The Whole Cultivation World Wants To Revive The Venerable Chapter 21

Chapter 21

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Li Fenglan has been thinking about this question for more than a thousand years.

But even he himself couldn’t find the answer.

Li Fenglan thought about it, but could only think of the word “inexplicable”.

He felt in his heart that he couldn’t explain the reason for this matter, and Ling Buyan certainly wouldn’t know.

But thinking of the description of him in “Tianmian Daosheng”, Li Fenglan couldn’t help asking: “Could it be that master knows why he fell into qi deviation?” 

Ling Buyan nodded first, then shook his head again.

…Master, what do you mean by this?

Ling Buyan conjured up a folding fan out of nowhere, held it in his hand and began to play with it.

After a while, he said: “Haven’t you ever thought about what would happen to Li Fuyue if he didn’t fall into qi deviation?”

“He would achieve his dao and ascend.” Li Fenglan said these words without any hesitation.

After all, when he fell into qi deviation, he was only half a step away from ascension.

Ling Buyan nodded, and suddenly put down the folding fan in his hand.

He turned around and looked into Li Fenglan’s eyes, put away his smile, and repeated those few words almost word for word: “Yes, he would achieve his dao and ascend.”

Li Fenglan had an intuition that Ling Buyan must know something else, but the man obviously didn’t want to say any more.

He seemed to be reminding himself on purpose.

Falling into qi deviation, achieving dao and ascending, and inexplicably losing control of the Yaozheng Bell…

Li Fenglan lived in snowy Meizhou in his last life, and he didn’t know much about human relationships, but him becoming the number one person in the world of cultivation, his understanding and IQ were naturally excellent.

He stood where he was, his hands and feet trembling uncontrollably.

Li Fenglan thought he seemed to know the answer.

“Master, you mean that someone is deliberately preventing Li Fuyue from ascension?”

Ling Buyan shook his head with a half-smile: “No, it’s not to prevent him from ascension, but to kill him.” “

“Kill him… …” Li Fenglan couldn’t help repeating these words.

“Li Fuyue’s cultivation was as high as the sky, and no one in the Three Realms could match him.” Ling Buyan said softly as he led him to the outside of the hall, “If you want to kill him, you can only kill him while he is in a very bad state. If something didn’t happen, how can anyone in the cultivation world dare to touch Li Fuyue?”

Li Fenglan murmured: “So only when Li Fuyue fell into qi deviation first and committed a crime and he was seriously injured. Only then would the cultivation world have a reason to kill him, and have a chance to kill him.” 

“That’s right.” At the same time as Ling Buyan’s words fell, the white jade Pavilion in front of him suddenly disappeared, and the two returned to the former hall.

“A guest is here.” Ling Buyan said suddenly.


Ling Buyan did not pause and pushed open the main entrance of the main hall while speaking.

Then Li Fenglan saw that today’s visitor turned out to be Mo Shenyu who he hadn’t seen for many days.

He was wearing a brocade robe, sitting on the long steps outside the hall, with one hand on his chest.

Hearing the sound of the palace door being opened, Mo Shenyu slowly turned around and looked back.

Mo Shenyu seemed to have been seriously injured, and there was a strong smell of blood on his body.

But because Mo Shenyu was pressing on the wound, and the purple robe was darker in color, Li Fenglan couldn’t tell how serious his injury was.

Although there was no blood on his face, after seeing Li Fenglan and Ling Buyan, Mo Shenyu smiled and said: “Senior Brother, Shi Zhi, long time no see.” 

From the day Ling Buyan left his retreat, Li Fenglan couldn’t stop recalling the description of his ending.

Seeing these two people who will perish together in the future appear in the same space amicably, Li Fenglan couldn’t help observing them.

Ling Buyan also seemed surprised by Mo Shenyu’s appearance. He paused and asked his Junior Brother, “What’s wrong with you? Why are you injured so badly?”

Ling Buyan’s attitude was very normal.

