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Chapter 20

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In Li Fenglan’s previous life, he also had some dealings with these two people.

He knew that the two in front of him were direct disciples of the sect master, but their personalities were completely different.

Zhuang Zhixia has learned all of her master’s seriousness and decency, and was the most prestigious elder sister in the sect. She always frowns normally so her occasional smile made her look extraordinarily scary.

But that’s just her appearance.

It was only after reading “Tianmian Daosheng” that Li Fenglan realized that Zhuang Zhixia, an upright person, had an extraordinarily big brain hole, and she would come up with some strange ideas from time to time.

Even the readers of “Tianmian Daosheng” will be influenced by Zhuang Zhixia when reading the text, and have strange ideas.

As for her Junior Brother Zhuang Zhiqiu, he was the least work-loving person Li Fenglan had ever met…

Before Li Fenglan finished recalling the plot, he was taken to the main peak of the sect by these two.

Before Li Fuyue, snowy Meizhou belonged to his master Qiu Wanyou.

But this time in the lower realm, Qiu Wanyou didn’t go back there, but temporarily lived in the rear palace hall of the main peak of Tianmian Palace.

If one wanted to go to the rear palace hall, one must pass through a barrier made of haze. Only with someone specially assigned to guide you can you break through the smokescreen and go to your destination.

Li Fenglan and his party came to the main peak square with their swords first, and they had to walk the rest of the way.

Tianmian Palace had a tradition of having morning classes. After the cultivators in the sect give birth to their nascent soul, they would come to the main peak to report every morning if there was no major event.

——Only the former Li Fuyue was an exception.

When Li Fenglan arrived at the main peak, the morning class had just ended, and there were still people in the square who did not disperse.

The cultivators all had good eyesight. Seeing Li Fenglan’s figure from a distance, all of them stopped at the same spot, secretly looking at him pretending to be calm.

“This is Li Fenglan?”

“That’s right, yesterday… he was personally carried back…”

Li Fenglan remembered that Duan Qianli liked to exaggerate.

But from the words of these cultivators, Duan Qianli’s description last night may not be exaggerated.

The fact that Qiu Wanyou carried himself back to Miguang Mountain… really allowed the lesser half of the sect to see it.

Of the two of them, one was a high-ranking immortal who has ascended for many years. The other was a Foundation Establishment cultivator whose spiritual roots have been completely abolished, and even his face has been disfigured.

No matter which aspect you look at, they were in two completely different worlds.

But they happened to appear together, and in such an ambiguous state…

It’s really hard not to think about it.

The cultivators in the main peak square were so shocked that they forgot to lower their voices, so even Li Fenglan, who only had foundation establishment skills, heard a few words.

Li Fenglan didn’t care about such things anymore since his reputation was ruined in his previous life.

But in his subconscious, Qiu Wanyou was still his elder.

Hearing these words, Li Fenglan couldn’t help frowning slightly.

Before Li Fenglan could say anything, Zhuang Zhixia who was standing beside him coughed twice.

She coldly looked around at the people around her, and said, “The morning class is over, what are you still doing here?” 

As soon as Zhuang Zhixia finished speaking, Zhuang Zhiqiu, who had been following Li Fenglan all this time, had no sense of presence, suddenly sighed heavily. He continued to look up at the blue sky.

Zhuang Zhiqiu didn’t speak, but Li Fenglan read a sentence from his face: When will I get off work.

Hearing the reminder from Senior Sister Zhuang Zhixia, the people in the main peak square hurriedly turned around to salute, and left with their swords as if oil was on the soles of their feet.

But Li Fenglan believed that although they all pretended to be calm, it wouldn’t be long before the news that they were brought to the main peak by Zhuang Zhixia and the others would spread throughout the sect.

“Hey…” Zhuang Zhiqiu sighed heavily again.

They are all gone, when can I get off work?

After being glared at by his Senior Sister, he finally woke up and led Li Fenglan to the rear palace hall.

Seeing that there was no one around, Zhuang Zhixia finally couldn’t help but walk up to Li Fenglan, and asked in a pretend serious manner, “By the way, Junior Brother Li, I don’t know when you and immortal master met?”

Zhuang Zhixia’s tone was still the same. Serious, but the curiosity hidden in the words was hard to hide.

Li Fenglan knew that Zhuang Zhixia couldn’t help it…

He pretended not to understand and said, “When I entered Tianmian Palace, I heard of the story of the immortal master then.”

“This…” Zhuang Zhixia hesitated, “Junior Brother saw the immortal master for the first time yesterday?”

Li Fenglan said honestly, “On the day when the barrier accident happened, I met him once from a distance.”

