The Whole Cultivation World Wants To Revive The Venerable Chapter 34

Chapter 34

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Obviously he was the villain of “Tianmian Daosheng”, but when facing Cheng Duan, Li Fenglan still had no choice but to bow down.

Cheng Duan, dressed in red, stood in the center of the shadow hall. He hadn’t left here for many years, his skin was terribly pale, and his whole body was full of ghostly aura.

Seeing that Li Fenglan didn’t speak, Cheng Duan walked over, stared at him and asked, “What are you thinking?” 

Li Fenglan was instinctively afraid of the man who looked like a poisonous snake in front of him, but he still sneered, gritted his teeth and said softly: “I think if Li Fuyue was alive, he would definitely find you disgusting. He would rather his Dao Heart be reduced to powder with him than have it placed in your disgusting body—” 

Cheng Duan’s desire in his eyes was cracking. He suddenly approached Li Fenglan, slowly stretched out his hand and grabbed Li Fenglan’s neck bit by bit.

The air in Li Fenglan’s lungs was decreasing little by little.

However, just when Li Fenglan thought that Cheng Duan was about to start exerting strength, he saw the other party suddenly let go of his hand, and stumbled back a few big steps.

He actually laughed again.

The laughter echoed in the shadow hall, making it look particularly terrifying.

“Do you know, you are very like him.” Cheng Duan stared at Li Fenglan, smiled and said, “When you die, this shell can stay by my side…as a puppet…”

When talking, he didn’t blink his eyes, just staring at Li Fenglan.

Seeing Cheng Duan’s appearance, Li Fenglan, who was lying on the bed, also slowly mobilized his spiritual power… His movements were very subtle, and Cheng Duan didn’t feel it at all.

A puppet? Your dream is not bad.

Cheng Duan didn’t feel the very weak fluctuation of spiritual power in the Shadow Palace, but the Dao Heart that was stolen in his body suddenly reacted strongly.

It felt the presence of its owner!

It was another true qi retrograde.

Cheng Duan fell to the very center of the shadow hall, his hands clutching the cloth on his chest fiercely, bright red blood gushing from the corner of his mouth.

“Li Fuyue…” He clearly was in extreme pain, but at the moment he fell down, Cheng Duan still called out his name.

The man slowly curled up into a ball, he hugged himself tightly, chanting Li Fuyue’s name over and over again.

He deserved it, Li Fenglan only had these two words in his heart.

As the master of this Dao Heart, he certainly had a way to make Cheng Duan feel uncomfortable.

Seeing that Cheng Duan finally couldn’t bother him, Li Fenglan also slowly calmed down.

——If the person trapped here was Li Fuyue from the previous life, he would definitely choose to confront Cheng Duan head-on.

But now, the person lying here was Li Fenglan. He already knew that face and even dignity were not something one can eat.

What he should do now was get his Dao Heart back from Cheng Duan.

Li Fenglan’s gaze slowly fell on the brocade gown.

On this day, Li Fenglan laid on the bed and quietly watched the whole process of Cheng Duan’s true energy retrograde. At the same time, his body slowly became free.

Perhaps because the master of Dao Heart was here, Cheng Duan’s true energy retrograde was also extremely serious this time.

He didn’t know how long it took, but Cheng Duan’s retrograde energy finally came to an end. His chin and hands were already covered with blood, and the red dress on his body also darkened by a degree.

The whole person was like a ghost crawling out of a sea of ​​blood.

But Cheng Duan didn’t seem to feel the pain, he walked slowly in front of Li Fenglan while panting.

“I’ll give you half a stick of incense time to change into these clothes…” These words seemed to have exhausted the strength of Cheng Duan and after finishing speaking, he disappeared from the shadow hall.

And after Cheng Duan left, he prepared himself psychologically, and the bendable and stretchable Li Fenglan also slowly got up from the bed.

“Be patient, bear with me…”

Li Fenglan moved his arms a little, and then changed into the familiar brocade gown.

——Isn’t it just changing clothes and pretending to be Li Fuyue? Was there anyone in this world who was better at it than me?

