The Whole Cultivation World Wants To Revive The Venerable Chapter 25

Chapter 25

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Mingxin Sect, Shadow Palace.

The ground of the main hall was made of a whole piece of black marble, which looked oppressive and cold.

In the very center of the hall, Cheng Duan in red was sitting on the ground. In front of him was a short case with a thick stack of drawing paper and a few Zihao brushes on it.

The man sat at his desk for a long time, then suddenly dropped the pen in his hand and muttered to himself: “No…the lips aren’t right.”

It turned out that he spent a long time at his desk for a portrait.

The man in the painting was wearing a white brocade robe with a red mark on his forehead.

In all fairness, Cheng Duan’s painting skills were definitely not bad at all. For example, the well-known “Ming Xin Xuan Nu” in the cultivation world was drawn by him.

At this time, he even used only a few strokes to draw the warp and weft patterns on the brocade robe.

But such fine workmanship made the whole painting look weird…

Because the face in the center of the scroll was blank except for the lips.

Cheng Duan shook his head suddenly, and swiped off the Zihao brush on the case with his sleeve.

He stood up and gritted his teeth looking at the painting on the desk, feeling both startled and terrified.

——Just now, Cheng Duan discovered a terrible thing.

At this time, more than 1,200 years have passed since Li Fuyue died. And under the washing of time, the image of the man who was originally deep in his mind became blurred a little bit.

Cheng Duan picked up the pen, but he could no longer draw the man’s face.

“Fuyue… Fuyue…” He fell back to the ground, stretched out his hands to hold his chest, and called that person’s name over and over again.

The shadow hall of Mingxin Sect was empty, except for his own echo, no one answered Cheng Duan’s question.

Ever since he stole Li Fuyue’s Dao heart thousands of years ago, Cheng Duan’s cultivation had grown rapidly. Coupled with his deep scheming, it didn’t take long for Cheng Duan to become the actual controller of Mingxin Sect.

Whenever his father, who was also the Sect Master of Mingxin Sect, was dealing with important affairs, Cheng Duan would listen in the side room separated by a wall.

On this night, the disciples of Mingxin Sect who had gone to Xihou City also returned to the main gate.

The three words “Tianmian Palace” repeatedly appeared in the ears of Cheng Duan who was sitting on the side.

“Tianmian Palace, Tianmian Palace again…” Cheng Duan propped his head with his hands impatiently, and sat at the table with his eyes closed.

After what happened last time, Mingxin Sect and Tianmian Palace were no longer reconcilable.

In the eyes of ordinary cultivators of Mingxin Sect, Cheng Duan had already died in Tianmian Palace.

Fortunately, Cheng Duan himself had been staying behind closed doors for hundreds of years, so he didn’t have any special feelings about whether he could move freely outside.

It’s just that now the cultivation circles said that he stole Li Fuyue’s Dao Heart, and Mingxin Sect’s reputation had also plummeted. Cheng Duan, who was quite ambitious, would not ignore this point.

If Qiu Wanyou hadn’t suddenly descended to the realm and controlled Tianmian Palace, the two sects would have already been at odds with each other on the surface.

Cheng Duan was not interested in the skirmish between the disciples of the two sects, and just when he was about to send a puppet out to tell the outsiders that this topic should be ended, he suddenly smelt a familiar smell… at the tip of his nose


And it was quite similar to the blood that flowed in his body.

At the same time as he smelled the faint bloody smell, Cheng Duan opened his eyes little by little.

Thick eyelashes cast a shadow under his eyes, and Cheng Duan’s eyes looked extraordinarily deep.

The cultivators were sensitive with their five senses, while Cheng Duan, who had stolen the Dao Heart, was particularly sensitive to the smell of blood.

The man slowly sat up straight, and waved his hand to call the puppet standing beside him.

“Go, see where this bloody smell came from.”

After finishing speaking, the puppet retreated without saying a word.

After a while, it walked to the side holding four long swords.

These four swords appeared together, and the smell was really complicated.

The puppet couldn’t tell the difference between the smell of blood, and just now Cheng Duan didn’t say what bloody smell, so it took all the bloody things it could find.

Cheng Duan looked at the swords in silence. He got up and took the long swords one by one. When he lifted the third sword, the man’s hand stopped there.

“That’s it,” he said to the puppet after a pause, “take out the rest.”