“Is that so…” Zhuang Zhixia nodded thoughtfully.

Seeing his expression, Li Fenglan knew that Zhuang Zhixia must have some strange ideas!

The fact was indeed so, at this moment Zhuang Zhixia sighed in her heart:

Hey, could it be that that day, Immortal Qiu fell in love with Li Fenglan at first sight? But they are destined to have different paths in the two worlds…

If Li Fenglan could hear what Zhuang Zhixia was thinking, he might turn around and leave here right now.

And at this moment, Zhuang Zhiqiu, who had been silent for a while and seemed to be falling asleep while walking, suddenly said, “Senior Sister, look ahead.”

Zhuang Zhiqiu was usually uninterested in everything, with a lack of appearance and had very few strong mood swings.

At this moment, his state was an excitement that Li Fenglan had never seen before.

It turned out that when Zhuang Zhixia was speaking, the group of people had already bypassed the barrier made of haze and walked to the back mountain of the main peak.

The scene in front of him was completely beyond Li Fenglan’s expectations.

He saw—in an open space not far away, a huge bronze bell was hanging high above the blue sky.

At this time, the spiritual power of the entire main peak condensed into a blue cloud, surrounding the huge bronze bell.

This force was really too powerful, and the spirit power was entangled by the Bell and bumped around. As soon as they stepped into the area of ​​the rear palace hall, the faces of several people turned pale.

Li Fenglan was even worse.

His complexion was pale, partly because of the unstable spiritual power around him, and partly because… Li Fenglan recognized this huge bronze bell.

Yaozheng Bell.

More than 1,200 years ago, the cultivation world worked together to set up the Fushen array Formation, which made Li Fuyue’s soul dissipate.

And the core of the Fushen Formation back then was the huge Yaozheng Bell in front of him.

Li Fenglan never thought that one day, he would see this bell with his own eyes again.

“What… what’s going on here?” Zhuang Zhixia’s tone was terrified, and following her gaze, she could see that in the open space not far away, there was a person half-kneeling on the ground with difficulty.

That person was Li Fenglan’s previous master, Qiu Wanyou.

At this moment, the white Daoist robe on his body was torn apart by the sharp blade transformed from spiritual power.

Because the distance was too far, no one could see how Qiu Wanyou was doing.

“Oh no, there must be something wrong with the Yaozheng Bell!” Zhuang Zhixia said this sentence extremely nervously, then drew her sword to stop the spiritual energy overflowing in front of her, and walk towards the open space with difficulty.

Logically speaking, seeing such a scene, Li Fenglan should turn around and leave.

Their master-student relationship between himself and Qiu Wanyou had already ended thousands of years ago.

From the moment the man agreed to let the Yaozheng Bell be the core of the formation, Qiu Wanyou’s life and death had nothing to do with him.

But today Li Fenglan thought about it, and still gritted his teeth and followed Zhuang Zhixia’s footsteps.

He was not interested in Qiu Wanyou’s safety, he just wanted to know what happened to Yaozheng Bell.

“Why did you follow me?” Seeing Li Fenglan walking behind her, Zhuang Zhixia was very surprised.

Obviously she thought that an ordinary cultivator like Li Fenglan should be afraid of the scene in front of her.

Unexpectedly, Li Fenglan said very calmly: “Didn’t you say that the immortal master wants to see me ?”

“What’s wrong?” Li Fenglan reminded Zhuang Zhixia who was not moving.

“It’s okay, don’t worry. No matter what happens, I will send you to the immortal master safely!”

Li Fenglan always felt that there was something wrong with Zhuang Zhixia’s tone… But the current situation was special, and he couldn’t care less .

Seeing Li Fenglan approaching, Zhuang Zhiqiu, who had just stopped in place, also followed.

These two were direct disciples of the head of the sect, so it goes without saying that they were strong.

It didn’t take long for the three of them to reach the center of the open space.

The aura ahead was overbearing, and they could no longer move forward.

But now, Li Fenglan can already see Qiu Wanyou’s state at this time.

In addition to the sleeve being torn by the sharp blade transformed from spiritual power, his hand holding the sword was also covered with blood.

Qiu Wanyou knelt on one knee with his back to them, and could barely support the ground with the long sword in his hand.

Li Fenglan had never seen Qiu Wanyou in such a mess.

Qiu Wanyou was born from the royal family, and he has had an extraordinary bearing since he was a child. When Li Fenglan followed under his sect, Qiu Wanyou was already an immortal.

No matter what kind of opponent he faced, he never lost.

Even if Qiu Wanyou’s cultivation was suppressed after he went down to the lower realm, it was still the peak strength of the immortalization stage…

The power that could hurt Qiu Wanyou should not be underestimated.