If he hadn’t seen the ending, Li Fenglan would have thought that these two were just ordinary brothers who hadn’t seen each other for many years.

But it was precisely because Li Fenglan had read “Tianmian Daosheng”, that he felt that the scene in front of him was not right.

Ling Buyan was not someone who would perish with abandon his beliefs in order to protect the sect.

Judging by the looks of the two of them, it doesn’t look like they have had a long-standing grudge.

So what happened afterwards that made them fight to the death?

“Cough cough cough…” Mo Shenyu coughed a few times and said, “Not long ago, outside the sect, I met a few members of the Mingxin sect. There were so many of them, they chased me to the outside of Tianmian Palace before leaving.”

After what happened to Cheng Duan, Tianmian Palace and Mingxin Sect became completely hostile.

If it weren’t for Qiu Wanyou’s sudden descent to the realm, and the faction had a powerful person in charge, the people of Mingxin Sect would have made trouble long ago.

At first glance, this statement was not a big problem. But thinking about the description of Mo Shenyu in the book, Li Fenglan felt that Mo Shenyu’s injury might not be so simple.

——Mo Shenyu was a person who spent all day enjoying himself in the human world and had little affection for the sect.

Why did a person like him meet a cultivator of the Mingxin Sect, have conflicts with him, and be besieged?

The most important thing is that in “Tianmian Daosheng”, it was written that Mo Shenyu’s talent was outstanding, deeply concealed. Who can beat him like this?

Mo Shenyu stood up with support on one side of the porch pillar, he smiled at Ling Buyan and said: “This time the injury is a bit serious, I wonder if I can borrow my senior brother’s Lingshuang Palace?”

Lingshuang Palace was the place where Ling Buyan used to be in retreat before. The aura was abundant, so the retreat was twice the result with half the effort.

Mo Shenyu had already left Miguang Mountain, so if he wanted to use Lingshuang Palace, he would have to borrow from Ling Buyan.

Ling Buyan nodded and smiled, “Naturally, it’s no problem.”

Seeing his Senior Brother nodding, Mo Shenyu said, “I’ll buy you a drink after I leave retreat.” Then he disappeared in front of the two of them.

Everything just now was so normal.

So what the h*ll is going on!

Seeing Li Fenglan staring blankly at the direction where Mo Shenyu disappeared, Ling Buyan asked a little strangely: “What’s the matter Fenglan? Do you have something the matter with your Shishu?” 

“No, no,” Li Fenglan realized that his behavior was a little weird “I’m not familiar with him.”

Ling smiled for a while, and said after a while: “It’s good not to be familiar with him.”

In the next few days, there was no news from the main peak of Tianmian Palace, and neither did Qiu Wanyou find someone to call Li Fenglan.

Li Fenglan thought, Qiu Wanyou was hurt by Yaozheng Bell that day, and he probably suffered a serious injury, and he should be recuperating during this time.

If Li Fenglan hadn’t been there that day and saw Yaozheng Bell’s strange behavior with his own eyes, he might have forgotten it like everyone else.

However, he didn’t have the time to think about it for the time being. After getting the jade plate from the main hall, Li Fenglan seized the time to use the Yaozheng Bell to mend his spiritual vein.

——It stands to reason that if a master gives such an important thing to an apprentice, it must be because he cares about him.

But Ling Buyan still didn’t change his style of teaching, and allowed Li Fenglan torment himself from beginning to end.

But this made Li Fenglan breathe a sigh of relief.

During this day-to-day meditation, Li Fenglan finally completely absorbed that drop of blood.

The originally broken spiritual veins were repaired little by little.

In the main hall of Miguang Mountain, Li Fenglan, who was dressed in white, slowly opened his eyes.

He took a deep breath, and circulated the spiritual power flowing from the Yaozheng Bell in his body again.

It has been a long time for Li Fenglan, and he had never felt such a relaxed and natural feeling.