The puppet retreated silently again, and Cheng Duan sat back on the chair with the sword in his hand.

Unlike Tianmian Palace, Mingxin Sect was not a sword cultivator school, and swords were not that important to them.

So at this time, Cheng Duan saw—the blade of the long sword in his hand was engraved with many small patterns, and blood seeped into the gaps of the patterns at some point.

The careless master did not wipe the long sword, so the smell of blood had not been able to dissipate.

Cheng Duan stretched out his fingers, stroking the cold blade with extreme tenderness.

He smiled and called “Fuyue”, and then asked the puppet to ask the owner of the sword what the name of the person he stabbed not long ago was.

Although the tide of ferocious beasts had temporarily passed, the mission of the cultivators of Tianmian Palace this trip – to deal with the ferocious beasts on the outskirts of Xihou City had not yet been completed.

Therefore, in the past few nights, the disciples of Tianmian Palace were still busy killing the beasts outside the city.

——Even Duan Qianli, who pretended to be injured and wanted to be lazy at the inn, was forcibly brought here by Zhuang Zhixia.

After leaving the city, several people dispersed. At this moment, a black shadow suddenly appeared from the forest.

“You—” Seeing the black shadow, the cultivator of Tianmian Palace in white immediately grabbed his sword. However, before he could pull out the sword, there was a cold light, and the next moment, a bloodstain appeared on the man’s neck, and he fell to the ground with a plop.

The black shadow went forward and took off the disciple plate with the words “Zhang He Chang”.

The corpse disappeared in a second, and at the same time, the black shadow slowly condensed into a solid body, and finally became exactly the same as the cultivator who fell to the ground just now, and the disciple plate was hung on him.

The sky was full of stars that night. “Zhang Hechang” stood in place and moved his wrists, as if he was adapting to his new appearance. After less than a stick of incense, he turned and walked towards the other side of the dense forest.

Although Li Fenglan had no expectations for the cultivation world, he didn’t intend to let the matter of the beast go. He had no intentions to indulge himself.

So outside the city, Li Fenglan carefully identified the footprints of the beasts in the forest. As for Duan Qianli… he had been following Li Fenglan’s side to slack off openly.

Anyway, the safety of the human world had nothing to do with him, the master of the demon clan.

Just as the two of them were busy with their own business, a person suddenly ran over from the forest in a hurry.

Seeing Li Fenglan and Duan Qianli, he was taken aback for a moment, and then hurriedly said: “You two juniors, just now a group of ferocious beasts appeared in the forest, and it’s difficult for us to deal with it with the small number of people…” He was panting heavily as he spoke, it didn’t look good at all.

“I came to look for Senior Sister Zhuang Zhixia… pant, I didn’t expect to meet you.” 

“Well,” Li Fenglan stood up straight, frowned and asked him, “Where is it?”

“This way!” That person planned to take Li Fenglan to the other side of the forest.

But at this moment, Li Fenglan who was standing behind him suddenly drew his sword and stabbed at the man’s back without any hesitation.

His movements were so fast that even Duan Qianli didn’t see clearly.

Although Li Fenglan’s cultivation was not high, the sword energy brought by this sword directly felled the surrounding trees, and at the same time alarmed other people in Tianmian Palace not far away.

Seeing this, Duan Qianli finally came to his senses: “There is something wrong with this man!”

“He doesn’t have the qi of a living person.” Li Fenglan said in a deep voice.

While speaking, Li Fenglan had raised his sword and dropped it, but in an instant, the person standing opposite him turned into a thin talisman and fell to the ground.

However, at this moment, another six or seven figures appeared out of nowhere and attacked Li Fenglan together.

Although his swordsmanship was superb, after all, he only had the cultivation base of a foundation establishment stage cultivator.

Seeing Li Fenglan’s difficulty in coping, Duan Qianli gritted his teeth and came forward with his sword.

He must be possessed – when he made a move, he didn’t forget to complain about himself.

“Why are you here!” Seeing Duan Qianli’s attack, Li Fenglan couldn’t help being surprised.

If he remembered correctly, Duan Qianli was the one who said, “I’m only happy when all the cultivators in the world are dead.”

“Why can’t I come? We are from the same family anyway,” Duan Qianli felt a little guilty when he said this, “Besides, you saved me once, now we are even.” 