Cheng Duan’s timing was quite accurate, not long after Li Fenglan changed into his clothes, he appeared in the shadow hall again.

If he didn’t look at Cheng Duan’s bloodless lips, it would be difficult for Li Fenglan to connect him with the bloody man just now.

As soon as Cheng Duan entered the door, he saw a familiar white figure appearing in the very center of this black hall. At this time, the man was facing away from him, with all his long black hair scattered behind his head.

The man looked extremely thin, like a condensed green smoke.

He and the person in Cheng Duan’s dream completely overlapped.

The person who just entered the door paused, and his breathing suddenly became disordered.

“Fuyue…is that you, Fuyue?” Cheng Duan stood there and asked cautiously.

There was no trace of madness in his voice, and his whole person seemed to have become normal again.

But it only seemed that way.

Li Fenglan told himself silently in his heart, bear with it, then finally turned around and looked at the man.

He glanced at Cheng Duan coldly, and nodded without saying a word.

Cheng Duan stood on the spot, looked at “Li Fuyue” in front of him and slowly laughed.

“I knew it… I knew you missed me too.”

Miss you?

Pooh! Am I crazy?

I just want to kill you!

Cheng Duan walked forward slowly, he sat down by the desk, and picked up the pen that was placed there.

“Fuyue, sit down, I want to draw a portrait of you… you know, I haven’t seen you for a long, long time… I almost forgot what you looked like.” Cheng Duan said cautiously.

Li Fenglan didn’t speak, he sat on the side of the bed in silence.

Cheng Duan had always been cautious, but when facing “Li Fuyue”, he was still negligent.

During the time when Cheng Duan left the Shadow Palace, besides changing clothes, Li Fenglan also found a good thing in the Qiankun bag, and spilled that thing into the inkstone.

Soul-dispersing incense .

——This thing can distract the soul of a cultivator, and it was a forbidden thing in the cultivation world. It was just now that Li Fenglan discovered that there was such a dangerous item hidden in the Qiankun bag that Ling Buyan had given him.

He didn’t know how his master got it…

After all, it was his first time to poison someone, and Li Fenglan was a little inexperienced.

He looked at Cheng Duan with slightly nervous eyes.

But Cheng Duan, who was immersed in the joy of “seeing Li Fuyue”, obviously didn’t realize this.

Seeing him studying ink, Li Fenglan couldn’t help but think in his heart: Don’t you miss Li Fuyue? Then I’ll send you to see him right away.

The matter of Mingxin Sect cultivators attacking Tianmian Palace at night was temporarily suppressed by the head Jiang Yichang, and it did not spread.

Although most of the disciples didn’t know about it, Jiang Yichang unexpectedly came to Miguang Mountain alone this morning.

Before Jiang Yichang came here, Ling Buyan was giving Cheng Huang a brush of his hair, and he didn’t look like he lost his disciple just now.

However, unlike the calm and relaxed Ling Buyan, Cheng Huang could feel that his master was in danger. The usual him who was very concerned about its own fur, now was also absent-minded.

“Wooooooooooo~” Cheng Huang, who had already seen Ling Buyan’s strength, finally stopped trying to sneak out this time.

However, when Ling Buyan was smoothing his fur, Cheng Huang actually burst into tears with a melancholy face.

Patter patter..

Ling Buyan: “…”

This time, even Ling Buyan was taken aback.

“… so ancient beasts can also cry?” Ling Buyan paused, and he said softly, a little speechless, “You are not like your predecessors at all.”

Cheng Huang couldn’t understand Ling Buyan’s words, still dripping tears.

Seeing it like this, Ling Buyan finally put Cheng Huang back in the nest.

“Don’t worry about Fenglan. If Cheng Duan doesn’t come to Tianmian Palace, Fenglan would find him sooner or later. When he comes back, he may become the master you are familiar with.” After finishing these words, Ling Buyan turned around, closed the door, and walked out of the room.

And Cheng Huang, who was originally ignorant of human language, became inexplicably quiet after hearing Ling Buyan’s words.

After leaving Li Fenglan’s room, Ling Buyan paused, he couldn’t help standing where he was, and looked towards the cliff of Miguang Mountain.