Usually, when the aura was running in the body, one can only feel difficulty and pain.

At this moment, the spirit vein was finally repaired, and Li Fenglan finally found a little bit of his feeling from the previous life.

After all, the original owner was also a cultivator with heavenly spiritual roots.

Li Fenglan stood up slowly, reached out and took off the veiled cap on top of his head.

Without the cover of the veil, Li Fenglan’s vision suddenly became clear, and for a while he was not quite used to it.

Standing in the hall, he stretched out his hand to create a water mirror.

With the healing of the spiritual veins, the scars on Li Fenglan’s face have also completely healed.

Pale skin, delicate facial features, and those indifferent eyes.

Affected by the soul, the face in the water mirror, except for the childishness, was already six points similar to his previous life.

After a few breaths, Li Fenglan put away the water mirror, and put back the veiled hat, expressionless again.

There were too many acquaintances around recently, it was better to be careful.

Sure enough, just as Li Fenglan walked out of the hall, he met an acquaintance.

Zhuang Zhixia, dressed in white and holding a long sword, came to Miguang Mountain at some point. Judging by his appearance, it seems that he has been waiting here for a long time.

Seeing Li Fenglan coming out, Zhuang Zhixia immediately stepped forward to say hello: “Junior Brother Li.”

Hearing this, Li Fenglan also bowed to her.

“The last time Immortal Master Qiu asked you to go to the main peak, he had something to give you. Now he has something to do and can’t leave, so he entrusted me to deliver the things first.” Zhuang Zhixia said.

It turned out that before Qiu Wanyou asked himself to go to the main peak, was it to give something?

But what does Qiu Wanyou want to give me?

Li Fenglan pretended to be terrified and asked back: “Senior sister, the immortal master wants to give me something?” 

“That’s right.” Zhuang Zhixia nodded her head then from who knows where took out a box. “
Immortal Master Qiu wanted to give it to you personally but that day’s matters…… the situation is a little troublesome, so he asked me to bring the things over.”

Li Fenglan was sure that he had never seen this wooden box.

He hesitated for a moment, and carefully took the thing from Zhuang Zhixia’s hand.

Seeing that Li Fenglan got the box, the other party explained briefly, and then left Miguang Mountain.

“…What the h*ll is it?” Li Fenglan walked into the house with the box in doubt.

“Aooo!” Haven’t seen his master for several days, just as Li Fenglan pushed the door open, the little snow-colored beast rushed into his arms and writhed crazily.

Li Fenglan grabbed Cheng Huang with one hand and the box with the other, and almost fell to the ground.

“Don’t make trouble.” He smiled and rubbed Cheng Huang’s head, walked to the table and sat down.

It wasn’t until this time that Cheng Huang realized that Li Fenglan was still holding something in his hand.

It subconsciously stretched out its nose and sniffed, and then seemed a little excited to open the box.

“Are you interested in this thing?”

“Aooo!” Seeing that it couldn’t open the box, it turned around and bit Li Fenglan’s sleeve, as if it really wanted to see what was inside.

Logically speaking, since Qiu Wanyou saved himself last time, he wouldn’t harm anyone this time.

And if he wanted to harm someone, there was no need to use such a tortuous method.

Li Fenglan thought for a while, then finally opened the wooden box slowly.

“This is…” He couldn’t help but widen his eyes and looked into the box in disbelief.

Not only him, even Cheng Huang slowly fell silent after seeing the contents in the box.

Inside the box were a jade pendant, a brocade garment, and a handful of yellow soil.

These three things were all left by the former Li Fuyue.

Thousands of years ago, the Li family was ransacked and beheaded, leaving only him alive.

At that time, Tianmian Palace held a real immortal lord, Mu Hantao, and he hadn’t retreated all year round like later on. He happened to pass by there, and found Li Fuyue who possessed a heavenly spirit root, and brought the boy back to the sect.

That day Li Fuyue left in a hurry and only had time to snatch a handful of yellow soil from the flower bed of his hometown.