After saying that, he, like Li Fenglan, raised his sword and pointed it toward the puppet.

Although pretending to be an ordinary cultivator, one must know that Duan Qianli’s real identity was a immortalization stage cultivator in the demon world.

After spending a few days together, he had already learned a lot of basic moves from the disciples of Tianmian Palace. In addition, he had always liked acting with the full package, so he had directly suppressed his own cultivation, so after Zhuang Zhixia and his party arrived, they didn’t see anything wrong with him at all.

At this time, the puppets surrounded Li Fenglan and Duan Qianli.

Seeing the people from Tianmian Palace coming, Duan Qianli couldn’t help cursing secretly in his heart.

Why are these people here?

After all, his cultivation had been suppressed to the golden core stage, and Duan Qianli was also injured before, so he knew he couldn’t continue acting.

He took a quick look around, and then quietly used the demon clan’s secret technique to attract those puppets to him when the others didn’t notice.

Just waiting for the next moment, Duan Qianli took the puppet and disappeared into the dense forest.

Seeing this, Li Fenglan raised his sword and followed without any hesitation.

But Zhuang Zhixia who just arrived stopped the others, and the woman turned around and said solemnly: “Don’t move, there is a problem in this forest, I will send you back to the city first.”

In fact, even if Duan Qianli was suppressed, these puppets were nothing to him in the immortalization stage.

But one should blame Duan Qianli for not being healed from the injury he suffered before. After such a toss, the wound that had already begun to heal opened again.

So when he was leading those puppets to other places, Duan Qianli couldn’t help but curse: “Turn to ashes, Qiu Wanyou.”

This sound happened to be heard by someone following him.

Li Fenglan: “…”

Due to excessive blood loss, Duan Qianli’s vision has become blurred. In addition, Li Fenglan was wearing Qingzhu, so Duan Qianli didn’t realize that there was a person behind him.

In just half a stick of incense, Duan Qianli led those puppets to a lake in the forest.

Suddenly a golden light shone in the distance, and Li Fenglan also subconsciously closed his eyes.

When he opened his eyes again, the “Tianmian Palace disciple He Yuyuan” who had been following him all this time finally disappeared.

A man in a light golden robe stood in the void, his long silver hair fluttering in the wind, even making the stars in the sky lose their color.

Duan Qianli’s facial features were bright, and there was a bloodthirsty smile on his lips at this time.

“The puppet of Mingxin Sect?” He smiled and said, “Your master must be Cheng Duan who stole Li Fuyue’s dao heart…” 

In the depths of the dense forest, he finally changed back to the familiar Duan Qianli.

The white-haired demonic cultivator called out the golden thirteen-section whip expressionlessly, and slashed at the puppet in front without the slightest hesitation.

Duan Qianli, who had an immortalization stage cultivation base, knocked down all those puppets with just one move.

Seeing this, Li Fenglan couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief, but just as he was about to retreat silently and return to the Tianmian Palace team, he saw Duan Qianli, who was standing just now, suddenly fall down.

“Duan Qianli!” Li Fenglan couldn’t help calling the other party’s name, and walked forward subconsciously.

He saw that Qianli’s face was pale at this time, and even his robe, which was originally light gold, was more than half stained red by blood, making him look particularly frightening.

The man closed his eyes tightly and seemed to be dizzy.

It didn’t take much thinking to know that these were old wounds.

“Can you hear me?” Li Fenglan couldn’t bear to help the man up. He dragged him to the side of the tree and sat down.

He should have left at this moment as if nothing had happened but Duan Qianli saved his life just now, Li Fenglan really couldn’t let him stay here wounded.

After struggling for a long time, Li Fenglan took a handful of water from the lake and splashed it on Duan Qianli’s face.

The long silver hair was wet, but the man was still lying there motionless.

“He wouldn’t have died right…” Li Fenglan’s heart suddenly sank.

Duan Qianli was the demon lord, an important supporting role in “Tianmian Daosheng”, wouldn’t it be ridiculous if he died like this?

Though thinking this way in his heart, Li Fenglan hesitated for a moment, then silently stretched out his hand to check Duan Qianli’s breath.

So far so good.

Feeling the thin air flow from his fingertips, Li Fenglan finally breathed a sigh of relief.

Duan Qianli should still be alive.