And at the next moment, Jiang Yichang in a green outfit appeared in front of Ling Buyan.

Ling Buyan didn’t seem surprised by the sudden visit of the head of the sect.

Seeing Jiang Yichang, Ling Buyan smiled at him and said, “Sect Immortal Lord, why are you free to come to Miguang Mountain today?”

Most of the cultivators in Tianmian Palace would salute Jiang Yichang when they saw him.

But Ling Buyan just smiled at him, and Jiang Yichang didn’t seem to mind at all.

He nodded towards Ling Buyan and said, “Immortal Ling, let’s talk in the main hall.” After speaking, he and Ling Buyan walked towards the main hall of Miguang Mountain together.

After entering the door, Ling Buyan was not in a hurry to speak. He slowly made a cup of tea for Jiang Yichang, and the smile on his face was put away at some point.

At this time, Jiang Yichang was going to ask questions, but Ling Buyan spoke first.

He handed the tea to Jiang Yichang and said at the same time: “I thought the Sect Immortal Lord would come to me a long time ago.”

Jiang Yichang who was about to receive the teacup paused and placed it in front of him, then he pursed his lips and said: “Yes, then we will not speak secretly. I think Immortal Ling should know why I came to you?” 

“En,” Ling Buyan nodded and said, “You are doubting my identity.”

“Yes, that’s right.” Jiang Yichang did not deny it.

The Sect Lord of Tianmian Palace, gently turned the jade cup in his hand, paused for a while and said: “Before Immortal Ling came to our Tianmian Palace, there was a message from an immortal master from the upper world. He said that no matter what you do, don’t ask anything, just cooperate or pretend not to see it.”

Hearing this, Ling Buyan raised his eyebrows suddenly.

The head of Tianmian Palace, had an immortal artifact in his hand, which can communicate with those cultivators of the sect who have ascended to the upper realm.

However, it was very troublesome to open the artifact even once, and it can only transmit simple information.

Unless something major happened, no one would activate this celestial artifact.

Since Jiang Yichang took over as the head, the immortal weapon had only been activated once, that is, the time related to Ling Buyan.

“En.” Ling Buyan nodded lightly.

Jiang Yichang continued: “To be honest, if only the immortal master from the upper realm passed the message, I wouldn’t trust you so much. All this is thanks to the guarantee of immortal Mu Hantao. Also because of her guarantee, although I have always thought you were strange, I have never asked anything.”

 ——Shortly after Ling Buyan came to Tianmian Palace, Mu Hantao, who had been in seclusion, suddenly left the seclusion, and in front of Jiang Yichang, she vouched for Ling Buyan.

“But I found out,” Jiang Yichang spoke here, and suddenly stopped, he took a look at Ling Buyan before continuing, “Qiu Wanyou, who is also from the upper realm, seems to have never heard of you.” 

Jiang Yichang felt that since Ling Buyan was an ascended immortal master from Tianmian Palace, he must have been sent to the sect to complete a certain task. Then Qiu Wanyou, who was also an ascended Immortal Master, should know him logically.

At the moment Jiang Yichang said these words, Ling Buyan didn’t seem to be surprised. 

He nodded very calmly and said, “Yes, Qiu Wanyou really doesn’t know me, because what I did was just a private matter and has nothing to do with him.”

“Private matter?” When Ling Buyan brought Cheng Huang to Miguang Mountain, Jiang Yichang originally wanted to question Ling Buyan.

Unexpectedly, when he heard his words, the other party actually nodded confidently: “Yes.”

Jiang Yichang: “…Then can you tell me now, which immortal master entrusted you to handle this private matter, and how did you get in touch?”

Jiang Yichang had been curious about this question for thousands of years. Even in their Tianmian Palace, there was only one immortal artifact that can occasionally contact the upper realm. But Ling Buyan, this person, always gives him a feeling that “he was very familiar with the upper world”.

How on earth could this work!

“I can’t.” Ling Buyan refused very simply, obviously understanding but not cooperating.