When he came to Tianmian Palace, he was already seventeen years old. Unlike other people who cultivated since childhood, Li Fuyue had a deeper concern for the world.

It was difficult for him to get out of the shadow of his family members being ransacked and beheaded for a while. Even though he had a heavenly root, Li Fuyue’s cultivation still hadn’t improved at all in the first year of joining the sect.

He didn’t cultivate well, he locked himself in the room all day, staring at the yellow soil and the clothes he was wearing that day in a daze.

The three things in front of Li Fenglan now were the things he was dazed with back then.

As if feeling his master’s heavy heart, Cheng Huang let out a soft “woo” and rubbed Li Fenglan’s chin.

“I didn’t expect Qiu Wanyou to keep these things…” Li Fenglan said softly.

Unlike Ling Buyan, who always took care of his apprentices, Qiu Wanyou was a very careful master.

Seeing that Li Fenglan could not get out of the past, he simply collected all the things related to the lower realm, so that his apprentice could practice with peace of mind.

Li Fenglan still remembered that Qiu Wanyou said to himself at that time: “Cultivate hard, and when you can cut off the mundane trivial matters in the future, you can send things back to the mortal world yourself. Just end your thinking.”

Li Fuyue did not leave the sect one step in the three hundred years after.

And when he went out to cultivate with his nascent soul, his homeland had already been destroyed in the flames of war.

And because of various things, he delayed it again and again, and he never sent the things back as Qiu Wanyou said.

Thousands of years passed, Li Fenglan gradually forgot about this matter.

After his master ascended, he just happened to think of the yellow soil.

But at that time Qiu Wanyou had already gone to the upper realm, and Li Fenglan didn’t know where he put his things, or if he had already thrown them.

“Woo~” Cheng Huang laid on Li Fenglan’s shoulder, acting cute with him.

At the same time, the big tail swept across the table, and a piece of paper was swept out of the box by it.

“Huh?” Cheng Huang seemed to be very interested in the note, but before he could turn around and pick it up, Li Fenglan took it into his hands.

He saw——Qiu Wanyou left a message on the note, asking himself to bring this thing to the mortal world, all of it buried outside a city called “Xihou”.

And Xihou City was where Li Fenglan lived in his previous life.

It turned out that Qiu Wanyou wanted “Li Fuyue’s relative”, to help him fulfill his last wish?

Just when Li Fenglan was wondering how he was going to go to Xihou City, the sect sent him a notice to experience the lower realm.

Thinking about it, Qiu Wanyou should have arranged this matter.

Speaking of which, Ling Buyan, who has been very mysterious lately, since the day he told Li Fenglan about Yaozheng Bell, he never showed up again.

Until the day he left the sect, Li Fenglan did not see Ling Buyan.

Tianmian Palace, the main peak.

According to tradition, cultivators will gather on the main peak before going out for training.

After the people are all together, there will be an immortal lord to give out the disciple card.

Although he spent more than 2,000 years in Tianmian Palace in his previous life, the current ceremony was very unfamiliar to Li Fenglan.

——In his previous life, he was an outright privileged class in Tianmian Palace.

Not only did he leave the sect for the first time after conceiving a nascent soul, but he had never even operated with anyone from the sect.

So after arriving at the main peak, Li Fenglan was also a little curious about the process and couldn’t help looking around.

There was still some time before the ceremony started so seeing him coming from a distance, Zhuang Zhixia also nodded to him.

Li Fenglan was a famous figure in the sect, seeing that Zhuang Zhixia also greeted him, the people around started whispering.

“Hey, he’s that Li Fenglan, the one that Master Qiu Wanyou carried back!” 

“I can’t tell what he looks like…”

“Tsk tsk, it’s him, no wonder the senior sisters look at him differently.” “

“Why is Li Fenglan wearing a hat ?”

