The Whole Cultivation World Wants To Revive The Venerable Chapter 35

Chapter 35

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Among the several immortals in Tianmian Palace, Meng Linzhou was a very special one.

When he first entered Tianmian Palace and before the foundation was established, most of the cultivation world had heard of him as “Li Fuyue’s disciple”.

Later, Meng Linzhou was not interested in the affairs of the cultivation world, and after he became the Law-Abiding immortal, his scope of activities was limited to the sect. Therefore, the cultivation circle’s understanding of him was still the same as back then.

After all, Meng Linzhou was in someone else’s territory. At the same time that he attacked Cheng Congliu, more than a dozen cultivators came out of Mingxin Sect, obviously wanting to deal with him together.

The relationship between Tianmian Palace and Mingxin Sect was already bad, not to mention that Meng Linzhou was now at their door.

“Heh, Immortal Meng didn’t learn your master’s cultivation, but he learned his way of doing harm to the world? Do you think that other people will recognize you as a so-called ‘Immortal Lord’ after leaving Tianmian Palace? “The speaker was dressed in a red Taoist robe, and his tone was very arrogant.

Hearing this, another man standing on the other side smiled disdainfully and said: “It’s just a young stinky boy!”

Mingxin Sect thought that they would win because of the large number of people, so they scolded Meng Linzhou face to face.

And it just so happened that the words they scolded happened to be what Meng Linzhou didn’t like to hear the most…

Meng Linzhou was the youngest among the several immortals in Tianmian Palace, and he was also the only one in his tribulation period. But even so, he who refused to accept even Li Fuyue back then, also refused to accept the other immortals.

Now that this group of people questioned his strength, Meng Linzhou became more and more angry.

The cultivators of Mingxin Sect saw the man in black standing in front suddenly smiling. He didn’t speak, but lightly clenched the long sword in his hand.

In the next moment, a burst of sword intent emerged out of thin air, and Meng Linzhou cut off most of the huge black jade gate of Mingxin Sect. At the same time, the entire Mingxin Sect trembled slightly along with the sword intent.

The shadow hall hidden in the depths of Mingxin Sect also shook slightly following Meng Linzhou’s sword.

The Scatter Soul Incense had already taken effect.

Cheng Duan, who was drawing at his desk, his eyes became more and more chaotic – his spirit became more and more unstable, and even the hand holding the pen trembled slightly.

Li Fenglan knew that the time had come to retrieve his Dao Heart.

Cheng Duan suddenly dropped his pen and pressed his temples hard. When he saw the man in the white brocade gown, he also stood up slowly.

“… Fuyue?”

At this time, Cheng Duan’s mind was not so clear-headed. With red eyes, he looked at Li Fenglan.

Li Fenglan walked towards Cheng Duan silently, and stopped on the other side of the desk.

He was no longer interested in continuing acting with this person who stole his Dao Heart.

Cheng Duan was a very scheming person. Seeing Li Fenglan’s appearance, his eyes suddenly cleared up, and then he immediately realized that something was wrong with the person in front of him!

“What are you going to do?” Cheng Duan immediately got up while he was talking, and a red short knife appeared in his hand, “You… are not Li Fenglan!”

Li Fenglan, who was wearing a white brocade gown, didn’t stop at all. With a slight dodge, he dodged the short knife’s attack.

“Your cultivation…is not at the complete Nascent Soul stage.” Cheng Duan murmured.

After being caught and taken to Mingxin Sect, Li Fenglan’s cultivation and spirit were temporarily sealed, logically speaking, he couldn’t dodge the move just now.

Hearing this, Li Fenglan sneered and said, “If I’m not Li Fenglan, who else could it be?”

At this moment, dark blood oozed from the corner of Cheng Duan’s mouth, and a strange red color appeared on the ground and walls of Mingxin Sect Shadow Hall. The shadow hall was instantly illuminated by red light, like the legendary Shura Purgatory…

Cheng Duan had been hiding in the Shadow Palace for thousands of years, and he had been anxious all the time. He had been worried that if he was exposed, he would attract the pursuit of the cultivation world.