After all, they were people who have been together day and night for thousands of years. The moment Li Fenglan saw the state of the person in front of him clearly, Li Fenglan’s mood suddenly became a little complicated.

Zhuang Zhixia, who was still rational, suddenly took a breath and looked up at the sky.

“Look at the Yaozheng Bell!”

“What?” Zhuang Zhiqiu was taken aback by his Senior Sister.

Li Fenglan looked up and saw—below this huge bronze bell, beams of red light appeared at some point.

At this time, those red lights were attacking the man kneeling on the ground wave after wave, “Go!” Zhuang Zhixia made a decisive decision and quickly pulled Li Fenglan back.

Because of the spiritual force, in an instant, several people returned to the edge of the rear palace hall.

The spiritual power here was a little calmer, but the three of them had no intention of relaxing.

Standing beside Li Fenglan, the sect masters two personal disciples both clenched the long swords in their hands and stared straight ahead.

Just as they remained silent, Li Fenglan suddenly said: “Qiu Wanyou was backlashed by Yaozheng Bell’s power.”

He directly called out the three words “Qiu Wanyou”, but the two people around did not stop him.

After all, the picture in front of them was really shocking.

…Qiu Wanyou was the owner of Yaozheng Bell, how could he be backlashed by this bell?

The answer was already in front of them—Yaozheng Bell was no longer under Qiu Wanyou’s control.

But why did Yaozheng Bell lose control?

In fact, Qiu Wanyou was also looking for the answer to this question.

At this moment, Qiu Wanyou, who was kneeling alone in the open space, had already forgotten the pain in his body, and his mind was full of the past, thousands of years ago.

There was one sentence that Duan Qianli said that was not wrong: Qiu Wanyou really “disregarded normal relationships”, he did have some improper thoughts about his disciple.

The cultivation world wanted to use Yaozheng Bell as the core of the formation, and the deployment of the formation would make Li Fuyue’s soul dissipate, so Qiu Wanyou was of course unwilling.

But then he couldn’t help but think – Li Fuyue got into trouble in the lower realm, even if there was no Yaozheng Bell, it would be difficult to have it end well.

And if Yaozheng Bell was used as the core of the formation, then at the moment Li Fuyue’s soul flies away, he can use Yaozheng Bell to take the opportunity to capture the remnant soul to the upper realm.

At that time, Li Fuyue will only have himself by his side, so he can naturally be with Li Fuyue as he should.

But Qiu Wanyou’s plan failed.

At the moment when Li Fuyue’s soul was gone, he realized that he could not control Yaozheng Bell… In the dark, there was a force against him.

Qiu Wanyou was no match for that power, so he could only watch Li Fuyue’s soul fly away from the upper realm with his own eyes.

“Ahem…” Qiu Wanyou slowly looked up at Yaozheng Bell, his eyes abnormally blood red.

He must find out where the force that opposed him came from.

“Go! Don’t be in a daze anymore!” Just as Li Fenglan was staring at the Yaozheng Bell without moving, Zhuang Zhixia realized that the situation was not good, and hurriedly reminded him.

As soon as the few people left the enchantment of the rear palace hall and walked out of the cloud of haze, there was a loud noise behind them.

Although they were full of shock, they also knew that this was not something they could care about now.

Qiu Wanyou was the person with the highest cultivation level in the world, if even he can’t resist Yaozheng Bell’s backlash, then he will only die in vain if he goes in again.

Even though it was blocked by smokescreens, the loud noise spread throughout the entire sect.

Worried about another change, Zhuang Zhixia immediately asked Li Fenglan to go back to Miguang Mountain.

But before the spirit crane called by Li Fenglan to fly back to Miguang Mountain came, he saw someone approaching him from afar.

“Master?” Li Fenglan didn’t expect that Ling Buyan would go towards the main peak at this time. Could it be that he came here because of the strange movement just now?

But Ling Buyan appeared beside Li Fenglan in a flash.

“En.” He smiled at Li Fenglan.

Counting all the times, it hasn’t been long since Li Fenglan got to know Ling Buyan. 

But thinking of the bowl of wound medicine that the other party gave him, Li Fenglan couldn’t help reminding: “Master, something seems to have happened at the main peak of the sect, do you want to go there now?”

Li Fenglan thought that Ling Buyan ame here now because of the abnormal noise.

Unexpectedly, upon hearing his words, Ling Buyan shook his head and said, “No.”

“…Then you?”

Ling Buyan smiled, stretched out his hand to pull Li Fenglan onto his spirit sword, and glanced at the main peak in the distance, and then said as if nothing had happened: “I’m just here to pick you up.”