“I heard he seems to be injured…”

When the cultivators spoke, they did not deliberately lower their voices. They knew that Li Fenglan only had the cultivation base of the Foundation Establishment Stage, so they took it for granted that the other party couldn’t hear them.

Little did they know that although Li Fenglan’s cultivation was average, he had a spirit of the immortalization stage.

Every word they said was heard clearly in Li Fenglan’s ears.

The experience of Tianmian Palace was also particular.

Li Fenglan’s current team was composed of core disciples from all levels of the sect.

They were all arrogant and looked down on Li Fenglan who appeared in the team inexplicably.

But Li Fenglan was not angry, after all he also felt that he was not qualified to appear here.

Because of the cover of the veil, Li Fenglan’s emotions were also hidden.

It suddenly occurred to him that in his last life, he was really well protected by Qiu Wanyou.

By the time he left snowy Meizhou, he already had the title of a genius, and he had never experienced the warmth and coldness of the people in the cultivation world.

Hmph, if he had started from this position in his previous life, maybe he wouldn’t have died so quickly.

“Stupid…” Li Fenglan couldn’t help but comment on himself.

Just as Li Fenglan’s voice fell, a hand suddenly rested on his shoulder.

Before Li Fenglan turned around to see who it was, he heard that person very happily asking: “Are you talking about yourself?”

Then the person stood beside Li Fenglan.

“Why are you here?” Li Fenglan never expected that the person who appeared beside him would be Duan Qianli!

Duan Qianli actually got mixed into the training team of Tianmian Palace! ?

“Don’t get excited,” Duan Qianli patted him on the shoulder, and began to make up nonsense, “I still have quite a status in the sect.” “

“Haha.” I believe it.

Perhaps stimulated by Li Fenglan’s contemptuous smile, Duan Qianli frowned and asked: “Why, you look down on me?”

——Obviously, Duan Qianli had great supernatural powers. During the time he was recovering from his injuries in Tianmian Palace, he had already compiled a new identity for himself.

He, the master of the demon clan, is really chic.

“Of course not.” Li Fenglan said perfunctorily.

After hearing his answer, Duan Qianli put down his arms and stood beside Li Fenglan.

And at this moment, Li Fenglan suddenly heard a familiar “woo woo”.

Wait… This voice should not be!

Sure enough, as soon as Li Fenglan turned around, he saw a dark object appearing on Duan Qianli’s shoulder.

Before Li Fenglan could see the appearance of that thing clearly, the next moment it jumped into his arms.

“Woooooooooo!” and rubbed his neck happily.

If this thing was bigger and bleached white, wouldn’t it be exactly the same as Cheng Huang!

And the familiar fluctuations of the spiritual contract also told Li Fenglan that the black coal ball in front of him was indeed Cheng Huang himself!

“How did you get here?” Li Fenglan was extremely shocked.

He saw Duan Qianli throw a fruit into his mouth, then shrugged and said, “It is looking for you everywhere by itself. Is it wrong for me to bring it with good intentions? Oh, yes… I was afraid that people would recognize it, so I dyed it’s fur on purpose.”

Dyed fur…

Dyed fur!

Cheng Huang was an ancient ferocious beast after all. Although he was not yet an adult, his IQ was not worth mentioning.

After capturing the message of “dyed fur”, its voice suddenly became aggrieved.


Li Fenglan remembered that Cheng Huang had always treasured its snow-white fur. When it was free during the day, it would be smoothing it’s fur.

Duan Qianli dyed it black this time… It was definitely revenge for the enemy who dragged him into the pit at that time!

But anyway, Cheng Huang and Duan Qianli, two super dangerous people, have already arrived at the main peak square, Li Fenglan definitely can’t send them back now.

Seeing that no one was paying attention to him for the time being, Li Fenglan quickly hid Cheng Huang in his loose sleeves.

Cheng Huang, who didn’t understand what this meant, excitedly rubbed against Li Fenglan’s arm.