This blood formation was the only formation he knew. The formation had been established for thousands of years, and it was originally designed to deal with immortals from all sides in the cultivation world.

But right now, Li Fenglan did not show the slightest fear.

“It’s useless.” Li Fenglan, who had just dodged Cheng Duan’s blow, suddenly smiled at him and said softly.

It was still the familiar face, but at this moment Li Fenglan’s smile made Cheng Duan feel chills all over his body.

Seeing that Li Fenglan was not affected by the formation, the man in red continued to try to stab Li Fenglan with the short knife.

Cheng Duan’s movement was fast and could be called weird, but Li Fenglan didn’t panic at all. With a slight sideways move, he dodged Cheng Duan’s attack, and even grabbed the dagger.

“Maybe it’s been too long,” Li Fenglan looked at the blood array that was running immediately, suddenly sneered and said, “Immortal Cheng actually forgot where his cultivation base came from…” 

As soon as Li Fenglan’s voice fell, the blood array started working.

Along with the red light, Cheng Duan’s blood actually boiled up!

“You…you…” The man in red really looked like a ghost. He was bleeding from all seven orifices but his gaze never left Li Fenglan. “Are you…cough cough, Fuyue?” 

His eyes were already blurred by blood. Cheng Duan’s voice was extremely hoarse, and Li Fenglan didn’t know what kind of expression the other party used to say these words.

The blood formation, as the name suggested, used blood as the formation.

After changing his Dao heart, Cheng Duan’s blood had already been stained with Li Fuyue’s aura.

So he was the real controller of this formation.

Li Fenglan originally thought that it would take a lot of effort to deal with Cheng Duan. Unexpectedly, the other party actually set up a blood formation here. Seeing the formation start to operate, Li Fenglan also put down the dagger in his palm.

“You are, Li… Li Fuyue! You’re alive…you’re still alive…”

The blood vessels all over Cheng Duan’s body had already ruptured along with the formation, and his pain at this moment was no less than that of a death of a thousand cuts.

However, even at this moment, the man repeated this sentence over and over again.

——He knew that Li Fuyue had returned.

It turned out that the one he captured was never Li Fenglan, an ordinary disciple of Tianmian Palace, but Li Fuyue…

But he was already dead, didn’t he die in the Fushen Array?

Ecstasy, horror, and all kinds of emotions came to Cheng Duan together.

Under the combined attack of the Scatter Soul Incense and the blood array, Cheng Duan could no longer think properly.

“You…you’re not, ahem, the Scatter Soul Incense—” Cheng Duan squeezed out such a sentence with great difficulty.

Li Fenglan didn’t answer Cheng Duan’s question, he just picked up the piece of paper on the desk, glanced at it and suddenly said to Cheng Duan: “The person drawn on this paper is me.” 


Li Fenglan admitted that he was Li Fuyue.

And Cheng Duan, who was familiar with him, knew that the other party was undoubtedly sure he was going to die, so he said such a sentence so lightly.

Under the severe pain, Cheng Duan became sober instead.

“I knew that you were too powerful… how could you die…”

Hearing this, Li Fenglan finally turned his attention to Cheng Duan.

“How could I die?” No matter how good-tempered Li Fenglan was, hearing these words made him feel angry.

Li Fenglan sneered, and slashed across Cheng Duan’s neck with that short knife, “I’m already dead, you dug my Dao Heart out of my body with your own hands, don’t you remember?” 

“Dao Heart…”

Li Fenglan’s words brought Cheng Duan’s memory back to that day in an instant.

He found Li Fuyue’s body in the ice river outside snowy Meizhou.

The Sword Cultivator’s white clothes were mostly stained red with blood, and he was lying quietly in the crushed ice with his eyes tightly closed.

Looking like he was asleep.

Cheng Duan slowly knelt beside Li Fuyue, and after an unknown amount of time, the temperature of his whole body had been taken away by the glacier.