However, at the next moment, when Li Fenglan was about to withdraw his hand, Duan Qianli, who was unconscious, suddenly reached out and grabbed Li Fenglan’s wrist.

“Fuyue, why didn’t you kill me?”

Hearing these words, Li Fenglan couldn’t help being startled, but then he reacted—Duan Qianli still closed his eyes tightly, and he didn’t seem to be very conscious. He was talking nonsense.

Li Fenglan tested it, and found that even when he was asleep, Duan Qianli’s hands were still so strong.

The other party tightly tugged on his wrist, with no intention of letting go.

Seeing that there was “no hope of getting away”, Li Fenglan simply sat beside Duan Qianli.

Logically speaking, the clothes the two of them were wearing were not thin, but after sitting side by side, Li Fenglan felt the scalding heat from the person beside him.

Duan Qianli’s body temperature itself was higher than ordinary people, but at this temperature, Duan Qianli definitely had a fever.

After sitting down, Li Fenglan began to close his eyes and meditate. Although his spiritual root was connected, compared with the previous life, he was still no different from a mortal body now.

Coming here with Duan Qianli and the puppets just now had already made Li Fenglan feel very tired.

Li Fenglan originally planned to take a break, but since he fainted, Duan Qianli had been repeating that nonsense, which was really annoying.

“Fuyue, why didn’t you kill me?”

“Could you please be quiet?” Li Fenglan pressed the center of his eyebrows with his other hand.

But Duan Qianli didn’t seem to hear Li Fenglan’s words, and he even held the man’s wrist even tighter: “…Why didn’t you kill me?”

Li Fenglan sighed, and finally couldn’t help saying: “Because you look like a person.”

What he said was 100% true.

If Duan Qianli was awake, and he heard Li Fuyue himself say these words, he would probably be so angry that he would vomit blood on the spot and faint again… 

But the fact was like this – Li Fenglan can kill without hesitation for ferocious beasts with a ferocious appearance, but it can’t be the same for Cheng Huang who was acting cute towards him.

Although Duan Qianli was a monster, his appearance was no different from that of a human.

This made Li Fenglan, who had never killed a living thing before the age of three hundred, and even followed his master all the time, who was a vegetarian in snowy Meizhou, completely unable to do anything.

He didn’t know if Duan Qianli really heard his words, but he suddenly stopped talking.

Just when Li Fenglan thought that the other party was completely burned out and was about to pull his hand out of Duan Qianli’s wrist, Duan Qianli, who was dressed in a golden robe, suddenly turned around and gently hugged himself into his arms.


Li Fenglan instinctively wanted to push him away, but even if Duan Qianli was injured, he was still a demonic cultivator at the immortalization stage.

Li Fenglan was completely trapped in the arms of the other party.

In the next moment, Duan Qianli leaned his head weakly on Li Fenglan’s shoulder, and suddenly said aggrievedly: “All my people say…you were interested in me since you didn’t kill me…”

Li Fenglan: ? ? ?

There was this kind of rumor?

He recalled what he said and did when he was fighting with Duan Qianli, and suddenly realized that Duan Qianli didn’t seem to be joking.

He took it seriously.

“…You really don’t understand flirtatious expressions.” Just as Li Fenglan was still digesting the last sentence, Duan Qianli suddenly said another sentence.

Hearing his words, Li Fenglan froze here on the spot as if struck by lightning.

I don’t understand… what?

Li Fenglan felt that he seemed to hear something extraordinary.

He was interested in Duan Qianli?

Did not understand flirtatious expressions?

What was this all about!

If the person here at this time was the former Li Fuyue, he would most likely not understand what Duan Qianli was talking about.

But the Li Fenglan in front of him had relived his life and swam through the comment section of “Tianmian Daosheng”.

He knew that there were some readers who liked to imagine the relationship between the characters in the novel.

Whether they were familiar or unfamiliar, they can be a couple when they pass by. Duan Qianli and him seemed to be a little popular…

Of course, some readers didn’t like this.

After hearing Duan Qianli’s words, Li Fenglan instantly remembered a comment from a reader of “Tianmian Daosheng”: “We are a serious male protagonist story, don’t mess with the relationship between men and men! It’s all brotherhood! Brotherhood!” 

But what happened now was that Duan Qianli himself intended to mess with the relationship between men and men!