“Forget it,” Jiang Yichang saw that the other party didn’t say anything, and finally stopped asking, “For the sake of Immortal Mu Hantao, I will trust you again.” But although all the questions were asked, Jiang Yichang did not leave in a hurry.

This time coming to Miguang Mountain, he still had one more thing to do.

“I think with Immortal Lord Ling’s ability, if he was willing yesterday, he would definitely be able to rescue Li Fenglan from the Mingxin Sect.” Jiang Yichang said.

“What does Sect Immortal Lord mean?” Ling Buyan didn’t answer the question, and asked Jiang Yichang in return.

“What I mean is, since you didn’t do anything yourself, wouldn’t it be better for Tianmian Palace not to get involved in this matter?” 

Ling Buyan nodded and said, “That’s right. Don’t worry about this Sect Immortal Lord. Wait for about five days, and he will come back by himself.”

After hesitating for a while, Jiang Yichang finally squeezed out the word “good” from between his teeth.

He had known Ling Buyan for nearly a thousand years.

If he had to use one word to describe Ling Buyan, then Jiang Yichang would definitely choose “inexplicable”.

This time when he came to Miguang Mountain, Jiang Yichang wanted to use the recent events of the sect to figure out the mystery about Ling Buyan.

Unexpectedly, in the end, nothing was gained.

What a failure.

After drinking that cup of tea, Jiang Yichang left Miguang Mountain. He really didn’t want to stay here for a moment, and talking to Ling Buyan, it was simply torture!

He didn’t know how Ling Buyan’s disciple managed to endure it…

This time Jiang Yichang didn’t discover anything, the only useful information was that Ling Buyan said that Li Fenglan would be back in about five days.

“Sigh…” Jiang Yichang, who was heading towards the main peak, couldn’t help but sigh.

He suddenly felt that the existence of Ling Buyan and Li Fenglan, the master and disciple, greatly increased the difficulty of being the head of the sect.

Really tired.

Jiang Yichang understood Ling Buyan’s meaning, he didn’t say anything about it, and even forcibly left Lin Chaochen in Tianmian Palace.

Qiu Wanyou was a person from the upper realm, so it was not easy to interfere with the affairs of the lower realm.

So in the end, Tianmian Palace was still calm. Most of the people didn’t even know that Li Fenglan was taken away by Mingxin Sect’s people.

Now, there was only one unstable factor left.

That was Meng Linzhou who was digging hard in snowy Meizhou a few days ago.

“Sect Immortal Lord, are you sure you won’t interfere in this matter?” At this moment, Meng Linzhou stood opposite Jiang Yichang, gritted his teeth and said.

But Jiang Yichang nodded to him again: “Yes, Immortal Meng doesn’t need to worry too much, the sect has its own arrangements for this matter.” 

“Arrangements?” Meng Lingzhou sneered, then looked at the Sect Master’s disciple, Zhuang Zhiqiu, asking the young man: “Tell me, Tianmian Palace has always taken the protection of the cultivation world as its mission, but now it doesn’t even look for a little cultivator lost in its own sect. This is the old Tianmian Palace?”

Meng Linzhou suddenly asking Zhuang Zhiqiu, the young man stood aside in a daze.

He had no idea why Meng Linzhou said these words, and he didn’t even hear them clearly.

He who only heard the last sentence was stunned for a moment, then nodded without understanding the situation at all, and said, “The Immortal is right.”

Jiang Yichang: “…”

Was my disciple infected by Meng Linzhou?

Seeing that something was stirred up by her junior brother, Zhuang Zhixia, who was standing on the other side, immediately glared at him.

She took half a step forward, saluted Meng Linzhou, and said, “Immortal Lord, please be at ease. Mingxin Sect and our Tianmian Palace are both sects in the cultivation world. Once there is a conflict, it will cause great harm to each other. It will have a big impact. The demon lord Duan Qianli just came here to make a fuss a while ago. If we act rashly, I am afraid that the other party will take advantage of this time to come to our place to make trouble. At that time, we will have enemies in front and behind.” Zhuang Zhixia hurriedly made a rescue, 

She said a lot of words in one go, so she felt that she had made it clear.