The sky gradually darkened, and just as the ice wheel in the sky was rising, he summoned his natal spirit sword.

——It pierced Li Fuyue’s chest.

Li Fenglan didn’t want to talk about rebirth with Cheng Duan. He suddenly looked at the painting and said, “I remember, you didn’t seem to be very good at drawing a thousand years ago.”

Cheng Duan seemed to cherish the paper in front of his eyes very much. The man’s face was covered with blood, one couldn’t see his expression clearly.

But Li Fenglan felt that Cheng Duan looked at the painting with a gentle expression.

“That’s it.” As soon as the words fell, Li Fenglan’s hand suddenly burst into flames.

In just a few breaths, the painting in his hand was turned into a ball of ashes before Cheng Duan could react.

“It’s time for this to end, Cheng Duan.”

Just as the painting was reduced to ashes, Cheng Duan finally collapsed on the ground, motionless.

Li Fenglan suddenly remembered what Ling Buyan said to him the day he first met him.

Ling Buyan said: If I were Li Fuyue, when the whole world said that I was going to do harm to the world, then I might as well show them what real harm to the world is.

At that time, he didn’t quite understand Ling Buyan’s meaning, but at this moment, Li Fenglan suddenly realized that it’s cool to act recklessly. He may not be able to figure out the confused accounts with other people in the cultivation world, but it was different with Cheng Duan….

In the dark red shadow hall, a cold light flashed. Li Fenglan reached out and summoned the spirit sword to stab towards Cheng Duan.

The long sword pierced through Cheng Duan’s chest. The man covered in blood opened his eyes wide and looked at the person who had haunted him for thousands of years.

At this time, there was only a little distance between Li Fenglan and Cheng Duan.

And at the second when the breath was cut off, Cheng Duan, who was already covered in blood and could not be seen as human, suddenly stretched out his hand and touched Li Fenglan lightly.

With one click, a blood-red handprint was left on Li Fenglan’s face.

Cheng Duan’s move made Li Fenglan’s skin have goosebumps.

Before he could react, he heard the person in front of him say in a hoarse voice: “Li Fuyue, you can’t get rid of me…” 

“You can never… never get rid of me…” 


After finishing speaking, Cheng Duan lost his breath.

But Li Fenglan only had one thought in his mind: Cheng Duan escaped! His soul left his body and escaped from the Shadow Palace.

Unlike Tianmian Palace, Mingxin Sect was not a sword cultivation sect. Li Fenglan had seen in his previous life that Mingxin Sect had many heretical techniques. For more than a thousand years, Cheng Duan had been in constant fear, and he had already prepared a life-saving technique!

It’s over…

If Cheng Duan slips out and reveals his identity, it’s really over.

But now Li Fenglan didn’t have the time to recover Cheng Duan’s soul.

The red light in the shadow hall gradually dimmed. Li Fenglan’s Dao Heart, which had been stolen for more than a thousand years, left Cheng Duan’s body, disappeared in an instant, and melted back into the body of its owner.

At this moment, the golden light in the shadow hall was shining brightly.

Li Fenglan quickly took advantage of this moment to close his eyes, and he meditated on the spot, trying to fuse back his Dao Heart with the fastest speed.

The feeling this time was completely different from crossing the tribulation.

The Dao Heart had returned to its place, and adding Li Fenglan’s soul that had been condensed in the Tanyi Pagoda for thousands of years, at this time, his cultivation base and realm were approaching the state of his previous life at the fastest speed.

Li Fenglan, who was meditating, had no time to take care of everything that happened around him.

The surging spiritual power from his body had already enveloped the entire shadow hall, and it glowed with a dazzling golden light.

Everyone in Mingxin Sect has discovered the abnormality here.

However, due to the incomparably powerful spiritual power, no one here dared to come forward to see what happened in the Shadow Palace. The most important thing was that those cultivators who could fight in Mingxin Sect… were all finished by Meng Linzhou.