The last time when Duan Qianli said something about “beating couples with a stick” and “madam”, Li Fenglan, who was focused on Qiu Wanyou, didn’t think deeply.

Li Fenglan even thought that he said that on purpose to slander his deadly enemy.

No, what was he thinking about…

Li Fenglan quickly shook his head and threw out the thoughts just now.

After saying Li Fenglan didn’t understand flirtatious expressions, Duan Qianli finally sat back and cursed Qiu Wanyou at the same time… It seemed that if it wasn’t for Qiu Wanyou, he would have been able to achieve his wish.

After all, after being reborn, Li Fenglan thought a lot about it and became more open-minded.

This information, which he could not understand at all in the previous life, was digested by him within a short time this time.

But looking at the person around him who was still scolding Qiu Wanyou, Li Fenglan suddenly remembered those “presumptuous” words of Duan Qianli thousands of years ago.

At that time, he thought that Duan Qianli was using this to mock and ridicule their entire cultivation world.

Thinking about it now…the other party was probably serious.

And every time he heard Duan Qianli’s nonsense, he would… beat him harder.

At this moment, Li Fenglan was still doubting his life. He didn’t see that Duan Qianli, who was sitting side by side with him, suddenly had a tear in the corner of his eye.

The tears quickly fell between the white hair, as if they had never been here before.

Duan Qianli, who had a fever and was confused, remembered a past event.

Duan Qianli was born as the young master of the demon clan. He was used to acting recklessly, and he was never bound by the vain rules of human beings since he was a child.

Duan Qianli always felt that he was comfortable living like this.

He thought that both human nature and demonic nature were selfish in nature. That being the case, he might as well follow nature to live happily.

He lived like this for thousands of years, never thinking that he would have a day of regret.

But the fact was that Duan Qianli really regretted it, and regretted his past deeds.

More than 1,200 years ago, the Demon Clan imperial palace. The sunlight fell into the house from the window, illuminating the whole room brightly.

Such fine weather was rare in the Demon Region.

Duan Qianli was wearing a beige coat, lying on the couch while reading a storybook, while throwing a cherry into his mouth, looking very comfortable.

People of the Demon Clan had always been unrestrained. As the young master, he was lying with his white hair like snow hanging down to the ground. There was a breeze blowing from the window, gently lifting a few strands of hair, making Duan Qianli look very bewitching.

At this moment, a flower demon who had been by his side walked quickly into the room.

Even the flower demon who he was in contact with day and night, seeing Duan Qianli like this, couldn’t help but look at him a few more times.

“Young master,” the flower demon walked up to him and said, “Just now there was news from Tianmian Palace that Li——ah no, Young master’s Madam, had been locked by something.” 

Li Fenglan didn’t know, but Duan Qianli had been ordering the people around him to call him “Young Master’s Madam”.

“Locked?” Duan Qianli put down the cherry in his hand, got a handkerchief to dry his fingers and sat up straight.

He paused for a while and asked, “What about after being locked?”

“It was said that people in the cultivation world have already started laying down the magic formation…” the flower demon said cautiously.

Although he was just a little demon, the reputation of “Fushen Array” was too famous, even he who had never been out of the demon world, had heard of it.

Duan Qianli gritted his teeth and said, “They really want Fuyue to die…”

The flower demon didn’t dare to speak, and after a long pause, he cautiously probed: “Then what do you plan to do, young master?” 

“Of course go to rescue him! ” Duan Qianli said.

The demon clan had always been wanton, and the demon master and the young master could dispatch the power of the entire clan unconditionally.

Besides, Duan Qianli was going to rob a person from the cultivation world, it was very exciting to say this. As long as he said it, the people from the Demon Clan would definitely follow.

Even this little demon who didn’t have much strength, when he heard Duan Qianli’s words, his blood boiled all of a sudden.

Killing to Tianmian Palace, the number one sect in the cultivation world, then snatching the cultivator who almost became their Master!

This was called stimulation! This was what we demonic cultivators should do!

“Then, young master, when will we—” the little flower demon asked impatiently.

Before he could speak, Duan Qianli picked up another cherry, put the cherry into his mouth, and said to the flower demon with a smile: “What’s the rush?”

At the next moment, Duan Qianli made a decision that he would regret for a lifetime.

He said: “Wait a while, when Fuyue is completely disappointed by those pious people in the cultivation world, then it won’t be too late for us to go.”

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