It was really fatal…

At this moment, a sword light suddenly appeared not far away. The disciples on the main peak stood up one after another, looking forward nervously.

Currently, there were four teaching immortals in Tianmian Palace. Apart from Li Fenglan’s good apprentice and Junior Brother, there were two others, “Chi Jie” and “Chi Zhen”.

Chi Jie Immortal Venerable was old and had no hope of breaking through, so he hardly showed up anymore, and Chi Zhen has been busy in retreat all these years.

So after all this turn around, the trivial matters in the sect still fell on Meng Linzhou.

According to the tradition of Tianmian Palace, this time it is Meng Linzhou who will send them out of the palace.

Li Fenglan saw the man in the black Xiezhi robe from a distance.

Meng Linzhou always pretended to be serious in front of his disciples, so these young cultivators were a little afraid of him.

In addition, he has always disliked the twists and turns of the sect, so after coming here, Meng Linzhou just followed the regulations and sent a jade plate to the disciple in charge of this experience, Zhuang Zhixia, and simply went through the process.

Logically speaking, Meng Linzhou had already finished his work.

However, just as everyone was about to watch him leave, Meng Linzhou’s eyes suddenly swept across the crowd, and finally fell on Li Fenglan… 

At the same time, Li Fenglan couldn’t help but take half a step back.

Meng Linzhou nodded to Zhuang Zhixia who was standing aside, and took another step forward.

And Li Fenglan took another step back, pretending that he didn’t know this rebel disciple.

However, Meng Linzhou’s eyes were too obvious. At this time, everyone’s eyes were already focused on Li Fenglan.

Even Duan Qianli, who was standing next to him just now, moved a little to the side, pretending that he didn’t know Li Fenglan.

… The Demon Clan are indeed ruthless and heartless!

Locking at Li Fenglan’s current location, Meng Linzhou didn’t speak, he walked directly across the crowd to Li Fenglan’s side.

“This is for you, just call me if you need something.” Meng Linzhou conjured up a sound transmission talisman out of nowhere and put it in Li Fenglan’s hand.

Perhaps it was the first time giving someone something, Meng Linzhou’s tone was particularly blunt.

“It’s…too precious,” Li Fenglan didn’t want anything from the rebel disciple, “it’s just an experience, there won’t be any problem.” 

Unexpectedly, Meng Linzhou didn’t pay attention to what Li Fenglan said.

He put the sound transmission talisman into Li Fenglan’s hand, and then left pretending to be cold.

Meng Linzhou didn’t see how gossipy the eyes of the disciples on the main peak square were after he left.

Something is wrong!

There is definitely something wrong!

Didn’t Li Fenglan stay in Miguang Mountain all the time? When did he get to know the Law Abiding Immortal Venerable?

After Meng Linzhou left, the main peak square became lively.

At the same time, Duan Qianli, who hid to the side just now, also walked to Li Fenglan’s side again.

His expression was a little serious: “Li Fenglan.”

“What’s wrong?” Li Fenglan was a little scared by Duan Qianli, and he couldn’t help taking a step back.

Duan Qianli stared at Li Fenglan seriously, he shook his head and said thoughtfully: “It has nothing to do with you, I just suddenly thought… Could it be that Meng Linzhou also has inappropriate thoughts?” 

The corner of the veil was opened.

Duan Qianli saw that Li Fenglan smiled at him, and then slowly uttered: “Dirty thoughts.”

There are a large number of people who would be experiencing the lower realm this time, and with so many people, it is natural to divide the troops into several groups.

After all, Li Fenglan was “special”, so he was directly assigned to the team led by Zhuang Zhixia himself.

He didn’t know what trick Duan Qianli played, but he also followed him.

In order to facilitate everyone’s journey, Zhuang Zhixia directly expediated a spirit boat to sail on the sea of ​​clouds.

Not long after, the spirit boat flew away from Tianmian Palace. Looking at the sporadic mortal towns below, Li Fenglan couldn’t help asking: “Senior Sister Zhuang, where are we going this trip?” 