There was something strange about that black-clothed cultivator, and the spiritual power in his body seemed to be inexhaustible. As if he didn’t care about his life, he rushed all the way into Mingxin Sect. Cheng Congliu, who was still invincible just now, was also put down by the sword of Meng Linzhou.

In fact, in Mingxin Sect, the shadow hall was originally a forbidden place that ordinary disciples could not touch.

Following the fluctuation of spiritual power, Meng Linzhou came to the outside of the shadow hall. And the person guarding there has was the Sect Master of Mingxin Sect.

Seeing the man in the red cloak, Meng Linzhou pressed the blade of his sword and said, “Why did the Sect Master guard here in advance? Could it be that Cheng Duan stole my master’s Dao heart, and all of you in the Mingxin sect knew about it.”

“Meng…Immortal Meng, why are you here?” The Sect Master of Mingxin Sect didn’t answer Meng Linzhou’s question, he tried to pretend to be relaxed and asked.

Meng Linzhou smiled coldly and said, “Me? Of course I came here for Tianmian Palace. My master’s Dao heart has been lost for many years, shouldn’t I ask for an explanation?” 

Meng Linzhou usually didn’t talk nonsense usually, the reason why he chatted with these two people was because he could feel that Li Fenglan should be merging his Dao heart at this moment.

That golden light was emitted by his master’s soul…

He could kill these two people here, but if there was a fluctuation in spiritual power, or if these two people played some tricks and affected his master, then it would not be good.

Thinking of this, Meng Linzhou couldn’t help but secretly praise his wit in his heart.

Just as he thought, Li Fenglan, who was merging his Dao heart at this time, really didn’t know what was going on outside.

However, in just half a quarter of an hour, Li Fenglan’s cultivation had recovered from the previous complete circle Nascent Soul Stage to the Demi-god Stage…

Just when Meng Linzhou was thinking about how to delay time, he realized that he didn’t seem to be here and the father and son of the Mingxin sect were talking nonsense.

“Hey, what was that beam of golden light…”

“Cough cough cough… What a strong pressure.”

Li Fenglan, who was recovering his Dao Heart, had no sense of controlling his pressure at all.

So at this moment, not only the Shadow Palace, but even the entire Mingxin Sect was completely shrouded by his incomparably domineering pressure. Even though he had just recovered to the stage of demigod, the pressure still made Cheng Congliu, who had already cultivated to the ascension stage, suffocate.

Mingxin Sect and these two people were not fools.

Feeling such a powerful pressure, they already had some vague guesses in their hearts – the little cultivator brought back by Cheng Duan was definitely not simple.

Also at this moment, Li Fenglan who was meditating opened his eyes again, and the shadow hall made of black marble also collapsed at this moment.

Li Fenglan stepped on the red lotus, and suddenly appeared under the moonlight.

The white brocade gown and ankle-length black hair fluttered in the night sky together, like a butterfly just emerging from its cocoon. A faint golden light glowed all over Li Fenglan’s body, making the moonlight even thinner.

“Li, Li Fuyue!!!”

The moment he appeared, the Mingxin Sect Master finally opened his eyes wide, and called out these three words in great horror.

The man in front of him who was wearing a brocade gown with a dark red Dao seal on his forehead was exactly the same as Li Fuyue back then!

“I just knew…I just knew…” Besides him, who else in this world can have such a domineering pressure?

Hearing the words “Li Fuyue” come out of his father’s mouth, Cheng Congliu actually “thumped” and sat on the ground paralyzed.

Although he hadn’t met Li Fuyue more than a few times a thousand years ago, he had heard a lot of rumors about him.

If it was said that Cheng Congliu was not afraid of Li Fuyue before, then now seeing this person who had been wiped out for thousands of years, reappearing in front of his eyes again, there was only fear left in his heart.

Li Fuyue unexpectedly escaped from the Fushen Array!