After speaking, the long sword crossed the sky, and quickly headed towards Miguang Mountain, and landed on the edge of the cliff not long after.

“Fenglan?” It wasn’t until Ling Buyan called his name that Li Fenglan realized that he had already returned.

“So preoccupied, what were you thinking?” Ling Buyan asked with a smile.

Perhaps because he hadn’t recovered from what happened just now, Li Fenglan subconsciously said, “I was wondering why Qiu Wanyou traveled to the lower realms.” 

As soon as the words were spoken, Li Fenglan immediately felt uncomfortable.

Although it was said in “Tianmian Daosheng” that Ling Buyan had nothing he didn’t know, it was impossible for him to know Qiu Wanyou’s thoughts…

It was indeed a bit rash to ask him.

However, what Li Fenglan didn’t expect was that Ling Buyan actually answered him.

He saw the man smile slightly and said: “If I’m not wrong, he went down this time for Yaozheng bell.”

Yaozheng Bell!

“Master…how did you know?” Li Fenglan asked.

Ling Buyan didn’t speak, he directly brought Li Fenglan to the main hall of Miguang Mountain.

Li Fenglan had been here many times before, but at this moment, when Ling Buyan took the time to push open the wooden door of the main hall with his own hands, he just realized – it turns out that this seemingly ordinary main hall actually has something else behind it.

There was actually a hidden space in this hall.

It was said in “Tianmian Daosheng”: Ling Buyan never tires of learning about the past and the present, and holds countless treasures of the dao of heaven.

When reading the book, Li Fenglan only thought it was a simple description and didn’t pay much attention to it.

Later, when he got the Qiankun bag given to him by the other party, he just felt that Ling Buyan was rich.

But now, Li Fenglan felt that he had to change his view.

What was said in the book was not an exaggeration at all…

What appeared in front of Li Fenglan at this time was not the familiar interior of a main hall, but a vast jade pavilion that could not be seen to the end.

In the Jade Pavilion, there were countless spirit treasures with names that he can’t even name.

Thinking about how he was shocked by that Qingzhu not long ago, Li Fenglan suddenly felt that he had never seen the world…

Probably because he saw Li Fenglan’s shock, Ling Buyan walked forward and said: “These were me following records in ancient books, they were collected from various secret realms.” 

What Ling Buyan said was the same as what was written in “Tianmian Daosheng”.

Li Fenglan didn’t doubt Ling Buyan’s words, but the more he walked into the hall, the more curious Li Fenglan became.

… What kind of person was Ling Buyan?

In Li Fenglan’s previous life, he was a person who couldn’t be seen through the most.

Just when Li Fenglan was thinking about this question, Ling Buyan’s footsteps suddenly stopped.

“Look,” he said softly.

Hearing this, Li Fenglan finally got out of the state just now, he raised his head and looked in the direction Ling Buyan pointed.

“Yaozheng Bell?!” Li Fenglan couldn’t help calling out these three words, but the next moment he hurriedly shook his head, “No, it’s not Yaozheng Bell…”

The bell was on the main peak of Tianmian Palace, and he had seen it just now, in any case, it would not be here.

If he took a closer look, he would find that the bronze bell in front of him was obviously older and had more vicissitudes than the Yaozheng Bell.

“What is this?” He couldn’t help but turn his head and ask Ling Buyan.

Li Fenglan once stood at the top of the cultivation world. He thought that he had mastered knowledge unimaginable by ordinary people, but after getting to know Ling Buyan, Li Fenglan felt like a boat in the sea.

“You can also call it Yaozheng Bell.” Ling Buyan said.

…Can it also be called Yaozheng Bell?

Although Li Fenglan was not like Ling Buyan, he memorized all the fragments of the story of Tianmian Palace in his mind.

But Yaozheng Bell was originally owned by his master Qiu Wanyou, so Li Fenglan’s understanding of Yaozheng Bell was naturally deeper than others.

But even he has never heard of there being another Yaozheng bell in this world.

“But isn’t Yaozheng Bell at Qiu Wanyou’s place?” Li Fenglan couldn’t help asking.

“That’s right,” Ling Buyan smiled, and suddenly changed the subject, “Do you know where Yaozheng Bell came from?”

Li Fenglan couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief when he heard this question.

Ling Buyan asking this time, finally he answered himself.

He said, “It’s from the secret realm of Guanzhi Mountain.”

The matter of Qiu Wanyou’s solo entry into the secret realm and extracting the Yaozheng Bell from it was once a topic that people in the cultivation world talked about the most.

After saying this, Li Fenglan saw Ling Buyan standing beside him, smile and wink at him lightly.