Li Fenglan would never make a move with other sect disciples, even less complete a mission togehter so after leaving the sect, he was indeed a little curious.

Zhuang Zhixia said: “Our destination is not far away, do you know Xihou City?” 

“Xihou City… I know.”

Isn’t this the place where I want to bury the box?

It seems that this trip was indeed arranged by Qiu Wanyou.

Hearing these words, Duan Qianli who was sitting beside the spirit boat sneered disdainfully, but Li Fenglan himself didn’t feel much.

After all, he was used to Qiu Wanyou’s temperament – as long as Qiu Wanyou wanted it, he will definitely do it.

After Zhuang Zhixia left, Duan Qianli who was sitting by the boat finally got up and walked to Li Fenglan’s side.

At this time, Cheng Huang also poked his head out of Li Fenglan’s sleeve quietly, and looked down the boat curiously.

When Li Fenglan heard it, Duan Qianli suddenly said to himself, “I never thought Qiu Wanyou would be the same after ascending.” “

What do you mean?”

If Li Fenglan remembered correctly, Duan Qianli had never seen Qiu Wanyou before.

What did he suddenly think of today to say that?

“Do you know what he was like back then?” Li Fenglan’s tone was full of suspicion.

After hearing Li Fenglan’s question, Duan Qianli remembered his identity – an ordinary disciple of Tianmian Palace.

With his status, he couldn’t be too familiar with Qiu Wanyou.

But the words have already been spoken, Duan Qianli had no choice but to change his words and said: “I guessed this from his behavior in the past and other people’s descriptions of him.” 

Duan Qianli yawned and said: “Looking at Tianmian Palace, even In the entire realm of cultivation, is there any master like him who keeps his disciple by his side and only releases them at the Nascent Soul stage?” 

After all, Li Fenglan has been used to refuting Duan Qianli after being a rival for thousands of years, so as soon as the other party’s voice came out, he said: “…Maybe he wants the disciple to cultivate with peace of mind?

“Three hundred years,” Duan Qianli slowly said these three words, “He and Li Fuyue stayed in Meizhou for three hundred years. If Li Fuyue hadn’t been so talented and cultivated a nascent soul in three hundred years, then the time spent together day and night might not have been just three hundred years.” 

Li Fenglan fell silent, and he suddenly felt his mind in chaos.

Duan Qianli sighed again and said: “Why are you as stupid as Li Fuyue?” 

“What do you mean by that?”

Why did Duan Qianli start a personal attack?

Li Fenglan’s tone became extremely cold in an instant, but Duan Qianli was not affected.

He only heard the man say quietly: “Not only did he forcefully keep him by his side for three hundred years, he even deliberately made Li Fuyue not know the sufferings of the world…”

Duan Qianli’s words were like a thorn stabbing at him. It reached Li Fenglan’s heart.

Even if they were rivals, at this moment, Li Fenglan couldn’t help thinking carefully about Duan Qianli’s words.

Qiu Wanyou kept himself by his side all the time, as he said, for himself?

On this side, Li Fenglan was seriously thinking about this issue, while on the other side, Duan Qianli had already begun to summarize his speech.

“If you ask me, Qiu Wanyou is a pervert who doesn’t care about normal relationships! At that time, half of the cultivation world…” Duan Qianli stopped suddenly after saying this.

Wait, why is it half of the cultivation world again?

This time, Li Fenglan finally couldn’t help asking: “What’s wrong with half of the cultivation world?”

Although covered by a veil, Li Fenglan’s expression could not be seen clearly.

But Duan Qianli suddenly felt that the person opposite was a little dangerous.

He cleared his throat, and said bluntly and confidently: “——knew what kind of thoughts he had for his disciple.”

Duan Qianli used to talk a lot, but after being so agitated by Li Fenglan, he finally couldn’t help it and talked endlessly about the past.

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