How did he do it…

As for Meng Linzhou—although Li Fenglan and Li Fuyue were very similar in appearance, Meng Linzhou still had a feeling of being in another world when he saw his master appearing in such a familiar appearance.

“Master…” At this moment, he forgot the two people under his sword.

Meng Linzhou looked at Li Fenglan who was in the dazzling golden light, and dared not blink his eyes.

And when Meng Linzhou was distracted, the Sect Master of the Mingxin Sect on the other side suddenly had a plan in mind.

He knew exactly how powerful Li Fuyue was, and he knew that if Li Fuyue took action himself, there was absolutely no chance of him being alive.

So while Meng Linzhou was distracted looking at Li Fenglan, the Sect Master of Mingxin Sect summoned his long sword as quickly as possible, gathered all his strength, and stabbed at Li Fenglan who was standing in the air.

——He wanted to strike first while the person in front of him hadn’t fully recovered!

Before Meng Linzhou could stop him, Li Fenglan, who was standing on top of the red lotus, slowly opened his eyes.

As a sword cultivator, if you don’t hold a sword, your cultivation base and strength would be greatly reduced.

No matter what, the Mingxin Sect master is still a immortalization cultivator.

At the moment when Meng Linzhou was worried about Li Fenglan, he only saw the golden light all over Li Fenglan’s body suddenly glow, and the next moment it actually condensed into petals of misty plum blossoms, flying towards the Sect Master of Mingxin Sect.

But in the blink of an eye, dozens of petals of misty plum blossoms condensed with golden light pierceing into the man’s body.

Before he had time to get close to Li Fenglan, he had already passed away.

“…Oh my god.” Even Meng Linzhou couldn’t help sighing.

Although it has been thousands of years since he joined Li Fuyue’s sect.

But this turned out to be the first time Meng Linzhou saw Master kill someone.

Meng Linzhou’s emotion was so sincere that even Cheng Congliu, who was lying on the ground and felt that he was about to die, couldn’t help but look up at him.

Under Cheng Congliu’s gaze, Meng Linzhou said the second half of the sentence silently, “My master is really amazing.”

Cheng Congliu:? ? ?

Your master is amazing, did you just find out today? !

After Li Fenglan cleaned up the sect master of Mingxin Sect, he finally turned his attention to Cheng Congliu.

And Meng Linzhou, who had never been enlightened, noticed the look in his master’s eyes, and miraculously understood what he was going to do.

——He must deal with this person himself.

Meng Linzhou took back the long sword that was originally on Cheng Congliu’s neck, and before Cheng Congliu had time to escape, he saw Li Fenglan appearing in front of him in the blink of an eye.

“Imm… Immortal Lord,” this arrogant man immediately knelt down, clasped his hands together, and saluted Li Fenglan tremblingly.

It’s strange to say that in the last life, what Meng Linzhou hated the most was Li Fuyue’s stern face, pretending to be serious.

But now…

Seeing him treat Cheng Congliu with a cold face, Meng Linzhou only thought that his Master was so cool.

At this moment, Meng Linzhou didn’t realize how strange his eyes were.

Although Li Fenglan was calm on the surface, he kept repeating in his heart – what is this rebel disciple looking at? ! The look in his eyes were too weird… was he frightened out of his wits?

“Immortal Lord, you are very generous, please spare my life. The act of stealing your Dao heart before was done by Cheng Duan – and, it has absolutely nothing to do with me!” Cheng Congliu still kowtowing.

“Master, even if he has nothing to do with it, he saw your identity, so we can’t keep him after seeing it…” Meng Linzhou said suddenly.

In Meng Linzhou’s heart, his master was still the cultivator who paid great attention to benevolence, righteousness and morality. Seeing that Li Fenglan did not deal with Cheng Congliu in the first place, Meng Linzhou was a little worried if his Master had softened his heart.

Unexpectedly, Li Fenglan shook his head, and then the petals of the Wumei plum hooked Cheng Congliu’s collar, him who was kneeling on the ground.