“No way…” Ling Buyan didn’t say it directly, but Li Fenglan had already guessed it.

The “Yaozheng Bell” in front of him was also taken by Ling Buyan from the secret place of Guanzhi Mountain!

The secret realm of Guanzhi Mountain was left by the Xuanchu Immortal Ancestor, and it was known as the most dangerous place in the cultivation world, and only a handful of people have successfully entered it for tens of thousands of years.

Has Ling Buyan actually been there?

Li Fenglan obviously didn’t speak, but Ling Buyan seemed to sense what he was thinking. The man smiled and said: “Yes, I have been to Guanzhi Mountain. Qiu Wanyou did take out a bell from the secret place of Guanzhi Mountain, but you can’t just because of this, say that there is only one Yaozheng Bell in the world.”

Seeing Ling Buyan wave his hand, the huge bronze bell not far away slowly fell to the ground.

Ling Buyan gently took Li Fenglan’s wrist again, and led him forward.

Li Fenglan was stunned for a moment, but because the other party’s movements were too natural, he finally resisted not pulling his hand away.

When he got closer, Li Fenglan found out—it turned out that there were cracks all over the Yaozheng bell at some point.

Ling Buyan didn’t say anything, he stretched out his hand and slowly slid across the crack.

After a pause, Ling Buyan just said: “It was already like this when I got it two hundred years ago.”

Seeing this, Li Fenglan couldn’t help stretching out his fingers to touch the crack of the huge bronze clock. He said: “…I understand, this bell is in the same group as the Yaozheng Bell on the main peak. There is something wrong with that bell, which affects it.”

Qiu Wanyou traveled to the lower realm to investigate this matter.

“That’s right,” Ling Buyan said with a smile.

While Li Fenglan was digesting this matter, Ling Buyan walked forward again, and took out a jade talisman from nowhere.

“By the way, this is for you,” Ling Buyan gently put it in Li Fenglan’s hand, “Take it, and you can come and go here freely in the future.”

It turns out that this jade talisman was to open the space where Li Fenglan was now, “the key”.

During Ling Buyan’s retreat, Li Fenglan had already accepted the other party’s universe bag frankly but the things in the Qiankun bag were incomparable with this jade palace.

“This is too precious.” Li Fenglan hastily refused.

Ling Buyan didn’t speak, but just stretched out his hand and gently pressed down Li Fenglan’s finger.

He said: “You are my only disciple, it would be too strange to be polite to me. Besides…” 

At this point, Ling Buyan smiled, and he looked at Yaozheng Bell in front of him and said: “Besides, me helping you isn’t without purpose.”


Hearing these words, Li Fenglan became a little nervous.

The experience of the previous life has taught him a lesson.

Li Fenglan knew that there was not so much pure kindness and friendship between people. But when he suddenly heard the word “purpose” coming out of Ling Buyan’s mouth, he was still a little surprised.

Even vaguely a little lost.

He didn’t know if Ling Buyan noticed Li Fenglan’s reaction, but he continued: “Although most of the Yaozheng Bell has been destroyed, it is an ancient artifact after all, and it still has a lingering power. I think your spiritual veins are much better than before, and you can bear Yaozheng Bell’s aura. In the future, you can come here often and use Yaozheng Bell to mend your spirit veins.”

Yaozheng Bell can make the aura more pure, and it was indeed very suitable for healing.

The heart and soul have been completely integrated into Li Fenglan’s body, if coupled with the power of Yaozheng Bell… Li Fenglan thought that it would not take long for him to recover his spiritual roots.

“It’s my goal to restore your spiritual roots and cultivation base.” Ling Buyan looked into Li Fenglan’s eyes and said very seriously.

If Li Fenglan remembered correctly, this seemed to be the most serious moment for Ling Buyan that he has ever seen.

And he also heard it from the other party’s tone – Ling Buyan’s words were definitely not a joke.

Ling Buyan was being too serious, and it even made Li Fenglan a little uncomfortable.

He looked away, looked at Yaozheng Bell again, and changed the subject: “But Yaozheng Bell, why did it lose control…”

“Because of Li Fuyue.”

“What!” This answer really scared Li Fenglan. With a jump, he suddenly turned his head and looked at Ling Buyan.

But the other party nodded again, and repeated the answer with a smile: “I said, Yaozheng Bell lost control because of Li Fuyue.”

Li Fenglan pursed his lips tightly, unable to say a word.

“Don’t you think it’s weird that Li Fuyue suddenly fell into qi deviation?” Ling Buyan took a look at Yaozheng Bell, and asked Li Fenglan’s biggest doubt.

Yes, why did I fall into qi deviation back then?

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