cultivator of Tianmian Palace now.

In the eyes of outsiders, an ordinary cultivator like him should be happy to be able to embrace Qiu Wanyou’s thigh, who had already ascended his dao.

Duan Qianli mysteriously put down the teacup in his hand, and said to Li Fenglan in a deep voice: “Because Qiu Wanyou has improper thoughts about his disciple…”


At this moment, Duan Qianli spoke in a serious tone.

But Li Fenglan thought, thank you for not drinking tea just now, otherwise I would spit out the tea.

“Where did you hear such gossip?” Li Fenglan asked speechlessly.

“Gossip?” Duan Qianli shook his head and said, “This matter was known by half of the cultivation world back then.”

Seeing Li Fenglan’s unbelieving appearance, Duan Qianli didn’t explain it, he just commented on his gossip: “So even though Qiu Wanyou looks serious and cold, he was actually a pervert who doesn’t care about normal relationships. You have to be careful of him.”

Li Fenglan suspected that he and Duan Qianli were not in the same cultivation world.

Of course he agreed with cold and serious, but the description of “doesn’t care about normal relationships” was too outrageous, wasn’t it?

Besides, if Qiu Wanyou really wanted to “disregard normal relationships” with him, would he kill him cruelly?

After finishing the sentence just now, Duan Qianli stopped continuing.

He picked up the pastry from the table and continued to eat.

At this moment, Li Fenglan finally landed his eyes on the plate of pastries, and suddenly remembered something and asked: “Where did you get this thing?”

Duan Qianli suddenly turned around, smiled at him and said: “Oh, I traded it with your spirit stone.”

“My spirit stone?”

Ling Buyan never tired of spending extravagantly, so Li Fenglan was never short of money. Even he, who was used to staying in a place with abundant energy, directly placed the spirit stone in the house to improve the living comfort.

But he didn’t expect Duan Qianli to exchange it for pastries.

Seeing Li Fenglan’s face suddenly darken, Duan Qianli finally couldn’t help laughing. He came out of the room with the tray, looking in a good mood, not at all like a seriously injured person.

But after the other party left and the night was quiet, Li Fenglan, who had slept enough during the day, no longer felt sleepy.

He stared at the ceiling until dawn.

Clouds rose around Miguang Mountain, all of which seemed to be no different from ordinary.

Today, however, two distinguished guests were ushered in on the mountain.

As soon as Li Fenglan pushed open the door, he saw two cultivators in green shirts, a man and a woman, standing at his door.

Zhuang Zhixia and Zhuang Zhiqiu—the two personal disciples of Jiang Yichang, the head of Tianmian Palace.

In Tianmian Palace, if the two of them appeared at the same time, it must mean that something big happened.

Sure enough, the moment Li Fenglan pushed the door open and came out, Zhuang Zhixia took half a step forward, and said to him very politely: “Junior Brother Li, I am ordered by Immortal Master Qiu to take you to the main peak of the sect. “

Hearing these words, Li Fenglan’s heart suddenly skipped a beat.

The conversation between Qiu Wanyou and Lin Chaochen yesterday was played repeatedly in his mind.

Of course, the most important thing was the word Duan Qianli said last night: doesn’t care about normal relationships.

Although he thought Duan Qianli was talking nonsense in his heart, when he suddenly heard the words “Qiu Wanyou”, Li Fenglan subconsciously took half a step back.

“…Is it okay not to go?” Li Fenglan asked.

Hearing this, Zhuang Zhixia suddenly smiled at him: “Of course not.”

Li Fenglan: “…”

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