Cheng Congliu had no choice but to look directly into Li Fenglan’s eyes.

“Did it really have nothing to do with you?” While speaking, another petal flew to Cheng Congliu’s heart.

Li Fenglan said coldly: “If my guess is correct, Cheng Duan dragged you into the water in order to make you keep the secret, and he should have given each of you a drop of my heart and soul?” 

“What!” The person surprised this time was Meng Linzhou.

He didn’t expect that Cheng Congliu also stole his master’s cultivation.

Cheng Congliu’s breathing became short of breath, his tongue stumbled, and he couldn’t speak a complete sentence at all.

“You know, I’m not the kind of person who is very vengeful.” Li Fenglan’s words were obviously true, but Meng Linzhou still felt it dangerous no matter what he heard.

“Yes… Immortal Lord Li.” Cheng Congliu said stumblingly.

“That’s how it is,” Li Fenglan said with a smile, “Since Mingxin Sect likes to poach people’s hearts, then Immortal Lord Cheng Congliu, why don’t you try it yourself.” 

When Li Fenglan spoke, there was still a smile on his face .

And when he said such words, the lethality was extremely powerful.

“What—” Cheng Congliu hadn’t finished speaking when he felt a sharp pain in his chest.

Cheng Congliu’s gaze slowly moved downwards. And during this process, he also felt the flesh on his chest rupture without any external force.

Li Fenglan was still the same Li Fenglan from before, but Meng Linzhou couldn’t help but silently take two steps back when he saw his current appearance.

Why did he feel that his Master suddenly had a villainous aura…

Li Fenglan’s eyes were extremely calm, and he just watched Cheng Congliu quietly. But in just a few seconds, Cheng Congliu’s Dao heart rushed out of his chest.

“It seems that you have asked Cheng Duan for my heart’s blood all these years…” Li Fenglan smiled lightly, and poked Cheng Congliu’s heart with the tip of the sword in his hand.

At this moment, Cheng Congliu’s entire face had turned gray, only when Li Fenglan touched the tip of his sword to his heart, did Cheng Congliu tremble twice.

After a while, Meng Linzhou said: “Master, he—”


Meng Linzhou: “…”

Meng Linzhou was sure that if his master was like this in his last life, even if he was lent ten thousand courage, he would not dare run away from home at will, let alone contradict his Master.

After his rebirth, his master had really changed.

Li Fenglan looked as if he disliked Cheng Congliu’s Dao heart. After poking it with the tip of his sword a few times, he frowned and glanced at his long sword, and then cast a cleaning spell to clean the long sword.

Then, Li Fenglan suddenly turned around and looked at Meng Linzhou without speaking.

Obviously the current Li Fenglan was the one he was most familiar with, but being looked at by him like this, Meng Linzhou’s heart immediately thumped.

“…Master,” Meng Linzhou took a little breath, adjusted his state and asked respectfully, “Do you have anything else to do?” “

“Yes, there is indeed something.” Li Fenglan finally put away the sword in his hand.

He turned around and took a look at the ruined shadow hall, then turned his head and said to Meng Linzhou, “The shadow hall of Mingxin Sect has been destroyed, and many people probably saw the golden light just now.” 


After saying this, Li Fenglan suddenly stopped, he glanced at Meng Linzhou, and then smiled at him.

Meng Linzhou: …

Why does he feel that there was nothing good about his Master smiling at him this time?

Meng Linzhou’s hunch was always inaccurate, but this time it miraculously came true.

He just heard Li Fenglan say to him: “Mingxin Sect has been destroyed like this, the cultivation world will definitely become suspicious.”

It turned out that his master wanted to talk to him about something serious—— Hearing this, Meng Linzhou let go of his suspended heart .

He once again cast his admiring eyes on his Master.

Before he could nod his head, Li Fenglan also spoke the second half of his sentence.

“To avoid trouble, just say that you did all of this.”


Just say, I did this?

This time, Meng Linzhou was really stunned.

So my master just wants me to take the blame for him?

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