But unexpectedly, as soon as Zhuang Zhixia finished speaking, Meng Linzhou nodded and said, “Okay, I understand.”

Zhuang Zhixia: “Huh?”

“I’ll go to Mingxin Sect by myself.”

Wait, Immortal Lord, what do you understand? !

Meng Linzhou gave Jiang Yichang another cold look, then turned around and left straight away.

And Zhuang Zhixia, who thought she had said something wrong, wanted to stop Meng Linzhou to explain, but was stopped by Jiang Yichang before she could leave.

“Forget it, let him go.”

“But——” Zhuang Zhixia had dealt with Meng Linzhou often over the years. Unlike other disciples, she was one of the few people in the sect who knew that Meng Linzhou was unreliable.

Jiang Yichang pressed his brows a little irritably, he waved his hand to Zhuang Zhixia and said, “Don’t worry, if something happens to Meng Linzhou, someone will take care of it for us.” This person was Ling Buyan.

Jiang Yichang didn’t believe that Ling Buyan would really neglect Li Fenglan.

After returning to the main peak and stroking his thoughts, he was sure that Ling Buyan’s appearance in the sect was most likely related to Li Fenglan.

So not only would he not let Li Fenglan be neglected, he might even be staring at it closely.

Anyways, looking at Ling Buyan, he seems to like to clean up the mess – Jiang Yichang, who had been working hard for thousands of years, had given up for the first time.

Mingxin Sect, Shadow Palace.

Cheng Duan, who was dressed in red, was still painting.

He glanced at Li Fenglan, and then added a stroke to the painting, his movements looked very serious.

And Li Fenglan, who was sitting on the bed, silently counted in his heart the time until the scent of the soul-dispersing incense would take effect.

At the same time, the outside of Mingxin Sect also became lively.

A cultivator wearing a black Xiezhi robe appeared outside the gate of Mingxin Sect.

When he came here, he didn’t say a word, and directly stabbed his flying sword into the thick black jade gate of Mingxin Sect.

——At this time, Meng Linzhou being like this, he was here to spoil the situation!

Not long after, an elder of Mingxin Sect came out.

This person was Cheng Duan’s own brother Cheng Congliu, he was roughly similar to the person staying in the Shadow Palace at this time.

“Huh? And I was wondering who it was? So it’s Immortal Meng Linzhou from Tianmian Palace?” Cheng Congliu sneered, “You Tianmian Palace are really deceiving people! At the beginning, my brother Cheng Duan and deputy sect master from Mingxin Sect was wronged and—”

Before Cheng Congliu could say the word “died”, the flying sword that pierced deeply into the main entrance of Mingxin Sect just now appeared in front of his eyes.

“Either die, or let my teacher—ah, no. Hand over my good friend Li Fenglan.”

——At this time, Meng Linzhou clearly ignored all the words he heard from the Immortal Lord.

So what if the two sects fight? So what if the Demon Clan sneaks in? I just want my master to come back.

As soon as the words fell, Meng Linzhou manipulated the spirit sword and slashed towards Cheng Congliu in front of him.

At this moment, Ling Buyan in the main hall of Miguang Mountain was also watching everything that happened here through a water mirror.

Ling Buyan looked at it, and suddenly said to Cheng Huang who was forcibly carried by him: “How about we help Meng Linzhou?”

Looking at the water mirror, it is obvious that he did not understand what this thing was for.

“If you don’t object, I’ll take it as your agreement.”

Cheng Huang: “Huh?”

After simply “negotiating” with Cheng Huang and obtaining the other party’s “consent”, Ling Buyan gently held Cheng Huang’s paw, letting it be attached to the water mirror.

But in an instant, Meng Linzhou, who was standing at the gate of Mingxin Sect, actually felt that the spiritual power he had just consumed was replenished inexplicably.

And Cheng Huang on Miguang Mountain suddenly had a stomach growl.

——The ferocious beast Cheng Huang feeds on spiritual energy. At this time, Ling Buyan used the water mirror to absorb Cheng Huang’s body, and all the undigested spiritual energy went to Meng Linzhou.

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